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The Warrior Screaming Silently

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It took her several long seconds to realise what had just happened.

When she did, Revna gasped loudly, her eyes growing wide with astonishment.

"Yo-… Can you read my mind?" She managed hoarsely, her mouth suddenly completely dry.

'No way!' Her mind almost screamed at him, and he winced slightly.

"I am afraid so, dear," He adjusted his hand on her ankle, applying the coldness to another affected area, apparently reading the latent need from her mind, even as it was screaming at him. "If you could just lower your inner voice a little, that would be marvellous."


Aro winced again and promptly let go of her, his cool touch leaving her skin immediately. The noise in his head disappeared instantly and he gave a relieved sigh at the sudden ringing silence of his mind.

"Your mind is really quite… Something else…" He murmured softly, looking at her again.

She was staring flabbergasted at him. Then she jerked her feet away from his lap, practically falling sideways onto the plush carpet and scrambling away from him, not quite able to get up on both feet, she managed a weird crawl on three limbs.

"Revna…" He said in a slightly exasperated voice. "Haven't we already been through this?" He asked, effortlessly getting to his feet, following her carefully.

Revna turned around awkwardly as she reached the opposite wall, her eyes fixing on the tall dark stranger now approaching her.

'Stop!' She thought desperately, her back thumping against the wall, but he didn't react. He came down in front of her, looking at her as if she was behaving in a concerning way.

'Don't you fucking dare!'

He didn't respond, but he also didn't touch her again. For now.

"Listen, little one, this cannot be comfortable for you."

She didn't say anything.

'Get away from me!'

He didn't budge an inch.

"Can we talk about this in a civil manner? I assure you, you will find the information quite fascinating."

Revna glared at him, a suspicion blossoming in her mind. "You're lying, you can't even read my mind, can you?" She spat angrily.

He didn't respond at first, but regarded her pensively, apparently considering his next move. Suddenly his fingers were on her bare, uninjured foot again, and she tried to pull it out of his reach.

"I understand your confusion, young one, but will you allow me to explain? I promise you, the story is quite intriguing."

Her mind was racing a million miles an hour, but even so, she felt slightly detached as she looked into his black eyes. Dark though they were, a warmth lingered when he looked at her. She licked her dry lips, knowing he was waiting for her answer. Finally she nodded her consent.

"Good, now let us get you back onto the couch."

"I'm fine right here," she lied defiantly.

"Do not be absurd, I can tell you are in pain."

She glared at him. 'For fuck's sake!'

"Language, young one," he admonished with a smirk as he saw her thoughts.

She sighed, slumping slightly. "Fine."

He didn't wait for her to say anything else, but simply picked her up again, his strength once again making her gasp softly. She instinctively put her hands around his neck, her fingers digging into his cold skin. She couldn't help but breathe him in as he held her close, walking her back to the sofa. His tantalising smell swirled around her, inside her, filling her senses, dulling her instinct to run. Their eyes met, their faces quite close now and she felt again that desire flashing through her. She homed in on his lips, quite unable to wrench her thoughts away from the magnificent feeling of his strong body against hers.

'What the fuck is wrong with me?!'

"Nothing is wrong with you, my dear," he said as he set her down gently again. "I sense it too," he added in a low voice.

"How are you able to read my thoughts?" She demanded weakly, still slightly numb from his proximity. She settled back against the armrest, pulling her knees to her chest.

He sighed softly. "I can read every thought you have ever had." He sat back down beside her and leaned back, apparently relaxing a little.

Revna felt her stomach drop. 'Oh, how perfectly lovely!' Aro stroked a single finger softly down the slope of her bare foot. The touch almost made her break into goosebumps.

"But I have to touch your skin to be able to do so."

She stared blankly at him. "What?"

He smirked. "I cannot read your mind unless we have skin on skin contact."

"But how is that possible?" She demanded, exasperated now. It made no sense.

"I do not know. It is a gift I have always possessed. It just happens."

She resided in pensive silence for a long moment, and he almost reached out to touch her again.

"So you know everything about me now?"

"Yes." He studied her reaction closely, but all she could do was nod in a sardonic sort of way.


