Beyond the Point of No Return @redroseaurora
Breakfast-Into the Unknown

Chapter 2: Breakfast/Into the Unknown

Here we go, chapter two. Next chapter contains her travelling to the past. This is just a bit of world-building, and humour. Thank you everyone for all the follows and favourites. Please note, I do have into the unknown in this chapter, but I have changed it slightly because A, we are technically not supposed to put it in, and B, it fits better.

Do not forget, this is an AU and there is a little OOC behaviour. And this is going to be a long hual.

"Syl! Sylvie! Sylvia!" Rang through Sylvia's dreamless sleep, slowly bringing her to the waking world. Sylvia slowly realised she was shaking, someone was gently shaking her, most likely believing it would wake her. The voice sounded like Draco's, but could it be Draco? He's on his honeymoon! It then crossed her sleepy mind that he and Ginny were to be expected home any day starting yesterday.

He spoke again, tones of amusement and frustration in his voice. "Merlin, Sylvia! Since when have you been such a heavy sleeper? You used to complain if someone in your dormitory breathed too loudly at night!" Draco exclaimed, sounding annoyed now, but also a touch concerned. "You're lucky Ginny and I decided to come and have breakfast with you today, or you'd probably be late for work. Maybe you would have slept right through your day!"

Sylvia was finally a bit more awake, able to make sense of things. "Huh?" Sylvia eventually mumbled, finally awake enough to actually make some sense of what was happening and process what her friend was saying. She opened her eyes, everything all blurry.

After several minutes of trying to get rid of the blurs in the world, she was able to make out Draco's face mere metres above her. Sylvia rubbed her eyes with a soft groan. Her eyes and brain were still half asleep, and the latter was struggling to catch up with what was going on. Man, she still felt so tired!
"Sylvia, it's ten past eight! I thought you started at nine: isn't your boss strict about that or something?" Draco asked, moving away to give her some room to move around and sit up. "You're hardly going to have time for breakfast at this rate!"

Because Sylvia's brain was going at one metre per hour, Draco looked concerned again. "Are you alright? It took me ages to wake you: that is very unlike you. I was about ready to call Ginny, actually: I was really worried sick. What if you had gotten sick or were dying? In all seriousness, do I need to call a healer?"
Finally, Sylvia had processed what Draco had said, her brain finally realising the severity of the fact she was only just getting up. "Oh, Merlin! I am going to be so late! I haven't even showered!" Sylvia exclaimed, feeling her chest prickle and tighten, her heart rate speeding along as if she was in the last stretch of a marathon.

Springing out of bed, Sylvia somehow threw her blanket over Draco, despite the fact he wasn't that close to her bed. Not that she got far with all of that. Perhaps due to the fact Draco was stumbling around comically, trying desperately to get the blanket off, or due to the fact Sylvia had just sprung out of bed before her body was awake enough, the pair ended up getting tangled up and falling to the floor.
"Augh! I'm so sorry, Draco!" Sylvia exclaimed, flushing, embarrassed, as she tried to peel herself off the floor. Draco followed suit, landing on top of her as they both fell over yet again. "God, this is a mess!"
"It's okay, Sylvia: you still have time. Ginny and I are here to have breakfast with you. We thought this morning it would be nice, so we came down after writing mother and father a note. Ginny decided to make breakfast since you were still in bed, so don't worry," Draco said, speaking in a tone to calm her down. He quickly stood up getting off of her, lending his hand to help Sylvia up. "You have a shower and meet us downstairs, okay? Try to calm down, too." He said that in an almost fatherly tone. While they were good friends, Sylvia and Draco were more akin to siblings than anything else.

"Right... Right! Shower." Sylvia tried to calm down as she was helped up, struggling to focus on just that as her brain still went at one mile her two hours. She started towards the bathroom when she stopped, a realisation coming to her. "Wait... did you come for breakfast?" Sylvia asked, turning slowly, starting to get upset and embarrassed again. "No! I am such a terrible host! I or my elf should be making breakfast, not Ginny!" She treated, pulling her hair.

