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Chapter 7

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Darkness ahead


I submerged in the deep end and I was engulfed in total blackness. Heat wrapped in ice forced itself through my veins and I cried out, loudly. There were three and then there were none but I was at the complete mercy to whatever gave me this relief. My body was being rocked and ripped…filled and I was a sloppy greedy mess. I heard clothing being ripped and I heard wetness, soft whispers of a language I had yet to understand. It was a beautiful, but I knew when I heard it in these kinds of gatherings; the language was obscene and urgent.

I came up for air and my vision cleared, catching the dark sinful look of Felix, his lips red, his face wet. Our eyes met and a dark smirk fell on his face before he came close and engulfed my lips roughly. Each nip was aggressive but he made sure his saliva filled my mouth, putting my high in overdrive. Darkness came again and I indulged.

"Please…more…f-fuck…" I had never cursed, I was never told that I couldn't but it still didn't keep the tingle from running across my tongue.

"She said her first curse word! Che carino!"Santiago teased. He and Felix had cornered me. They were playing with me before they were going to devour me, much akin to a cat playing with a mouse before the cat swallows the mouse whole. I heard Felix chuckle before I felt him, pressing against me from behind. He was always after that part but his size scared me. I already felt stuffed when he took me the normal way. He gripped me by my throat tilting my head to the side before once again he latched on.

Nearly drowning

My insides are melting

He pulled away, kissing gently up to the lobe of my ear, suckling. I squealed and squirmed but he and Santiago growled, holding me tightly. Santiago was fondling, resuming his sucking of my breast, biting the nipple and suckling like a child. An inferno detonated inside of me and leaked into my pores. Santiago's big hands rubbed my bottom and spread me wide so that Felix could continue his grinding and prodding.

"Fammi avere questo!"Felix said violently, pressing harder. I know what he's asking...

"Y-You're too big…you w-won't fit there!" I squeaked. My world changed and I was facing Santiago on the bed. He was on his back and I was situated on my hands and knees on top of him. I felt Felix press again,

"You sure about that?" Felix rubbed himself between my cheeks grunting in satisfaction.

"P-Please don't put t-that in Bella…" I begged, feeling his largeness and heaviness.

"Come now, little swan, it'll be fun. He'll fill you and then I'll fill you and you'll be a degraded innocent mess, si?" Sanitago teased. While Santiago was big, he was not as big as Felix.

A mess…

A mess of blood and tears, of cum and saliva…

I watched Santiago's eyes as I sucked, my mouth full of him and the deliciousness brought that pleasurable darkness of fire and ice. His red vampire eyes rolled in ecstasy and he gave me a toothy smirk. I sucked and whatever couldn't fit my mouth, my two small hands rubbed and stroked. I could feel reality slipping and Felix was preparing me with his tongue and his fingers. I felt numb, hot, and wet, my insides stirring, and I couldn't help but ask for more.

"See? Even your little ass is twitching…" Felix said, licking his lips, moaning. My eyes closed when the next batch flooded my tongue and throat. Liquid sprayed from me and my legs began shaking and I heard them chuckle.

It was hardly fair…two against one.


She limped towards me, her bruises and bloody kisses fading, leaving slightly yellow blotches from her time with Felix and Santiago, but her eyes were wide and lit up upon seeing me. I was slightly surprised and I held my arms opened. Her scent invaded my senses and she gripped the sleeves of my shirt. I saw Sulpicia glare softly at Felix and Santiago. Their looks were schooled neutral but I saw a flicker of wickedness pass between them.

"M-Master?" Bella said softly. I tore my eyes from them and looked down at her questioning face.

"Perdonami amore mio," I apologized, my brain catching up. I looked at her dress, bearing all the signs of the nineteenth century era we were living in. Of course, Sulpicia and Athendora always took care.

"Beautiful as always," I admired her dress of green and pale pink and yellows and her auburn hair in braids and silk ribbons. The colors gave her a girlish look but the dress fitted her like a woman grown. Bella didn't grow like a human, she grew every century it seemed and I noticed a growth sprout this past year. Her breasts filled as well as her hips, her hair had gotten longer, falling to her waist in waves and her face lost its childlike fullness but her eyes…

The brown orbs held an innocence that was never lost no matter how many times we've depraved and degraded her.

I was suddenly pulled my thoughts when Eleazar, Jane, and Alec came through the doors, following behind them was a man and I quickly put Bella behind me. Just then, Caius and Marcus were there and my eyes looked the man up and down. He had an aura that seemed off putting. I hurried over to Eleazar, a vampire that could sense talents in others and I quickly grabbed his hand. I got from him that this vampire with the name of Laurent that he had nothing I wanted.

