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Chapter 10

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"M-Master…w-when can Renata g-go retrieve Bella…?" Renata asked. Renata kept shifting closer to me as Felix was in the room, awaiting our food. He has kept his distance from her but she still didn't trust to be near him. Felix was staring at her with wickedness that came with a toothy smirk. She squeaked and grabbed a hold of me. Instantly, I was flooded with her thoughts and memories, some showing her childhood and Luca while others dripped of Bella. The color of her eyes, the beautiful bells of her laugh…her body, creamy with beautiful flushes and red glittery kisses, and the moans that echoed when Renata licked and rocked against her. Renata, sensing what was happening, pulled away from me but I grabbed her wrist before she got too far from me and the images of Bella still flooded in my mind and I drowned myself in them.

When I came up from air, I let go and Renata peered at me expectantly.

"Soon, my love, I know you are anxious to get her back but we have to allow her freedom." I cooed at her. She shook her head in disagreement and I chuckled, caressing her face, smoothing a strand of hair behind her ear. If anyone missed Bella more than I, it was Renata. When I required her, she was already shy, meek, and hid behind Luca most of my first visit with them. When the next time I visited, I brought Bella and they quickly warmed up to one another and had become inseparable. They were blood sisters, sharing my venom and the twisted hands of time.

If vampires could cry, Renata would have, for her face scrunched up and her lips quivered

"I assure you, when the time is right, we will go get our beloved." I brought her closer to me, my lips brushing against her forehead, eyelids, nose, cheeks and lastly her lips. Every soft touch gave me flashes of my red headed schiava. My mouth drooled and I quickly, yet gently moved away from her.

"My Lords, Isabella is requesting to speak to Renata…" I heard Gianna tell Caius and Marcus in the boudoir. Renata jumped up quickly and gracefully rushed out and went to go retrieve the phone. I got up slowly and soon followed after, seeing my brothers reading over papers and conversing with Sulpicia and Athendora.

"Isn't Isabella supposed to be in bed at this hour? She has school…" Sulpicia said, eyeing the grand Russian clock on one of the side tables.

"Please come home, Renata misses you so much," I heard her tell Bella softly.

"Is there some weird American holiday that she may be off for?" Athendora amused, running a finger through Sulpicia's gold locks.

"Phoenix? You sound rushed and worried…are…you okay…?" Renata said more softly. I heard her pacing back and forth. My eyes met my brothers and I saw Athendora and Sulpicia beginning to walk towards the door. I held my hand up to stop them.

"Ahh, you're visiting a friend's home? Do you want to talk to Master? Ohh, you're just now getting to the hotel," Renata chuckled.

Phoenix was a hotbed of desert and sun…surely the Cullens would've picked a better place to take a vacation. They were surely to be caught. I stepped closer to the door, not to hear but to see. Renata sat on the edge of a desk, her long legs crossed and she was twirling a strand of hair between her fingers.

"Renata doesn't like how stressed Bella sounds. Do you want us to come get you-but Bella, bambina…" Renata's eyes met mine and I revealed myself more freely. She smiled reassuringly.

"Which Cullen is with you guys? Alice and Jasper? Which vampires are they, again?"


I woke drowsy and incoherent. A night of tossing and turning with splashes of color and voices keeping me up at night, sleep was hard. After the van incident that nearly divided the Cullens apart. Edward had worked up the courage to be near Angela but Carlisle says that Angela was Edward's singer. Her blood sang to him and Edward tried everything in his power to avoid her. Until, after school, one of the students had lost control of his van and nearly crushed Angela. It would have crushed her if Edward didn't swoop in and stop it. After that…he avoided her until he led her to figure out what he and the Cullens were. I had never seen Rosalie so angry before…

After that…they grew closer and eventually pieces came together and she found out what he was. It created more of a divide but one could see a new light in Edward. Carlisle had let slip once that he wanted Edward and I to hit it off. His love would free me from the clutches of the Volturi but he and I were only cousins. We never clicked and I knew he was disgusted at the position I had. He never showed it but I knew the disgust was there by the way he avoided me. I got along with all the Cullens. Rosalie and Alice were practically sisters to me and Emmett and Jasper were big brothers.