"Sylvia, calm down! It's fine! You have done a lot for us, so it's fine," Draco said, trying not to get frustrated with how stress happy Sylvia was today. He added, "We are repaying our debt."
"You have done more for me," Sylvia started, looking for all the world like she wanted to cry or scream. Draco cut her off abruptly, raising his hand, seeing this turning into an argument. No doubt they could have gone back and forward until breakfast was ready or Sylvia was due at work.

"Just get in that shower, girl!" He said, trying not to lose it, his voice shaking desperately. Sylvia winced, hearing that too. Draco loved Sylvia as if she were his sister, but all her insecurities could get frustrating, often leading to heated arguments. Only between them, but still.

"Alright, Draco. Breathe, Sylvia," Sylvia nodded, taking deep breaths. "Okay. But, please get out, Draco. You know how I feel about people seeing my body, even if it is only you."
Draco didn't need telling twice. He evacuated the room red-faced, and Sylvia couldn't help it, she laughed. Sylvia was now left to her own devices and to bathe in peace. As she showed, she kept thinking about how amusing it was she managed to embarrass him, despite not even using the word nude.

It was funny, too, as he would no longer be innocent, likely seeing Ginny naked by now, perhaps even Pansy, his previous girlfriend, too. But she was certain he and Ginny would have to have been at it, Sylvia saw how they were around each other. But, Sylvia supposed, Draco saw Sylvia as his sister, so maybe that made a difference?
After showing and drying herself off, Sylvia did her hair. After brushing it, she tied it into a neat ponytail, using about a tone of hair gel to get her hair to sit down. She didn't know why she bothered: it cost an arm and a leg, and by mid-afternoon, her hair was a mess. She did braid her hair, but only to keep the loose hairs out of her face. She then got dressed and put on her face moisturiser.

When that was all done, she picked up the robe with the special hood unspeakables had to wear, along with her handbag she placed it on. Before leaving her room, she checked to make sure the Velcro attaching the hood to the robe was secure. Even now, Sylvia was impressed: such a modern thing, so well used in the department of mysteries!

Giving herself a final check over, Sylvia headed downstairs, following the delightful smell of pancakes, a large smile creeping over her lips. The three loved pancakes, so Sylvia had no problems with that for breakfast.

It was not a short walk to the kitchen from Sylvia's bedroom, understandably; Sylvia's room was about the furthest from the kitchen. While this house was the smallest the Malfoy's had on their property, Lucius' ancestors didn't know the meaning of small. One could very easily house a family of six with a few rooms to spare! The other houses were all much better, one almost the size of Malfoy Manor.

The entrance hall was quite large, expanding into what was like a miniature ballroom. It was an area a party could easily be held in, which Draco, Ginny, Luna and her other friends had taken advantage of for her last birthday. She had been shocked speechless and about ready to faint when she returned from work to a surprise birthday party.

From the entrance hall/mini ballroom, there were two staircases to go up to the bathrooms and bedrooms. Not to mention several outside doors wherever they would fit throughout the house. Whoever designed it was keen on the great outdoors.

There was a bathroom connecting to Sylvia's bedroom, -the master bedroom- along with one other easily accessible from downstairs. Four of the eight bedrooms had bathrooms with one not attached, meaning there was no shortage. They all had toilets, taps and sinks, cupboard spaces and showers, but Sylvia's was the only one with a bath.

It was a large one at that, much bigger than she needed. While it was too small for swimming in, four people could comfortably sit in the bath; she thought it was a ridiculous size. It was ridiculously sized compared to the Dursley's bath, and she had always thought that one was large. So large that as a small child, she had dreams of using it and swimming around. She chuckled sadly at the fantasies her younger self had: it was so pitiable.

There were two other rooms upstairs, one Sylvia used for storage, the other a reasonably sized library. She had an attic, too, which she used for keeping her owls and astronomy equipment, the latter she used for the odd stargazing session. She had made a few star charts, which were for rituals. So far, she had only made them for rituals that seemed useful or she had a feeling about.