"I understand that this might be uncomfortable for you, my dear, but I will never use my knowledge to harm you. You have my word."

"Well, I can't really use that, can I? I don't know anything about you, you are a complete stranger to me."

"And yet you came back to me, Revna." He leaned forward a little, and she caught that whiff of him again, her mind almost sinking back into that muddled state where she felt far too comfortable, too safe.

"I know," she said through her teeth. "I don't know what came over me. I feel so..." She huffed slightly. "Confused and… lost."

"It is not unusual to have these feelings when your reality is suddenly shifted like this." He spoke softly, his tone of voice warm and kind.

She didn't know why, but she had a feeling he was not usually like this with others. She sensed on a deeper level that this was something new to him too. She bit her lip thoughtfully, wondering if she should throw caution to the wind and just breach the subject she was most afraid of discussing. She could tell he already sensed her inner struggle.

"You also know that Harald has been…" she trailed off, almost regretting her words instantly. It was too painful to even bare thinking about.

"Yes…" he confirmed, his voice even softer still. This encouraged her.

"Have you seen what he has done to me?"

Aro gave her a swift searching look, then a quiet sigh. "I have."

They looked at each other for a long time. Then he spoke again.

"What he has done to you is horrific, Revna. No leader should be doing what he has been doing, it is disgusting. His actions will not change, however. Allow me an educated guess. Once you return to him, he will discover our… Conversation, and he will be even more cruel to you, punishing you for your perceived transgressions. He will be ruthless. I do not consider it safe for you to go back at this point."

Revna did not move, but privately she agreed. The Viking was cruel and remorseless. She would not be too shocked if he killed her at some point. But this stranger was somehow already capturing her mind in a way she could not describe. He was a ruler too, but he seemed so… Collected, so… Level headed. The complete opposite of her current master.

"What do you want with me?" She finally asked Aro in a quiet voice.

He pondered the question, searching her face solemnly.

"That remains to be seen, I suppose. I do not have plans for you as of this moment. I do however wish to help you escape Harald. I have seen what he has done to you, and believe me, he will be punished severely for his transgressions."

"But how? He is not… Human…" She struggled to describe the man that had been her tormentor for so long. "He will always find me. I have tried to escape so many times, but he always finds me somehow."

"Yes, I know," Aro responded. "He may be able to find you while you are with my coven, but he will not be able to hurt you in any way. Not once I am finished with you."

Revna shivered violently at his last words. They somehow sounded threatening, and yet she was strangely not scared of him. She wondered what he would be capable of doing to her.

She fell silent, lost in thought. The temptation to take his offer was too great to resist. She bit her lip, looking into his face curiously.

Aro proceeded once more to pull her feet into his lap and place his icy hands on her wounded ankle. This time she didn't resist him, in fact she nearly swooned as the soothing coldness almost instantly quelled the throbbing sensation in her swollen tendons. She sighed, and closed her eyes, leaning back.

Aro could still feel her mind reeling in spite of her calm demeanor.

"Revna," he said softly, and her green eyes opened almost sluggishly.

She seemed to have become quite exhausted all of a sudden.

"I see your temptation to accept my offer. I will have you know that if you accept, you can leave anytime. However, I will also have to tell you that you will have to go through a remarkable change before you can leave. It will leave you stronger, and most importantly, it will help you out your past behind you."

She stiffened at his words.

'Change? What does he mean?'

"You feel my coldness, do you not my dear?" He ran his hand up her ankle, reapplying pressure to another inflicted area.

She didn't reply, not out loud at least.

'I suppose he is quite cold to the touch,'

"There is something else you need to see. Please remain calm," he added, now looking intently at her.

She didn't say anything, the silence suddenly seeming to become compacted around them. As he kept her eyes locked on his, she suddenly noticed a slight shift. It was so subtle she almost didn't register what was happening, and the light in the room was almost too dim for her to see. When realisation struck, she leaned sharply forward, a small gasp escaping her. She fixed on his irises, her face coming in quite close, trying to make sense of what she was seeing.

His eyes were no longer pitch black. They had turned a deep crimson.

