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Chapter 15

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Eclipse pt 1


"P-Please…d-don't stop!" I cried as I was being pounded into by two of my masters. One was so snow white and the other so dark, one would think I was trapped in the middle light and darkness. The only thing was: there was no such thing as light and dark…

Only pleasure

I was weaving and hanging on by a thread. I was being rocked into and my fingers gripped the already torn sheets that were painted with droplets of red. Both masters joined me in my moans, urging me and then cursing when they emptied themselves.

"Stiamo esaurendo lo spazio, mia cara…" Aro growled, pulling from me. My world was moving and I was on my back, facing both Aro and Caius. With a wicked smirk, Caius replied,

"Non c'e bisogno di preoccuparsi fratello, faremo solo un altro buco!" He raised a pale fist and my eyes widened. Fear crept in and mixed slowly with the dark paradise that swirled through my body. I unknowingly licked my lips and both Masters eyes widened fiendishly.

Master Caius raised his fist and brought it down to my stomach and I had no time to scream before…

I woke suddenly, my brow covered in sweat and I was out of breath. I checked my stomach to see no hole and no scar of one. I fell back onto the pillows, catching my breath, and stared up the ceiling. Since I came back, I was no stranger to these dreams and they have become frequent guests to my sleep. Sometimes a hole would be pierced through me or I am being ripped apart in a frenzy of starved guards. I gulped and I had to breathe in and out to avoid the anxiety attack that was onset. I knew the others were awake, due to the fact that vampires couldn't sleep, and Angela had fallen asleep in Edward's room. Her father had lightened up on her punishment and was allowing her more freedom. I prayed that the undead of the household didn't notice my abruptness of waking up. With graduation a few months away and a string of unsolved murders in Seattle, I had enough to distract me during the days but nights…

They were the cruelest

The Cullens were more on edge. Edward says that it may be the work of a newborn vampire with an uncontrollable thirst, let loose in the area.

I might as well just go back home now…

This would soon attract the attention of my Masters.

It took some convincing to allow me back my free for all month after I graduated. I was thinking of just saying my last goodbyes. I've been backpacking to Europe, I got to experience the wonders of the world, so there was nothing left for me to do. I lived in Europe and I knew if I asked my Masters, I could go to any country I wanted.

My return home will be violent

Being at the total mercy of my masters for a brief moment will do nothing to forgive the time I was gone.

"When you come back mia piccolo bambola, you will be punished for your little stunt with your madre…"

I hadn't forgotten and I did it on purpose. Felix would have killed Edward if he had continued.

"Bella?" My door opened and there stood Angela. Her brown hair was tousled and she looked as if she too had a nightmare. She quickly closed my door and got into bed with me, curling up next to me. Her eyes were wet and her face was flushed.

"I-I had a nightmare of Victoria and she killed Jacob and Edward and with Jacob not answering my calls…" she whispered. During our brief absence from Forks, Angela found solace with the Quileute tribe, whom she formed a deep bound with a boy named Jacob. The Cullens and I have met the ancestors of the present descendants. They had no hate in their hearts and accepted the Cullens on the terms they were to not hunt or pass onto their lands. It is pact that kept the Cullens and the tribe on separate sides of the town. It is a pact that allows the Cullens to exist harmoniously. Jacob was a headstrong boy, handsome and smart…had a sense of honor about him. Angela and Jacob cared for each other. Since, Edward's return, Jacob stopped contacting Angela, going as far as to go to visit him on the reservation. Edward has learned to hate the fact that Angela cares so deeply for Jacob and he tries to keep her away from Jacob. The tribe could shape shift into wolves, which was triggered by the presence of vampires.

Angela and Edward were constantly at odds with one another when it came to Jacob. Plagued with my own nightmares, all I could offer her were words of comfort.

"I'm sorry f-for waking you," she said.

"It's alright. I was already awake. I was going to see if Esme could make some of her special tea…"

"W-Why w-were y-you awake?"

"Just nervous and worried about everything," I shrugged.