Then there was the music box, which had been sitting on a table directly across from the attic entrance until some strange things happened. Whenever Sylvia went into the attic, she heard whispering, ranging from desperate pleading to laughing. Sometimes, she heard a calling her. Now, Sylvia wasn't a paranoid or superstitious woman, but it crept her out, although she was curious. She believed it was the music box, so she placed it in an enchanted chest, the dreams never returning.
Sylvia stopped, looking down at the floor below, smiling fondly. Her thoughts lingered on the box, the whispering. While it crept her out, Sylvia would be lying if she wasn't curious about the whispering, what was happening, where it came from. Until words came out:

"I heard you, but now I don't.

Some look for trouble, while others don't." Sylvia lent against the railing.
There were a thousand reasons to continue my day, lock you where I wish you would go away! Oh, oh, oh!"
Somewhere, she heard, "Ah, oh, oh!" Sylvia span around, looking around sharply, wide eyes, her breath quickening.
"Oh!" Sylvia replied, looking around shyly. Meanwhile, downstairs, Ginny and Draco had been talking until they heard singing, confusing them. Frowning, Draco walked out to see what was going on.

He gasped when he saw Sylvia singing, walking away from the stairs. He walked out a little further to get a better look.

"Ah, oh, oh!"

"Your not a voice, just a ringing in my ear,

and if I still heard you, which I don't, I'm spoken for I fear.

Everyone I ever loved is right here." Sylvia touched her heart, stopping in front of one of the many places she kept photos of her friends and parents. "I'm sorry secret siren, but I'm blocking out your calls!" She thought about her Hogwarts adventures. Draco, meanwhile, rushed back to the kitchen, grinning. "I've had my adventure, I don't need something new.

I'm afraid of what I'm risking to follow you!

Into the Unknown! Into the Unknown! Into the Unknown!"
Sylvia continued, but Ginny, who had been listening, now focused on Draco, who just returned.

"What is it?" Ginny asked, her voice barely above a whisper when Draco returned. "What is she doing?" Ginny asked, amused. "I never heard that before."

"She's singing!" Draco explained, smirking sideways. He couldn't believe it, and Draco felt smug. He knew she must have some other talents, and he was right. Signing.

"I know she's had singing lessons, but she's never sung between us!" Ginny exclaimed, raising her eyebrow. Sylvia wasn't an impulsive or a singing person, so what caused her just to break out like that?

Draco shrugged. "She's no Prima Donna, not yet. She's not that bad, though," Draco remarked, crossing his arms, leaning against the counter. He noticed Agron stalk past, stopping to glare at the Malfoy couple before popping off.

"I don't know," Ginny said, flipping over one of the last pancakes. "With a bit more training, she could be quite nice. Certainly better than Celestina What's her face." She scowled.
"You don't like her, do you?" Draco remarked, stretching.

Ginny sighed, grumbling. "Every day growing up, I heard that bloody woman singing, and trust me, she's not that great! It's the one thing I have always agreed with Fleur on!" Ginny exclaimed, thumping her free hand against the bench.

By this point, Sylvia was almost finished singing. "Where are you going? Don't leave me alone!" Sylvia exclaimed, running towards the attic, following the voice. "How do I follow you... Into the Unknown!" She stopped at the first step being left behind, her hand out.

Sylvia, paused, before lowering her hand and laughing. "So much for not hearing the whispers," she laughed, shaking her head. She sighed: what was happening to her.
Sylvia turned around, walking back down. She was thinking about her ritual things, now. She knew she was risking a lot by buying and keeping the books and star charts, but Sylvia couldn't resist. She loved many other branches of magic, but rituals were a close second to runes, her favourite, not that she really disliked any branch of magic. Hence was why she was risking learning about rituals. For one, they saved her life, and two, she loved magic enough to feel it was worth it.

Sylvia had spent many months from the middle of her fourth year to her fifth year working with Professor Sinistra, learning about rituals, how they corresponded with the movement of the stars and stuff. Eventually, they created a ritual that had a good chance of healing her, though it had a good chance of killing her, too. Sylvia had been so sick it was worth the risk. She was cured, fortunately, or else Sylvia wouldn't have been here today.

