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Naked Pit & Palutena Meet a Naked Lucina @woodyk
Naked Road Trip (Part 3)

Caution: Blood and gore in this chapter. Avoid if you don't like mutilation.

A naked Pit, a nude Palutena, and a bare Lucina winded up in Egypt from hitching a ride from a beat-up RV that had maladjusted tires with missing hubcaps, a broken headlight, a broken taillight, and there was rust on at least 75% of the recreational vehicle. The couple that drove it looked attractive and friendly, but the nudists guessed the drivers were extremely lazy when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

Also, it stank a lot in the RV. An air freshener was plugged in, but it was empty, rendering it useless in eliminating unpleasant odors. It got so unbearable that Pit, Palutena, and Lucina begged them to pull over, saying that they would walk the rest of the way.

In the middle of the desert, the naked boy and two naked women saw nothing but sand, cacti, and a long line of concrete that was the road. Being in a harshly hot area, the nudies still sweated like pigs despite not wearing any clothes. Out of water, Lucina and Palutena often milked Pit's penis to stay hydrated. Magically making three water bottles appear out of thin air, Palutena would use her staff to have magic sparkles appear around the boy's private and make his seed spill out to fill up the bottles. Even with cum to drink, it wasn't enough to make them stop panting.

It was eventually nighttime. Thankfully, it was still warm as Palutena conjured up a massive mattress that was big enough for three. Lying down, they didn't like how their sweat smelled either as Pit cringed, "Ugh, we stink."

Pit's comment made Palutena smell herself and gag, "Yeah, but it can't be as bad as inside that filthy RV, right?"

Palutena's question was answered by Lucina, "Right, but your magic can clean us up, can't it?"

Pit and Palutena looked at each other before the goddess said, "It can, but your dad and I want to have sweaty sex first."

Lucina nodded and closed her eyes, then felt some creature spit on her face. She opened her eyes and saw a camel's mouth right above her. Standing up and wiping her face, Lucina looked at the camel and smiled as she gave it a big hug before kissing its mouth.

On the mattress, Pit and Palutena sat on their butts and hugged, the boy wrapped his arms around the woman's shoulders while hers were around his waist. Feeling their sweaty nakedness making contact with each other, they didn't mind the wet feeling or the smell of their smooth armpits, telling one another, "We're horny, butt-naked, and want to experience the pleasure of having our private parts touched inappropriately by the other."

Sharing a passionate kiss on the lips, the goddess groped Pit's cock and butt while the angel stroked Palutena's breasts and vagina. As they kissed each other's cheeks, the husband and wife tasted the perspiration of the other partner, and they tolerated the tastes. Feeling their genitals being fondled made them moan louder. Pit felt his toned chest, flat tummy, and tiny cock against Palutena's bare boobs, stomach, and crotch. Still, they were a bit damp.

Both of them broke away after a few minutes, Pit smiled wide as Palutena flicked his dick, "Boy, this place is hot, isn't it, Lady Palutena?"

"Yes, it is."

"I think Lucina, you, and I are even hotter."

"That's right, deserts can't be as hot as the bods of a nude boy and two nude women."

"Kissing without any clothes on is still so exciting and freeing as always."

Then Palutena laid Pit down on his back with his bare butt squished against the mattress and opened his legs wide, responding, "Cum time, nudie cutie."

When Palutena trailed her right index finger all across Pit's nakedness, his feet were tickled as she let her finger glide around from his head to around his belly button and down to his adorably tiny pee-pee. His bare skin developed goosebumps as she stroked his unclothed body. He returned the affection by letting two of his own fingers provide feather touches to Palutena's vagina, hips, thighs, and butt crack when she got in a 69 over him.

As she then kissed and licked every inch of his naked form, mostly kissing his crotch, she sucked on and licked his dick harder and reached her hands under his buttocks to knead them as Pit moaned louder from the added pleasure, "Lady Palutena, make me cum!"

She reacted, "Only if you make me orgasm with you!"


Soon enough, Pit and Palutena made a sensation build up in each other's crotch with the help of manual stimulation. When it felt like they had to pee, Pit screamed, "Lady Palutena, I... I... I never learned how to read!"

In response, Palutena gasped, "Neither did I, Pit!"

