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I See Ice

Hello my dear readers. I am so sorry for the cold absence of yours truly, but I have not been too well lately, plus the amount of work I suddenly had to do due to illness at work. I am barely hanging on by the skin of my teeth. (Or is it nose?)

Anyway, here's a long awaited chapter to this story. It is almost as long as this entire story, lol! I have worked on it all week, actually, and it was quite interesting to put together.

Be warned: Zesty lemon juice ahead.

Also; mention of sexual violence in this chapter. Please be careful when reading!

They stared at each other for a long time, no words exchanged. It didn't matter, not much registered with her at this point, she was far too distracted by his proximity. He saw her lick her already swollen lips, her head buzzing with desire, and he knew this was hardly normal for two people who had only just met. Even so, he reeled her in for another bruising kiss, not able to stomp down the passion that had suddenly flared within him, the need to taste her once more far too great.

She met him head on, which shocked him to some degree. He had not had many lovers in his immortal life, and the reason was not only his startling nature, but also his gift. His ability to read people's minds set them all on edge around him, making it difficult for him to relax fully into it. On the occasions his partners had been oblivious to his talents, he found their thoughts distracting and not in a good way. More often than not, it just became a matter of satisfying certain glands and then getting on with his duties.

But this. This was completely different.

They kissed deeply for several long minutes, Aro completely absorbed in it, her lips, her taste, her smell, her mind holding him captive. He wanted to explore her thoroughly, his hands already roaming her waist and thighs, making her shudder gently against him.

As he captured her lips over and over, he saw her mind whirl with passion, no pretensions, and despite his nature, no apprehensions, just raw, unfiltered white hot desire. It was enough to make him nearly lose his head. He was already painfully erect, though he did his best to remain in control of his urges. He would have managed too, but then she let out the smallest whimper against his lips, and he couldn't suppress the low, fierce growl that escaped his chest in response.

He held her close as he easily shifted them around, his body now covering hers as he placed her flat on the sofa, pressing her into the soft cushions, his pelvis between her soft thighs.

She didn't mind, she clung to him, her fingers digging into his shoulders, her mind revelling at the feel of his silken shirt and the hard muscles beneath the soft material. He almost chuckled at her, the way her brain seemed to capture every detail of their sudden passion. She registered the feel of his coldness, his inky hair as it tickled her throat, her own breathing, the prickling of her skin as his cold breath ghosted across it. The more he saw her mind register, the more he wanted to make her feel.

He was suddenly addicted to making her experience how things were supposed to be, knowing down to every detail of her previous experiences, which had been quite traumatic. How she was able to handle this without flashing back to those, he had a hard time understanding. Something seemed to tell her that this was not the same, that Aro would not harm her, that she was now safe. Indeed her body was tingling with curiosity at what she would be experiencing in his tender care. He saw her inner reaction as she registered how her body responded to his touch. Her skin practically humming, her core throbbing and twitching. He saw her bewildered and startled thoughts as she felt her inner muscles flex and contract of their own accord, the pleasure almost too intense for her to handle. She experienced a fierce fluttering simultaneously on both sides of her womb, as if her ovaries had pulsed with an electric current, as if his icy touch had been the catalyst that set her body aflame.

Everything she felt was nearly enough to make him come undone right then and there, and he was helpless to stop himself from grinding his hard length sensuously against her, a deep groan floating from his chest. He saw her mind practically shatter into a million pieces as the friction made her gasp and shudder, her pelvis rocking sharply upwards to meet him, desperate for more, her soft core suddenly flooded with a searing heat that left her breathless. Aro was beyond control now, already imagining himself buried within her hot body, making her feel exactly what it meant to belong, to give in to raw unadulterated desire. He had no time, indeed no wish to ruminate on the consequences of such an interaction. All he needed was to act, to be with her this instant. Nothing else mattered.

However, reality made a sudden, brutal comeback when something vibrated abruptly beneath Revna, shattering the enchantment that seemed to have been swirling around the both of them, inside them. Revna jumped and gasped with the shock and Aro froze and almost gave a sibilant hiss of irritation at the interruption. They were both panting hard as they regained their bearings, their faces less than an inch apart. The vibration repeated, and she wriggled uncomfortably to get away from it. Aro chuckled softly, uttering a muttered oath in a language she could not understand, then easily shifting her somewhat off the cushions, digging the phone out from beneath her. They looked at each other as he held the vibrating device between them, the screen casting a white luminescent light on both their faces.

Her radiant green eyes were shining up at him, the colour of teal due to the cold light, her cheeks flushed, lips red and swollen from his passion. Her hair was tousled and splayed haphazardly across the cushions he had placed her on. He registered her sudden urge to laugh at their rather undignified position, and he knew he looked less austere than usual. She suddenly realised what they had been so close to doing and her eyes widened with comprehension. His own brain had seemingly snapped into place, and he chuckled as he saw how they were completely entangled around each other, her knees hooked around his thighs, his arm wrapped beneath her waist, his fingers splayed across her warm skin beneath her blouse.

"Saved by the bell," he said in a low baritone that made her shiver, smirking as he saw she silently agreed with him.

