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Naked Pit & Palutena Meet a Naked Lucina @woodyk
Tying Up Loose Ends

Days after the road trip came to end, Pit, Palutena, and Lucina went back to spending their days walking around naked in the temple, masturbating, watching porn, and having sex as a family.

While Dark Pit and Pandora had met Pit and Palutena's daughter, they remembered that Viridi and Phosphora have yet to do so, so Palutena called the nature girls and asked them if they wanted to meet Lucina, they said yes.

In Viridi's garden, she and Phosphora met the blue-haired woman, both shaking and wolf-whistling with the goddess of nature saying, "Looking good."

Then the nymph said, "Damn, Pit is a super lucky nudist boy to have a family with a smoking hot nudist gal as his wife and one as his daughter."

Lucina giggled, "Aren't I beautiful?"

The boy with brown hair and the woman with green hair agreed.

Viridi noticed Phosphora's gaze drifting to the appendage on the goddess of light's crotch area and asked her wife, "What is it, Phosphora?"

"Why does Palutena have a penis?"

Pit explained, "Have you heard of futanari?"

"No. What is it?"

Palutena elaborated, "Basically, it means a woman with man's sex organ. Sometimes, I have it. Sometimes, I don't."

Phosphora was full of intrigue, "I want to try it out. I always wondered what it would be like to have an actual cock. Can you use your powers to give me something like that?"

"Consider it done."

A white light enveloped the lightning nymph's blonde pubic hairs, and when it faded, Phosphora officially had a dick. It was above the average size with eight inches in a flaccid state and gradually growing to one whole foot as it hardened. She gasped as she felt it her hand, "This. Is. AWESOME! I always wanted to do something with the real deal."

Then Palutena asked Viridi, "Do you want a futa cock too?"

"Uh... no thank you."

"Your loss."

"I honestly don't think I'm missing much."

The nude goddess sat her butt down on the ground and rubbed her pussy, smiling at Phosphora and looking at her futa member. Coming forward, the nude nymph leaned against Viridi, pushing her down on the ground and grinning, Phosphora then pushed her length into Viridi's vagina, slowly plunging straight into her opening and just like that, their world changed as Viridi hissed between moans, "This feels good."

Viridi and Phosphora kissed while the taller woman raised Viridi's smooth legs in the air and fucked her with deep, passionate strokes in the missionary position. The shorter woman lied there and took it, moaning softly as her wife wildly fucked the hell out of her. At the same time, Pit, Palutena, Lucina masturbated their penises while they watched, the boy giggled whenever the women giggled at how much smaller his cock was compared to their futa dicks. As Phosphora pounded Viridi, it amazed the angel, goddess, and Ylissean as the three of them kept pumping themselves.

While Viridi tried to relax and enjoy, the moaning made her feel too good, and she just had to cum any minute now. She moaned, "Hurry up and fuck me, honey."

Phosphora moaned back, "That's exactly what I intend to do. Man, I love having a man's penis for the first time."

"I'm glad you're having fun."

When Phosphora gently placed a hand on Viridi's cheek, Viridi giggled as Phosphora softly caressed her cute face. Viridi licked her own lips and then licked Phosphora's lips. Once Phosphora licked her own lips and then licked Viridi's lips, the blonde could see pure lust in Viridi's eyes as the taller gal continued to fuck the hell out of her lesbian wife. They kissed and kissed and kissed on the lips and cheeks. What they were doing felt so excited that they couldn't stop kissing.

Viridi moaned and squealed, "Fuck me, fuck my naked pussy."

Happy to oblige, Phosphora slammed the dildo into Viridi's cunt. She was going to town on her, and they both were absolutely loving every second of it. Gripping her goddess's breasts, the electric nymph squeezed them, causing Viridi to let out a shocked little gasp. As Phosphora sucked on Viridi's nipples, the shorter wife sighed happily, reveling in how she was pleasured by her taller wife.

The 4'7" female then noticed the 5'7" one leaning back and lying on her back, Phosphora pulled Viridi to her so she could do the cowgirl. Viridi even talked like one while riding Phosphora, "Yeehaw! Ride 'em, cowgirl!"

Then, Viridi opted to do to Phosphora what she did to her, squeezing Phosphora's breasts and pinching her nipples while kissing all over her face, mostly her lips and cheeks as Viridi pleaded, "Fuck me doggy style, please."

Pit, Palutena, and Lucina all encouraged that with the boy chanting, "What Viridi said. Pound her from behind, Phosphora."

Smiling, Phosphora thought that was a great idea and was flattered that the audience thought the same thing. The naked blondes repositioned themselves, Viridi was on her hands and knees, her face was looking down and her butt pointed up.