However, instead of pee, Pit's penis and Palutena's vagina let out loads of cum. They came, and they each spilled a huge load of semen, Pit's seed puffed up Palutena's cheeks while hers squirted and sprayed his face. Licking semen off of their own lips, they both smiled, "Scrumptious."

Pit was out cold immediately after, Palutena had just enough energy to move her body to lie down next to Pit and cuddle with him in slumber.

Meanwhile, Lucina watched as the camel's prepuce was flattened from side to side and triangular in shape as she viewed it laterally. The Ylissean princess grinned, "I enjoy seeing the erection of the penis occur, the cranial prepucial muscles are pulling the prepuce, and also the penis, forward from their backward position."

Lucina's hands moved in a slow, tender and sensuous way down the camel's body. From the front hump to the back one, she thought of riding it later as she went for the penis, whispering loud enough for the camera to head, "We're not so different, camel. Humans and camels are both mammals. You wear no clothes, and I'm naked too, so we're more alike than I thought."

After caressing her breasts, stomach, and vagina, Lucina kneeled down to let boobs touch the camel's penis and soon her nipples were erect as she pinched them. When Lucina got on all fours to stick the animal's sex organ in her vulva, the camel sat down a little to accommodate the unclothed princess. Fascinated with the camel's willingness to mate with her, Lucina moaned while moving her hips to take in the sex organ. Looking to her left and her right, she saw no other male camels coming for the one fucking her now to drive away.

The woman with blue moaned as the camel pounding her from behind was having sex with her like she was a female camel, "I guess I'm kind of like a camel, one with no humps or fur. On a side note, I like to think that Palutena and I would likely have a camel toe even without tight clothes, and that Pit can still have a mooseknuckle despite wearing nothing to cover his cock."

By that time, Lucina's sopping pussy was making the camel's dick all wet. Feeling crazed and gasping for air, the way her G-spot was stimulated eventually caused Lucina to orgasm. She let out a scream as she climaxed. Once the waves of pleasure finally passed, Lucina collapsed on the sand and crawled to the mattress to join her naked mother and father and sleep with them. The camel left, Lucina forgot to ride it like she wanted, but she was too tired to care.

Being the first to wake up the next morning, Palutena regrew her LARGE futanari cock and filled all three of their water bottles with urine to help everyone stay hydrated. Pit and Lucina woke up, and the streaking trio got themselves washed and dried with the goddess's staff before they continued their trek.

Before long, Pit, Palutena, and Lucina encountered a giant anthill that's inhabited by giant red ants known as Siafu. Palutena warned Pit and Lucina, "Everyone, I advise you both to stay away from these deadly insects because the Siafu ants eat humans!"

Pit was scared and agreed obediently, "I will, Lady Palutena! Anything to avoid certain death!"

Lucina, on the other hand, wanted to re-experience being torn apart Hellraiser-style as she stated, "I'm eagerly making my way to the hill and offer myself up."

Palutena was genuinely horrified by Lucina throwing caution to the wind, "No! Lucina! I forbid it! COME BACK!"

However, as she used her staff to drag Lucina away, the princess dodged the magic blasts and sparkles. When she jumped into the swarm, it was too late. Plus, the swarm was capable of carrying a full-grown human back to their nest, and it even avoided Palutena's magic to make it harder to take Lucina from them. Pit would have gone after them, but he took his wife seriously about staying away from the army ants. Some of them stayed behind to keep the naked angel and goddess busy as Pit groaned, "Ants, why did it have to be ants?!"

Inside the anthill, Lucina was quickly being engulfed as they ants went into her mouth, eyes, ears, nose, and even her butthole. She was eaten alive by the ants inside and out. Their jaws were strong enough to break Lucina's skin as the ones inside her bit her internal organs, making her bleed out and fall apart. Lucina was screaming, not out of fear, but out of delight as she was enjoying it. Blood poured spread all over the place as guts and bones were being uncovered.

Tired of being overwhelmed, Palutena put a stop to all the annoying inconveniences by slamming her staff on the ground, making an immensely large blinding light vaporize the ants all at once, but leaving the nude angel and goddess unharmed. Pit and Palutena then yelled, "CHARGE!"

