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Chapter 12

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"How come you're the only human?" Angela asked, painting my toes. We were in my room. Alice suggested that we have a sleep over in light of the long weekend we had ahead of us. Alice and I had come home, where I had an afterschool snack waiting from Esme and a note to call "home". Esme had gone out to fetch more things for our sleepover and Carlisle was still at work and the others were planning a hunting trip. So for the weekend it was just going to be Alice, Angela, Carlisle, Esme and me. I saw Alice freeze out of the corner of my eye and I smiled kindly at Angela.

"Well…I-I just kind of won the "lottery" if you know what I mean…" I explained sheepishly. I only let a few details of my life slip to Angela. Angela practically knew the background of all the Cullens, except Rosalie, who still remained reserved toward Angela.

"Lottery?" Angela asked curiously. I felt my eye twitch. It was normal for her to want to know and I had to admit that "lottery" wasn't the word…

Renata said I was an angel in a world full of demons.

I have struggled to come up with what to call someone like me. I am not human but I am based off the fact that my heart beats. I have human moments where I need to eat and sleep. I have a menstrual cycle but not monthly. It comes every few years and I experience no cramps and little to no blood that last for a couple days and then it's over. I grow for I am taller than I was when I came to my masters. My breasts are larger and my hips are curvier. I no longer look like my kid self. Except…

My eyes…

"Still so innocent after years of abuse, my little Isabella…your eyes are always so innocent and naïve…"Master Aro said, gripping my chin, licking my lips

"Y-Yeah, one day, I'll explain everything to you but for right now…"

"I-I understand Bella," Angela grabbed my hands in hers and squeezed gently.

This is why I like her…

"Esme's coming!" Alice said excitedly. I looked out the window and saw Esme pulling up. Angela was graciously distracted but she hesitated before leaving after Alice with a,

"Wait up!" As she chased after Alice.

I sighed with relief as she and Alice ran downstairs to help Esme with the groceries, even though Esme did not need help in the slightest bit. Alice and the others knew of my connection to the Volturi. To them, I was a human niece of Aro and I could live forever as a young human woman. Only Edward, Carlisle, and Esme knew of my true origins and what I am truly used for. I doubt that Angela would understand. She would want to suggest standing up to them or trying to leave. I giggled softly.

As if I could…

Life had relatively gone back to normal after the whole James incident. Everything just settled back into place with Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett graduating and getting accepted into Dartmouth. Edward, Alice, Angela, and I were entering into our final year of high school. A thought that Angela had been dreading all summer because that meant that she was getting older and Edward would stay forever young. Edward had remained stubborn about changing Angela and at times, it created a rift in the family. She even thought about asking Carlisle to change her and while he said he would, he would have to have Edward's support. He wouldn't change her against Edward's wishes.

Not to mention, Angela's birthday was in a couple of days. It was just another thing that reminded her that she was human and tried as she did, she could not hide her birthday from Alice. So, without Angela knowing, Alice had planned a surprise party for her. She even had a girl's night planned for us in Seattle. I had been to Seattle with the Cullens and every time, they took me somewhere I never been and I always had a good time. This time, it would just be Alice, Angela, and I. Rosalie was invited but she rolled her eyes and mumbled a curse word under her breath. I reminded myself to suggest an outing where it was just us.

"It won't be so bad if you're a tad bit older than Edward. You're healthy, you take care of your skin, you don't wear too much makeup…" I explained to her. Angela had argued again about changing her into a vampire and she had come into my room in such frustration. I was on the phone with Master Aro. I had to quickly hang up on him and texted Renata's phone to let her know I would call back soon because of a "human" problem.

After much reassurance, Angela had calmed down and she went back to Edward's room. I quickly called Master back where I was surprised that he was not angry.

The day of the party and Alice was humming and gracefully gliding around the house to decorate it. Esme had made a beautiful cake and I cooked dinner. I enjoyed cooking and my skills at it were becoming better and better. Angela was my test subject since she could actually enjoy the food. I got no complaints and Angela had hired me to teach her to brush up on her skills for her dad. Her cooking was average, all she needed was to put flavor in her food. Edward was bringing Angela around to the house later, which gave us time to get the house together, get presents, and change our clothes. When she came in, we surprised her and she pouted cutely.

"You guys really didn't have to!" The pout turned into a smile of graciousness and a slight blush. She hugged Esme and Carlisle and thanked everyone. She gruffly hugged Alice, who giggled.

"Did you really expect me to ignore your birthday Angela?" Alice asked her.

"No but you didn't have to go through all this trouble for me…" Angela blushed shyly.

Alice smiled brightly and urged Angela to open her presents.

Bad idea…

Angela managed to cut her finger on the gift she was opening and her blood spilled into the air. Jasper, who, was still struggling to adjust to feeding from animals, lunged forth toward her.


Angela flew into the glass table that held presents when Edward pushed her out of the way which spilled more of her blood because the glass cut open the skin of her arm.

Jasper had fed from human blood his whole entire vampire existence. It was until he and Alice had come to the Cullens that he had to adapt to animal blood. Alice was able to adapt real quickly but it was Jasper who had the most trouble. Angela's blood smelled sweet in the air and I knew that dark starvation all too well. It became chaotic and I watched as Emmett, Edward, and Rosalie try to restrain Jasper and Alice was trying to bring him back to reality as they were forcing him from the house. Rosalie gave a look of anger and disgust as they all left, with Alice cooing at Jasper. Carlisle began to tend to Angela's wounds. She was shaking and cradling her arm. She was sobbing and apologizing and Carlisle was reassuring her gently. I let out the breath I had been holding and Carlisle looked quickly at me as if realizing I was there.