The broodiness disappeared and he was just happy. Angela was all that enveloped him. There were days I'd go without seeing him because he was with Angela. He introduced her to us and she and I hit it off. We had already been waving and having small conversations with one another. I was told about her father, who was the police chief of Forks and was told about her mother, whom she spoke of adoringly. These were the stories that I loved listening to. Her parents, in a way, reminded me of my own. Her mother was airy and absent minded, like Renee and her father had a strong sense of duty and justice, like Charlie.

How many decades…centuries, had they been dead?

After Darius, and then Elian and the others, and then my residence at the Volturi, I was left barely with a memory of them.

Some time within the last week, the Cullens thought it would be fitting to show Angela who they really were, with a baseball game. I often played spectator to the sport and each and every time, I was amazed by the speed and agility vampires had.

Again, the memories of falling when I was on the backs of these beautiful monsters made goose bumps rise on my skin and at times I had to catch my breath.

It was amusing to watch the delight and excitement in Angela's eyes as the Cullens leapt gracefully and ran as they caught the ball and after awhile I couldn't help but join her as a cheerleader. The only time the Cullens could play was during a thunderstorm. They were spectacular and I often amused at the image of the Masters and the guard playing baseball which often ended up in soft giggles.

All was content and Angela got to see vampires playing America's favorite pastime, Rosalie even stopped being mad at Edward, until three nomads came through the clearing. It seemed they were going to play a game and then pass on their way.

At least that was what was thought…

Master always said that vampires that chose a nomadic lifestyle were a bit more feral. They could be proven to be dangerous. One nomad…

An olive skinned vampire that came for a visit to the Volturi, sometime long ago. I was still healing from Felix and Santiago but I remembered how tense the atmosphere was. Usually my Masters were welcoming to all people who visited but as quickly as the vampire was ushered into the throne room, I was quickly ushered out and I never saw the olive skinned man after that.

Whatever attracted Angela to Edward, James, an average yet handsome creature…thought she smelled good too.

"And what of this ambrosia," James said, sniffing the air, his red gaze on me.

"You bite her and it will be the death of all of us…" the olive skinned vampire warned coolly. James raised an eyebrow but heeded the warning. Angela and I hid behind Esme.

So now, James, his mate, a red head named Victoria, whom I found terrifying, was on the hunt for Angela and I was just there for support. Alice and Jasper took the long drive back to Angela's home and I woke in time to see Alice carrying me into the hotel room and placing me gently in the bed. She whispered something but I was so tired that I couldn't recall what she said but I remember the look on her face.


The look she held, reminded me of the many times that it appeared on Renata's face.


Angela had draped an arm over my waist during her sleep and she was mumbling Edward's name. I quickly got out of the bed without rousing her and went to the bathroom. My eyes were still puffy from sleep, my hair, which had grown passed my shoulders and in disarray. I washed my face and when I returned, Angela was still asleep and I sighed softly and looked around the hotel room. It was still relatively dark and Alice and Jasper had gone out. It was a basic hotel room and I spotted a letter from Alice, saying that she and Jasper went out to get food for me and Angela. I took a peek around the rest of the room and poking my head out into a hallway. I then went to the windows where I opened the drapes and saw the skyline. The sky was a dark canvas with few stars splashed on it. I heard my phone buzzing and I quickly went to answer it.

"B-Bella…?" Renata's voice came on the line. It had to be morning back home. It was tentative. I had called her earlier, when we pulled into the hotel parking lot.

I called her because I wanted to hear her voice

"Amore mio, come stai, come va tutto a casa?" I asked.

"It's good to hear your voice. You don't d-don't sound scared," She pointed out. I knew she wasn't near our Masters or the guard. Since I had departed and we were able to communicate better with phones and then cell phones, Renata made it point to go somewhere privately for us to really talk. She didn't go off far or too long.

Vampires sometimes needed space

"H-Home is the s-same. Everyone is missing you a-and R-Renata can't wait to h-hear more about high school!"

I wanted to tell her that I was and about the olive skinned vampire but even though she had this alone time, Master Aro would know what was going on and I would swiftly be taken back home.

"Just excited, really! I've never had a human friend before, especially one that would invite me to her home to meet her mother!" I said, chuckling at how genuine it sounded. I knew I couldn't really get involved with humans even though I had more reason to.

"It wouldn't be too far off for you to be friends with humans. Go shopping, go to prom…" Carlisle once encouraged.