Both the naked brown-haired boy and the naked green-haired woman spearheaded into the anthill, the goddess using her magic light to bathe the inside with pure whiteness and kill every single ant. As the white light was gone, so were the insects. Before being wiped out, the ants left behind Lucina's skeleton and nothing else. An irritated Palutena used her staff to bring her back to life. Lucina's insides were reconstructed with her vital organs like her heart and brain being put in back in their proper place. Then Lucina's reproductive system, nerves, muscles, tendons, spinal cord, and her skin were all good as new, every part of her naked body was.

Once she was resurrected, Lucina looked down her nudity and smiled at how her breasts and vagina looked the same before looking back to see that her buttocks were nice and thicc once again. Palutena then slightly tanned her daughter's hide before chiding her, "For crying out loud, Lucina. What's wrong with you?! We don't want to lose you for good."

Looking a little guilty for upsetting her parents, Lucina apologized, "I'm sorry, I just like doing dangerous stuff. Plus, you're capable of bringing me back from the dead, aren't you?"

Pit said, "That doesn't mean you should keep risking your life and losing it. Doing so over and over gets agitating."

Palutena begged, "Please don't get yourself killed ever again."

Lucina hugged Palutena and assured her, "I won't. I promise I'll stop."

"Thank you."

Exiting the anthill, Pit, Palutena, and Lucina soon stumbled upon a tomb what looked like the ancient Egyptian-themed Amara Kingdom. The naked trio entered the tomb that resembled and Egyptian palace, thinking there could be some sort of treasure inside.

However, before treasures were all sorts of booby traps like those in a Crash Bandicoot tomb-themed level. Slippery, oily floors that could make people slip and fall into a pit of spikes were among the first types of traps to be triggered. Thankfully, Palutena's staff magic helped the three of them gain traction, maintain balance, and fly over the spikes. There was also a large and bottomless hole, but the goddess warped everyone to the other side.

On the floor, there were rows of holes where spears would spring out and jab anyone foolish enough to try to make it across. A single poke could hurt them and make them fly up to the ceiling and cling onto it for dear life, so they just teleported to the other side of the booby trap. Then, the three nudies met three mummies. Defeating those mummies was effortless because all it took was a single punch to make them collapse. Finally, there were walls with holes for firing tranquilizer darts when an intrusion was detected, Palutena used her staff to make two-sided barrier to protect herself and the others.

When they made it to the throne room, a voice said, "Halt! Who goes there?"

That voice was revealed to be a well-toned young adult female with black hair and blue eyes. Despite her young appearance, she originally lived thousands of years ago. Carrying an Egyptian-themed motif, the woman was adorned with an elegant golden headpiece with a cobra at its center, a jeweled breast plate that reached only midway through her bust along with blue and white striped panties below a translucent cloth at her front. Her arms were also wrapped with a white cloth bandage that could be used as weapons.

Pit was surprised as the woman showed herself, "Menace? From Queen's Blade? Is that you?"

"Yes. It is I."

"Oh my God! It's an honor to be in your presence!"

"Thank you. It's nice to meet a fan."

Lucina asked, "Who is Menace?"

Palutena explained, "She was a princess that was betrayed by her most trusted adviser. This must be her palace, the same one where she was trapped inside and perished. After being brought back to life by the Swamp Witch, she took part in a tournament that was held once every four years to determine a Queen. That quadrennial tournament was called Queen's Blade. Pit and I fondly remember reading the gamebooks and watching the anime."

Menace then asked, "Why are you three... naked?"

Smiling cutely, Pit answered, "We're family of nudists that like being naked and having sex all the time."

"I see. Well, I have a servant that also has a lust for sexual activity."

That servant was an ornate black staff, with the top part acting as his head, with cat like ears. It was standing nearby as Menace picked it up and said to it, "Setra, we have some fans."

Setra's eyes widened, "Me-he-he-ow! Two smoking hot ladies in the nude are right here!"

Pit greeted, "Hi, Setra. We-"

"Don't care what your names are. I just wanna get my hands on the naked ladies."

Menace pointed out, "You don't have hands, Setra."

"I can still elongate my body to give both of them attention."

Then Menace gave the intro, "This is Setra, my loyal servant and adviser."

Setra then said, "Come on, get to the orgy part!"

Since Setra was intent on being with Palutena and Lucina, Menace let him be and turned to Pit, whose cock disappeared completely into Menace's mouth as she stripped all of her clothes to be nude as everybody else. Lucina and Palutena sat down next to each other to let the living weapon do his thing.