He hastily picked up the call, placing the phone by his ear, not doing anything to change their intimate position, quite enjoying their shared proximity.

"Yes?" The look on his face as he accepted the call was a mixture of mild amusement, but also slight annoyance at the unwelcome interruption. It shifted into a slight frown as he concentrated on the call.

"I see," Aro responded.

Revna kept completely silent. Her mind however was screaming, her body humming at the same time. She enjoyed his closeness, but also felt slightly panicky at the fact he hadn't removed his person from her yet, but equally frightened that he might actually do so. She felt his cold fingers trail a delicate pattern across her lower back, his red eyes gleaming down at her, seemingly x-raying her, and she suddenly remembered that he had direct access to her thoughts. She gave him a sheepish smile, gulping slightly.

"Mhmm," he said in response to something, and simultaneously he leaned down, placing a gentle kiss on her throat. She shivered violently, as he trailed a cold path across her skin, keeping the conversation going at the same time. She had to concentrate on not moaning, as he easily made her feel that burning passion again. His pelvis rocked gently against her again, his prominent erection grazing her still throbbing centre, and she bit her lip to keep silent, even as she felt that knot in the pit of her stomach tightening again. That sensation was not something she had experienced before, and she realised how easily this man had made her fall apart at the seams.

What the fuck was the matter with her? Here she was, practically serving herself on a silver platter to this dark stranger who she had only met a couple of hours ago.

"Well then, make him see," Aro was saying, even as he placed another kiss at the corner of her mouth. She was panting slightly now, as he continued to thrust against her, clearly seeing what it did to her and revelling in the effect.

"No, not tonight."

Revna's fingers were clamped hard onto his shoulders, trying to find purchase as she felt herself losing control of something within her. She didn't like to lose control, but damn it all to hell if she needed to lose it right now.

"That would probably be wise, yes."

Her back arched as she felt something solidify in her lower abdomen, a deeply satisfying, molten and plunging sensation all at once.

"No, we need to hear his side of the story first."

Revna was so impressed at how Aro was able to hold up his end of the conversation while simultaneously making her body sing like this with no apparent effort. She felt his lips seal on her throat briefly, suckling her skin gently and she gave a slight jump as sparks flashed straight to her core. Evidently he saw it too, because he did it again, while simultaneously grinding against her a little harder. She gave a strangled gasp as her body reacted on instinct. Something was coming down over her and she instinctively knew she needed to remove herself from beneath him or she would be crushed by the implications of what was about to happen. As the thought flashed through her he stiffened against her, his face suddenly floating above hers. He searched her eyes carefully, not moving a muscle. Her body was thrumming with pent up energy, a burning need for release, which had been denied just before it happened. She felt sticky and out for breath, not daring to move.

"Yes, I am listening." He frowned again. "Yes, I realise that, Caius, but I am not coming home tonight." He gave an exasperated sigh. "Well, it will have to wait, brother."

He was silent for a moment, listening.

"It is hard to say. Something unexpected has come along here, it may be a few days…"

Revna was torn. She needed him to continue whatever he had been doing, but she also didn't think she could handle whatever the consequences would be if he kept going. Something in his face made her understand that he had realised that about her as well. His eyes were searching her face intently, and she felt x-rayed again, suddenly feeling quite insecure.

"Very well then. We will deal with him then. Oh, and Caius, please have one of the guest rooms prepared. Once I return, I will be bringing home company."

Revna fixed on his eyes, almost protesting at his presumption, and he smirked again, clearly challenging her to speak now or forever hold her peace. She chose the latter, too curious to protest.

"Yes, human company. Thank you brother."

Apparently done with his phone call, Aro hung up, elegantly sliding the phone into his breast pocket.

"Well," he said softly, still hovering closely above her. "It would probably be a good idea if you caught up on some sleep, my dear. We will be preparing to get you to your new home."

Revna didn't respond. Her mind was racing. She had just been snogged to within an inch of her life by this king, an ancient vampire at that! And now he was acting as if they weren't still tangled intimately together on his bloody couch.

She was reeling from it all, her brain barely keeping abreast with how fast her life was changing. Her core was feeling hot, it throbbed with the rhythm of her heart-beat, and it wasn't unpleasant either. Everytime the Viking had been at it, she would be in pain for days. She vanquished the thought from her mind, not wanting to contaminate her recent experience with Aro. The vampire king gave a weary sigh and gently caressed her cheek.

"I know, my dear. I want to continue too, finish what I started, but it occurred to me that this is… Highly unusual. If we continued, I would end up having you right here on this couch, and I do not think it prudent as of this moment. Tempting though it is, we have only just met. Besides, I see a few things in you that I… Need to process before we carry on with whatever this is."

She felt a chill run down her spine, her mind already trying to relive her earlier experiences. She refocused on the feeling Aro had created in her, and she felt a slight disappointment at… Something. She was so very confused at it all.

