The Fall @splushieballs
Chapter 11


I swung my feet and bit my lower lip as I processed the news correctly. Alice had me perched on top of a bar in the airport. Jasper was a few paces away on the phone with Carlisle. He was pacing back and forth. Angela…

Well, Angela decided to run off…


No one was sure where she'd be running off to, especially with a vampire on the loose, set to kill her.

"Bella…" Alice said softly. I tuned back in and saw that she had that same look…


"Promise that you won't run off too…" I frowned and shook my head. That would mean I would risk my angel….

I picked up the fountain drink that Alice bought for me and sipped down the sugary substance.

"Carlisle says that we should send Bella back to Esme and go look for Angela- Alice?" Jasper asked worriedly. Alice was staring off into space, then after a few moments she seemed to come back to reality.

"Tell Carlisle to meet us at the Mimi's School of Dance and I'll put Bella on the plane," before I could comprehend what was going on, I was being hoisted off the bar and I felt the floor beneath my feet. I held on to Alice a few moments more to make sure my balance was there and she began picking invisible lint off of my sweatshirt.

"We're going to send you back to Esme and then we're going to bring Angela back and we'll be together again, okay?" I took an anxious breath and nodded. I now understood Rosalie's disgruntled nature of having Angela come into our lives. It was upsetting the peace and it was disturbing. I adored Angela, her life resembled mine before I was whisked away to the dark side. Her parents reminded me of mine before they died and she wasn't like all the other humans I had encountered in my life with my angel. She wasn't materialistic, wasn't shallow, and was genuine with her feelings. She was kind and it was refreshing to be around her but she was a risk. If James didn't kill her, Edward should change her to avoid any other mess.

I'm not ready to go home…

The plane ride home was quick and I hurriedly ran to Esme's open arms. She fussed over me and I just kept holding onto her. To humans, she would be cold hard stone, but to me, she was warm and soft and I deeply inhaled her comforting scent. She chuckled, running fingers through my hair.

"Bella…" she whispered softly.


"Ciao mio caro amico!" I stopped in my tracks into the ballet studio. The cool voice of Aro slid over the phone and I quickly had to take in my surroundings to shake the feeling of being watched. Aro never called my cell phone…

Surely nothing happened to Bella from Phoenix to Forks…? I thought, fear tracing through my veins. Maybe Bella fell asleep and forgot to answer her phone…

"All things concerning Bella should come from Bella, if I don't hear it from her, I'll assume something is wrong and that'll force me to come and investigate…"

"Oh, Carlisle, hello?"

"A-Aro…how are you my friend? I thought you would call Bella if you wanted to talk to her," I said. I couldn't let him know what was going on. I didn't want him to know that Bella had contact with Laurent, I didn't want him to know the shifting around we had to do with Angela coming into the picture. I would have to beg Edward to change Angela to keep the peace and to be able to keep Bella free a while longer. He isn't keen in changing her. He wanted her to live her life, have children and grow old.

"Ah, yes. Renata is on the phone talking to her right now, so it won't be long until I am informed of my little swan. I just really wanted to call and talk to you. Ho pensato di controllare se stavi bene," he explained. I heard Angela's screams from deep inside the studio.

Time was of the essence...

"That's so kind of you. Well, I am well…Esme is well, the kids are thriving," I had to stop from laughing because I always referred to Edward and the others as 'the kids' when talking to my co-workers. Aro seemed enthusiastic by my answer and he chuckled. He had to know something was going on…Aro rarely did welfare checks on anyone and he found the right time to call.

I heard more of Angela's screams and Edward calling my name.

"I'm sorry, my dear friend but I am getting ready to deliver a baby, so I must assist…" I hardly lied. Even when I was human, I always grew uncomfortable with little white lies.

With best wishes and a promise to call back to continue our conversation, Aro and I hung up and I went rushing into the studio.

While I walked Edward through sucking the venom out of a screaming Angela's hand and Alice, Jasper, and Emmett, ripping James apart, an unknown nagging feeling pulled at the back of my head and I wanted to wait as long as I could to finish the conversation with Aro.

James was destroyed and Angela was in the hospital, healthy..human…and the police believing the story of Angela tripping and falling out the window with no questions asked, I rushed home. I fretted the whole run home…almost scared to find Esme in burning pieces and Bella gone. When I did reach the porch of the home I built for my family, I sighed with relief to hear Bella's soft heartbeat and Esme's humming as she bustled around the kitchen cooking dinner for her.

God…if you can hear me, which I know you don't, thank you for keeping them safe…


Angela limped around to my desk chair in crutches as Alice worked tediously to curl my hair. Angela had survived James with a couple of cuts, bruises, a broken leg and a faint bite scar on the back of right hand where James bit her. Edward had sucked the venom out without losing control and eventually saving her from immortality. Angela became a part of the Cullen family and everyone was happy for that Edward was in love and over the moon about her. One could see how much in love Edward and Angela were and how much she wanted to be in his immortal world. It was a beautiful love and everyone couldn't help but adore it.

Everyone except one…

Rosalie often came into my room and whispered her frustrations to me. I understood her frustrations. I knew her back story. How she was beautiful and engaged to a wealthy and equally beautiful man. He and his friends raped her and destroyed her and left her for dead. After she was turned, she got her revenge and found love with Emmett. She wanted, like Esme, a family but that could never happen. A son, she said. How Angela, who had her whole life ahead of her would want to throw away being human, having children, growing old, and then dying peacefully. Most vampires are changed by force, picked and stalked for whatever the reason, beauty, revenge, talent…a lot of humans don't even know vampires exist until they are bitten by vampires and then die knowing unless they are changed. Humans don't live long enough to know about the existence of vampires but Angela…

I don't know where I lie on the spectrum. I'm human…I breathe, my heart beats but no matter how many times the venom seeps into my pores, it is not pain and death that greets me.

