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Ravens Too Need Saving Sometimes

Hello my beautiful readers! Here's an update for this story. I had to use some time to think up a plot that could work. I think I've gotten there. But please don't expect too regular updates! It is not easy thinking up an original character of your own, though I relish the challenge.

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Trigger warning: This content speaks of sexual violence and general psychopathic topics. If this can trigger you, please do be careful!

Aro sat in the darkness observing the young woman. She had quite suddenly passed out in his arms, her petite frame growing completely limp. He concluded from her thoughts that she could not stand the sight of blood. He held her there for a few moments, taking in her body's reaction for a few heartbeats. Then he lifted her up, cradling her petite frame against his chest. He could smell the faint traces of vanilla from her shampoo. He carefully placed her on the sofa that was in his office.

He sat ruminating on the thoughts that had flooded his system as he had carefully licked her finger to heal the deep gash she had created. Not only that, but his tongue was still tingling with the taste that was her. He hadn't meant to actually drink her blood, but once the scent of her plasma filled his nostrils, he could not resist her.

He now knew her deepest secrets, but somehow it didn't seem to matter anymore. Or they were at least uninteresting to him. Everything that was her on the other hand was fascinating to him. But there was something else far more intriguing. Something, or rather someone he would have to deal with before too long.

He sat contemplating her silently, digging through her thoughts at his leisure.

She had lost her mother at the age of nine - seventeen years ago. The woman had been the girl's only family, and since she had been all alone, she had built her own world up. She managed by simply stealing her way through life. In time she had managed to develop her skill, and when she walked through the streets she had become so adept at becoming invisible that people never even noticed her when she casually took their valuables.

Not that she was rich by any means. It had not been too long after her loss that she had become entangled with a certain crime lord, a man who had manipulated her at first, then he had made it practically impossible for her to escape his regime. He was a man who made sure everyone of his subjects were deeply indebted to him. And so she was almost up to her ears in trouble with him.

Aro had known of him, but had never met the man. He had recently settled in Italy, but originally came from the north. Aro took in the appearance of the man through Revna's thoughts, and he knew instantly he was no mere human. Not a vampire either. He was something else entirely, but no doubt he was an ancient creature. He had not done like Aro and kept up with the times. On the contrary, his viking like appearance made one think of the old Norse gods, specifically Odin. Except he had both eyes and they had an inhumanly eerie quality about them. His irises were almost an electrical blue colour, startling to look into. He sensed how she had felt her soul being pierced on more than one occasion. His long orange-reddish beard was braided in intricate patterns down his chest.

However, his piercing icy blue gaze was not what scared the girl mostly about him. No, he had on more than one occasion threatened her life. And on one terrifying night, he had even sexually assaulted her in a fit of rage. It had since become a regular thing. She was expected to submit to him. Not that she always went without a fight, but it cost her dearly every time.

Aro scowled as he experienced her first assault through her eyes. She had only been 17 at the time. Aro glowered. He felt a burning hatred towards the man now.

Aro was no innocent angel, but he despised nothing more than he despised sexual predators. He decided then and there, that he would rescue the young woman. And kill her cruel master.

As far as Aro could see, the viking had no obvious gifts, nothing that made it reasonable that he should be exceptionally powerful. Or at least the girl did not know of anything.

Why he was here in Italy was no mystery however, he was clearly challenging the Volturi. Aro sighed darkly. He would have to return to his brothers now. He had been home for only a few months, needing a break from his kingly duties. His brothers kept everything going while he was gone, and they kept in regular contact. And now he had to return prematurely. Aro scowled at the unconscious figure in front of him. He knew she was oblivious to it, but it had most likely been no mere coincidence that she was in his house. She was most likely nothing but a simple pawn to the viking's schemes. He had been the one to order her to steal from this particular house after all. What the viking expected to gain from it, indeed how the man had even known this property belonged to the Volturi was quite a mystery for now. Aro wasn't worried though. He knew he would gain answers in time.