"Master Aro…." Laurent bowed. He reminded me of Elian, Bella's old "owner". Physically anyway…tall, olive pale skin, dark hair that came to the nape of his neck, but Elian was gentle. Laurent seemed dramatic and would have to be carefully watched, even with Chelsea's gift.

No one has ever requested to join us before…

I inclined my head towards him.

"Welcome, Laurent. It's so nice of you to come for a visit!" I heard Caius scoff gently and I saw Sulpicia look worriedly up at Bella. I had left Bella standing in all of her naive glory but she was protected. I didn't sense any ill will from this one but it would be a quick death if he even so much moved the wrong way.

He seemed slightly surprised that I knew his name but it didn't deter him.

"I am grateful that you were able to see me on such short notice." Laurent grinned warmly.

"It's not a problem. We are always happy to have a visitor every once and awhile. Please, to what do we owe such a visita?" I walked back towards Bella, her eyes wide and curious, I wrapped an arm around her waist and I pulled her close, whispering against her neck,

"Go to your madre e zia." Nothing was said until she was back with them and they fretted over her, leading her out of the throne room.

Laurent watched with interest but his attention was claimed when Caius cleared his throat.

"Y-Yes, my visit…I ask of you, Master Aro if there is room for me here in the Volturi. I know it may seem like I don't have anything to offer but I could be a great asset to you."

"In what way?" I asked curiously, walking towards him. Before he could answer, I grabbed his hand and I heard him slightly gasp before his memories and past thoughts laid bare before me. One in particular was him kneeling before Vladimir and Stefan from the Romanian coven. I ripped my hand from his, feeling a coldness sinking inside of me.

"You visited the Romanians before us? They turned you down and you come to us, the usurpers of the Romanian empire for a place among the very people who would have instantly become your enemies the very moment they would've accepted your request?" I cackled at the sheer stupidity of this one.

"I was unaware of the bad blood-"

"Everyone knows of the bad blood between the Volturi and the Romanians…." Caius said, staring uninterestedly down at Laurent.

"I assure you my lords I did not know or else I wouldn't have gone to the Romanians." Laurent pleaded.

"Enough of this, as it stands whether you knew or not, you still have nothing to offer me that would make me want to honor this request."


"B-Bella c-can't take anymore…" I pleaded. I reached for Master Aro, blood dripping down my arms, darkness weaving in and out of my vision. What I was able to catch in the quick moments of consciousness was red eyes filled with lust, wickedness…


Every member of the Volturi owned me but it was Master Aro that possessed me. In the eyes of someone looking in they would see that I was his and he was just sharing me. He gripped my arms, taking a pause from his movements, to lick the blood falling from the bite wounds on my wrists. He moaned in rapture and resumed moving and my world was rocked slowly as he thrust deeper inside of me. I moaned out and the sweet fire flowed through my veins. My stomach filled with butterflies and I squealed when the fire turned rapidly into ice. The rocking got faster and I distinctively heard him urge me to keep going.

"Sì amore mio, è così bello, ti farò un casino!" He began nipping at me and with shaky hands, I gripped his shoulders. I heard us, joining, a sound of wetness that mixed in with the moans and cries.

"Rilasciare su di me!"Master Aro demanded, grinding deeply, his hips rolling as if he was trying to get deeper. His hands gripped my thighs and pinned them to the bed. His lips fell upon mine and a river of my addiction fell down my throat and my hips thrust against his and I felt the last remains of my sanity fall to destruction.


If I was human I would probably be having a panic attack. She was missing and it was so hard to find her, our gifts didn't work on her and I wished I could cry. How she escaped, everyone was at a loss, our masters beyond rage and unease. Bella was so carefully watched, Master Aro didn't see anything wrong with allowing her to roam the plaza with a new guard, and someone her age…the guard in question was being burned alive…

Someone she liked because I was jealous of their friendship. Bella was my friend first…

She couldn't have gotten far…

I couldn't shake the rage and fear I saw on Master Aro's face when he found out she was not with the guard assigned to her. But it was just not the case, it was the bombs that fell from the sky and caused total chaos.


Thankfully none of us got hurt but Master always said that there would be things that could destroy us. In the midst of the yelling and the screaming and the German troops running through the city, shooting and destroying irreplaceable monuments that had been here even before I was born. She must have slipped away because Bella had been in the city as long as I had so she knew the ins and outs of the city. The small city was not to be taken lightly for they fought back and began sealing the gate to keep it from being destroyed. It was not my fight, Bella was all that mattered.

