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Chapter 14

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I felt my tongue grace my lips as I watched Aro drink from Isabella. My knees nearly buckled as the sweetest thing I ever smelled hit my nostrils. I had been near Bella, since my joining the Cullens and I knew her human scent well but this…

This was sin

"N-Not h-here…" Renata cried out in horror. Was this…was this was what Bella, Edward, and Carlisle hiding? I never believed that Bella was the niece of Aro but I went along with it because I simply adored Isabella. Aro pulled away from her, his face was the definition of bliss.

Where was the screaming and agonizing pain?

No, there was nothing of the sort.


I had to swallow the drool that was forming in my mouth. Honey liquor and paperwhites filled the air. There were no agonizing screams just whimpers and moans as Isabella struggled. She began sobbing and pushing Aro away but that small pink tongue of hers darted out over her lips. I saw Caius and Marcus surround her and I had to snap out of my stupor. Felix abandoned Edward like a child bored with his toy and I quickly counted for Angela. She ran to Edward, who had a crack forming on his face and he seemed unconscious. I felt Alec's pressure lessen around my throat and he joined his twin sister with the rest of the guard. I followed but I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Renata.

"Don't, let's get you guys out of here, quickly."


Before I submerged under the fire and ice, before my vision was shielded in darkness…I chanced a peek over to Alice and the others and I saw that they were gone.


I felt my clothes and skin being ripped. My body and blood exposed.

Oh God…



I don't know how I got on my Master's throne, how my wrists were tied with another Master's scarf. I leaked and throbbed, I was clenching for it.

More than my first time

I had spent my short human life not knowing this seventh heaven but since I have tasted it and have gone years without it, I found myself on a different high. A heaven that was unreachable from God and his son. I was engulfed by flames and petrified by ice.

"Come ti permetti di lanciarti contro tua madre in quell modo?!" I felt teeth sink into the skin of my thighs and my body blossomed.

"B-Bella is s-sorry…k-keep b-biting…" I managed.

"Making demands?"

"Such a beauty!"

"Open her wider, Aro!"

"We should clean the Cullen's filth off of her!"

My world was moving then and in the far reaches of my mind, I heard screaming. I couldn't tell if it was mine or not. I felt a piercing and then fullness and my head tilted back and sweet darkness filled my mouth.


"We have to hurry!" I said, pulling hold of Alice. Alice gripped my hand tightly. She was supporting Edward, who, thank the skies, was conscious enough to not support all his weight on her even though it was no trouble to her. Angela was gripping Alice's other side, looking back.

"What a-about B-Bella?" She asked.

She's being beautifully fucked…

I could hear her nefarious cries and the unspeakable sounds of sex.

Among the sex was the sounds of gore as humans, from all over, were brought into the throne room and torn apart.

I have to get back to her…

"H-Hey! What a-about B-Bella?" Angela asked again. I stopped then and looked at her with a piercing gaze. Alice squeezed my hand reassuringly.

"Please…" she said softly.

I took my cloak off and draped Edward in it.

"Edward will tell you…" He nodded and I gently caressed his face. I waited with Angela and Edward as Alice went to go get a car to transport them to the airport. When she arrived, they hurried and got into the car.

"Use Bella's phone to inform me that you are home and after that, do not contact me," I said. Alice nodded and I watched as they drove off. I waited until they were out of sight before I hurried back down to the depths of hell. When I arrived there, Bella's scent was everywhere but she was nowhere to be seen.

"Nous vous en avons sauve un," Heidi said, walking up to me. Her eyes, covered in blue contacts to make them appear purple, gestured to the side chamber off in the corner of the throne room. I smiled but my eyes were searching. My ears…

She was being taken over and over again by our Masters. I heard the vulgar Italian that was cooing one moment and then growling the next as they took her. I heard her wetness, the kissing and slurping. They were ushering her into a world of dark ecstasy that was out of reach to the living and the dead.

"S-Spit o-on i-it! G-Gods!" I heard Bella sob.

"Delicious…" Heidi said blissfully, "I can't wait until it's my turn." For a moment, I wondered how high Bella was…how marvelous she felt.


I was sobbing as I dripped and sucked Master Caius ravenously. Master Aro was slow and agonizing with his ride as was Master Marcus from my back as he held my wrists. I was covered with crimson kisses mixed with that sweet toxin that danced through my veins. It seemed I didn't miss a beat as I sucked and sucked as if my life depending on it but my body hummed graciously. So sweet and thick, warm and cold, melting and hardening…

"Dovrei ucciderti per averci fatto aspeetare!"Master Marcus cursed. Tears fell on my flushed cheeks. I could say nothing but shake my head.

I'm doing this for my angel…

As much as I could with watery blurred vision, my eyes were intent with my snow white master. His eyes and lips red were dashing against the deathly white of his hair and skin. He caught the strands of my hair and yanked my head back.

"It's been too long, mon ami. You're about to swallow me whole and your fica is weeping all over my brother, and your ass is greedy," he sneered. I moaned as another climax delicately ripped through me. I grumbled pleasurably as my mouth, my quim, and ass was filled with hot syrup. My eyes rolled and I swallowed like I was dying of thirst.

It has been too long

Everything was combusting and melting on the inside. I whimpered and then cried out obscenely as I was being filled and desecrated.


"Angela is grounded and I am banned from the house unless it's supervised…" Edward explained to Carlisle and the others. It had been a week since we got back from Italy. When we returned home, I called Renata and with brief confirmation to let her know we were home, that was the last time I heard from her as she stated. It didn't stop me from calling and calling until Carlisle told me to stop. I couldn't get the image of her being bitten like that. I could hardly remember my own transformation so I was spared the fire.

She will call when she's free

I don't know if that was meant for Renata or Bella.

