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Chapter 1

A little gift for a friend of mine.

Disclaimer; Needless to say that this will contain rude language, and language of a strong sexual nature.

Warning: I have not seen The Good Fight, so this is most definitely not canon.

Disclaimer # 2; I do not own The Good Fight, only the plot bunnies.

Esteemed readers, I present to you, Roland Blum;

"Allow me to paint you a fucking picture," Roland said, his deep voice making her shiver slightly as he stepped closer, his tongue shooting out to moisten his lips.

"My head, between your soft fucking thighs, making you scream in unadulterated bliss as you come apart on my tongue," as he spoke, his hands gestured, sweeping out as if showing her a magnificent vista, his gaze upon something wonderful in the distance.

"Then when you can no longer stand on your own fucking feet, I will place you on all fours, with your sweet ass high in the air, and screw your fucking brains out," he stepped closer, tucking his thumbs into the pockets of his waistcoat.

"How does that sound?" He asked, smirking in a self satisfied manner.

Elle gulped slightly, the sound only marginally less audible than a fog horn in the small, silent room. Literal seconds ticked by as she found herself picturing them together. No doubt he would be an excellent lay, his reputation preceding him like the sound of an oncoming train.

"It wouldn't be very professional to fuck an employee of yours, would it?" She finally managed weakly.

"Well, then you're fucking fired, so I can fuck you so hard you will have to be in rehabilitation for a couple of months, and then I will rehire you," He said in a growling voice that rasped her nerves to a fine point.

"I will even pay for your sick leave," he added, smirking salaciously down at her.

"God fucking knows you're gonna need it,"

She glanced at the floor, biting at her lower lip.

He stepped closer, looming over her.

"You are sorely tempted, I can tell," he growled.

"Do you need proof that I will have you climax so fast that you will think you have been abducted by fucking aliens, using a new form of delactable torture on your fucking delicious quim? I can get you off fucking faster than you can say suppository, and I won't even need to touch your lovely little honey pot to do it." She gave a sceptical sound at his proclamation, and he stepped so close that she could actually smell him. His cologne was fresh, almost like the breeze sailing through a lemon orchard. She braced herself and looked up into his face. He was so very close now, she could see every hair in his beard. She was tempted to touch it, to run her fingers through it, just to see if it was softer than it looked.

"You only need to say the fucking word," he said softly, baring his teeth slightly at her. Biting her lip, she remained silent, as he looked down into her face. Suddenly she felt his fingers on her chin. He tugged at her lower lip, rescuing it from the onslaught of her teeth.

"That's my job." His voice was so low, it was almost a whisper.

Elle frowned slightly.

"Your job?" She repeated, her voice hushed too.

"Biting that delectable lower lip of yours, until it's all red and swollen," he explained, leaning down a little.

Her soft gasp as his face neared hers, had him halting his movement.

He straightened up, his teeth bared, clearly not wanting to stop.

"I won't say more. When you feel ready for me to ravage that fucking sweet little snatch of yours, you know where to find me, miss Thomas," he said, sensing her hesitation. Stepping back from her, he bowed in a sardonic sort of way. Then he turned away, walking towards the door. Her eyes traveled the length of his broad suit covered back.

Moments before she had been alone in this room, searching for a document he had wanted her to find. The task as it turned out, had been impossible, and he had finally marched into the room, his personality filling the tiny space like an airbag in a tiny car, finding her frantically searching through drawer after drawer. He had easily located the cursed paper, smirking somewhat at her dismayed expression. Due to the small confinements he was closer than she would usually allow him to be, and in an unguarded moment, her eyes had lingered on his lips. It had only been a mere second, but he had caught it alright. She had swiftly tried to compose herself, but a wolfish smile had spread on his face, and despite her perplexed attempts at distracting him, he had latched onto that brief weakness. She had never thought she would be working for such a man. He was quite demanding, crass, never really reading the room, just saying what came to his mind. He lagged that social filter that normal people had. But she felt drawn to him despite all that. She thought she knew what she was getting herself into when she accepted the job, but reality was something else entirely. He wasn't unkind, nonetheless his personality was a force in and of itself.

"Wait." Her voice was soft, tentative, the small dark room seemingly swallowing it.

Nonetheless, he hear it alright. It was as if he had expected her to say it, because he wheeled around as soon as she spoke and walked swiftly back to her, his mouth descending upon hers, his hands coming around her throat, thumbs brushing her jaw. Capturing her lips in a fierce kiss, he simultaneously walked her backwards until her back hit the wall behind her with a soft thump, his entire body pushing her flat against the wall.

She was so overwhelmed by his boldness, that she was unable to move for a moment, her hands hanging useless at her sides. His beard tickled her face as he practically assaulted her mouth. It scratched slightly as he began to kiss his way towards her jaw, moving to her throat. His hot breath, warm lips and tongue and the feeling of his beard had her break out into goosebumps, a strained, moaning gasp bursting from her mouth, as she felt blood pool in her core, hot like molten lead, dragging her senses down into a dark world of desire. Whatever he was doing at her throat, she knew he had not exaggerated; he would have her come apart in minutes. Her hands shot up to grab him around the shoulders, her fingers digging into the rough material of his suit jacket, feeling his strong body beneath. She couldn't help but moan again, completely losing her head.

"What are you doing?" She gasped softly. Her skin was tingling all over.

"I'm making you climax," he growled against her neck, his teeth scraping across her skin, his tongue following in short pursuit.