"FIND HER!" He yelled, swiftly taking the young guard's head off and throwing it into the flames that always gave me an unsettling feeling because there was something dark and wrong with that fire that could destroy us without having to be ripped apart. The guard shivered and our eyes met with fear before they flashed back to our king. He was no longer the face of the man we trusted, the man who was more approachable than the other two kings became the most sadistic.

"Yes, Master."

Master Aro had two sides to him. A cheerful side that everyone knew of and another side that Master Caius himself was afraid of, a side that no one wanted to behold. That side was dangerous, Lady Sulpicia once warned me.

In this event, he was like a giant that has woken to find his treasure gone.

"Isabella!" I cried, I dropped to the ground from off the roof of a house, I landed gracefully. Did she plan this? When she saw the bombs, did she use that as her chance for her escape? She wanted to escape, she had been trapped, wanted to be with Carlisle. My eyes widened and I tore off in the direction of the train station where I located her stumbling, looking over her shoulders, as she nervously made her way through the city and into the countryside. I couldn't help but chuckle to see her dress was a mess and Lady Sulpicia would be having quite a fit if she were to see her now. I could see fear because she had never been around humans, so exposed before. There was always a guard with her because we were always fondling her and taking her in all kind of ways, ways that would probably get all of us executed if we were human.

No one knew…

She was addictive; one couldn't have just one taste because her blood, it was honey and warm and there just had to be something mixed in it. It didn't matter because as we were addicted to her, she was addicted to us. We were each other's compulsion. Bella couldn't control it, all she needed was a bite and she was at the complete mercy to the one biting her. Sometimes she lost track of time or century she was in and in the aftermath of our passions, she was often incoherent, calling out for a man named Darius or her human parents.

Master Aro was mad about her, he shared Bella with us but he was possessive and he dictated when we were allowed her. We didn't mind… as if we could fight him on it.

"Piccolo cigno," I said softly as I dropped in front of her. She crashed in front of me and fell backwards but I caught her before she hit the cobblestone road. It was an invasion of my pores. The smell of her sweat, the rushing blood through her veins, and excitement and apprehension filled my pores and my mouth watered.

" 'Nata," she squeaked, clawing at my arms. She was panting and I tried to pull her towards me but she was struggling.

I know what she wants.

"We can't…"

"B-But…I don't want to go back…"

"They'll kill me if they knew I let you escape-"

"I-I want to be with C-Carlisle," she said softly.

"I know, poppet but…"

I have no words. I flinched when I saw tears rolling down her flushed cheeks.

"When she fights you, you have my permission to bite her and bring her into submission…"

When she's high she can't fight, she can't be stubborn.

"Come with me, we can be together and I can give you my blood. I don't mind giving myself to you…" Bella said shyly. Her eyelashes batted and a cute blush appeared right along her cheeks with a coy smile that curved her lips. I chuckled, embracing her and kissed her allowing my saliva to creep passed her lips. I yanked her in a more private place and I pinned her gently against the wall. Chaos was still all around but I got what I was searching for. I continued to kiss her until she whined for breath, we pulled away…

"Renata…no…I refuse to b-be kissed," she pushed me away but my hands reached under her beautiful white floral print dress and I found her dripping. Her smell was delicious and I found myself panting.

"STOP!" She screamed. She pushed me away and I could see the craving and need beginning to cloud in her bright brown eyes. I loved her enough to stop and step back.

"Bella, please…don't make this harder than what it already is. I could let you go but you will never have a moments-"

"You found her," Felix said with a crazy grin and he was there so quickly biting her neck and the smell of her beautiful life filled the air as well as the smell of sex when she dampened.

"N-Noo," Bella whined and when Felix pulled away from her, he grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked me forward, his red lips upon mine and I moaned softly as Bella's sweet honey touched my tongue.

"Come, sweetness, we all know you don't mean that," Felix said once we parted. I was licking my lips and the lust kicked in. He dropped to his knees and pulled her skirts up and I tilted her neck and bit softly, the blood…

I hesitantly poked my head in her room and I heard her moan and sob. She was alone but I smelled all three of our masters on her. I softly closed the door behind me and got closer to her. Her blood was heavy in the air as well as sex and I saw her tossing and turning in her bed. She was covered in bite marks, the dark red blotches disturbing against her skin and her floral dress was in shreds and she let out a violent sob and she curled in a ball and shook.

"B-Bella d-didn't m-mean to r-run…God p-please, n-no more…" she cried. There were bite kisses on her face and her eyes were dilated and she was gone from reality. I made sure I fed before I came but the smell of her blood always tugged at me.

"I want my m-mommy," she pleaded.

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