Viridi shook her round and adorable bum for Phosphora, awaiting to be fucked from behind with that big penis. Phosphora admired Viridi's very cute little bottom, Viridi's buttocks seemed big and round for someone as tall as her, and they were also so gorgeously smooth and firm that they would make a lot of women green with envy.

In Viridi's opinion, the only woman that wouldn't be put to shame by Viridi's lovely bottom was Phosphora. She felt that no one came close to having a bare bottom like hers or her Phosphora's... except for maybe Palutena and Pandora... and now Lucina was a close contender.

After a while of staring at Viridi's thicc ass, Phosphora requested, "Twerk that booty for me, Viridi. Show me that you can twerk."

Grinning, Viridi shook her naked butt, putting on a little show for her nude blonde wife. Laughing, Phosphora caressed Viridi's bottom and then softly kissed around her derriere, mostly on the top of her butt crack. Rubbing her thingy, the blonde pushed it into Viridi's pussy and resumed fucking her. The loud, passionate moan that shot out of Viridi's mouth was sweet music to Phosphora's ears. Panting, moaning and begging for it, Viridi begged, "Fuck me."

Phosphora gripped Viridi's hips and thrust into her, burying herself deep in her pussy. Viridi squealed and Phosphora laughed while fucking her wife with gusto. They went at it passionately and the action did not stop until cum came out of them. After gallons of juices blasted out of Phosphora's futa appendage and poured out of Viridi's pinkness, they got weak in the knees and lied down next to each other on the ground.

Lying on her back again, Phosphora let Viridi cuddle on top, and the two women kissed.

Right after that, the naked boy and women all ejaculated. Pit's seed came out in pathetically small spurts. Once, twice, thrice, quarce, he was done. Palutena's jets of semen were ten times bigger than her husband's, and Lucina's were five times bigger than Pit's. As the brunette's blasts landed on the ground, the green-haired woman got cum on Viridi's back and butt while the blue-haired female spurted on Phosphora's hip and arm. Now empty, the trio of nudies sat down and cuddled as the five of them slowly regained energy.

After sex, Palutena froze with shock, telling her husband and daughter, "Uh, Pit? Lucina?"

Pit asked with concern, "What's wrong, Lady Palutena?"

"You know about the car we bought that got stolen? We never got it back."

Both Pit and Lucina froze with shock, the former saying, "Oh no! How are we gonna get it back?!"

Lucina said, "I think I know someone who can help."

Standing up, Lucina hugged Viridi and Phosphora, kissing them on the lips and whispering, "It was nice meeting you two."

Both blondes whispered, "Likewise. See you three later."

The trio warped to the inside of Futaba's pyramid. Lucina was a bit confused when she saw the regular Futaba now, "Where's the other Futaba?"

Futaba answered, "Monster me is off duty today. She and I take turns with the globe and computer."

"Oh. Well, we need to find a stolen sports car my family purchased."

"I'll need details."

"Ok, it's a red 2023 sports coupe, uh..."

Palutena went on, "I know what it looked like. It's a Lexus LC Hybrid."

"Computer, locate red 2023 Lexus LC Hy- wait. By any chance, do any of you know the license plate?"

No worried, Palutena did, "1NES986."

"Computer, locate red 2023 Lexus LC Hybrid with license plate 1NES986."

After some beeping and flashing, the computer announced, "1 match found."

Their car was located in Los Angeles. Specifically, outside of Chinatown. The trio of exhibitionists warped to their car, confronting the thief as Pit gasped at a redhead in a pink dress and matching high heels, "Fujiko Mine?!"

Fujiko grinned, "So you found me."

"But why did you steal our car?!"

"I'm a seductress and a thief, it's what I do."

Pit nervously asked, "Is there anything we can do to have it back?"

"You want it back, huh?"

"Lady Palutena is a goddess, she can magically make enough money to have you set for life."

"Tempting, but there is something else I want."

"What's that?"

"You. I want you to do me."

Palutena told Pit, "Looks like you're up, hubby. Do it to get our car back."

A naked Pit stood in front of Fujiko, who checked him out down there, "Yikes, how small is that? Actually, don't answer."

To sweeten the deal, a naked Palutena assured the sexy criminal, "Don't worry, what Pit lacks in size, he makes up for in childlike enthusiasm and sensitivity that makes him a total squirter."

Pit's pee-pee was hard as a rock as his member pointed right at Fujiko. She removed her clothes quickly so her nakedness could really ramp up his arousal, making his penis point at her face. All she wore was her gun holster.