Aro sensed her disappointment and confusion and almost wanted to give in again. She had felt that fluttering in her womb again at his words of having her. Her tantalising pull was almost too hard to resist. But he also knew she was far from ready for what he had in store for her if they were to continue. She needed more time. And he had eternity after all. The things he saw in her mind was disconcerting to say the least. He knew of her past of course, but he hadn't realised what exactly she had or had not experienced, and when he saw the befuddled state his caresses left her in, he wa hit with the realisation that she had never experienced pleasure from sex. He now understood that her experience had only been with the Viking, and he had not been gentle with her, in fact what Aro saw in her mind almost made him wince at the horror. Of course she would gain nothing but trauma from that. The implications from this were, of course, severe, and Aro did not want to rush into anything as long as they were not clear on what was going on between them. She might end up hurt again.

For now he needed to keep clear of such risks. She would never join the Volturi if he made any grave mistakes at this moment. He, however, was not unchallenged in this decision. She might feel the burning need, but so did he. His cock was painfully hard, eager to be inside her. He could not remember the last time he had been so filled with such rampant desire, if ever. It had been a few hundred years since his last sexual encounter, his logical mind almost completely giving up on the idea that he could ever find true pleasure with another partner. He almost sighed again. Instead he delicately extracted himself from her entwined limbs and sat down beside her. She was still panting, and her hot, befuddled gaze told him everything even if he could not have read her mind so easily.

"Come my dear, let us get you to bed. You will need to rest."

He got up and then easily lifted her up from the soft cushions, intending to carry her to one of the many bedrooms in his large manor, but ultimately deciding on taking her to his own room. She did not protest, in fact she relaxed against him much easier this time, clearly feeling her own exhaustion. Aro didn't bother to switch on any lights as he walked through the huge house. His vampire vision providing plenty for him to see. It wasn't long before he entered a large room, and he sat her gently down on the four poster bed.

"The sheets are clean. If you want to freshen yourself up, you can do so there." He pointed casually towards the bathroom door across the room.

He heard her huff, clearly annoyed, and he frowned slightly down at her.

"I still can't see in this darkness," she explained begrudgingly.

Aro chuckled softly and flashed to the bedside table. Soon soft, golden light chased the majority of the shadows away.

She looked curiously around the large room, clearly unaccustomed to such luxury. Despite his wealth, Aro did keep this room fairly modest. A dark plush carpet covered the floor from wall to wall. There was an armchair by the windows, the bed occupying the furthest wall. A door led off to a bathroom and another to his walk-in closet. Everything was kept in muted colours of cream and gold.

"My apologies, my dear," he said quietly. He stepped towards the door to leave her in peace.

"Wait." Her voice was almost muffled in the quiet bedroom.

He turned back towards her.

"I might need help," she said, blushing somewhat.

Aro considered her a brief moment.

"All right," he said, moving back towards her, kneeling in front of her still bare feet. "What do you need?"

He touched her foot again, not intending for it to be sensual, but even so he saw desire flash through her again. Forcing himself to look past it, he saw that she longed for a hot shower. Choosing to ignore her still flaming need, he casually lifted her up again, making her gasp at his unexpected action, he carried her to the bathroom.

"I think the bathtub is better for now, given your inability to stand at the moment. And I am afraid I do not have any pajamas in the house. I will find you something to sleep in." He flipped the switch, and lights came on. She gasped as she took in the huge bathroom.

Everything was in soft rosy, peach and golden colours. The tiles were cream coloured, the lights accentuating the inlaid gold here and there. A wall to wall shower stall was at one end to the left from the door, two large available shower heads and massager jets placed at strategic intervals, everything visible through the clear glass doors. A built-in tiled bench was along the wall, giving plenty of room for someone to sit down and have a shower, or rinse off with the detachable showerhead placed in the corner.

The sink and toilet was beside the huge tub across from the door, and the wall across from the shower stall was nothing but a large wall to wall mirror. Aro noted how she contemplated herself in his arms, apparently enjoying the way he held her so tenderly against his chest. It made him not want to set her down.

Even so, he placed her on the rink of the bathtub, flashing all around her to find the things she needed, including filling the bathtub with warm sudsy water. The young woman leaned in over the steaming water, breathing deeply at the tantalising smells coming from it.

"Vanilla?" She questioned as the fragrance wafted up from the foamy water.

"I am afraid that is the only feminine scent I have. I must admit I do not have much female company in this mansion."

Something seemed to flash across her face, and Aro was almost tempted to see what she was thinking. It was almost as if that information pleased her immensely.

Finally finished helping with the preparations, he carefully left her with instructions to just say his name when she was in the tub, so she could undress in peace and have a bath. Then he would collect her clothes and place them in the washer in the basement, making sure she would have something to wear in the morning. Her clothes were quite filthy from her hapless run through the forest. He also dug out a clean silk shirt for her to sleep in. She took longer in the bath than he anticipated, and he waited silently in the bedroom, listening for when she was ready for him to carry her to the bed.

When she had returned from her run, he had seen what she had been up to, and he had almost laughed at her secret plan to try and steal his gem again. She was not so easily defeated it turned out. He knew now that she had given up on acquiring the stone from him, and he was glad, though he saw her almost painful curiosity at it too. He would be taking it with him back home. It would have to go in their most secure vault now that he knew The Viking was after it.

Aro pondered briefly what the man could possibly be needing it for. Indeed it was quite valuable, much more so than the girl realised in fact.

