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Chapter 5

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Charmion was Chelsea's old name (Forgot to put that in the last chapter)


The reflection staring back at me was older, taller, with hips curved sensually and a bosom that was full. The skin was pale, almost like my Masters and draped in green silk, to match with the fashion of the times. So much had happened since I arrived in Volterra and Aro told me point blank that he sent Claude away and killed everyone else.

The crumbling edges of the Roman Empire finally collapsed, Christianity took over and gone were the togas, and the temples once dedicated to the gods became churches devoted to the worship of the Son of God. Statutes became crosses with a man nailed to it and people were more interested learning about the world and numbers, science, art, music, and building. My Masters had the residence in which we resided redone and more light was let in. I had my own room, which was placed overlooking the gardens but in the tower with my mistresses.

I had showed an interest in reading and the complexion in the mirror flushed, when I remembered how I learned the alphabet. I knew some letters but not enough to read or to write. Mother hadn't the patience to keep teaching me and father was always at the wall and too tired at night to teach me.

"The a-alphabet?" I asked looking curiously at Master Aro and Caius. I was lifted and placed in Aro's lap and Caius pulled a book from his pocket. It was worn, the pages yellowing but he was ever so delicate with opening it.

"Yes, mio piccolo cigno," Aro said. He took a deep breath, sucking in my scent, licking the shell of my ear. I shivered and my legs were opened in such a vulgar way.

"Repeat after me, Isabella," Caius said, watching Aro and I. Aro's hands were everywhere, wandering blindly, pulling and pinching, rubbing and then spreading my lips to show Caius. He touched, gently and I moaned softly. It was quickly quieted by Aro's lips and we kissed and Caius was touching. He gave me air and I sucked in the leftover sweet darkness that lingered in my mouth.

"A" Caius' voice got lower, huskier, and it infused with the poison and I heard how wet I was.

"A" I sounded lost of breath and Aro was steady with his movements. His fingers joining with Caius' and my head fell back against his chest. I was slowly smoldering.

"B" He began prodding a little faster and my hips moved against Aro's lap. I repeated, a little more rushed and I tried searching for Aro's lips. And when I couldn't find them, I leaned forward for Caius's lips. He smirked and continued. First his fingers then his lips and tongue as he continued down the alphabet and I got hotter.

"Isabella?" I jumped and turned to see Renata, closing the door behind her. Her eyes red and she was dressed in a blue dress. We became fast friends when she joined the Volturi from Malta. She was brought here with her uncle Luca at the request of Master Aro, who had heard of Renata's gift. To show his appreciation, he gave me to Renata's uncle Luca for the night. I remember the first few years she had joined, the Black Plague rampaged through and claimed so many. I was kept hidden and locked away because my Masters weren't sure if I could be claimed by it.

"You look miles away," She teased. She was delicate, even for what she was, but Master Aro always kept her at his side.

"I-Is this okay?" I asked, pointing at the green dress I had on. The trim was soft gold and the front of the bodice green and gold lace. The fabric was imported from the East. I hated clothes. They were constricting and always ended up in a pool of torn fabric at my feet.

"Of course," she said, pulling me into an embrace and licking my cheek gently. I flushed, squeaking, my eyes fluttering closed and I shakily wrapped my arms around her small waist. She smiled and kissed the top of my head and then ran her fingers through the auburn strands. "Y-You look exhausted," her accent was still thick but high pitched. I smiled wryly.

"I'm a-alright; I didn't g-get much s-sleep l-last night." One master, Master Marcus, a man who looked as though he lost so much, rode me through the night, the sheets covered in red and my name was Didyme. It was always Didyme when we were together. When he was gentle, when he was sad, and when he was angry.

I was always Didyme.

"I heard your cries…"

"I-I was hoping y-you could s-sway Master i-if I could go outside f-for a b-bit," changing the subject.

I had been out in the gardens a few times but never the plaza. I heard some of the guard talking about a market festival.

"That is why I came, d-did you want to go w-with m-me to the market festival? Master Aro said it was okay," Renata said shyly.

The plaza, just like when I arrived but instead of donning togas, the women were dressed colorfully and the men immaculately. I lifted my skirts to keep from tripping over them and my eyes flitted around and I took in the sights. Children were running about, painting the warm stones of the streets, music played and the smells of food and spices filled the air.

I wanted to be a part of the living again.

I shouldn't even be alive.

I should have been dead long ago, either from warfare, disease or childbirth.

I'm alive now…

A prisoner

Was it worth being alive?


I watched her sleep. After the festival was over, Renata was carrying an exhausted Isabella on her back.

"Era il mio piccolo cigno si divertiva?" I asked when Renata placed her on the chaise lounge in my study. She nodded happily and I waved her away. With a bow, she left but not straying too far.

It was just my little swan and I.

I cherished the moments I had her to myself. It didn't take long to train her to be my perfect little Bella, train her until she was calling me Master as I took and pushed her over the edge. Her eyes lustful and manic as she met me thrust for thrust, drool falling from her lips and she was smiling madly.

She showed an interest in reading and I tried to get my hands on as many books as I possibly could. I gave them to her and she accepted them happily. Sometimes I would make her read as I suckled her bud.

"It's the Divina Commedia by Dante," I said, my hands searching for her underneath her skirts, the top of her bosom adorned with my bite marks as a trail of blood fell over her creamy breasts. The book shook as her hands and she licked her lips, nodding, turning the page carefully. She whined as her essence entered the air and I lapped up the scarlet trail. When she hadn't started reading, I nipped gently at her rosy nipple.

"Go on cara mia."

"O-Of course m-master…"

Her sigh brought me to my senses and she was turning with her back to me and almost falling off the edge. I smiled softly and moved to move her gently back onto the lounge.

"D-Darius…" She whispered in her sleep. I frowned, grabbing a small hand that was reaching up toward the ceiling.


I hated not hearing her thoughts.

I have the right to know everything!

I am her master

How dare her thoughts remain hidden from me?


"Didyme…" I was pushed down on the grand four poster bed and I scooted back against the headboard. Master Marcus was dressed in nothing but a black velvet gold trimmed robe. He was as naked as his nameday, his hair matched his robe like a never ending darkness and it was haunting to see the dark eyes peering from the pale skin.

This Master, I was afraid of.

He called me his dead lover. I was her when he tore at my flesh and poured into me to the brim.

"Didyme, perchè mi hai lasciato?"

It was going to be one of those nights.

His sorrow would leak into my soul, mixing with the pleasurable darkness and I was left with tears and abandonment.

"I-I had to my love." I whispered, reaching out for him. He filled my embrace and I held him to my bosom. I gasped when he suckled a nipple into my mouth.

"Mi manchi amore mio, Didyme." Master Marcus sat up then, letting my nipple go with a soft 'pop'. Slowly, I felt the icy tendrils of sweetness flow throughout my system.

"I miss you too, my love." Our lips met and he sucked the breath out of me.

"Didyme." The first bite under my jaw and I began sinking.

I was no longer Bella.

Short chapter, I know

My little swan

Was my little swan amused?

Why did you leave me?

I miss you, my love

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