Naked Pit and Palutena Meet a Naked Lucina @woodyk
Lucina Enters Skyworld...and Now She Never Wants to Leave

One day, Lady Palutena laid within the hot springs in all her naked glory. Recently, she added a new appendage to her body... a MONSTER-sized Futanari cock, which she was taking for a spin on her angel servant/lover/plaything, Pit. Sometimes, she had the massive penis on her crotch. Sometimes, she didn't.

The eternally naked angel was deepthroating the eternally nude goddess, sucking his wife's cock like it was nothing. Lady Palutena's cock was SO big that his hard-on that he was currently stroking was nothing in comparison because it was below the average size for an erection. Not that Pit minded, his lover was a goddess, so he believed that everything of his should be pathetic in comparison to her glory (granted, Pit was a masochist and a glutton for punishment with absolutely NO shame whatsoever, so what he thought was best taken with a grain of salt).

He believed that she should exceed him in every single way. That meant Palutena used her powers to modify her body and make all of her body parts bigger and stronger than Pit's. Her long green hair was much longer than his spiky brown hair, Palutena's G-cup breasts were significantly bigger than Pit's pectorals, her nipples and areolas were larger in diameter, and her buttocks were more thicc.

Plus, Palutena was taller than Pit, she had longer arms and legs, she had bigger hands and feet, she had larger fingers and toes, her belly button was bigger, her waist was curvier, and her neck was longer and thicker. On Palutena's beautiful face, her green eyes were wider than Pit's blue ones, her nose and ears were larger than his, and her head was bigger.

Comparing crotch areas, Pit's penis looked not only cleanly shaven, but also Brazilian waxed. He was always absolutely hairless down there because with Palutena's magic, she made his crotch stay bald. On the other hand, Palutena had a neatly trimmed patch of green pubic hair and used her magic powers to prevent her girl fur from growing. That way, Palutena's vagina wouldn't ever need any additional shaving or waxing.

Finally, Pit's pee-pee was only three inches in length when soft and five when hard with two little testicles in his scrotum, but Palutena's penis was exactly three feet long either way and her scrotum had four...big...balls.

In addition to being bigger and stronger than Pit in every way, Palutena had a more assertive and dominant personality while he was submissive and timid as they come. Also, her IQ was way higher than his, but that was established long ago.

After all, Pit was Palutena's servant and obeying her every command was as natural for the naked boy as breathing, even after killing Hades and having no more missions as a result since humans were no longer required to be protected from anything or anyone. He also knew that even though they were thousands of years old, the naked woman was always delighted when he behaved like a shy and awkward little boy for her amusement.

Palutena asked with a smirk, "Are you enjoying your treat, nude dude?"

Pit eagerly replied with his mouth full of goddess cock, "MMMM-HMMMMM!"

"Well, get ready, love, because I am just about... ready... to..."

Before the goddess could finish her sentence, a flash of light filled the spring, blinding the two temporarily and making them stop what they were doing. When the light faded, the nudist duo saw a beautiful woman with long blue hair crouching down in the springs... she was also fully naked from head to toe for all to see.

Reactions were swift as Pit panicked, "Get behind me, Lady Palutena! There is an unknown woman right there. She might be an enemy!"

Seeing the intruder, the goddess got behind her angel without hesitation and squatted down a bit so the stranger wouldn't see her. Palutena then put her hands on Pit's shoulders. The blue-haired woman stood up and gasped while looking down at her unclothed self. As she saw herself nude from head to toe, she freaked out, "AHHHHH! I'm naked! Where are my clothes?! Did they not warp with me?!"

When the woman with blue hair covered her breasts and vagina out of embarrassment while staying in one spot to look around her new surroundings, Palutena was still trying to make herself cum by wedging her cock between his inner thighs. She moaned from feeling friction on her penis as it poked out from between his legs, and it aimed right at the woman that unexpectedly ended up in Skyworld. After a while of wiggling her legs, grinding her crotch against Pit's bare bottom, feeling her penis rubbing against his legs, and his penis poking hers, she moaned loudly, "OOOOOOH! I CAN'T HOLD IT ANYMORE, PIT!"

With that, the goddess of light let out an enormous wave of cum at the blue-haired woman, covering her from head to toe in the thick goddess semen and making her turn her head to see where the cum came from.

Beat. The blue-haired girl looked at the angel and goddess with literal hearts in her eyes. As lust flooded her mind, "Dream Weaver" was playing in her brain. To her, Pit and Palutena being 100% naked made them both so attractive because they both had really hot and sexy bodies. She smiled as she thought to herself, "Never mind. I think I'll actually enjoy being completely naked in a place like this if a super handsome brunette boy and an irresistibly beautiful green-haired woman getting me soaked in their jizz is my reward for it!"

Seeing the nudies, the equally bare stranger decided to introduce herself to them, "Hello there. There's no need for alarm. I come in peace."

While defending Palutena and himself, Pit shouted a warning while wielding his signature weapon, the Sacred Bow of Palutena, before understanding what the woman with blue hair said, "Stand back, whoever you are! Do not hur-"

Realizing what the unknown female said, the white-winged angel stopped before firing any blue-colored light arrows and asked, "Wait. You're... not going to attack us?"