Aro pulled it out into the light. It's blackness was only disrupted by a myriad of angular lines that all met in the middle, the pattern creating an illusion of a radiant red star with six points. It was one of, if not the single most valuable gemstone on earth. Not only was it the rarest gemstone in existence, it was one of the more peculiar ones as well. This particular sapphire was the only one of its kind.

The usual Black Star Sapphire only had a white or golden star depending on the mineral components it held. This one had a red star that seemed to light up the very room. The technical term for this kind of pattern in a gemstone was asterism. Aro considered the stone for a long time, running through various options in his mind, as to what uses it could be of for his enemy. Indeed even its true properties were not fully discovered.

Perhaps Harald was merely an avid collector, this kind of gem was after all highly sought after by those who knew of it. This theory was more than unlikely. Aro felt certain that its gifts were somehow at the centre of the Viking's desire to acquire it. The catch of course was that this particular stone was the only one of its kind. Not many knew of its existence. How had the man become aware of it in the first place? Aro had to figure it out soon, because it might mean that the Viking had more connections than Aro cared to admit. Or they had a spy among the Volturi. And one placed high in their ranks, because this stone was not general knowledge among the guards. If so, this person was capable of hiding their true thoughts from Aro.

The implications of his train of thought barely hit him, when the young woman called for him. Aro put away the gem, and flashed to the bathroom.

Revna was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, her body practically glowing pink from her long soak. Her skin was radiating heat at him, and he longed to feel it, to taste it, but he quelled the impulse and instead he almost smirked as he took in her highly relaxed state. She had wrapped herself in the thick red towel he had provided, and was looking at him with heavy eyelids, clearly ready for some sleep. He picked her up easily enough, his hand holding her beneath the knees and around the waist. His fingers dug into her warm, soft skin on her legs and he registered yet again her almost startled reaction to his proximity.

He willed himself to ignore the inviting thoughts and brought her back into the bedroom, placing her back down on the bed. She glanced at the silky black shirt he had laid out for her, then she smiled lazily up at him. He almost laughed at her. It seemed he might very well have given her a few beers, so relaxed had she become.

"Clearly you have never had access to a bathtub before," he said, chuckling down at her. She shook her head once, and grinned right back at him.

"Do you have a pair of shorts with that shirt?" She suddenly asked, and he froze at the implications of her words. His mind conjured up the unhelpful thought that she was completely nude under that towel.

Regarding her with mild consternation, he shook his head.

"I am afraid I do not. I usually go without undergarments."

She let out a small gasp, her eyes glancing at his crotch before she realised her mistake, blushing deeply when she saw he had seen. Aro laughed softly, shaking his head mildly at her antics.

"I am having your clothes washed as we speak, so you can once again be decent tomorrow, my dear. Come, get some sleep. I will be back to check on you in the morning," he said, turning to leave once again.

He had all but reached the door, when she called his name quietly. "Will you stay with me?" She asked, biting her lip tentatively, her cheeks tinted pink in embarrassment.

Aro considered her mutely, not quite sure what she wanted from him.

"Stay?" He repeated softly.

She nodded, still chewing her lower lip.

"Do you think it wise, my dear?"

The young woman stood up, wincing a little as if she had forgotten not to put weight on her injured foot.

"I don't think I'll feel safe if I have to sleep alone," she explained, not able to look at him.

Aro's shoulders slumped a little. The little minx wanted him close and he could only imagine the challenges that would bring to his self-control.

Despite his misgivings, he found that he could not deny her. "Very well, my dear."

He stepped towards the opposite side of the bed, undoing his waist coat with rigid practice, easing it off his shoulders and, folding it neatly, he placed it on the chair by the window. Suddenly feeling scrutinized, he glanced up and saw her glowing green eyes on his actions, her mouth slightly agape. He could practically hear her drool.

"I will not be removing my clothes, do not worry," he explained, continuing by undoing his shirt sleeves and rolling them up.

"I was merely getting comfortable."

Her disappointment was practically radiating from her, and it almost made him chuckle.

"Your sense of self preservation is remarkably underdeveloped, my dear," he commented dryly, not able to suppress a flattered smirk even so.

As he turned back towards her, she was still standing by the bed, watching him.

"Go on," he added, waving towards the bathroom door to make her go and change into the shirt he had found for her.

She shrugged, and rotating on the spot, she took his shirt and began to pull it over her head. As she lifted her arms, the towel wrapped around her body suddenly lost its grip and fell to the floor. Hissing with frustration, Aro swiftly turned away, even though it was quite too late. He had seen plenty, her naked skin seemingly calling out to him, taunting him like a siren's call.

"Blast it Revna, have you quite lost your mind?" He groused, raising his gaze to the ceiling in his consternation.

"Sorry," she said, but he could still hear the giggle in her voice.

"Keep at it like this, and you will be soon enough, my dear," he fired back, a seductive purr to his voice, turning around when he heard the springs of the mattress as she climbed in.

His words made her stop short as she folded back the duvet. He raised his eyebrows at her barely concealed keen expression of hope.