"You smell fucking incredible, by the way," he added, his deep voice resonating through her brain.

"Wha-, you can't,-" her mouth seemed to be filled with ash, all dry, unable to form completed sentences. He never stopped what he was doing, and she had to force herself to concentrate on her words.

"You can't just make me orgasm like this," she finally managed weakly.

"Why the hell not?" He countered roughly, his lips catching her earlobe, his warm tongue swiping it a few times, his hot breath blowing into her ear.

Elle couldn't help it, her hips rocked gently, her nether regions on fire, her clitoris throbbed.

"Women need stimulation," she breathed, her head tilting to one side, giving him easier access.

"What the fuck do you call this, then?" He growled.

"Besides, it seems to be working just fine, don't you think?" He added smugly, after she had jackknifed slightly against him again. His hands slid down her body, circling her waist to pull her closer.

"It doesn't work like that, it has to be directed at the clit," she said. Her words lost their meaning, when her sentence ended in a deep groan, as he intensified his ministrations, pulling her body flush against his own. He was so adept at whatever the hell he was doing, that she felt her nipples grow hard.

"You need to broaden your horizon," he murmured gruffly.

He seemed to be using his beard as well, the way it tickled her skin, as he moved against her, his mouth seemingly searching out every inch of her neck and jawline.

She felt a hot gush in her knickers, her insides practically pulsating, and her hips jerked slightly again, her clit in desperate need of stimulation. Her breathing was elevated, and Roland crooned approvingly into her flesh, the vibrations emanating from his chest to her, rattling her senses.

Just then, his fingers slid up beneath her shirt, finding her breasts, impatiently pushing the cups of her bra upwards. The rough pads of his thumbs grazed across her pebbled nipples, and suddenly she grew quite tense. Her mind homed in on his touch, his hot breath, his warm tongue and lips as he sucked on her skin at her throat, his thumbs circling her nipples ever so slowly. She desperately pressed into his touch, giving a hoarse cry as hot bolts of pleasure shot straight to her clit. She began to tremble, feeling like lightning was piercing her body, strumming a tight chord deep inside her. As if it was as brittle and fragile as glass, it snapped, and she felt herself catapulted over the edge, her entire frame shaking harshly, pinned between his body and the wall. She clung to him through it all, as he kept up his ministrations. She completely lost her orientation, and she might even have moaned way too loudly, she couldn't tell. Finally the waves subsided, and she slumped back against the wall, the death grip of her fingers loosening their hold on his jacket. He gave a few more kisses to her throat and sucked gently on the skin right beneath her jaw, then he ever so slowly straightened up. He looked down into her face, smirking in a self satisfied manner. She was too boneless to scowl up at him. She knew her face expressed a strong note of shock at what he had just accomplished.

"I'm sorry, you were saying?" He said, mockingly brushing at a nonexistent fleck of dust on his sleeve.

"Show off," she muttered as she glanced at the floor, her chest still heaving. She had a distant ringing in her ears.

"Well, I had a point to prove, didn't I?" He said, grinning smugly down at her.

Elle said nothing, annoyed that he had spoken her own thoughts aloud. Fixing her gaze, he deliberately placed his hand flat on her lower abdomen, sliding it downwards beneath her jeans, into her knickers. He gently prodded her labia, giving a satisfied growl as he struck gold, his fingers suddenly feeling the damp spot on the seat of her knickers and easily sliding in between her swollen folds. Elle's mouth fell open as he dragged a finger over the hood of her now extremely sensitive clit, and she gave a soft groan. Then he retracted his hand and held his fingers up in front of her face. They were slick with her essence. Still holding eye contact, he slowly licked his fingers clean, right in front of her. She felt her breath catch in her throat, as she watched him deliberately smack his lips.

"Your nectar is deliciously sweet," he crooned, slowly lowering his hand.

His smirk was back in place on his face, as he said;

"This is only the beginning. You better start drinking some fluids, or else you're going to dehydrate very fast. I'm gonna drain you of every drop." She was in the middle of straightening her clothes, as he spoke, and she gaped at him for a long moment.

"I don't know what to say to that," she finally said with a slightly nervous laughter.

"You only have to come with me, and I will make it happen," he answered.

She huffed impatiently, even as her body seemed to throb at the invitation. Truth be told, she felt overwhelmed. Roland fucking Blum had just made her orgasm without touching her private area. And that with barely any effort! She shuddered to think what else he could do.

"Alright," she finally managed.

As was his trademark, he exploded with delight.

"Marvelous! Get your coat dear, we're leaving!" He said, his eyes fixing on her face, glinting wickedly.

"What? Now?" She sputtered.

He had already walked towards the door, but at her words he spun around, coming straight back to her. He pushed her flat against the wall, this time he pushed his pelvis against her. She squeaked in an undignified way as she felt his prominent erection pressing into her lower abdomen.

"Do you feel that? Does it feel like I'm in the mood to wait for your juicy cunt to be wrapped around me?" His voice was quite low, his eyes burning into hers as he spoke.

He waited for her to answer, but she only gulped slightly, her words having left her.

"I suppose not," she finally managed implacably.

"I didn't think so," he said after a few moments of silence.

"Let's go," he growled, grinning wolfishly down at her, and with that dragged her towards the door.

Sooo, what do you think? I have to say, this character is quite hard to write. He seems shallow, but let me tell you, he's not.

There will be another chapter once I have the time.

Thank you for reading.


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