"How-" she began, studying his irises closely. "Your eyes… They are red," she whispered, a niggling of fear entering her voice now.

"Yes, I know," he replied, his voice deliberately soothing. "I am, as you already guessed, no mere human."

They stared at each other for a long time. He could see her desire to know more, but also to get away from him. A million questions burst into her mind all at once.

"No, I am not going to hurt you. Yes, I will tell you everything, but I need your cooperation first. No, I do not know what creature Harald is, but I intend to find out. No, I am not the only one of my kind..."

"Wait, wait," she said, lifting a hand to halt his flow of words. He stopped talking instantly, apparently anticipating her need. "I need a moment," she whispered.

He saw her thoughts, and a slow smile spread across his face. He said nothing though, giving her time to realise her own decision.

"I… Will join you, Aro. I need... " She bit her lip pensively. "I need to know, to understand."

"Yes, you do, mia cara." He leaned forward, touching her cheek gently. "And you will have answers. In answer to your most important question." He paused, his gaze lingering on her lips for a split second before his red eyes clashed with her green eyes. He knew that opposites often attracted each other, and in this case it was certainly true. Red was the opposite of green. The thought made him smile even more broadly. He could see her curiosity burning, she needed his next words more than she could know. He sensed her heart pitter patter as she waited with bated breath. But most of all, he could see she had already accepted his offer in her heart, and he felt another connection suddenly spring to life between them. She had accepted him as well. The knowledge made him want her for more than her vampiric potential, no it was deeper than that. Much, much deeper. His next words would make her his in more ways than one, and he felt alive for the first time in more than 3000 years.

"I am a vampire."

He felt her stiffen at his words, her mind quite literally going blank with shock. Whatever words she had expected him to say, this was not one of them. He needed her to understand, to see how this would be her salvation.

"The nature of my being is what will help you escape the Viking. My coven is powerful and old. For all intents and purposes, I am the king of the vampire world-"

"King?!" She burst out, interrupting his words, almost laughing hysterically at the silly notion.

He leaned back again, flashing his teeth in a toothy grin. He had to admit that she was quite adorable.

"I rule this world, along with my brothers. It is our laws that count... So indeed; King."

She gaped at him, astonished, yet not afraid, he could see it all in her mind. Not exactly the reaction he had expected.

"Do you not tremble, little one?" He asked softly, almost chuckling.

She did not respond. Her mind had come to a realisation and it had distracted her completely.

'I did NOT kiss a vampire king tonight! It is all a dream. A freaky dream. A slightly sexy dream, but a dream nonetheless!'

He couldn't help but release a rumbling chuckle as she mentally pinched herself. "It is not a dream, my dear. I am afraid you did indeed kiss me. I must admit I rather enjoyed that too, unexpected though it was."

Her face filled with blood at his words, and he bared his teeth somewhat, leaning forward again. He could smell her embarrassment. And her desire.

'Of course I would be attracted to a fucking vampire! How dim could you get!'

"Young one, you are not dim. Far from it." He began. "Though I suppose I should feel flattered. And mildly concerned with your lack of interest in your own self-preservation," he added musingly.

He paused as he saw something else enter her mind. She was curious about him, yes but also curious about other… things. Physical things, her mind swirling with erotic images, hazy and smouldering, because she did not know what it would actually be like.

Aro fell silent, quite tempted to show her how it would truly feel, satisfying more than her burning curiosity.

She seemed to pick up on the sudden change in his countenance, because she gasped loudly, her face reddening even more.

"Could you, like, not read my thoughts for one second?" She asked in a small voice.

"Certainly," he said in a low baritone, letting go of her instantly. Little did she know that he needed the distance as well, his focus shifting dangerously as he delved ever deeper into her mind. The implications almost overwhelmed him, and he felt a sudden need to know why she was having this effect on him. He needed to have Marcus have a closer look at her. Something was definitely happening, something… Unusual.

She breathed a sigh of relief, biting her lip as she looked into his face.

"I should take you with me back to my real home," he said, trying to change the subject.

The awkwardness between them did not go unnoticed by her, and she grasped at his words, determined to steer the conversation away from what she knew he must have seen in her mind.