His thoughts were interrupted when she suddenly began to stir, and Aro's focus snapped back on her. He had placed her on her back, and now she was blinking rather slowly, peering dazedly up at the ceiling, a slight frown appearing on her forehead. Suddenly her eyes widened as realisation hit and she sat up with a jolt, her head turning sharply around until she saw his shadowy frame in the chair across from her. He heard her heart rate increase and her breathing was suddenly coming out in small bursts.

"You may sit up if you like, my dear, but if you stand, I will perceive it as a threat and act accordingly. Do you understand me?" He spoke softly, carefully playing with the small letter opener she had tried to stab him with earlier, twirling it elegantly between his long fingers.

She gulped, clearly pondering her options. Then she moved ever so slowly, coming around so her legs swung out over the edge of the sofa. As her feet landed on the ground she gave a tense sigh.

"So…" he said pleasantly. "How are we feeling?"

She kept her gaze on him for a long moment, apparently trying to challenge him. He was not fazed.

"Do you require anything? Food? Water? I have wine too, if that should tickle your fancy."

Her green eyes lingered on his lips as he spoke and once he was done, she considered him.

"Water would be nice," she then said softly.

Aro nodded and placed the small knife on the table beside him. Then he got to his feet, retrieving the canter of water he had prepared for her. He poured her a large glass with his back to her, a soft smile ghosting his lips. When he turned back around she was sitting on the sofa, exactly where he had left her, but stealthy though she was, he had easily heard her as she had flashed to the small table and taken the letter opener back.

He watched her for a moment, and she did her best to act as if nothing had happened, her innocent eyes roaming his face. Then he went to her, handing her the water. She took it, her hands only shaking slightly.

He elegantly sat down in his seat again, regarding her as she took a few small gulps of cold water.

"Do you recall what happened the first time you tried to stab me with that thing?" He asked her casually just as she placed the glass on the floor.

Her gaze snapped to his face, a small gasp escaping her.

"Yes, I heard you take it. Now hand it over. It will do nothing to help you regardless."

She scowled.

"Are you planning on killing me?" She spat.

"Not this moment, no, and certainly not with that. Now give it here." He leaned forward, and offered her his hand, palm upwards, allowing her the opportunity to hand over the tiny weapon. She glowered at him for a long time. He merely waited placidly for her to go through the various options in her mind. Then she bit her lip, retrieving the tiny dagger from beneath her left thigh, looking down at it as if her hopes were dashed.

He knew instantly what she was going to do. He had seen in her mind that she was quite a proficient knife thrower and he predicted she was going to throw it at his face. No sooner had he thought it, before she had it balancing nimbly between index and thumb, and with a rapid snap of her wrist hurled it at him. He caught it easily around the handle, the tip only an inch from his nose.

He casually placed it back on the table, flashing her a wolfish smirk as she stared in disbelief at her failure to hit her mark.

"That's impossible," she whispered breathlessly.

"I am impressed," he responded smoothly. "But you should not throw things at me."

"You can't be human!" She said aghast. His smile widened.

If only you knew, young one.

"Do you have any other desperate attempts to harm me, or are you quite finished?" He merely asked, not responding to her words.

She hung her head despondently.

"Good. Then perhaps you would like to discuss your options?"

She looked back up at him, scowling.

"My options?"

He regarded her silently for so long that she grew quite uncomfortable.

"Do you know who I am?" He finally asked her, knowing the answer. He had seen her thoughts on first seeing him. He knew she had not recognised him. He also knew that despite her nonchalance and devil may care attitude, she had briefly taken in his appearance, deeming him quite attractive, beautiful in fact. He could almost laugh at her own thoughts as she had berated herself for thinking like that in her current predicament.

She shook her head briefly.

"I only know your name, Aro." She tucked a strand of black hair behind one ear as she spoke. He almost smiled as his name rolled off her tongue. He could definitely see her appeal in more ways than one.

"Quite," he said.