Renata laughed on the other end.

"R-Renata is glad. Be careful, though. You shouldn't get too attached."

"I-I know, I'm just taking advantage while I still can. I've n-never been to Arizona and it's so beautiful here!" I saw Angela sluggishly rise and she looked confused for a moment.

"R-Renata misses Bella-"

"I have to go," I said, hanging up on her.

It hurt to do that.

"Alice and Jasper went to go get us something to eat," I said. As soon as I said it, the door clicked opened and Alice, like a breath of fresh air, rushed in, drooping bags of food and clothes gracefully on the table and hugged me. She then glided over to Angela and hugged her as well. Jasper smiled gently at the both of us but kept his distance.

We spent the duration of our hotel stay, having somewhat of a hotel slumber party. I know Alice and Jasper were trying to keep our minds off of Edward and the others. I texted a quick apology to Renata when I excused myself to the restroom and she replied with forgiveness and how mother was harassing her.

Alice and Jasper told us that we would be able to go home, it seemed they had lost James and the others or that James and the others got bored with the hunt. I was more than overjoyed and Angela quickly called Edward.

I saw her face, which was pale and frightened but I saw how she quickly masked it when her face came in view more.

"Are you alright?" I asked her and she nodded quickly.

"Just happy this is over and I can't wait to see Charlie," she said.

It sounds forced…

I checked Jasper's and Alice's faces and they seemed to take her answer as true but vampires were analytical and saw things for what they really were. They looked at one another quickly but said nothing.

"Instead of driving, I thought we could take the chance and go to the airport. Just to switch it up a bit," Jasper suggested. I could see Angela chewing on her bottom lip and her brow furrowed in worry but once again, before Jasper and Alice could catch on, the look was shielded with a happiness that dripped in fakeness. Alice and Jasper flitted around the room, packing our belongings and answering the phone if Carlisle or one of the others called. I watched Angela as she nervously picked at invisible lint on the comforter, checking her own phone repeatedly and looking up at the clock on the wall in small nervous glances.

Dread filled my stomach…


I stood outside her door, frowning…fighting…

Her door hasn't been opened in over seventy years. Master wanted to keep that way, to preserve her scent.

Renata misses Bella so much…

I wanted her to have her freedom. She needed to have her freedom from the Volturi.

I remembered my childhood and my human years leading up to my immortality. While it wasn't lavish like the children of today, it was humble and full of sunshine and sea air. Even after my immortality, before I came to the Volturi, I still have memories of spending time along the beaches, fascinated with the glitter that scattered across my skin from the sun.

I was free…

Bella was never free after she was whisked away into the underworld. Constantly under the careful watch of the guard and my Masters, Bella never knew what it was like to not be near…

The dead…

Even now, with her thousands of miles away…she was not free. She wasn't by herself…

As if that would ever happen…

Bella had to rely on Carlisle and the Cullens to obtain some kind of semblance of self reliance and to satisfy our Masters.


She was shy when we first met, beautiful, dressed in long flowing green, emeralds and pearls decorated her long auburn hair. Her skin was flushed and she held on for dear life to Chelsea, who had called herself Charmion, at the time. Master Aro had heard of my gift and he and my uncle had corresponded about my joining.

Bella was my uncle's gift

She was never actually given to my uncle for keeps but as a show of appreciation.

We were shy to one another at first, I knew what she was from snippets of my uncle's conversation with others but really found out, truly, when her moans and pleas reached my ears, when the smell of her floral sex filled my nostrils, and the scent of her wine scented blood got caught on my tongue. I was no stranger to the act of sex between human and vampire, my uncle brought many human women home and romanced them before killing them and my mother thought I should let go of my virtues before becoming an immortal.

"Renata…, just relax il mio agnellino..." I shook my head violently, getting the sweet yet poisonous smile of my uncle out of my vision.

Bella was brave enough to curl up next to me in the early mornings and fall into a sleep brought from exhaustion from the night's activities. Sleep did not come to my kind, so I just curled around her and listened to her soft heartbeat.

Thus, starting a friendship and sisterhood that expanded over centuries…

"How long do you plan on standing outside her door?" Felix broke me out of my stupor and I quickly crouched, not to pounce but to cower. He wore a smirk that if I had any blood in my system, it would have froze.


Scares Renata…

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