"You should have hid…" he whispered. I knew what he was thinking…

Strike two

Jasper could have easily got to me and sunk his teeth into my flesh…

"I wasn't the one he was after," I answered.

"No but still…" he quickly went back to surveying Angela's arm. I felt Esme's hands on my shoulders, guiding me up the stairs. She left me to finish the journey alone to my room as she began to clean and Carlisle took Angela to his office.

I sighed when I finally closed the door. I didn't realize but my hands were shaking and I quickly folded my hands under my armpits as I began to pace.

"Fuck…" I whispered.

The next couple of days were awkward. Alice ended up taking Jasper to the Denalis, Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, and Esme were talking among themselves and Edward…

Edward was sad. They were talking of moving, leaving Forks. He would not be bringing Angela, he would have to leave her. He refused to change her and Jasper's close call was just too much. The Cullens adored Angela and thought she would be safer if we left.

"What do you mean, mi amore?" Renata asked, "…did something happen?"

"No…the Cullen's think it is time for a change. We have been in Forks for over a decade now," I explained to her as I was placing some clothes in a suitcase. There was silence on the other line.

"Mmm…bambina…what happened?"

"N-Nothing…I swear!" I chuckled, "I'm just calling you to tell you I love you and that we're moving."

"Well, where are you guys moving to?" She asked.

"Ithaca, New York. Carlisle says the hospital there is need of another Doctor for the night shift." I explained. She seemed satisfied and with a promise to call before we left Forks, the line dropped.

The days leading up to our departure were uncomfortable. Alice and Jasper were still in Alaska. Emmett and Rosalie went ahead to our new home, and Edward was spending his last moments with Angela. Esme and Carlisle thought it best to keep me home from school until the night before we were set to leave. I was roused by Carlisle and I quickly sat up, groggily taking in my surroundings.

"What time is it?" I asked sleepily. Carlisle chuckled softly.

"Too late to be up but we're going to leave now. Edward is going to say goodbye to Angela tomorrow and I think it is best that we are already gone when he does." I had deleted and blocked her number but I was strangely missing her. Not to the extent to how I missed Renata but I missed her human energy. I've always been around vampires so it was refreshing to be around her. I moaned which caused Carlisle to chuckle again.

"Forgive me Isabella. I know how you love getting a nights rest, so the quicker you get up and we get going, the sooner you can be in your new bed."


"Something is going with the Cullens, so you need to bring Bella back home. She's had enough freedom, what are you stalling for?!" Sulpicia snarled. She snatched a clothing bag from Gianna, who squeaked and cradled her arm, checking to see if it was still there or not. I sat in one of the high backed chairs, a smile twisting my face. Gianna looked at me and I nodded for her departure. She curtsied and quickly left before Sulpicia felt she wanted to snatch something else from the young woman.

Like an arm…

"What makes you think something is going on? Carlisle is simply keeping up with the rule about not staying in one place for too long." I pointed out. The look on my wife's face looked grim and cold.

"Then, why are we still here? I can think of many other castles fit for the king of the undead. Completely hidden but we would be able to bask in the sun," I was taken aback by her words. She wasn't looking at me at that moment but instead, carefully unzipping the clothing bag.

It was a white dress…a revealing thing that was made out of nothing but lace and velvet. It was really short and I quirked an eyebrow.

"It would be troublesome to uproot all this history…you're not planning on wearing that, are you?" She smirked.

"Why would I ever? This is for our precious Isabella. I was thinking of her first night back with us. She will be practically a virgin again," Sulpicia explained. I smirked, rising from my chair. She held her hand out and I quickly grabbed it and I was wonderfully assaulted by images of our little swan. When I pulled from her, the urge to bring Isabella home became stronger. Sulpicia was smiling wickedly.

"Well? Can we bring her home?" I ran my fingers through her blonde hair. Even the slightest of touches gave me flashes of a moaning Isabella.

"We promised her that a month after her last high school graduation. I want to make sure she says her appropriate goodbyes and get all the "human" out of her system then we will go to retrieve her…" Rushed footsteps could be heard and I felt Sulpicia stiffen. Nothing more was said as we waited for the door to burst open.

"Master Aro!" It was Demetri. I quirked an eyebrow and pulled Sulpicia close to me.

"Edward Cullen is requesting to speak with you and the other Masters…"

I crushed the giggle that wanted to erupt.

"Is everything alright?" I asked.

"He offered nothing but an audience with you." His plump lips thinned and I knew he was thinking what Sulpicia was thinking. Her thoughts of Bella swirled anxiously in my head. Sulpicia pulled from me as Athendora came rushing through the door.

"Sister, what if something happened to our little swan?" Sulpicia embraced her and hushed her gently.

"Let's hope not," I said darkly as I followed Demetri to the throne room.

My wife and her sister were following in behind me and then I was joined by my brothers.

"Pray he brings good news," Caius snarled. When we reached the guard room, I found the eldest Cullen boy, looking rather pathetic and the guard looking neutral but I sensed a tense atmosphere. He looked over to me and I was met with a look that was almost like what Marcus wore after the death of his mate, my sister Didyme.

"My dear boy Edward, I hope all is well?"

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