In addition to all of her sorceress powers, Menace had the ability to make Setra more flexible. Because of that, the scepter effortlessly inserted his bottom end into Lucina's vagina while his head was kissing Palutena's, giving them incredible waves of pleasure. Palutena reached out for her daughter's breast and squeezed it, Lucina reacted by squeezing one of her mother's breasts back.

Setra slid itself in and out of Lucina. Slowly at first, then faster, then slow again. The green-haired female kissed the blue-haired one to make them moan and gasp, Lucina's cunt was so fucking wet from penetration and so was Palutena's from cunnilingus.

Meanwhile, Pit and Menace were busy masturbating together from seeing the erotic display. Occasionally, the naked Egyptian princess sucked Pit's dick and let herself be dumbfounded over how small his cock was, she stifled a giggle, "I'm sorry, is your penis always this tiny?"

Pit shrugged, "Not always. It was bigger a while ago, but 1 inch when soft and 2 inches when hard are my original lengths."

"How did you get a woman with big breasts to marry you?"

Palutena answered for him, "I like boys with small cocks, anything miniature is cute and makes giggle out of adoration."

Back to masturbating, the goddess of light and the Ylissean princess stroked each other's private parts as Setra switched to having his mouth on Palutena's vulva and his length in Lucina's before repeating his actions.

While that happened, Menace got on all fours and spread her legs wide. Pit could see the glistening wetness of her cunt and he couldn't wait to see his cock enter that wetness. Slowly, he inserted the tip and smiled at her as he started moving his hips back and forth.

The Ylissean princess softly kissed the goddess's lips as Palutena poked Lucina's navel and vice versa.

Really, the five of them soaked in all the things they were doing, Menace getting as naked as the three beings that unexpectedly entered her palace, a dick going into a mouth and into a pussy, a head on a stick penetrating and mouthing two pussies, and two female family members kissing, it was a total party. Lucina moaned in Palutena's mouth as Pit's cock was buried deep in Menace's wet cunt.

Still sitting on their naked butts, Palutena and Lucina placed a palm on the other's cheek while they cupped their own breasts with their free hands as Setra still pleasured both of their cunts at once.

Pit put his hands on either side of Menace's hips, and he was now fucking her wildly.

All five of them knew that soon they would all cum except for the sentient scepter. Menace's breath came faster, as did Lucina's, as did Pit's, and as did Palutena's.

Now, Pit pulled Menace towards his cock, which was wet from her cunt. Pit's cum spurted out and he pulled his penis away from Menace's vagina to reward the Egyptian with the thick, delicious liquid from his member.

At the same time, Palutena finally got to the point of orgasm with Setra's mouth, but not before Lucina's pussy squirted hot white cum a few seconds after the staff pulled himself out. When they came, they lowered their head to ingest one another's woman juice.

Once everyone was dry, they all lied down and cuddled for a while. Only Setra was not tired. When they regained the strength to stand up, the woman with green hair gave the woman with blue hair a kiss on the cheek and hugged Lucina before saying to Menace, "If you want, I can help you pass on to the afterlife."

Menace asked, "What do you mean by that?"

"You can meet us again when we get back to our temple in Skyworld. We can make you a place to live up in the clouds, and you can leave any troubles you have so you can live a relaxing life forever."

"You know, that is an amazing idea. Do it."

A light shone on Menace with Setra in her hand. Dark clouds surrounded a small hole with a divine light that lifted Menace and Setra upwards. The clouds and light went away when Menace and Setra were out of sight.

Unknown to Pit and Palutena, Lucina was now possessed by Menace's half-sister "Futaba" from Persona 5, who wanted to experience life outside the tomb before joining her sister Menace in Skyworld.

The trio caught a camel to ride to their next destination. Lucina rode it by humping the space between the two humps. Along the way, Pit asked, "Lady Palutena?"

"What is it, nude dude?"

"Do you ever think about having us and Lucina play in a tournament for a videogame contest or a game show?"

"Did Menace's presence in a tournament give you that idea?"


"Hmmm. We should definitely consider finding a tag-team tournament to compete in after this road trip, we'd definitely win with our indestructible bonds of love and our teamwork skills. My magic can even help us subtly cheat."

"Hee hee."

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