"Banish the thought from your mind, Revna, I will not do such things to you, delectable though I find you," he said firmly, doing his best to quell his own painful flash of desire. His mind was still aflame with the brief glimpse he had gotten of her bare back and buttocks. Almost huffing, he switched off the light with firm finality as if the darkness would erase that image from his mind. Needless to say it did not.

She heaved a suffering sigh and settled beneath the covers, her owlish gaze upon him. Aro almost sighed as well and stiffly got into the bed, though keeping himself above the covers and at a good distance from her. He settled himself, back against the headboard, fingers interlaced across his abdomen. Neither of them spoke, and the room was quite silent for a long time. She shifted a little, turning over onto her other side, her back towards him, and Aro watched her blithely through the shadows. She continued to shift with short intervals and he noticed quite easily that the benighted girl was slowly trying to scoot backwards ever closer to his body. Had she forgotten that she was naked from the waist down? He only had to yank the covers aside, spread her lovely thighs to gain access to her most intimate parts.

"What are you doing?" He asked dryly as she yet again pretended to get comfortable.

She stiffened, her curvy backside now only a few inches from his left knee.

"Nothing," she said innocently.

"I feel tempted to touch you, sweet one, just to check and see your motives. You are pushing your luck, my dear. My self control, vastly though it is, also has its limits. Now go to sleep."

She scowled over her shoulder at him.

"Don't treat me like a child or I'll shave your pretty locks off in your sleep."

Aro let out a throaty chuckle, stroking his chin thoughtfully at her audacity.

"Well, that would be quite a feat my dear."

"I can be quite sneaky," she promised him.

"I am afraid even your stealthy talents would be quite-"

"I am very good at what I do," she declared confidently.

"I have no doubt my dear, however, regardless of your many… skills." She gave the merest shiver at his words. "It would be quite ungentlemanly of me if I did not at least warn you about the fact that I do not sleep. Ever."

She rolled halfway onto her back to scowl up at him. Then she huffed indignantly and settled back onto her side. Aro heaved a soft sigh after a few long seconds. Clearly her mind was milling with thoughts. He could practically hear the corks and wheels of her mind churning in her head.

"What is it, Revna?" He asked finally, his voice slightly weary.

She stiffened slightly, then seemingly throwing caution to the wind, she turned over again, looking up at him, her eyes burning with curiosity.

"I just… Had a thought."

Aro waited, sensing her heart rate spiking as she formulated her next words carefully.

"If… You can read every thought any person has ever had, you must have seen them all naked too. I mean, people peruse themselves in the mirror all the time, don't they? Those images must be in your head as wel-"

The girl had no time to finish the sentence, because Aro had shifted quite suddenly, and she found herself beneath him, his hands holding her wrists by the side of her face, his nose less than an inch from hers. He saw her pupils dilate in the darkness, her breath caught in her chest.

"You seem to have given this matter quite a bit of thought, my dear," he crooned, feeling her thighs flex briefly around his hips.

Her words had caused a minor explosion in his brain and he had reacted before he could stop himself. Normally he was quite capable of quelling those kinds of images, not intent on exposing others to his unwanted gaze. However when she spoke, his brain happily conjured up the image of her standing naked in front of a mirror, perusing her own body. He saw that this was something she had done in his bathroom, hobbling to the wall length mirror and thinking these exact thoughts while she looked intently in the mirror.

"You seem oblivious to the consequences of uttering such careless words in my company," he said in a deep voice, and she drew in a sharp breath, unable to stop her body from trembling lightly beneath him.

He felt tempted to kiss her again, breathing in the traces of the vanilla on her skin.

"Allow me to enlighten you, my dear." His voice whispered through the darkness.

"Indeed, I could see that were I so inclined, however, I am quite capable of closing my mind off to those images. Furthermore the images that enter my mind rarely match reality, as they are somewhat… distorted by the person I read them from. I have had a long time to practice my talents, and quelling those images has now become second nature to me. Until now." Aro sucked in a deep breath, the air hissing softly through his teeth, as he tasted her essence on the air as she reacted to his words. He saw quite clearly what she desired from him at this moment, and he longed to give it to her. However, he could not do it.

"If you want release, my dear you are going to have to do it yourself. I will not be touching you." He felt her disappointment, and then a hot flash of embarrassment filling her.

"I see," he purred, realising that she did not know what to do. "Well then, I will help you through it."

He released her wrists, allowing her to use her hands. Immediately she placed them on his chest, beginning to open the buttons. Aro almost screamed inwardly as he felt his body respond viscerally to her actions. Hissing again he abruptly sat up, kneeling between her thighs, trying to halt her from making a great mistake. It did not work, she merely sat up as well, her small fingers holding onto his shirt as she used it to pull herself up, her strong muscles effortlessly assisting her in her endeavors. She had managed to get a few buttons up by now, exposing the very top of his chest, and she practically assaulted him with her lips as she seemed to adapt easily to the darkness, finding her way easier than he would have anticipated. She continued to undo his buttons and Aro realised he needed to act swiftly. The feel of her hot lips against his throat was enough to make his nether regions twitch, his rational side swiftly overcome by another, much darker side of him.

"Revna, stop it," he growled, grabbing her wrists, halting her actions effectively. "That was not an invitation for you to touch me. I merely meant that you could do it to yourself."