While Sylvia was not into Quidditch, (she played one season at school before giving up) Draco had invited her to go and see the world cup final in England, so she went. It was all fine until the Death Eater attack at the end of the show, and even that would have been fine until she got hit with an unknown spell. The effects of the spell seemed to be slowly killing her, as what was confirmed at St' Mungos. The healers had no idea how to cure her, and they tried everything. They only succeeded in slowing it down.

Sylvia got talking to Sinistra during the following term, where the professor let slip about rituals and how that may be her only chance. Sylvia realised what the older woman was saying, and taking the chance. Even now she was at risk of being arrested, but Sylvia was careful.

Besides, she never did anything to warrant suspicion or home searches, so she didn't worry. Not that the latter would be an issue, as the Ministry had to give at least half an hour's warning, and Sylvia knew the Malfoys would take any comprising martial if she asked, or Gringotts.
Back to the house. All of the bedrooms, except for her bedroom and two others were on the balcony which overlooked the entrance area. Sylvia's bedroom was the only one with a balcony outside, which was why she had chosen to use it instead of another, smaller and less fancy bedroom.

Downstairs there was a music/dance room, the kitchen, a small and then a quite large dining room, the laundry room, a living room, a duelling room and four studies. Two of which two people could work in peace and have privacy.

All in all, it was a nice house but way too big for one Sylvia. She thought if she was married with kids it would be perfect, but Sylvia didn't think that was a likely event. For starters, she wasn't that interested in that side of life, and certainly not until she was more than a trainee at work. Secondly, the only people who seemed interested in her were not Sylvia's type or complete creepos.

Sylvia shook herself, coming to more pressing matters as she walked into the small dining room she ate in. Draco and Ginny had both just sat down at her American Diner-style table having just set out breakfast, or so it looked like. Sylvia was in awe at the amount of food Ginny had made; one of the ways Ginny was much like her mother. If she cooked, she made a lot.

Sylvia felt awful that she had been left to do it, so she entered the room blushing, embarrassed. Sylvia looked at them both with hunched shoulders and a sheepish expression. "Gin, thank you so much! You didn't have to do this all, though. I don't deserve it for sleeping in," Sylvia said, touched and upset they'd come and she was still in bed. She hung her head in shame.

"Hey, it happens to all of us," Ginny said kindly. Then she added, adding a touch of humour, "Besides, Draco and I want to eat, too!" She didn't add the fact Sylvia was a terrible cook.

While everyone had politely asked Sylvia not to cook again after almost poisoning them all, she still felt compelled to cook when they came around. Fortunately, she didn't do that now she had a house-elf, Agron. Not that anyone liked the house-elf: it was flat out rude to anyone other than Sylvia, hence why Ginny didn't ask it to make breakfast. At least it was a better cook.
"Thanks," Sylvia said, sitting down. As they dug in, she said, feeling like she owed them an explanation, sounding and feeling ashamed, "I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. I slept for a little bit, then woke up and I couldn't get back to sleep. Mind you, it didn't help I stayed up until four remembering things that had happened and... Daphne." Her eyes prickled.
Despite trying not to, Sylvia started to cry again, trying to make her sobs quiet when they seemed to echo throughout the room. Draco and Ginny were being painfully quiet, they were seemingly not even breathing!

"We miss her too, Sylvia. But you need to stop blaming yourself. You are the least to blame, you and Colin. If it weren't for the fact I insisted we waited for Bill and Charlie to join us, we wouldn't have gotten caught in that duel, separating us," Ginny said gently, reaching over and touching Sylvia's hand, rubbing it gently after Sylvia flinched. Sylvia looked at Ginny and was amazed at the kindness in her eyes. She almost had to look away: she didn't deserve it. It didn't make Sylvia better, it just made her feel worse.

"Yes, I say the same as Ginny. I felt too guilty to say it at the time, but I could have gone with you guys, and I should have," Draco said, obviously feeling guilty. "I was too caught up in my worry over Ginny, though. I honestly thought you three would be fine."