Putting her hands on her hips and smiling, the woman giggled, "No, I only want to experience more of what you two just did to me."

Pit and Palutena calmed down after it was confirmed that their visitor wouldn't harm them. Since she felt it was safe, the woman with green hair came out of hiding to be visible to the blue-haired one, but not before magically removing her massive cock to look like a normal nude woman.

Relieved that the stranger wasn't an enemy, Pit and Palutena smiled at her as they exchanged some polite handshakes. The stranger introduced herself before the nudist boy and woman did the same, then the stranger decided to explain how she ended up in Skyworld.

Lucina, the name of the blue-haired woman, was apparently a princess of Ylisse, the daughter of Prince Chrom and a distant descendant of the legendary Hero-King Marth. After her world fell to ruin at the hands of the Fell Dragon Grima in the future, she travelled back in time to save her father's life and avert the disastrous future whence she came. For a time, she cloaked her identity as a traveler from the future under the guise of a mysterious warrior known only to others as Marth, taking the name from her famous ancestor, but later discarded this guise when she revealed her true nature to Chrom and joined his army, assisting him in conflicts with the Valmese Empire and the Grimleal.

After the victory, Lucina left her family and comrades, going somewhere quiet and peaceful to stay out of history's way. That basically meant that she was officially retired and chose to live the rest of her life as a normal individual with a low profile. While bathing naked at the creek on a stormy day, she was unexpectedly struck by lightning and the lightning strike warped her to Skyworld.

Lady Palutena, still nude, cried as she blew her nose with a hanky after hearing her tragic tale, "Oh, Lucina. That's such a tragic story, sweetie! Don't worry, we can send you back instantly by-"

However, Lucina interrupted, "Actually, if it's alright with both of you, could I... stay here?"

Unsure, Pit asked, "Stay here? Uhh... I don't know about that. What about your family and comrades?"

"Don't worry about them, my parents and friends already have their Lucina. Besides, I never got married, so it's not like I left behind any children or a husband. Trust me, no one will mind my disappearance, and nobody will go out of their way to find me."

"Oh. Guess now there's no reason not to let you stay. Isn't that right, Lady Palutena?"

In agreement, Palutena cheered and offered the blue-haired woman, "Of course you can stay here, Lucina! You can be OUR daughter!"

That answer surprised Lucina as she gasped, "Wha-"

"You want to stay here, right? That's perfectly alright with us, so how about we adopt you and you can experience what it's like to have parents again?"

Pit spoke, "Yes. We've always wanted to have children of our own, but due to the nature of our bodies, we're unable to bear any."

"Plus, sons and daughters need to be at least 18 years old to engage in adultery or we could get in legal trouble."

"Thankfully, Lucina, you're a young woman that is definitely legally old enough."

Eagerly, Palutena asked, "What do you say, Lucina? Would you like to be our new daughter and have naked parents that keep their private parts uncensored 24/7?"

Lucina looked at them both, smiling with tears of joy coming down her face and her voice breaking, "I... I would love that very, very much. Please adopt me, Miss Palutena..."

Palutena cheered with her arms open and ready to embrace, "Call me mommy!"

With that, the dam burst, and Lucina flew into the arms of the goddess who was now her new mother, crying "mommy" over and over through her tears. The goddess of light pulled Pit into the embrace as well. Both the naked boy and woman delicately held an equally naked Lucina in their arms, letting her express her happiness over getting to be a part of their family.

After the waterworks dried up, the goddess of light magically fabricated some official adoption papers while the white-winged angel went about preparing Lucina's living quarters. While setting up things like a bedroom and bathroom, Palutena said, "Lucina, since my temple is your new home, shall we give you a wardrobe so we can dress you up in all sorts of cute clothes? Also-"

Lucina interrupted her mother, "Actually, can I remain completely nude, mother?"

In shock, Pit asked, "Y-you want to be naked like us, Lucina?"

"Truth be told, I always wanted to be a nudist and wear nothing. However, due to my status as a princess and leader, I had to keep decent at all times... but now I can be free and empowered while in the buff, just like I've always wanted to be! Plus, the only thing I really need is THIS!"

She pulled out her sword, the Parallel Falchion, and held it high in the air. Palutena cheered as she pulled Lucina into her cleavage, "Lucina really IS our daughter, Pit! She has my looks and your sense of duty!"

The nudist angel cheered while joining Lucina and Palutena in their naked hug, "I'm so happy I could cry!"

Today was an eventful and wonderful day for Pit, Palutena, and Lucina. They all felt like one big happy nudist family as they hugged, feeling each other's bare skin. Often, Pit and Palutena lightly pinched, slapped, and squeezed Lucina's buttocks, making her giggle and blush.

It took a while for everyone to calm down from all the emotion involved. When they all did, the goddess of light cooed, "Come, my two loves. Taste my natural milk."

Pit and Lucina fell asleep that night in the master bedroom, suckling the breast milk of a true goddess.

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