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The young woman in his bed shifted suddenly, startled awake by her name on his tongue. Her emerald eyes snapped open, clear and bright. Aro resisted the urge to touch her, even when he noted her cheeks growing flushed as her gaze fell on him. He guessed she remembered their shared touches not too long ago. Either that or she was having some dreams that had left her all flustered. No matter the reason, the green in her eyes seemed radiant now in contrast to her red cheeks. He suppressed a smirk, and instead focused on the things they needed to do.

"I am sorry for waking you so soon my dear. I let you sleep for as long as I deemed it safe. We had a visitor during the night."

The girl bolted upright, clutching the covers to her chest. Her heart was already galloping wildly against her rib cage.

"Harald?" She whispered fearfully, her face shifting colour so suddenly he thought she might pass out. Her flushed cheeks drained so swiftly it looked like she had been painted over.

Seeing confirmation in his eyes, she began to panic. "I told you he would find me, it doesn't matter where I go, he knows!"

"Revna…" Aro began softly, but she wasn't listening.

"He's gonna get me, and he will hurt… me.." she was sobbing now, her chest seemingly tight with fear.

Aro could see her spiralling out of control. He caught her chin, forcing her to look at him. "Revna, listen to me."

Finally she focused on him, her lip trembling. "He knew you were here already, that does not mean he will find you again. He will not get to you. You have my word. He is dangerous, I agree, however, he cannot hurt me. And soon he will not be able to hurt you. I will make sure of that. Do you understand what I am saying to you?"

She heaved a deep shuddering breath through her nose that sounded more like a panicked sob. "You're going to make me like you," she whispered, her eyes welling with tears. They shimmered and danced and he picked them up with his thumb, not allowing them to fall.

"Yes." They regarded each other for a long time.

"You don't even know me that well, and yet you're helping me. Last night we almost… I don't understand..." she broke off, her eyes pleading to comprehend what was happening.

Aro gave her a soft smile, and then he leaned in, pulling on her chin simultaneously. He placed a gentle kiss on her lips. "But I do know you, Revna. Perhaps even better than you know yourself."

She heaved another deep breath, a small whimper escaping her. "What is happening to me?" She asked in a broken voice, her mind churning with fear and desire.

Aro saw everything. She was terrified, but his proximity clouded her mind, dulling her senses. She wanted to run, to escape but she also wanted to kiss him, to be with him.

"Last night was…" she began hesitantly, trying to comb through her feelings.

She had never experienced something like that before, and she was bewildered that it had happened with someone who was practically a stranger to her. The bewilderment only deepened when she felt no fear towards him, her body at complete ease with their activities.

"Oh my dear," Aro crooned softly. "I am no stranger. Not anymore. Do you not understand?" Her brow creased as she tried to comprehend. "We are mates, my dear. I was not certain at first, but this bond is pulling us together. This is why you feel with such ferocity. We need each other."

She blinked once, her eyes deep with confusion.

"Is that like soulmates?" She asked, her voice slightly croaky.

"I suppose you could call it that," he replied, smiling again. "It is not as simple though. The most important thing you need to understand is that you are no longer alone."

Her eyes filled with tears again as she absorbed the meaning of his words. She understood that he knew of her ordeals. For almost all of her young life she had been alone. She had faced a monster alone, and she had survived. Now she would be having someone at her side.

Little did she understand just how powerful Aro was. She was used to not having much. Everything she had gained through her thieving career had been taken by The Viking. He had told her it was for her own good, while he simultaneously destroyed her slowly.

Aro pulled the young woman in for a hug, and she poured all her pent up grief out into his chest, her body trembling violently as she found yet another kind of release in his arms. Her face was pressed against his chest, and he felt her hot tears, they almost stung his skin, but he didn't care. She was with him now. That was all that mattered.

His mind filled with red rage as he thought of the Viking and the things he had subjected Revna to. The things he had said had made Aro want to murder him. In fact, Aro had already made the decision to have his guards hunt down the man. He would not get away with the things he had done.