"Draco, pl, please don't blame yourself. I should have told them to stay with you guys. Those Death Eaters would have chased me, but I could have used a disillusion charm or dad's cloak," Sylvia sobbed, trembling slightly from her emotions. She asked hopefully, "Will it ever get better? Will life ever be normal again?"
"Mum talks a lot about what she went through with her brothers. She told me how painful it was, how many times she wanted to end her life: but, she kept going. Mum said it got better, eventually," Ginny said thoughtfully, trying not to cry herself. Then she added, giving a watery smile, "We all have come so far in almost four years since; slowly but surely."
"Yes, we have," Sylvia nodded, smiling weakly.

"This reminds me, on a more serious note: have you seen Colin much in the last few weeks?" Draco asked, a grave and serious expression crossing his face. Concern twitched through him, an uncomfortable feeling entering his stomach.

"Yes, I have." Sylvia nodded, making Draco relax, his face relaxing a little. "Luna invited both of us to dinner the other night with Neville. They both went out for some reason, to snog or something, and I talked to Colin about how he was going. It's not good, but I have no idea how to help him." Sylvia started crying again, looking down at her hands, tears falling onto them. "I'm so worried about him!" She wailed.
Draco looked thoughtful for a moment and worried, making Sylvia so worried she felt like throwing up. "Ginny, let's invite him around for dinner and talk to him this week," he suggested to his wife, looking grave, making Sylvia even more worried.

"That might be a good idea," Ginny agreed, too worried about their friend. "Don't worry about Colin, Sylvie: leave him to us."
"Okay." Sylvia nodded, glad to have that taken off her mind. She didn't need any more problems when her nightmares and personal guilt issues keeping her awake at night, so she didn't mind leaving Colin to them.

Sylvia then asked, changing the subject, "Considering I haven't seen you since you returned, let me ask: how was Spain? Let's talk about something more cheerful than survivors' guilt."
Both faces lit up instantly, making Sylvia feel better. She was able to smile. "It was lovely: we had a nice time. We spent time in both worlds, getting to know the culture, seeing landmarks. I think I might be domesticating Draco, too. He only insulted Muggles once!" Draco glared at her, Sylvia cackling. "You should go there, there are some interesting traditions I think you'd like," Ginny said with a smile.

"I almost got there, if it weren't for that disease I caught..." Sylvia said, drifting off. After graduating, she travelled for a while, visiting various countries. She was planning to go to Spain, but she got very ill and had to cut her trip.

Draco added, looking a bit dreamy, "The love was good, too." Ginny blushed at that remark.
"Yes, Draco is very good in-" Ginny started, but Sylvia hastily stopped her, knowing exactly what was going to be said.

Sylvia smiled awkwardly, the first few words filled with stutters. "Y-yes, I, I'm s, sure he, he is: but I don't want to be you, Gin, so please don't tell me. Believe it or not, that kind of thing is best left in the bedroom," Sylvia said, going red. "If I wanted to know about that, I would go to a Brothel and get hands-on experience."

"Yes, Sister Potter," Ginny teased, playfully smiling, making fun of Sylvia. She always acted like that whenever anyone mentioned anything related to sex; it was a great way to make her all awkward and stuttery. She was surprised about Sylvia's later comment, though, so surprising, Ginny had to stare at Sylvia.

Her black-haired friend was rather prude, not to mention a believer of not shagging until after marriage, which what surprised her. The idea she'd suggest such a thing as going to a brothel even as a joke was unusual for Sylvia. Had she changed, or was she that tired?

"Hey! I resent that! I'm not a nun!" Sylvia exclaimed, put out, huffing with crossed arms, a scowl ruining her face. "Anyway, if I were a nun, I wouldn't even utter the word brothel!" Then the trio laughed, enjoying their friendly banter. Sylvia missed this, she thought fondly. It made her feel lighter.

"I'm glad you had a good honeymoon, anyway: all parts," Sylvia said, sounding slightly awkward, putting the part about being called a nun out of her mind with a head shake. She did have to admit it was kind of funny.

