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Bring You To Your Knees

I have been obsessed with the song Black Velvet by Alannah Myles lately! I keep picturing Aro as Black Velvet. So I made a video about it (can be found under PancakesETBooks). Then I made another video, because I wasn't satisfied with the first one. And now my brain forced me to write this little chapter as an intro. I really should not be starting any new fics, but here we are. I hope you enjoy it even so!

Aro had been waiting for so long for this particular moment. He had been waiting for numerous things before in his eternal life, but never had he been quite so keen. This wait had been entirely different, painful, excruciating in fact. He could not quite put a finger on why he felt this intense sense of anticipation for her. He knew this had been coming, but there was nothing he could do to prepare for it. He could only wait. And listen. He could already sense her, smell her, and she hadn't even entered the throne room yet.

He inhaled deeply as he waited, almost tasting her as she came ever closer, clinging to the young vampire, Edward's, arm.

He could feel her human warmth, the way her blood sloshed frantically in her veins, her skin practically humming with suppressed tension.

Aro had seen her countless times, her face visiting his mind frequently, yet they had never actually met or talked.

Before now.

Yet she was everything to him.

He had been incredibly lucky to even know of her impending arrival.

He had discovered her potential many years ago from a nomad who had made trouble in the city of Volterra. His name had been Fleming.

As Aro had gotten ready to execute the stranger, he had suddenly seen something in the mind of the mad vampire. As it turned out, the vampire could see the future. And so Aro had now seen it as well. There were many intriguing things he had discovered from this, but she had been the most fascinating of them all.

Her face had floated to the front of his mind immediately and the vision had pleased him.

Then the boy was there as well. Edward. The young man would get to her first. But he would also be the one to bring her to Volterra. Discontent though he was with the idea, Aro had to concede that the boy was a necessary evil for her to come to Italy in the first place. Aro would simply dispose of him when he had served his purpose.

He had waited almost three hundred years for her to appear, knowing exactly when she would come to him. What he did not know was how she was connected to him, to his immortal life. He had kept the nomad prisoner in the dungeons for many years and had revisited him regularly, trying to see, to understand, why this woman was so special. Because he knew she was special. He could sense it with every fibre of his being.

Finally they were outside the doors. He could hear her heartbeat, her breathing, smell her hair. He had to use every ounce of his not inconsiderable self control to not go to her instantly. He knew he must not frighten her. But his selfishness was not easily suppressed. Perhaps she would come to understand his intentions in time.

No. He would have to persuade her somehow. A small smirk flashed across his lips as he thought of her staying with him.

Then his crimson gaze homed in on the double doors as they were slowly pushed open.

She had finally arrived.

The girl.

His Isabella.

Let me know what you think. This will probably be a lot darker than my usual style. I will add more tags later. Now it's bed time for me.

Goodnight my lovelies!


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