"Where is that?" She asked mildly distracted, her mind clearly still in turmoil.

"It is in Volterra." He got up, walking to his desk to pluck a phone from a drawer.

"Wait," she said.

Aro turned back towards her, his eyebrows raised in curiosity.

"Are they all vampires? Your brothers and…?"

"Yes," he responded simply.

She seemed to be thinking, and he waited silently for her to voice her thoughts. "Is it safe? I mean... Vampires drink blood, don't they? Would they not want to…?" She trailed off awkwardly, biting her lip.

"Vampires do drink human blood, indeed that is true. However, we are not mindless beasts. Well most of us are not, at least. We do possess self-control."

"But you drank my blood earlier.." She contradicted nervously, as if she was afraid she would offend him.

He regarded her silently for a long moment. Then he slowly walked back and sat down beside her.

"I did, indeed. However, it was not for the reason you might think. Not entirely, at least." He sighed softly, glancing at the phone in his hand. "It is true, I was tempted by your blood; however, my first concern was to help you. You see, vampire venom has a healing capacity. This is why you no longer have a wound. I healed you."

She blinked, startled by this revelation. "You healed me?" She asked in a low voice filled with awe, now peering at her previously injured finger.


"Oh…" She glanced shyly up at him. "How did I taste?" She asked, apparently unable to suppress her curiosity.

He smirked deviously at her, not missing the double meaning in her words. "Your plasma is exquisite, my dear." He leaned in towards her again. "However, I much prefer the taste of your sweet lips," he whispered seductively.

This made her gasp softly, and her eyes went even wider as he slowly leaned in even closer, their faces an inch apart.

"I so desire to taste you again mia cara," he said hotly, swallowing thickly. "This is highly unusual," he added, the smallest frown appearing between his eyebrows. Revna felt like her body had come loose from her mind, however a single thought did occur to her.

"How… old are you, exactly?" She then asked in a whisper.

Aro considered her, almost smiling. She waited, her breath caught in her throat.

"I am 3360 years old," he murmured, studying her face, leaning in even further.

She released a breath explosively, almost instantly taking another shuddering inhalation, as if she knew there would be a limited amount left. His nose brushed hers for the merest millisecond, and it was all he needed to see, to understand what she too desired at this moment. He closed the distance between them, capturing her lips in a gentle, cold, yet searing kiss. Her mind grew numb, as she got absorbed in his touch, their connection the only thing that mattered in this moment. The phone got lost somewhere between them as his fingers dug through her hair, delving gently into her scalp, pulling her closer still. Soon she was too absorbed in his taste, his smell and she clumsily crawled forward, straddling his lap, her hands grasping his shoulders, kissing him fiercely, unable to complete a single coherent thought. Their chests were flush against each other, and she could feel the gemstone again, but this time she no longer cared about that. All she wanted was to feel him. Only when her lungs screamed for air did he release her. They were both panting, gazing hotly at each other. She looked quite befuddled.

"I do not understand either," he whispered, reading her thoughts, his chest rising and falling rapidly as he breathed her in. He licked his lips slowly, and she almost shivered at the display.

"My brother may be able to shed some light on the matter, but you will need to meet him first."

She frowned. "What do you mean?"

Aro hesitated, not sure if he should voice his sudden suspicion. He had not given her strong attraction to his person much thought, except noting it was fiercer than most humans. Now he realised that his own attraction towards her had exploded forth with such force, that he could barely keep a straight head. He desired her with a burning need.

"Marcus, my brother, is able to see certain things, aspects of the people around him," he said, swallowing thickly again, resisting the urge to kiss her again. "Their bonds," he added when her mind grew increasingly confused by his words.

"What bonds?" She asked, puzzled.

Aro sighed softly. This was going to be tricky. However, his suspicions suddenly explained why he felt such a deeply rooted need to save her.

"Our bond," he finally said in a low voice. "I believe there is a highly compelling reason for why we have met, carissima."

Things are taking off. Next chapter will be more exciting, I promise. And more action on the dreaded Viking will also be revealed too! Hang in there! I will update as soon as I can!


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