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Chapter 1

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Rated Explicit, because let's face it, we all know what's gonna happen later on. *Wink develops into a tick*.

He sat in the shadows observing her careful movements as she silently pulled out a drawer in his desk. She was quite silent for a human, but he could still hear her. Of course, that was hardly fair, seeing as he was a vampire after all. Her body was pumped on adrenaline, and her system was buzzing with the rush. She had not noticed him, and she never would, unless he allowed it. This was the third evening she had returned, and he could understand why. The house was quite big, there was a lot to search through. So far she had made off with a few trinkets, nothing he couldn't live without. He understood why she was doing it, and he allowed her a certain amount of success. But he had his eye on her the entire time and she never realised.

The thief had been scouting the grounds for a couple of weeks before finally daring to enter the house, not realising that she too was being observed closely.

He knew who she was. She was a prolific thief, roaming the city. He had picked up on her escapades through other humans and vampires. She was a highly talented human, her body packed with muscles built for her chosen expertise. He had observed her for a while. She was an expert at disappearing, or at least appearing to have vanished. She could pull herself up by the arms, entering almost any small space. She was a literal acrobat, her limbs almost reminding him of a cat. She could almost crawl on the walls. Were she to become an immortal, her gifts would be most intriguing.

The young woman closed the drawer with surgical precision, and went on to the next. His lip curled as her gloved fingers slid across his possessions, her cat-like movements suggesting that she could see in the darkness.

She hit the jackpot when her fingers fell upon the little black pouch in the back of the drawer. She pulled it out and felt through the soft fabric, her eyebrows tugged together in concentration.

She eagerly pulled at the drawstring and opened it up, pouring the contents into the palm of her hand. An audible gasp escaped her as she saw the dark gemstone roll onto her palm.

"Lord have finally shown me mercy!" She said under her breath.

She examined it carefully, and he felt it prudent to stop her sooner rather than later. That particular diamond was not something he wanted to relinquish.

"I am afraid it is my mercy you are currently under, my dear," he said in a smooth voice. She jumped so violently that she nearly pitched the gemstone across the room. A strangled scream exploded from her, as she straightened up sharply, peering through the shadows in the direction from which his voice had come from. But he was already gone. He stood right beside her and switched on the desktop lamp. Her green eyes grew wide as she took in his appearance.

He smirked softly down at her shocked countenance and elegantly plucked the diamond from her numb fingers.

"I will take that, I think," he said, carefully placing the valuable item in his pocket.

She gulped once and then bolted towards the door.

"Revna!" He called after her, making her freeze on the spot.

Her breathing was thunderous as she fought the fear down. Her raven black hair shone bluish through the shadows. She turned back slowly, facing him.

"How do you know my name?" She asked, still panting somewhat.

"You are not the only one with secrets, young one." He halted right in front of her.

She frowned at that.

"I don't have any secrets," she said apprehensively.

He chuckled darkly. Oh, this was going to be fun. He could not wait to touch her, to see everything.

"If that is the case, would you mind if I called the police and told them a certain young woman has been ransacking my home for the last three nights taking anything she thought was valuable…?"

She gaped at him then.

"You knew?" She gasped.

"Certainly I knew. I have been watching you for quite some time, young lady." He said pleasantly.

"What?!" She didn't seem to believe him.

"And cut out the bullshit. We're practically the same age!" She added, scowling.

He smiled deviously at her as he slowly walked towards her. She tensed visibly as he approached.

could not suppress the smile, flashing his teeth at her.

"How old do you think I am?" He asked her, smirking.

She scrutinised his features boldly for a moment, her startling green eyes roaming his face and body several times.

"About thirty?" She asked, shrugging.

He gave a delighted chuckle. How wrong could she get. Certainly, in his mortal life, he had been 41 when he was turned. She was off by approximately 3300 years.

"Tell me, how old are you?" He said casually.

She hesitated for a fraction of a second.

"I'm 26."

He nodded down at her, smiling.