Aro had spent a couple of hours trying to figure out what the Viking was, but he had been completely unsuccessful. Nothing had yielded any results. Even his brothers were at a loss. Aro had decided on a different course of actions as well. He would not be bringing the young woman home after all. It would be far too risky. Instead he had made arrangements for them to go to another place, hopefully it would be safe for now. Then he could turn her and she would be far less vulnerable. Caius had agreed that she needed to be turned as soon as possible. Whatever the Viking was, his interest in her would surely dissipate once she was a vampire. Or at least she was no longer defenceless against his attacks.

She stilled a little after a while, breathing deeply, trying to calm down. "Sorry," she murmured as she collected herself.

"Do not apologise for having feelings my dear. I quite understand."

He waited patiently for her to gather herself. As she wiped her eyes, he considered how to lay out his plan.

"Revna," he began softly. "You will likely agree that you are not safe here. The Volturi have other places, where I believe we can keep you safe from this man. Though, it might not be safe at all. He seems to have some powers of his own."

The girl looked up at him fearfully.

"During his visit, he moved the earth somehow. It was a demonstration of his powers so it did not destroy anything, however, he might be able to do much more damage." As he spoke, her eyes suddenly became unfocused, her lips parting slightly, releasing a soft gasp.

Aro touched her cheek, and saw quite clearly what she was thinking about. Her mother…

"She died in an earthquake," Revna whispered, shocked.

The realisation that had suddenly slammed into her left her breathless.

"Yes," Aro agreed gently. "Harald killed your mother."

Revna was so shocked by the sudden revelation. She was also angry at herself for not knowing, for not seeing the truth. She should have realised something was off about her mother's death. Strong earthquakes were extremely rare in northern countries, yet one conveniently got rid of the one person that meant the most to her.

"Why would he do that?" She keened, her grief exploding forth like a broken dam.

Aro pulled her close again, allowing her to vent her emotions. All things considered, the girl took things quite well, her emotions quite contained despite the many many new things that had happened in the span of less than twelve hours.

"Revna, my dear, I have a suspicion that the Viking needs you for something. Do you know what that could be?"

Aro could technically delve through her thoughts and try and find the answer himself, but sometimes it was just easier asking, his question would typically prompt a certain memory to the forefront of their minds. However, not this time. She was clueless. Well, she was quite young when she had been collected by the man.

She shook her head, wiping her eyes.

"No matter. However, we should go," he said, getting up, and grabbing her hand to help her.

"Can you stand?" He asked, watching her carefully as she gingerly put pressure on her injured foot and wobbled dangerously.

"I'll be fine," she said, brushing her long hair out of her face.

Aro wasn't fooled. Not only had he seen her wince with pain, but her mind had protested loudly as her nerve endings caught fire from the pain.

"Do not be ridiculous. Sit," he instructed. Then he proceeded to find her clothes so she could sit down on the bed and change, even as she grumbled at his overbearing actions. Aro knelt before her, easing her feet into her now clean knickers, leaning her back so she could pull them up herself. He had forgotten that she was completely naked beneath his shirt and he had to grit his teeth at the close proximity of her nakedness. He did his best to avert his eyes, and instead focused on pulling her feet through the legs of her trousers. She leaned back again so she could do the rest herself.

"Where will you take me?" She then asked as she pulled her black jeans up over her hips, closing them easily enough and sitting back up. She caught the hem of his shirt and proceeded to yank it over her head.

Aro hissed and bowed his head, averting his gaze, once again face to face with her naked body.

"For the love of god, Revna, do take care how you carry yourself around me. I am having a hard time resisting you as it is," he said in a low voice, nearly overcome by the need to rip off her clothes again.

"Sorry," she said apologetically. "Okay, I'm decent now. I don't know why I feel so comfortable around you," she added, biting her lower lip thoughtfully. Aro glanced up, relieved to see her in her own black clothes.

"Well, even so, there is a thing as getting too comfortable, my dear. As I said last night, even I have my limits." She blushed deeply as she recalled their shared intimacy. Still kneeling between her knees he leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Steeling himself to ignore the temptation she presented, he instead answered her question.

"I will take you to an island on the coast outside of Naples. It's called Ischia."

"An island?" She breathed. "You think water will keep Harald out?"

Aro nodded solemnly. "Not only that, but the island is made of volcanic rock and ash. If I am not mistaken, that might prove a bit more of a hindrance to him. Or that is my hope at least."