The night we got back, Angela was out of sorts and had cried herself to sleep on the plane ride. Eleazer and the other Denalis were there, waiting for us. Carlisle had called Eleazer, because he thought he would be better at explaining who or what Bella was and because he had spent some time with her when he was with the Volturi. With a grave look and a word to not judge Bella, Eleazer told his tale.

"She came to them young in a barrel. A long time ago, when the Volturi was just in its infant stages and after the hostile takeover of the Romanians, Demetri said that three vampires came to them with a barrel. In that barrel was a young Isabella. She had already experienced her…"gift" and the three vampires had already acted upon it. She was a gift herself for them to be able to join the Volturi. Well, if you have nothing to offer Aro, then he will send you on your way or kill you. Unfortunately, to send them away meant that they would take Isabella and it was death that awaited them and Bella was taken," Eleazer explained. We all listened to him as if he was telling a ghost story. Horror showed on everyone's faces.

"Bella isn't normal, venom doesn't affect her the way it affects other humans. She's able to feel unbelievable pleasure. The venom somehow provides her immortality in exchange for this. Her blood is addicting and one has to have control to not fall into the darkness it brings. You'll want to act upon your darkest of urges and desires. Her life has always been and always will be at the mercy of vampires…"

If Rosalie didn't like Angela before, she hated her now and made it a point to not be in the house when Angela was able to make an appearance. I and Edward had also suffered her wrath and all we could do was take it because truth be told…it was our fault Bella was still there.

"A-Any word?" Angela asked tentatively. Edward decided not to tell Angela the full details about Bella. I agreed and we opted on telling her that Bella was a human that couldn't be changed into a vampire. She seemed satisfied with that but continued to hope. Due to the intensity in our household, we opted to go visit Angela more and instead of her to allow some space. With Rosalie being a total ice queen and Jasper was so wracked with guilt that when I wasn't with Angela and Edward, I was with him, trying to ease his fears. He was afraid that Carlisle would kick him out but Carlisle assured him he wasn't. Edward and I went to visit Angela, well I could visit Angela's father was sweet on me and I took advantage of that. It was the only way Edward could see her while he went to work. She was washing dishes and I saw that her cellphone was open with text messages going to Bella's phone. I remembered sadly that Esme took her phone. Esme was deeply saddened by Bella's absence, often going into her room and just sitting on her bed.

Edward and I both looked at each other and shook our heads.


"M-Master?" I looked up from the book I was reading to see Renata standing in the doorway, beautiful in soft pink. I smelled Bella on her. I couldn't help myself and zeroed in on mi piccolo cigno. She was sleeping soundly in my chambers, chained by silk to the bed, after I exhausted her the night before.

"What is it, my love?" She was fidgety and my eyes narrowed. I glided over to her and I grabbed her hands. I was hit with images of a moaning Bella and I realized the Renata had snuck a little taste of her before coming to see me.

"I-I think M-Master A-Aro should a-allow Bella t-to g-go back t-to Carlisle."

"Oh?" I asked, feeling one of my eyebrows quirk in curiosity. Renata licked her lips nervously and gulped.

"Y-Yes, R-Renata remembers M-Master p-promising our bambina that s-she could g-graduate w-with her human friends and p-properly s-say her goodbyes…" I did promise that.

She has Edward and his human girlfriend to thank for her current situation

Smiling at Renata before grabbing her roughly by the back of her neck, I kept my smile gentle at her. Fear flashed in my head as I brought her closer to me.

"I haven't forgotten that little stunt you pulled sneaking the Cullens out. Did you plan for Bella to pounce on Sulpica to help them escape?" She shook her head, her eyes wide, and she was whimpering.

"N-No, R-Renata would n-never r-risk B-Bella or M-Mistress like that!"

"Then why are they gone and not a pile of dust at my feet?!" I snarled. She sobbed.

"W-We love B-Bella, s-she w-would h-hate us if we hurt h-her Carlisle l-like that! W-What's o-one more year? W-We got a taste t-to last us u-until s-she really comes b-back h-home." She pleaded. If anyone loved Bella, it was Renata and I didn't understand why I was so annoyed with her. Renata was right. If I wanted Bella content and happy when she was with us, I couldn't do anything to hurt Carlisle. I could wipe him and his brood off the face of the planet but I couldn't. An angry, grieving Bella was an uncooperative Bella and the only way to deal with that Bella was with force.

I threw Renata away from me. She landed on the floor whimpering. I took a deep breath before I pulled my little one up and held her close to me. The gentle yet cold smile gone from my lips and I shushed her gently. I tilted her tiny head up and saw sadness in her scarlet eyes, the smell of Bella filled the air smoothly and I just had to center in the little minx.

She's still sleeping

"Get her up and call Carlisle…"


"Just meet me at the airport, okay. I just got off the phone with Gianna from the Volturi," I explained to Esme. I was at work and she was home and the others were out hunting. I was getting ready to perform a heart transplant when one of the nurses said I had a phone call that was urgent.

The young woman on the other line was speaking very fast Italian but luckily I was able to catch everything she said. I hurriedly and expertly did the transplant, got cleaned up, and quickly called Esme.

"If it's Bella, just stay and I'll call everyone home and we can go get her. I'm sure she just wants to sleep when she gets off the plane," Esme said softly.

"It's okay. I just want to be there. We can take her to get some food and then make sure she's settled and comfortable. I'm working overnight anyway. At least I can come back to work in lighter spirits."

Esme gasped when Bella stepped through the security gate.

They did a number on her

The bruises were faint and yet left shadows and she looked exhausted. She wore a very beautiful green sweater and jeans. Yet underneath the bruises and exhaustion, she managed a bright smile and began running toward us.

This is only temporary…

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I should kill you for making us wait

We saved you one in French

How dare you keep us waiting for this?


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