"Me too, mom and dad have been barking about me going to their home school, Washington State. They don't want me to really go to the same school as Edward," She explained as she fidgeted with the tassels of one of my comforters.

"They do know that Dartmouth is one of the best schools in the country, right?"

She chuckled and nodded.

"Yeah but at Washington State I'd be near family, which would cut the housing cost and I can start my internship while I'm in school," she explained. Angela wanted to be an English teacher for special needs children.

"It seems fair. Maybe ask Edward to switch schools. He'd be close to Carlisle and Esme and you could make it look like it was your idea. To cut him some slack…"

"You know, I might just do that!" She said the last part loud and clasped her hand over her mouth. We burst into fits of laughter. When we calmed, catching our breaths and wiping the tears from our eyes, Alice made an appearance. Her hair was put up in a towel and she had a face mask on.

"What were you two laughing about?" She asked, flopping gently on the bed.

"I suggested to Angela that she could recommend to Edward about going to WSU. That way her parents won't worry too much and he can be near Esme and Carlisle." I explained. Alice looked thoughtful for a moment.

"I've never been to Washington State. It's always been Yale, Harvard, and the like. Just so we don't stick out so much. I wouldn't mind trying a home school and I'm sure Jasper would find a better Philosophy class there!"

"Really?!" Angela's face lit up and they both started making plans about dorms and places to shop. Soon, exhaustion weighed heavy on Angela and me. The last image I saw was Alice smiling gently as she threw the blanket in the air so that it would cover the both of us. As the blanket came down, the smile was gone and our eyes met.


Over the next couple of days, it was bustling at the Cullen household and at the Weber's. Also, things were bustling in Seattle as murders were escalating and disappearances. Angela's dad was investigating a missing young man, who was in town visiting friends. A couple of locals and camera footage saw the man in the area before he disappeared. Somehow, Seattle police think his disappearance was connected to everything. This, put Angela on edge and she was constantly calling her mother and her father. Luckily, the day before graduation, was uneventful but Angela spent that day with her family, since her father got the day off. The day of graduation, however, I was woken by the vibration of my cell phone.

It was Renata.

"Happy Graduation Day!" She squealed over the line. Every day of graduation, since I've been to school, she calls and wishes me a "Happy Graduation Day". I used to ask if she would come but I knew her presence would unnerve the Cullens. I don't anymore, so I basked in the pre-graduation conversation.

"Thank you. There's going to be a big party here, tonight!"

"Really? That sounds like fun! Did you get the dress? Mistress allowed me to pick it out this time."

I did. It was of course, beautiful…like all of my other dresses had been. This one was no different except for the color.


It was the darkest of blacks, matching the blackness of the guards' cloaks. It was silk, with gold lace going down the front and back of the dress.

"It's beautiful, Renata. I-I just didn't think you would pick black…"

"M-Master picked the color. Y-You know R-Renata doesn't like t-the blackness…"

"A-Ah, I-I see…" I knew he was hovering over her while she talked to me or better yet, she had me on speakerphone for all to hear. Paranoid, I quickly ended the conversation, sending my love, and a promise to call after the party.

The day passed as it should have. Alice and I met up with Angela and Edward at the school. Alice, Edward, and I noticed how nervous and distracted Angela was. Her brown eyes were scanning the crowd of arriving parents for her father. Her mother was already in the building with Esme, Carlisle, and the others.

"He'll show, I promise," Alice reassured her.

Sometime during the ceremony, he came, flustered and proud, kissing his wife on her cheek and grabbing Carlisle by his shoulder in greeting.

Angela sighed loudly with relief.


"Psst…my lady!" My attention was grabbed by Gianna, the receptionist and Volturi prospect. If she was deemed not worthy to be a vampire, she would become a meal prospect. I was coming in from my many walks in the plaza. The sun was low, so I was able to lower my hood and walk among the locals. I walked over to her, curious. She gestured for me to come behind the desk and look at her computer monitor. My eyes widened as I read over each line, my mouth dropping in horror. It was a news article from America, specifically, Washington State.