"Thanks, Sylvia," Ginny said, beaming at her friend. If Ginny was honest, she was still in an exploding with joy glow from their trip and wedding. "Now, what was that we heard in the entrance hall? It sounded like singing! You told us you were terrible, but I didn't think you sounded that bad."
Sylvia went bright red, curling her shoulders in. She panted slightly. "Err, I got thinking about my music box, you know, the creepy monkey thing, remembering the whispering I heard. The words fell out, and I thought I heard something else along with it, like one of those whispers, singing with me," she explained. Then she said, looking away, "You don't need to lie and flatter me, though."
"I agree with Ginny, you sounded great! You should get more lessons, you could be terrific!" Draco said brightly. "Don't be too hard on yourself: You're better at singing than playing an instrument! You should continue."
"DRACO!" Ginny shrieked, glaring at him.

"I didn't mean it like that!" Draco exclaimed quickly, gasping in horror. He looked desperately at Sylvia. "Sorry, Sylvie!"
"I know." Sylvia smiled. "I, I just don't have the courage. The Dursleys heard me once. After practice, they..." She stopped, tears falling. "They told me I was terrible, sounded like screeching glass. I just haven't had the courage to sing since that, nor ask for lessons. I'm worried they'll tell me the same. I don't know what came over me today."
"Sylvia: don't you remember? Don't listen to those wankers!" Draco sighed, looking at her pitifully, shaking his head. "You know as well as us they are liars."
"I know, but everything takes time," Sylvia answered icily. She curled her fingers around her robes, clenching. How dare he? Didn't he understand how she felt? Sylvia wanted to scream, but she bit her lip. Ginny noticed the change in Sylvia, deciding to hastily change the subject. "Apart from dinner with the Longbottoms and Colin; what have you been doing?"

"Just working. I have been getting more experienced, and I'm getting better at my job, too. Mrs Autumn is very impressed with my progress, actually. She's so happy, she has given me a project!" Sylvia said, grinning excitedly. "Don't ask what; I have to keep silent, remember. But getting a project is a big step in the correct direction!"
"We know, your job is unspeakable: the clue is in the title," Draco chuckled, amused. "I'm glad you are getting somewhere, though. How long do you have to train before coming a full-fledged unspeakable? Or rather, more than a trainee?"
"Merlin, that's still ages off," Sylvia said, grimacing. She sighed, wishing she could get there faster.

Being an unspeakable was one of the most dangerous jobs at the ministry, not to mention it was hard learning to keep silent about your work. As a result, they did a lot of training under a fully trained unspeakable for many years. It was hard. But certainly worth it: anything that existed they studied, including forbidden magics and time-travel. For someone like Sylvia, it seemed the perfect job.

"Maybe in a few years, I'll be close?" Sylvia suggested, turning serious. "It's a big responsibility being an Unspeakable, rather than just a trainee. As a trainee, anything that happens, my teacher, superior, whatever, is responsible. As a fully trained Unspeakable, I'm reasonable for it, meaning I could be liable for accidents. Mrs Autumn even said she wanted me to be working for at least five years before she'd consider it," Sylvia stated honestly.

"Other than that, though: I saw Dudley and Cho, as well as everyone else. Dudley and I are amending our relationship, one step at a time. Cho was quite pleased, actually." Sylvia spoke like she was addressing a panel. Draco understood why. It was still hard for her to see her cousin, even after all this time. Then she said, smiling, "I helped Colin take photos at a few Quidditch Games, being asked by him and Lu. Because of that, I have seen Luna and Neville a couple of other times than just at that dinner." She enjoyed helping Colin with the game.
"So you've been keeping in contact then?" Draco clarified, and Sylvia nodded, raising her eyebrow. "I'm glad, but I do worry about you sometimes. You are so work orientated, and it wouldn't be the first time you forgot to socialise."

"Draco! What a stupid remark!" Ginny exclaimed, chastising him. "She basically said that!" She thought he was being an idiot or condescending; both were entirely possible.

"It's fine, Gin. I had a run-in with Ernie, too," Sylvia said, grimacing, sighing deeply. "Not that I wanted that."

"Oh, dear: what did he do? Do I need to go and hex him?" Ginny asked, rage starting to boil, recalling how he treated Sylvia when they were dating. She was glad they broke up, because who knew what that jerk would have done to her if they were still together. What a creep! She never liked him anyway.