Carlisle, with the permission of my Masters, has done many tests on me but all are the same. I am a human, that takes a long time to age because of the slither of venom in my system. I am a human that sees pleasure and sin, where others see an inferno destruction of their whole being. Although, the added bonus is that I cannot be affected by gifts concerning the mind. A barrier lies between me and those who try to invade my mental space. Carlisle thinks I am able to have children because I have a period but I cannot get pregnant by vampires. I would have had so many children if I could.

Angela would fit well in the vampire world. Carlisle taught Edward about the vampire world and I am sure he would in turn, lead Angela down the right path.

I just don't like the attention that she has bought. First James and I knew his mate, Victoria would want revenge.

Carlisle said she was too far away to be a threat.

Vampires were very vengeful and focused creatures…

I liked Angela very much. She, Alice, and I hung out a lot, went shopping, and had sleepovers, even sometimes going over to Angela's house. I wished Renata could come and join us. Since the invention of television and radio, I wanted Renata and I to experience what I was experiencing with Alice and Angela.

Renata was closer to me than anyone. Seeing me at my lowest and most degraded and depraved, she was my best friend and confidant.

"Alright Bella…" Alice said, turning me to face the mirror. We were getting ready for prom. Angela and I actually had planned on going to Port Angeles and going to go see a movie but Alice somehow talked us into going. I was accustomed to being dressed up like a doll so it was no problem for me to sit and allow Alice to curl my hair in soft ringlets and apply light makeup to my face. I gasped softly at how she brought color to my skin and the brown in my eyes. I heard Angela gasp and Alice squealed happily. I was then shifted to Alice's walk in closet which was more like a boutique. Her vampire speed allowed her to go and help Angela up and sit her in the salon chair and then she was back over to me in seconds. Alice had already picked out Angela's dress. My dress on the other hand… she handed me a white dress that was long and flowed loosely. The middle of the dress had black velvet kangley that ran the length of the dress. I noticed small powder blue rhinestones decorated the middle and the edges of the print and even more, I noticed Alice producing black velvet open toed heels. My toes were painted orange and the lipstick she applied was orange. The dress was strapless and so she placed a small tear drop powder blue diamond.

A swan…

"Um…the dress came from Sulpicia…" Alice said nervously. She knew of my "mother" and so any formal invent I went to, Sulpicia and Athendora made sure I had the best dress, heels, and accessories. I shooed Alice away so that she could get Angela together and get herself dressed.

I don't want to look like a swan…

Angela couldn't wear heels because of her foot being in a boot so on her other foot, she wore a new tennis shoe that were pink and her dress was to her knees, to ensure that she wouldn't cause more injury to herself. Angela looked good in a light pink. Alice of course, donned a midnight blue dress that flowed out like mine. It was actually the dark opposite of my dress but without the kangley design and rhinestones. Angela's lips thinned in envy. Alice giggled.

"Esme thought it was wise to make sure you were comfortable," Alice explained.

"I-I know…it's just, I look like a potato in a dress," Angela pouted. Alice and I both laughed and Alice embraced her.

"A very beautiful potato," Alice joked.

Esme and Carlisle, lined everyone up for pictures. Everyone looked beautiful in their dresses and suits and Edward was beaming eye to eye. Everyone had partners except me but I was okay with that. I was asked many times but I couldn't bear humans touching me. It made me uncomfortable and I didn't like spending a lot of time with humans. Angela was probably the only one that I and the Cullens could tolerate.


"We may have to move soon," I said to Esme, when everyone had gone. I waited until I knew Edward wouldn't be in "hearing distance", to say something.

"Why do you say that, my love? You know Edward won't leave Angela," Esme replied. She was folding some of Bella's laundry on the couch, one of her shows on…

Just like a mom…

"The attack on Angela was risky and I'm sure Victoria will make another appearance," I explained.

"Bella said that she saw Laurent before, at the Volturi. You don't think he would go and tell them-"

"Easy, love." I said, going to her. I held her close. She didn't allow it to last for she peered up at me with worried gold eyes. I put on my doctor's smile, the smile that doctor's used to reassure their patients. She knew the smile and hit my leg gently in disapproval.

"Carlisle Cullen, don't smile at me as if I am your patient," she pouted. I chuckled softly as I grabbed her hand and kissed the knuckles.

"I hear your fears but I don't think it will become that extreme. If Laurent went to the Volturi, then, they saw no need of him. He seems to be on his own mission but I hope he finds stability in staying with the Denali coven," she didn't believe a word I said but it would have to work.

It had to work

"I told you that I will follow you to the ends of the earth. There still remains the fact, though. What will we do with Angela if Edward doesn't change her?"

Edward has remained stubborn on that matter.

No matter what I said, the consequences I presented him, should the Volturi find out about her knowledge of vampire, nothing seemed to change his mind.

I had no answer…

"If she came to one of us to be changed, Edward would be upset, wouldn't he?" Esme asked hesitantly.

Edward was my first. I spent many decades with him and he was once of my most trusted confidants, aside from Esme. Not because he could read minds but he saw things from every side and offered many solutions to many obstacles.

I nodded and sighed.

"Let's just hope we can keep this charade going as long as we can without the Volturi finding out…"

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