"Why do you say that?" She asked, puzzled.

"Because, creatures of earth do not like materials made from fire." He felt the explanation was simple enough, he only hoped he wasn't mistaken. Once there, he could turn to the matter of changing her.

"Right," she said, running a hand through her hair.

"Now, come along dear, our ride will arrive shortly. I'm afraid there is no time to eat." He added when he heard her stomach growl. "You can eat once we're in the air." He proceeded to lift her up and carry her at vampire speed through the house until they reached the back porch. The air had been filled with morning dew, but it was quite suddenly blown apart by sudden heavy bursts of winds from above.

"In the air?" She squeaked, still reeling from his fast movement. "What do you mean?"

Even as she spoke a roaring sound came from above, the air suddenly whipping around them. Despite the noise, Aro heard her gasp as she watched the large vessel touch down on the very grass that Harald had tried to raise earlier.

"Helicopter," he said in response, smiling widely at the enormous vessel.

He had chosen this particular travel method, mostly because it was fast, and because beings of earth would not appreciate having to come into the air to hunt their prey.

He smiled calmly at the young woman in his arms, because her heart was suddenly racing with apprehension. He knew she had never flown before, and by the way her body suddenly seemed to tremble so violently it practically hummed, she was not looking forward to it.

"Do not worry my dear, it is quite safe," he explained, walking down the steps towards the helicopter.

He caught the eyes of the pilots, who nodded reverently at him. Their sunglasses hid their crimson eyes from any humans who might have looked. Aro was grateful that Caius could get transport arranged so swiftly.

He ducked as the rotor blades came near, hurrying inside the cabin to shield the young woman from the pressure and the noise. Aro tried to set her down in the empty seat by the window, but she clung to him, her forehead pressed against his chin, and he saw in her mind what she needed.

"Alright, my dear. I will hold you," he crooned, sitting down so she could sit comfortably in his lap.

He marvelled at how she had fled him, indeed even tried to stab him less than twelve hours ago. Now she did not want to relinquish him from her sight. He placed a set of heavy headphones over her ears to shield her from the sound, checking she was comfortable.

She closed her eyes as the vessel roared to life, the air around them pressing in. Aro did his best to reassure her, even if he did enjoy the ride himself. He didn't get to fly in the Volturi's helicopter very often, so this was a rare treat.

"It should only be a couple of hours, my dear," he said into her headphones.

The sun was fully risen when they arrived safely at the west coast of the small island. The mansion placed there was quite different from the one they had just left. Everything was kept in light colours, the brightness blazing in the sun. The young woman was gaping in astonishment as Aro easily carried her from the now silent helicopter. Her head whipped around to catch everything as he walked her up the gravely path, his shiny shoes crunching loudly on the gravel.

"This is your safe house?" She asked, disbelief edged in her voice.

"It is one of our safe houses," he corrected," chuckling as her green eyes turned on him.

Shit, you really must be rich. The thought flashed through her mind and transferred to Aro through his fingers, as he held her close.

"Language, young one," he admonished, chuckling again when she glared up at him.

She huffed and proceeded to look out over the startling blue sea, the water glinting at them. They were on a rocky shelf high above the coastline, the mansion looking out over the sea.

Aro carried her further up until he reached the drive to the mansion, proceeding to walk inside the cooler, shadowy house. Having held the young woman close for more than two hours, he was loath to put her down, but even so, he walked through the many rooms until he located the sitting room. He sat her down on a plush couch, and she looked curiously around the large room. Everything was kept in light colours, the furniture a creamy white, the carpet plush and luscious. A piano stood by the huge windows, overlooking the magnificent view from outside.

"I will be back shortly," he said, turning to leave.

"Aro," She called before he had taken one step.

"Yes, my dear?" He turned around to see her flush slightly.

"I really need to pee," she said, smiling sheepishly.

Aro almost chuckled. Humans and their needs. How quaint.

"This may very well be one of the last times you have to do that," he commented dryly, picking her up once again and flashing through the house.

She gasped as she found herself placed down right in front of an elegant toilet with golden highlights.

"I'm shocked you even have a toilet for me to use," she remarked, as she let go of him, wobbling lightly.

Aro laughed. "Well we sometimes do have human company, so it is quite necessary."