"But I don't know how!" She whined, clearly aware of how petulant she sounded. Her mind was too foggy from her own arousal, her need quite desperate.

Aro heaved an inward sigh. She was going to be the death of him. "I realise that, my dear. I will assist you, but there will be no touching, agreed?" He said sternly.

She huffed again, but nodded grudgingly.

"Good girl, now lay down and get comfortable. You will be using your own hands to pleasure yourself. It is not that hard, trust me." He cringed as his mind protested at his words. He had never been this erect before in his mortal or even immortal life.

She did as he told her, hands folded across her chest.

"You will need at least one hand between your legs, dear," he said placidly, keeping perfectly still on his knees. He resisted the urge to place his palms on her splayed knees.

It took a little struggling as she had tangled herself in the covers when she had sat up and then flopped back down. Finally, she managed to reach her soft core.

"Let us not dither about, touch yourself," he crooned, not able to resist leaning in over her again, his hands on either side of her face, his hair framing their faces. He hovered over her like this, his body not touching hers.

She bit her lip as she began. After a while, Aro could no longer stand it. She would be getting nowhere if he didn't intervene.

"Revna, are you trying to start a fire? If so I should warn you, vampires and fire do not mix well."

She heaved a frustrated sigh, but didn't respond. He glanced down at her body, seeing the fast, jerky movement of her hand through the cover. After another silent moment, he gingerly placed his hand atop hers, the covers shielding him from her thoughts.

"Slow down, my dear, you have to go slowly, build it up. It will not come easily." Silently he knew he could have her orgasm within moments, but he also knew that he would be bedding her just as swiftly. His only defense was his rigid determination to not touch her.

He grabbed her wrist through the covers.

"Relax your hand, allow your fingers to become lax."

"Right," she breathed, indicating she had done so.

Aro proceeded to drag her hand across what he hoped was her folds, the touch light and subtle. She gasped softly, and he guessed he had ghosted her most sensitive part.

"See, easy does it. Gentle caresses will yield far greater responses. Now you try, my dear." He let go, and watched as she imitated his movements, clearly finding the gentle touches much more pleasing. "You can wet your fingers, if you like. That sometimes helps," he added softly.

He saw her look perplexed at him. "What?"

"If you wet your fingers, the friction will feel different," he explained.

"With what?" She seemed bewildered. He almost chuckled.

"You have a mouth, do you not?" He crooned, making her shiver delightfully beneath him.

"What?" She repeated, clearly not getting it.

"Here," he said, taking her arm and extracting it from beneath the covers. He didn't know what made him do it. He had intended to place her fingers at her own mouth, but when her hand surfaced, he caught the scent of her essence, and he placed her relaxed digits on his own tongue, tasting her. His breathing changed immediately, and he felt his member throb with the need to be inside her. Not only did the lingering essence on her fingers taste absolutely divine, when his tongue swirled around her fingers, her mind and body nearly shattered then and there. She panted, her hips rocking of their own accord. Leaving a portion of his venom on her fingers, he released her, carefully keeping himself in check, even though his breathing revealed just how pressed he was to control himself at the moment.

Swallowing thickly, he nodded down at her. "Try again now."

She lowered her hand beneath the covers again, and went to work. She moaned almost instantly, her body jumping slightly as she hit the spot.

"Better?" He almost chuckled.

"Yes," she whispered in a trembling breath.

Aro kept still, hovering above her, sensing her tensing and relaxing at intervals, slowly working her body down that winding path to release. He knew his venom assisted her as it would warm her flesh, sending small jolts to her nerves, and he witnessed these when she gave the slightests jumps, whimpering softly everytime. She had closed her eyes while concentrating, and he watched her face shift from time to time as she neared her peak.

Not heeding his own words of no touching, Aro placed a soft kiss on her throat. He should not have done that. Everything she was feeling slammed into him so hard it left him breathless. He instinctively latched onto her skin. almost lowering himself directly on top of her, making her body lurch sharply as she finally climaxed, the forces of the waves crashing over him like a tsunami, drowning him completely in the sensations she was feeling. It didn't help that she had whimpered his name as she came apart. No sooner had the orgasm tapered off, than Aro easily tugged the duvet aside, finding her hot core with his fingers. He knew what she needed, and acted on pure instinct. She gave a bewildered moan, which became a husky cry when he penetrated her unceremoniously with his middle and ring finger, sliding inside her fluttering wet channel. Her walls gripped him fiercely, and he was assaulted by her reaction again, her hips lurching off the bed to meet him. He didn't hold still for long, but began to finger her, feeling her body and her mind practically leave the atmosphere as the pleasure almost became unbearable for her. Her small hands clutched onto his shirt as she grew quite rigid, her legs spreading even further apart when she practically curled off the bed. Their faces were less than an inch apart, and he began to rub at that special spot a few inches inside her snug channel, and she let out a guttural cry when she exploded quite forcefully again, her body convulsing violently beneath him, her walls clasping his fingers tightly over and over. Being the one responsible for her intense pleasure, and being able to experience it through her mind while being inside her was too much for him. He felt himself shudder viciously as he erupted in his trousers, his cock twitching as he coated the insides of his black trousers, barely containing his own groans of pleasure. She didn't seem to notice though. Once she had ridden out the second orgasm, she flopped limply onto the bed, Aro's fingers curled slightly inside her, still twitching, cunt. Aro was breathing harshly, almost ready to undress and thrust into her without much thought, his desires far from slaked despite his unplanned climax. However he sensed she was already drifting on the edges of sleep, and he delicately extracted his fingers from her body. She didn't react, and he knew she was already lost to this world.