"How do you know my name incidentally?" She suddenly interrupted him.

"Oh, I know far more than your name, little one," he crooned smoothly.

She scowled even as a shiver ran through her.

"Have you been following me?" She demanded hotly.


Aro contemplated her, running a finger around his mouth thoughtfully. Her eyes followed its path. He was tempted to tell her of his true nature, but he knew she was not yet ready.

"Then how…?"

"That is quite immaterial at the moment."

"Not to me!" She said defiantly.

"Young lady, you cannot break into my house and expect me to grant you any rights. I am afraid you are at my mercy."

She scowled darkly at him.

"I'm at the mercy of no one!" She spat.

"Is that so?"

She nodded darkly. He leaned forward slowly, placing his elbows on his knees, his chin on his interlocked fingers.

"Then who... is Harald?"

She took in a startled breath, her eyes widening again.

"How do you know..?" She whispered, her body suddenly rigid with fear.

"Never you mind," he responded, taking in her reaction. He knew she was terrified now. Not of him, however.

"He's my…." She glanced around the room, looking for the right word.

"Master?" Aro then suggested.

She swallowed, looking back at him.

"Yes." She said after a brief pause. She sounded defeated now.

"You are deeply indebted to him." He said this as a statement.

She nodded, no longer questioning his knowledge. She was looking down at her hands, twisting her fingers, trying to wring the anxiety from them.

Aro grew silent for so long that she finally looked up at him. They stared at each other for a long moment.

"Tell me what you are thinking right now, please," he said in a soft voice.

She regarded his features silently, licking her lips before speaking.

"I am thinking that you are creepy, and scary. I can't understand how you know so much about me. It's unsettling to say the least."

He almost smirked. He could tell she was being honest. For the most part.

"Trust me when I say that my knowledge of you is the least of your troubles." He regarded her, contemplating his next move. "You have been entangled with Harald for many years now."

She nodded shortly.

"You want to escape him, but have no means. He is a dangerous and powerful adversary."

She swallowed thickly and nodded again. Aro paused, not quite certain if he should say what he was about to say, but felt it prudent, since no one knew of it. It was the only way he could put the final nail in her coffin, to make her realise her own predicament. He sighed softly.

"He also sexually assaults you on a regular basis."

"Stop it," she finally said in a soft, but fierce voice. He watched as her lower lip began to tremble slightly. "On multiple occasions." He added softly.

"That's enough!" She hissed, standing up quite suddenly. He could smell the tears in her eyes, though she refused to let them fall. She glared at him angrily.

"How do you know these things?" She demanded, her fists clenching in her anger.

He said nothing more, but merely regarded her silently. He indicated for her to sit back down, and after long hesitation she acquiesced.

"Are you going to let me go or not?" She asked darkly. He didn't answer at first, and she looked at him again, defiance in her green eyes.

"I will let you go. But I wanted to give you another option, other than to return to him." He leaned back in his chair again as she looked up into his face, waiting.

"Join me, and I will keep you safe from him." He said, earnesty filling his voice.

She gaped at him.

"Rest assured, you need not fear me. I will be your master, but I will never lay a single finger on you to harm you. You have my word. I will furthermore put your skills to far better use than mere thievery. And I will make you stronger, fiercer. You will have a decent living standard again, and I will even grant you revenge."

"No one can protect me from Harald," she said in a low voice.

"I can assure you, I am more than capable."

She clearly didn't believe him.

"He's different from others. He doesn't have a conscience, no empathy. He does exactly as he pleases."

"Not exactly," Aro contradicted smugly. The viking had not made any obvious moves against the Volturi. "He is weary of my coven. As he should be."

She frowned.

"Your… Coven? That sounds kinda religious."

"It is not," Aro responded smoothly.

"Then what does it mean?"

"It means, my dear, that we are strong. Stronger than your Harald. He will not be able to harm you if you choose to join us."

