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Naked Pit & Palutena Meet a Naked Lucina @woodyk
Morning Family Sex

Long story short, Pit, Palutena, and Lucina had quite the orgy with breast fondling, nipple pinching, penis sucking, butt squeezing, vagina fingering, and all types of naked body worship in general.

A completely naked Lucina awoke to find her adoptive parents fucking each other.

More specifically, Palutena temporarily brought back that three-foot-long MONSTER futanari cock and was fucking Pit's tight little ass with it. Lucina could make out said cock through the bulge in her "father's" belly as it nearly messed up his internal organs. The goddess of light said as she thrusted deeper into her husband's anus, "How do you feel about THIS, nude dude?"

A lust-drunken Pit cried out with drool coming down his mouth, "M...MOOOOOAAAAAR!!!"

Pit cried in absolute joy, "I'm gonna be destroyed! Do it, milady! Fill my flat tummy! I can feeeeeel it!"

Absently, Lucina began to touch herself under the covers as she watched. Her left hand worked on her damp pussy while her right squeezed the nipple on her right breast. Palutena asked as she started to slow down her fucking after filling Pit with her seed, "What do you think of our new daughter, my nudist love?"

Pit smiled, "Lucina is wonderful, Lady Palutena. I never knew humans like her loved being wholly naked just as much as we do."

"She's also pretty sexy too!"

Lucina froze before Pit choked out, "S-sexy?!"

"Don't hide it from me, my nudie cutie. I know you find her attractive because I saw how you always became erect when looking at her."

At a loss for words, Pit stuttered, "F-fo-forgive me, Lady Palutena! I-I-I couldn't help it, it's just that Luci-"

Palutena laughed and assured him, "Don't worry, dear. To be honest, I'm attracted to her just as much as you are. I never thought a human could make me SO hard and wet between the legs!"

Nervously, Pit giggled, "Hee hee. I like how we both agree that she's so beautiful in the buff."

"Jeez, Pit. What is it with you and liking girls who are way out of your league, streaking stud?"

"But Lady Palutena, girls think I'm a handsome and cute naked boy, don't they? Don't they giggle at my small penis and boyish bottom when we streak in public?"

"That doesn't mean they're not leagues above you, Pit. They mostly likely only giggle and compliment your body to make you feel good about yourself, but women have different standards when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Some females prefer males with smaller cocks, some gals prefer dudes with larger ones. I might be satisfied with your pathetic excuse of what defines you as a man since I'm your wife and your goddess, but our new daughter might not even come close to being satisfied. Lucina might crush your pathetic little balls so not even YOU will get to feel good between the legs anymore."

Pit's five-inch erect cock abruptly came all over the sheets, showing how much he LOVED it when his wife playfully mocked his tiny excuse for a manhood. It also showed how much of a fetish he had for letting her belittle him and make him feel like a dork. Then Pit gasped in afterglow, "I really hope she does that to me, Lady Palutena. Someone like me doesn't deserve to soil your lovely feminine image with my insignificant, puny, unsatisfying-"

Suddenly, Lucina let out a loud cry as she orgasmed all over the sheets and under the covers. The two naked parents froze and slowly looked towards their adopted daughter, who was now wide awake as she pulled herself from out under the covers, her womanhood glistening from how she was constantly masturbating. A lust-crazed Lucina said with hearts in her eyes, "Hey, you two. Is there room for one more in this sexy scene? After all, incest is best!"

Lucina hungrily licked her lips as Pit and Palutena looked at their hot and sweaty daughter. The goddess smirked, "Only if you think you can handle it, dear."

In anticipation, Pit said, "Yeah, Pumpkin. Unlike you, we don't require food, water, or sleep!"

"At least, not as much as mortals do."

Looking at her parents' cocks hungrily, Lucina giggled, "Don't worry, I used to have sex with the horses in my stable while everyone else was asleep and I still woke up refreshed every fucking day!"

Palutena smiled, "Well, go on, honey. Fuck us like your life depends on it."

"I shall, mom and dad! I shall!"

With her left hand, Lucina fondled Pit's tiny penis while Palutena's enormous one was handled by Lucina's right hand. There was one time where the blue-haired woman took the dicks of her mother and father and made them touch tips, cooing, "Aw. Look, mom and dad. Your penises are kissing. Mwah mwah mwah."

Feeling their urethras making contact combined with their daughter making kissing sounds made the naked angel and goddess laugh with Lucina. Smiling at each other, Pit and Palutena kissed with the brown-haired angel cupping the breasts of his green-haired goddess.

While Pit and Palutena kissed, Lucina twirled their cocks in a circular motion as they rubbed against each other before making them slap each other, kind of like two swords clashing in a sword fight.

Getting close to orgasm, Pit helped Lucina fondle Palutena while the goddess helped her daughter fondle the angel.

When Pit climaxed, his cum only hit Palutena's breasts, stomach, and vagina in that order. None of it hit her face, so the goddess of light had to scoop some of her angel's semen and smear it all over her beautiful face.

On the other hand, Palutena had no problem covering Pit's face in her cum. In fact, her seed didn't land anywhere else except a little bit landing in his brown hair. Looking down at themselves and each other, Palutena giggled at Pit, "Your pee-pee is small, but it's still sooooooo cute and sensitive enough to ejaculate easily, hubby."

Pit giggled back, "Thanks, sweetie. I get so turned on when you playfully disparage me, and I like how all of your body parts put mine to shame."

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