Aro placed the covers over her again, tucking her in, as she began to snore lightly. Then he flashed to the bathroom, closing the door silently behind him. He winced as he felt the stickiness of his essence against his skin, and he began to undress, intending to grab a hasty shower. He removed the sapphire from his pocket, and placed it on the side of the sink. Once naked, he leaned on the sink, looking wearily into the mirror, searching his face, his black eyes. That had been close.

He was still semi erect, and he felt himself twitch when his mind conjured up the feelings she had been experiencing while climaxing beneath him. Hissing, shaking his head, Aro knew why they were both reacting with such uncontrollable desire. He knew why, but he failed to understand how. They had only just met, and they were acting like two teenagers in heat. Granted, he had never experienced a mating bond before, but this had to be unusual by any standard. He would have to ask Marcus about it.

Sighing, he slid the glass door to the shower cubicle aside and stepped in. As he washed the remains of his sticky release off, his mind flooded once more with the sounds and images from Revna's orgasm, and hissing softly, Aro grabbed his cock more firmly, pumping it almost lazily as he allowed his senses to swim in the sea of her desires. He leaned one hand on the tiled wall, easily coaxing himself to a pulsing release, his seed mixing with the water as it ran down the drain. He had to get a grip on himself, or this would be a few long days.

After his shower, Aro had perched himself, fully dressed once more, on the chair in Revna's room. He watched her silently as she slept, and the hours crept by, his mind filling the time easily. He was quite preoccupied by the young woman, but even so, he did not fail to hear the small twig snap outside, almost one kilometer away. The sound was faint, and it had occurred in the woods surrounding his mansion. He homed in on stealthy steps to the south of the house, approaching the back door slowly. He waited, listening. Someone was coming for a visit, and Aro had a sneaking suspicion as to just who it might be. The visitor moved for all the world at a glacial pace, giving Aro plenty of time to catch the sound of his clothes rustling, the crunching of leaves under heavy footfall, his breathing like that of an old elephant. The steady slow rhythm of his heart. The trees snagged at the clothes, but had to give up when the person exited the woods and started to walk across the grassy fields that the young woman had bolted across not too long ago.

When the visitor was less than thirty metres from the door, Aro glanced at the sleeping young woman in his bed. She was oblivious to the dangers approaching. He left the room with no sound, flashing to the back door and silently opened it, stepping confidently out onto the open back porch, his shoes crunching lightly on the flagstones beneath him.

The sky was no longer black, dawn was hastily approaching, and the air was filled with that cold, bluish haze that always preceded the warm glow of the first rays of the sun. Despite the shadows, Aro could easily see the stranger as he slowly approached the mansion. Aro had to admit that the man moved gracefully, even fairly silently for one his size. Closing his suit jacket, Aro elegantly stepped down the few steps onto the grass, halting and regarding the man who had also stopped in his tracks now 15 metres away.

They sized each other up, not saying a word. Aro took in the red beard, the braids that were intricately woven through the coarse hair. The broad ruddy face, the high cheekbones, the slightly flat nose. His chest was barrel shaped, a pair of stocky legs planted confidently in the tall grass. He was dressed in black leather, interlaced with cyan blue patterns here and there, the broad belt decorated with icy blue nordic runes. The belt buckle was shaped like a tree with an endless number of branches, it's roots knotting around and encasing a hollow, almost blackish indentation in the middle. An axe dangled from his belt on his right side. His appearance would be unsettling for anyone, even if he did not have the glowing electric blue eyes. They were accentuated by a smearing of dark coal and they pierced the darkness like blue flames, Aro studied them calmly. He wondered if he would be able to read the man's mind. He was no human after all.

"What do I owe the pleasure of your visit on this lovely morning, Harald?" Aro said pleasantly.

The Viking did not appear surprised that Aro knew his name. On the contrary, he seemed amused.

"I have come to collect something of mine," he said. His voice was deep, rumbling almost through the earth. It was also assertive.

Aro did not immediately respond. His mind flashed to Revna as she lay the last time he saw her. "She will not be coming back to you, Viking. Instead she has agreed to join my coven."

Harald let out a bellow of laughter. Even so, Aro did not fail to hear the undertones of the barely contained rage. He had never heard this laughter before, but even so, he knew it well. From Revna's mind. He felt his senses bristle, as if preparing for an assault.

"You think you have power over the girl, do you, vampire?" The man hissed the last word as if it stung his tongue.

Aro did not respond. He pondered his options. The sudden appearance of this man, practically on his doorstep, was quite unexpected, and Aro knew he had to protect the young woman currently sleeping in his bed. He instinctively knew that she was the main concern and somehow at the centre of his plans. There was something that Aro had missed about her, something important.