Aro steepled his fingers together as he spoke, observing her closely. She didn't answer, but her eyes flashed between his dark ones as she thought. Then she frowned.

"But wait a minute, I tried to stab you! How on earth do you know that you can trust me?"

"I just do," he answered calmly.

Something seemed to register with her. She looked at her hand, more specifically her recently healed finger.

"I was bleeding," she said softly, staring bewildered at her unblemished skin.

"I tried to stab you, but I couldn't, and I ended up cutting myself." Her eyes flashed to his face.

"I couldn't stab you. And now I'm suddenly healed."

He contemplated her silently, waiting.

"Why?" She finally asked.

"I will tell you…" He trailed off as he got to his feet and walked towards her, she gulped thickly as she watched him approach her. He grabbed her hand and pulled her fluently to her feet, holding her quite close.

"...If you decide to join me. Enter into the service of The Volturi. You will not regret it, I guarantee it."

As he held her, he reached for that connection that allowed him to dig into her thoughts. He found it with practiced ease and coasted through her most recent bewildered musings. She was seriously considering it. She was looking up at him with her mouth slightly agape.

Then her thoughts came in a jumbled mix of confused feelings. He saw how she was struck by his coldness, by his proximity, by the urge to breathe in his smell. Her mind flooded with images of him kissing her passionately, then she mentally slapped herself. He could see her inner struggle clear as day.

'Get a grip god damnit! He's not that hot!'

Another, less rational, part of her brain chimed in;

'But he smells so good, and can you imagine how soft his hair must feel? I wonder what conditioner he uses? I bet he's a great kisser too!' She huffed angrily at herself.

'Shut up! He is probably going to eat you alive or something!'

Aro almost chuckled. Her mind flickered briefly back on the image of the conjured up kiss. He glanced at her lips, almost tempted to do it.

'Is it suddenly hot in here or does he just smell really good? I might kiss him.'

She took a deep breath, her lungs expanding rapidly, her eyes closing a brief moment as his smell filled her.

'Don't you dare!' She admonished herself angrily.

'Don't you fucking dare say it either!' She swallowed thickly, blinking slowly up at him.

"You.. uh.. you smell really... nice."

She flushed deeply.

'You bloody idiot!'

Aro flashed her a warm smile.

"Thank you."

'Oh my…! I think I'm about to swoon! He is probably a serial killer, and here I am, practically drooling.'

Another mental slap.

'My god woman, get a grip!'

She couldn't rip her gaze from his, all the while she was struggling inside her mind, oblivious to the fact that he saw and understood everything.

'He would never even look at you twice. Just say 'no thank you' and get the hell out of here!'

He watched her inner dialogue with mild consternation now.

'Why do you always have to embarrass yourself like this!'

The less rational part of her brain was at it again.

'Head empty, no thoughts. Only him.'

Aro curled his lip back slightly. She was quite a fascinating creature.

"So what do you say my dear? Will you at least consider it?" He asked her in a low voice, doubling down on his charm.

Her head was practically buzzing by now.

"I… Uh.." she frowned.

'The man asked you a question!'

Her eyes lingered on his lips again.

'Technically he asked us two questions,' the numb part of her corrected. She leaned in somewhat.

He saw her intentions as she seemed to react instinctively. She leaned in even further, tilting her head back slightly. He kept entirely still as she gingerly placed her lips on his, closing her eyes. He took a deep breath through his nostrils, his lungs filling with her scent and he felt his baser urges flood his system. He almost parted his lips to capture her mouth in a deeper kiss, preparing to embrace her waist, but then she seemed to regain her senses somewhat. She pulled back slowly, opening her eyes. She looked dazed and shocked at the same time.

'Holy shit Revna!'

She stared up at him, eyes wide.

'I can't believe you just did that! You kissed him! You bloody idiot! RUN DAMMIT!'

She took a hesitating step back from him, gulping. He watched her go with a mild smirk on his lips, his teeth slightly bared. He released her hand, and then she spun around, bolting from the room at full pelt.

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