To start, Fujiko kneeled down to be at eye level with his glans, kissing around his scrotum and inner thighs. He was almost needing to sit down as he leaned back against the left front car door, shivering as his bare bottom smooshed against the metallic surface. Reality fell away when Fujiko had Pit's penis in her mouth and the fullness of her lips tantalized the soft skin of his cock. She teased him like crazy with licks and sucks masterfully working his head and touching him everywhere on that private. It was so good as Pit moaned, "You are incredible."

Palutena and Lucina (with their futa privates gone for now) were tribbing their penis-less vaginas while they watched. Sitting on their bodacious buttocks, Palutena's green pubes clashed with Lucina's blue ones. As the daughter wrapped her legs around her mother's waist and arms around the goddess's neck, the green-haired woman wrapped her legs around her the blue-haired woman's ass and her arms around her back. They moved their bodies to rub their pussies together and flick their clits.

Slowly but surely, Pit's desperation for an orgasm made it harder and harder to stand the goodness of Fujiko's pleasure. While sucking him faster, she was looking up at his blue eyes with her brown ones. Pit felt her vibrations, her horny and unrelenting moans around his puny dick, and they caused him to twitch as he needed more pleasure.

Gathering her orange hair in one fist and clenching his butt with his other hand, he gently pushed her head down. Fujiko kept moving up and down, being fucked in the face with his miniature dick. Her lips glided from the base to the glans and back, over and over as she briefly paused her blowjob to say, "You and your friends look really good in the buff."

"Thanks, but they're actually family."

From where Pit was standing, Lucina and Palutena were beside him and asked him to turn so they could see him wiggle his butt, the goddess was also leaning back against the car as she clenched the right butt cheek while Lucina grabbed her father's left buttock. Fujiko reached up to pinch his nipples. The boy with brown hair was more tantalized than the three women that messed around with his nether regions. Each times his cheeks were slapped and every time his nipples were pinched, he yelped. The naked goddess's grip on his booty was the firmest.

Again, Fujiko stopped for a short time to compliment Pit, "Fuck, you're almost perfect for a boy, despite your manhood being a joke. Cute feet, smooth skin, firm butt, kissable face, toned stomach, you're quite the chick magnet. I bet all the ladies think you're too attractive to not get their hands on you."

Pit moaned, "They do."

He twitched as he thought about how freaking good he would feel when he finally got that release. His squeals turned into moans as Fujiko's sucking got more aggressive. She was also rubbing the naked angel's crotch with her nose, right where his pubes would be if he wasn't so smooth all the time. Plus, his scrotum and testicles slapped her chin.

Everyone's moans turned loud and long; the thief determined to make the boy cum as he asked, "You're not gonna cum?"

"Nah, I need to save my energy for today's agenda."


They didn't know how much longer they could last because everything just felt so damn incredible. While Pit had the hands of his wife and daughter roaming around his bare bottom constantly, he was sucked nonstop. Palutena and Lucina tribbed while groping Pit's butt with one hand each and balancing with their free hands. Fujiko was spinning her tongue in circles over the entirety of his shaft to make his moans louder. All the ladies loved his desperation as Lucina announced, "I think I'm gonna cum!"

In response, Palutena declared, "Me too, sweetie. Your dad seems close to squirting too."

Right on cue, their nude bodies shook, and they all completely lost their rhythms since they were unable to take it anymore. Pit climaxed into the stealing seductress and had her ingest his cum as his family had their vulvas squirting on the floor.

Pit and Palutena lied back against the car door, Lucina lied down on their laps. As they panted, Pit asked, "Can we have the car back now?"

Fujiko lied, "Nope. I was never going to do that. Psych."

"You promised!"

Smirking, Palutena said, "I read your mind and knew all along you were gonna weasel out of the agreement. That's why I called the cops on you."

That shocked Fujiko, "WHAT?!"

Sirens were heard, blaring louder every second as the goddess taunted, "And I also used my magic to hide my car from you."


Police cars sped onto the scene, forming a roadblock and trapping Fujiko Mine while yelling, "Freeze!"

Still naked, she escaped on a moped that she planted for emergencies, but not before glaring at and flipping off the family of nudists. With the small motorcycle, she zoomed past the cops that ran towards her, hopping over the cop cars and speeding away.

Palutena used her magic to clean the car before returning it to the dealership. Now all loose ends were tied up.

Naked in the master bedroom, Pit, Palutena, and Lucina happily cuddled, kissed, and caressed themselves and each other. They were all content with nothing to worry about. Whatever adventures they would go on in their birthday suits next, they had all the time in the world to think about it. Before sleeping, they cooed to one another, "I love you."


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