"Did anyone ever tell you you were creepy?" She asked, straightening her back.

"Did anyone ever tell you it is wrong to take what doesn't belong to you?" He countered smoothly.

She huffed softly.

"Yes," she answered. "Countless times."

"Well then, we have that in common, young one."

She regarded him sceptically for a long time.

"Why haven't you called the police yet?" She asked, adjusting her position subtly.

He could tell she was already planning her next step. The small step backwards, a hand in her jacket pocket. He guessed she had a weapon of sorts hidden in it. Probably a pepper spray. He disregarded the risks.

"I have a proposition for you," he said finally.

This made her pause. She scowled skeptically at him.


"If you allow me to touch your cheek, I will let you leave without due process," he said smoothly.

This was not what she had expected at all. She frowned, glanced down at his hand, then back into his face. She bit her lip for a moment, clearly thinking.

"Why?" She asked, finally, shifting from one foot to the other.

"I have my reasons," he answered.

At this she whipped out her hand, holding on to a pepper spray. She easily shot a stream straight into his face, or she would have, had he not moved out of her way too fast. She however did not wait and see if she hit him. She glanced at the desk and her eyes landed on an old letter opener. She launched for it just as she turned and ran as fast as she could towards the nearest window.

He smiled at her foolhardy attempt at an escape, and simply went for her, catching her in the middle before pushing her against the wall. He had meant to be gentle, but even so the air got pushed from her lungs as she slammed into the sturdy wall. He cradled her head in his hand so that she didn't smash it directly into the wall, even so his hand was not much softer and he felt the impact as she came to a standstill between himself and the wall.

She seemed dazed for an instant before she gathered herself, and she slammed her knee in between his legs, clearly aiming for his private parts. He stopped her with a hand on her thigh, jarring her leg hard.

Strong though she may be, she was of course no match for him. She stared in disbelief as he pinned her against the wall, an open mouthed smirk dancing across his lips. Then she stabbed him in the abdomen.

Revna realised she was in quite a pickle when none of her efforts yielded the results she was used to. The man, who she never even knew the name of, met her every move with a counter move. He was far too strong, and there was something about him that made her want to give in to him. She could not identify the specific thing though, but she fought it instinctively. He was creepy to a disconcerting level, but she also had to admit that he was quite charming, in an 18th century sort of way.

When she jammed the letter opener into the soft tissue of his stomach, she out everything she had in it. She felt sure he was going to kill her, and so she felt no remorse in defending herself against him.

It took her several long seconds to realise that something was not as it should be.

As the sharp point of the blade hit his skin, it stopped dead in its tracks. Her hand kept moving, and she felt her little finger being sliced open, the pain only registering as her fist hit his stomach. He did not flinch a muscle. On the contrary, he glanced down, his nostrils flaring as he grabbed her wrist, her injured hand releasing the tiny dagger. It clattered uselessly to the floor.

"You really are quite something," he breathed as he held her close, peering intently at her hand, which he lifted up so that she saw the crimson stream run down her finger, dripping onto her palm. His teeth actually sparkled down at her.

She was breathing heavily, realising that she could not win this one, and as he slowly raised her hand she saw his tongue flick out almost casually.

She squeezed her eyes shut, feeling something cold swipe her injured finger.

He released a soft chuckle as he held her, and it felt like an eternity before his cold digits left her skin. She opened her eyes cautiously.

"So, your name really is Raven," he said, his voice deep and full of thirst.

Revna felt ice enter her stomach. Only one person knew what her name really meant, and she had been dead long ago. He could not possibly know, unless he had some extraordinary knowledge on old norse names. But that was impossible for someone like him, living in Italy.

Wasn't it?

It was only then she realised the blood had vanished from her hand. And so had the gash on her finger. She stared in total disbelief at the lack of blood. She felt almost like she had been drugged. Her gaze shifted to the dark-haired stranger, who was smiling placidly down at her.

"Who even are you?" She managed weakly.

"My name, little one… Is Aro."

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