"What exactly do you need her for? I would wager that you have plenty of minions already."

The Viking bared his teeth. They were crooked and yellow. Aro caught a whiff of bad breath and nearly felt the urge to gag. Revna had hated that stench.

"She is special," the man growled in response.

Indeed, Aro agreed silently.

"Even so, she will not be returning to you," Aro repeated firmly, clenching his fists at his side.

The viking chuckled again. "Do you not realise what I am, vampire? You have no power over me."

Scowling Aro disagreed in a manner that was not considered polite in common society.

"Oh dear, you are already attached to her. How very quickly you got possessive over her."

"She is not my possession. Neither is she yours, Harald."

"See, that is where you are very wrong, Aro. She owes me a debt, and I will have what belongs to me. And a silly vampire with a goth complex is not going to stand in my way."

Aro glowered. The man was surely projecting, had he not seen all the black leather he was wearing? And not to mention the eye makeup.

"You may as well turn back, Viking. I will not let you get to her. I will be taking her back to Volterra, where she will be trained to be a guard."

Harald stomped his foot aggressively, the earth suddenly rippling violently, like a small tsunami of grass and earth. It rushed towards Aro, who instinctively sprang up into the air, avoiding the wave with only a few inches to spare. As soon as his feet left the ground, the wave disappeared, and Aro landed back on the ground unmolested.

"You will be doing no such thing, friend!" The man hissed, his body tensing, ready for the next attack.

Aro said nothing, trying to wrap his head around what had just happened. So... The Viking had powers as well. Revna certainly knew nothing of this, or Aro would have been prepared for it. What else was he capable of doing?

As if answering the question the Viking smirked. "That was a brief taste of what is to come if you take the girl to your home. Imagine that lovely castle of yours in smouldering ruins. Or all of Volterra in fact. I am not fussed about what I destroy if it gets me what I have set my eye on."

Aro said nothing. He felt certain the man was bluffing to at least some degree, but he had to be sure. He decided to throw caution to the wind. He plucked an item from his breast pocket, watching as his enemy tensed visibly, his icy gaze fixing on the reddish glint from the stone.

"You are also after this," Aro said casually, the gem glinting in the dissipating darkness. Dawn was very close now.

The Viking did not reply, but he licked his lips thoughtfully. Aro saw his body move subtly as if getting ready to pounce. As if he could ever be that fast.

"I really would not if I were you," Aro said pleasantly. "One more wrong move, friend, and I will crush this stone between my fingers."

"You would not dare," Harald hissed menacingly.

"Why not try me?" Aro fired back boldly, smirking, holding the stone deliberately, squeezing lightly almost to the point of shattering it.

They regarded each other coldly for a long minute.

"That little slut!" The Viking hissed almost unexpectedly. "She was not supposed to tell you about that! She had one job!"

Aro did not reply. He realised that the Viking might not know of his gift. That had to be another bluff. Even so, Aro did not enlighten him. Even if the man did not know, it was unwise to alert him to that particular fact. Instead Aro bristled at the other part of the sentence.

"She is not a slut."

The Viking grinned almost gleefully at the tenseness in Aro's voice.

"Have you fucked her yet? She is a tight piece of ass that one, I tell you!" It did not go unnoticed how the man slipped into a much more lewd language as he spoke.

Somehow it did not make sense with his otherwise old nordic appearance. It almost gave Aro cognitive dissonance to hear those words come from this man. Besides the white hot flash of rage of course. Having seen exactly what this vile specimen had put the girl through, he was almost tempted to rush at him, to tear the man to pieces and burn them so the smoke would be the only evidence left on this earth. He suspected, however, that there was no easy way of destroying this creature. Willing his rage to go down, he fixed the man with a baleful glare worthy of a vampire king.

"Leave, Harald, or I will crush this gem that you so desire. Do not come back here, or to Volterra. I can promise you, you will regret it if you do."

The Viking smirked in an unpleasant manner. "Ooooh, so you didn't fuck her yet? What a waste. Well all the more for me then."

Aro knew he was trying to provoke a mistake from him. It was not going to happen. "This is your final warning, Viking."

They stared at each other, and then the Viking shrugged. "Fine, I will leave. Rest assured, this is not over yet, vampire." Aro hadn't expected it to be.

The stocky legs turned the broad body around, and moved at the same infuriating glacial speed as when he approached the mansion. Aro did not let his guard down before he heard the man disappear, almost one kilometer away. Then he turned on his heel, stalking back up the steps, even as he had his phone in his hand.

"Brother," he snapped as he opened the door. "Yes, I will be back in the morning. Have everything ready, my guest is going to need the highest class of protection. Also, get the plane ready to leave in a couple of hours."

He ended the call abruptly, as he stepped inside the shadowy house again. He was not in the mood for idle questions just now. As he closed the door, Aro glanced out the window of the door. The field was deserted. He saw no piercing blue eyes as the first rays of the sun bathed the treetops in a glowing orangy-red light.

He went to his study, intending to research a few things. This Harald must be mentioned in at least one of his old books, if not by name, then at least by nature. His appearance was at least, easily identified. Aro would allow the young woman another hour of rest.

She was going to need it.

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