'Thirteen dead and many more missing in the Seattle area…'

"Get rid of this, get this out of you mind…you never saw this!" I cried.

"Si si!" Gianna agreed. It wasn't Bella I was worried about. She was protected…it was what would happen if our Masters found out about this news that worried me, scared me, even. It sounded like a newborn attack and those usually didn't end well. Calming my nerves, I went to go find my Masters and melted with relief when I found them in Master Aro's study. Master Aro was not to be found. I wiped my hands on my cloak as if that was going to wipe the thoughts away.

"Renata, my darling, did you hear anything from our little doll?" Mistress Sulpicia asked. Athendora was painting her nails, a beautiful blue.

"You remember what our doll's body looked like, yes?" Athendora asked, a magazine opened in her lap.

"Of course, she got a little thick over the years-Renata, we asked you a question…" Both Sulpicia and Athendora looked at me with expectant eyes.

"N-No…s-she hasn't c-called y-yet…she has t-that party, remember?" Sulpicia's lips thinned. I surveyed my other Masters and found them in normal moods. My eyes gazed over the paperwork that littered the tables.

Okay…no newspapers from America

They didn't use computers very much…so I didn't see a laptop…

"What's got you so tense, mon petit faon?" Master Aro said, coming through the door. He was holding what looked like a piece of paper.

"J-Just thinking a-about B-Bella…" I stuttered.

"Oh? Could it be the happenings in Washington that's got you all riled up?" My eyes would have popped out of my head and onto the floor if they could. Master Caius smirked and Sulpicia and Athendora giggled evilly.

"We already sent, Felix, Alec, Jane, and Demetri to investigate," Athendora explained smugly.

"They'll keep their distance from our little swan unless they deem it unsafe or until the newborns kill the Cullens…"


Edward suspects that newborns are behind the attacks and Alice said she saw Victoria in a vision. Angela was beside herself and was begging her dad to call off the investigation. On top of that, Victoria was seen and was chased off both by the Cullens and the Quilette tribe of wolves. The Cullen's decided to send Angela and I to Florida. Angela had a close friend from middle school that lived down there. Angela's mom decided to join us and much to Angela's father's chagrin, Edward was going to join us too. The Florida stay was a lot calmer than the stay in Phoenix. Angela and I, and her friend, named Shelly, spent our stay near the pool. Shelly even snuck a couple of wine coolers for us to drink. We drank them with mischievous giggles and hid from Angela's and Shelly's mom as we tried to gulp them down. At night, we went back to the pool and Angela tried with all of her might to push Edward into the pool. He entertained her by going in and taking her with him, which had all of us laughing. We were finally beckoned to come back in by Shelly's mom, where we showered and had grilled hamburgers. The night ended with us being presented with strawberry shortcakes and pillow fights. Edward watched protectively, his face was in a never ending smile but his phone started ringing. He excused himself.


"You saw them?!" I heard Edward asked softly but I heard the faint sounds of Angela and Bella. I was jealous that they were having a good time in Florida but I was genuinely overjoyed. Angela could have a break from the stresses of Victoria and Jacob and Bella could actually be around humans. She took so well to Angela and Angela to her. Angela gave Bella the human experience of being a teenage girl in high school. She had moments where it was just her and Angela and she wasn't around vampires.

"She's never really been around humans outside of her parents…the humans she does interact with…they're not around long enough for her to form a bond," Eleazer explained. The room was still as we all hung off every word he spoke. His face grave and haunting…

"I don't think they are coming to us. The newborn problem must be getting way out of hand for them to take notice." I said. Carlisle and the others listened on intently.

"Please, don't tell Bella…" Carlisle said loudly.

"I won't. The last thing we need is for her and Angela to freak out. Do you want me to take them somewhere else, as a safety precaution?" Edward asked.

"Carlisle says to bring them home. If the Volturi feel like they need to bring Bella home this instant, she wouldn't be in Florida with you guys right now. We have bigger things to worry about…"

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No need to worry, brother, we'll just make another hole

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