"And of course the tub is huge again," she stated, gesturing towards the large lion pawed tub that stood by the floor to ceiling window.

"You will get used to it, my dear," he said, chuckling at her reaction to such luxury. "Now do what you must and then call for me," he said, leaving the room in a flash.

He made swift work of finding supplies to bind her foot, and then had a tray of food prepared for her. She hadn't been able to find an appetite on the helicopter, and so she would soon be faint from lack of nutrition.

The staff had shopped enough food for a whole week, and Aro wondered if she would even be needing this much, because he planned to change her as soon as possible.

He had just placed the tray and supplies on the table in the sitting room when she called for him.

He hastily flashed to her, finding her by the sink as she had just finished washing her hands. Instead of making her walk to the towel rack, he pulled the fluffy fabric free and walked to her to hand it over.

"Thanks," she said softly, drying her hands, her face and demeanour suddenly quite wistful.

"Is something the matter?" He asked, sensing her sadness even at a distance.

The young woman shrugged, bowing her head, wiping her hands with much more force than was necessary. Aro placed his hand on top of hers, halting her fierce movements. He saw her mind swirl with sadness, with bewilderment at her sudden new situation. He also saw gratitude, the sadness underlining it.

"I wish I could have saved your mother as well, Revna," he said gently. "Had I known at the time..."

Her eyes sparkled as she looked up at him. "It's not your fault Aro. It's just tough to realise that she was murdered. I have to come to terms with that. It's all a bit overwhelming." She sniffed.

"I understand," he replied, lifting her up slowly.

"I could get used to this though," she sighed even as she melted against his chest.

"Me too, dear one," he said softly, making his way towards the sitting room once more, this time moving at human speed to savour the sensation of her warm body against his.

After having tended to her foot, binding it with a soft cotton bandage, he made sure she ate, which wasn't very difficult. She was ravenous when she was presented with the food, and she devoured everything until the plait was quite clean.

"Good girl," he praised even as she swallowed the last bite.

She looked up at his words, her cheeks tinted slightly pink, her pupils suddenly dilated slightly.

Interesting, Aro thought. She liked him calling her that. Definitely something to be investigated thoroughly at a later time.

"So," she began, clearly slightly uneasy by his perusal. "What now?" She asked, shifting lightly in her seat.

Aro pondered the question.

"That depends, my dear. Do you need to sleep?" He asked, chuckling softly as she cracked a wide yawn.

"I'm not tired," she murmured, even as another yawn twisted her face.

"Of course you're not. But perhaps a little nap would be a good idea even so?" He suggested.

Revna had already placed herself horizontal on the sofa.

"I told you, I'm not tired," she murmured, closing her eyes. She was asleep before he could reply.

Chuckling softly again at her stubbornness, he gently picked her up and went to his study. He preferred to have her close, and she could sleep just as well in his study. He placed her in the divan making sure she was comfortable. Then he turned to his books, once again perusing them for answers. This time he searched the tomes for anything about the Black Star Sapphire he still had in his pocket. The stone was rare, so he didn't have big hopes of finding anything on it. But even so, something must yield some information he could use.

It took him an hour before he finally found something of use. An old tome on the various powers of different gems had a page on a certain stone that was said to be the lost eye of the Nordic god Odin. Aro frowned at the sketch of the stone. It looked exactly like the one he had. In the description it explained that the stone could be recognised by its red star, instead of the usual white and golden one. Leaning forward, Aro read everything with keen interest.

A few things did suddenly fall into place. His gaze lingering on the lightly snoring young woman across from him, he thought back on how the stone had come to be in his possession. He had a visitor almost 2500 years ago. It had been an old man, ancient in fact. He had indeed missed an eye, but Aro had not put too much meaning into it. Until now. The man had spoken in what Aro assumed had been old Norse. He couldn't understand it, despite his proficiency with languages. But that was not the most interesting part. The second the man had dropped the gem into Aro's palm, the man had dissolved into what could only be described as ash, the substance dissipating in the air in seconds.

The text further explained that the Eye Of Odin would be the catalyst to a war and the one holding the stone would come to possess the key to the greatest weapon. This made Aro pause. Weapon? What weapon could this be? He had had the stone for many years now, but nothing had indicated that it should be a key to anything. His sharp gaze suddenly snapped back to the young woman sleeping soundly on his divan.

