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Naked Pit & Palutena Meet a Naked Lucina @woodyk
Flying Without Palutena Has Consequences

Lucina flew through the air on a... what the heck? Was she on a surfboard? Kinda looked like one... yep, it was a surfboard she was on. It looked big enough for two people and was colored red almost all over the front, back, top, and bottom. In the front of it, there were also some orange flames and yellow ones too.

Surfing naked aroused Lucina, who shouted excitedly, "WEEEEE! I love surfing in the nude! Where did you even get this, Daddy?"

Pit, who was surfing while as nude as her daughter and standing directly in front of her, grinned, "Let's just say... it's amazing what you can come up with when you're punch-drunk as hell and leave it at that."

"I feel so FREE! The breeze feels soooo fucking good on my naked body!"

"Mine too! The chills from the cool outside air turn me on!"

While Pit's penis hardened from cold night air blowing on his crotch, Lucina's nipples stiffened.

Pit and Lucina were flying naked through various landscapes, and they were pretty fast. They hugged while over towns and cities, they kissed while over grasslands and deserts, they twerked her butts while over beaches, they masturbated while surrounded by clouds, and Pit fingered Lucina while she fondled him as they soared over icy climates.

They stopped at a volcano to have sex right over it. In doggy style, a naked Pit smiled as an equally naked Lucina got on her hands and knees in front of him, then he promptly used his cock to penetrate her vagina. Both nudies moved their bodies to and fro so they could bump into each other. Moans were loud as brunette boy's hips and thighs slapped Lucina's buttocks while his dick went in and out of her pussy. With Pit's sex organ hitting her g-spot, the blue-haired woman groaned with every second she had a sausage in her cunt, "Oh, Pit!"

Likewise, Pit moaned while pounding her and holding onto her, "Lucina, let's make each other feel good!"

"That's exactly what we're doing right now!"

"Then let's keep doing it until both..."



Right when they knew that it was time and that they could hold in their white juices any longer, Pit and Lucina bellowed at the horizon, "... CUM!"

Finally, the angel and the princess climaxed. Pit pulled out of Lucina's vagina to squirt his seed into the volcano's open mouth. As he did, Lucina sat on the edge of the board with her feet dangling over, spread her legs wide, and let herself ejaculate. White sex fluids splashed into the volcano, which rumbled for a second or two, but ultimately nothing happened.

Looking down, Pit giggled, "I'm surprised our cum didn't cause a volcanic eruption."

Lucina giggled back, "Me too."

Pit and Lucina embraced like a father and daughter, but before they could share another kiss...

"You're both so mean, I can't believe you left me here on my lonesome..."

That voice startled the naked people, it was Palutena! Her voice was heard through the surfboard's speakers on the fin. Pit and Lucina could just tell she was pouting from her bitter tone. He desperately tried to say, "L-Lady Palutena, I can explain!"

"Don't even bother, young man! I'll have to punish you two!"

At that moment, she remotely usurped control of Pit's wings and Lucina's surfboard, brought them into outer space... and dumped them right on the motherfucking moon!

Palutena muttered, "Let's see how you two like being abandoned, hmph. Perhaps a little timeout will teach you both a lesson!"


Pit gulped, "I think Lady Palutena's upset... Lucina, what's wrong with you?!"

Lucina felt herself choking even though no one was choking her, the lack of oxygen must have been affecting her as she gasped, "Air... neeeeed AIIIIR!"

Panicking, Pit called Palutena, "Ok, Lady Palutena. W-w-we're sorry! We won't leave you out again!"

However, Palutena firmly stated, "Try saying that again a little later. You haven't spent enough time thinking about your actions."

"Well, Lucina can't breathe on the moon. Can't you just punish us some other way?"


Dying with her face turning as blue as her hair, Lucina weakly choked out as she lost her footing and was down on all fours, "I love you, mom. I love you, dad. Goodbye..."

"Lady Palutena! Lucina's gonna die, you wouldn't just let her perish, would you?!"

Palutena was concerned at the prospect of her stepdaughter suffocating and dying, so she took a little time to think about whether it was really a good idea, but she better hurry...

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