Her sudden appearance into his life was quite coincidental with the Viking practically declaring a war to get this very gem. But how could she be implicated, she was so very young. Aro pulled out the gem, looking it over once more, studying it carefully, wondering.

Could the old man possibly have been Odin? Would that even be possible? And if so, why on earth would he bestow this clearly valuable gem upon a vampire? Aro had no answer to these questions. The more he thought about it, the less he felt he understood. Sighing with annoyance, he placed the gem on his desk, flicking through the book to see if he could find more on the matter.

Another hour had passed when Revna stirred from her sleep. She stretched and turned languidly onto her back, her olive eyes gazing blearily around until she saw Aro behind the desk. She smiled in a lazy manner when she saw him.

"For someone claiming not to be tired, you sure do snore quite loudly," Aro said, smirking as she squeaked with indignation.

"I do not snore!" She exclaimed, bristling at the very idea.

"I wouldn't be surprised if every tree on this island had been cut down with the racket you have been making," he drawled, smirking.

"Oi, I do not snore, Aro!" She repeated, scowling mockingly at him.

"Of course not, next you are gonna tell me you did not leave that stain on my divan as well?" He said smoothly, smiling widely as she glanced at the darkened stain of drool she had left in her sleep.

"That was already there," she protested, flushing deeply.

"Of course it was," he chuckled, enjoying the way she flushed. "Even though you could not possibly know that, because you passed out in the sitting room, and I carried you here while you were sleeping."

She scowled even more, making him laugh out loud. Apparently deciding to ignore his teasing, she gingerly got to her feet, brushing her inky hair out of her face.

"Careful now," he warned, seeing her wince slightly.

"What are you doing?" She asked loftily, ignoring his words, hobbling slowly to his desk to look down at the book laying there.

"I am studying this gem," Aro explained, gesturing to the shiny stone still on his desk.

"Oh? Discovered anything new?" She asked, leaning on his desk to ease the pressure on her foot.

Not wanting her to be in pain, Aro pulled her languidly into his lap, making her squeak and giggle, even as she snuggled in close.

"You could say that," he responded, securing her with his arms around her waist. She proceeded to breathe deeply against his chest, humming with contentment. "It seems to be the lost eye of the Norse god Odin," he said matter of factly.

The young woman froze at his words, before straightening up to look into his face.

"What?" She seemed quite shocked.

"It says so right here," he explained, reaching around her to lift the book and place it across her lap. She studied the page intently, then frowned.

"But this looks nothing like the one you have," she said, puzzled.

This made Aro frown. She glanced at the gem on the polished surface of the desk.

"It's all black," she explained. "I see no star, and definitely not a red star," she said.

Aro stiffened at her words. Impossible.

"You do not see the star?" He enquired abruptly, now reaching to pick it up to hold it in front of her.

"What star?" She asked, laughing almost nervously. "It's just a black onyx sto-," she commented, then gasped loudly just as she moved to pluck it from his fingers. She grew quite rigid, her face hanging slightly forward as she appeared to be looking down at her feet. "Oh, I see it now," she murmured, her voice slightly hollow.

Her behaviour was highly curious, and Aro felt slightly uneasy. Her hair had fallen in front of her face as she had leaned forward somewhat. "Revna, are you quite alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. More than fine actually. I-I think my foot is healed," she stammered uncertainly, wriggling her injured foot as if testing to see if it hurt.

"What?" He demanded, glancing at her feet. "How is that possible?"

"I don't know," she said, holding up the gem. "It happened as soon as I touched this." She turned her face to look at him, and Aro felt his body hum with a sudden onslaught of apprehension.

"And then the red star appeared," she explained, not noticing the sudden shift in his demeanour. "Has it really been there all the time?" She wondered, studying it closely. "It's beautiful," she murmured.

Aro had much less interest in the stone at the moment. He swiftly caught her chin and turned her face so he could study her more closely. It had indeed not been a vision.

"What is it?" She asked, frowning as she took in his shocked countenance for the first time.

"It is, uh, hard to explain," Aro said vacantly, his mind racing. "Your eyes, Revna. They have turned red."

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