Sylvia sighed painfully, feeling frustration boil inside. She hated Ernie, so much she'd be happy to Avada Kedavra him, despite the guarantee to visit Azkaban. "Well, we ran into each other at Gringotts. I had to go and look at some abnormalities in my account: just an oversight, by the way. Anyway, Ernie saw me after I pretended not to see him; he came up and started chatting. He was very friendly. I soon found out why, being suspicious from the start. He wanted to get back together, saying something about missing me more than he could bear." Sylvia grimaced, sounding disgusted as if she were talking about the dirt on her shoe. "After our messy breakup and how he disregarded my comfort, I wasn't going to let that happen. Not that I would have believed him, after all this time. He didn't want to take no for an answer, though; so rather embarrassingly, I needed to be rescued. Thankfully, Fleur was around and saw my distress."

Sylvia sighed, remembering how frightened she was. "I spent the next hour ranting about him to Sirius, while playing with lil' Remus. And don't

worry: Sirius left and had some very strong words with him while I looked after his son. According to Cho, Ernie came in with his privates tied in a knot, including the bits inside, too.

"I didn't ask what Sirius did, but he promised me he would make sure Ernie stayed away. It works: I saw Ernie yesterday and he ran like a scared rabbit!" Sylvia exclaimed gleefully, cackling. She was perhaps a little too gleeful. If she was honest though, she would be glad to never see Ernie again. Draco eyed her wearily, feeling unnerved by the girl's cackling. She reminded him of Bellatrix at that moment.

Sylvia hadn't liked Remus Lupin, he crept her out, reminding her in appearance and characteristics of a perverted teacher she knew before Hogwarts: she liked his namesake, though. On the subject of Lupin and who he reminded her of. That was the reason she sat at the back of the class between two Hufflepuffs, one being Ernie.

From the start, he had a crush on her, which Sylvia found flattering back then. As a result, they became friends over that class and he invited her to the Yule Ball the following year, both of which Sylvia didn't mind as he seemed nice. They officially started dating then: Sylvia had been nervous about it, but Ernie had been nothing but nice to her, and she did really like him.

It started fine, but then he started demanding more and more of her to the point when he'd complain when she spent time with her friends instead of just him. He started making her uncomfortable with his body language following that, which was when Sylvia wanted out.

The real deal-breaker which made Sylvia lose it and get the courage to end it, was when he tried to stick his hand down her shirt. Right at the start, she had frankly asked him to ask before progressing with anything beyond hugging and kissing. She even explained it was because of insecurities she had formed from being touched inappropriately by her uncle, though not actually sexually assaulted. And yet, her personal feelings were disregarded, making Sylvia lose all trust and faith in him.

Sylvia shuddered at the memory of their argument. It started off studying in the library when this happened, and she snapped at him. She tried to leave, almost running into some other students and tripping over their feet. She wasn't going to stop, though, she had to get out. Sylvia made it just outside the library before he caught up with her. That's when they really got into it, shouting at each other. There was a point before the teachers broke it up, where Sylvia was scared he'd attack her.

All in all, she thought she got off pretty well with detention and twenty points, especially when she had punched him earlier. At least he got rid of him. Ernie had gotten suspended when they heard her side of the story, on top of detention and the loss of house points. Until that event at Gringotts the other day, Sylvia hadn't spoken to him after the argument.

"I'll have to ask Sirius about it. It could be handy if we have any daughters in need of us warning off unwanted suitors," Ginny said with a strange expression. Her expression unnerved both Draco and Sylvia, particularly Draco, understandably. He shifted uncomfortably, eyeing her weary.

"Daughters? Aren't we getting a bit ahead? And plural?!" Draco exclaimed, looking worried. While they both had agreed that kids were on the cards eventually, he wasn't ready for that step yet. Draco thought he'd more likely kill the child than anything else if they had one now.

"We both want children eventually. It's never too early to start collecting ideas," Ginny said winking. "Wouldn't want to end up unprepared, would we?"

"Yes, and it may happen sooner than you think." Sylvia winked, deciding to bring up Ginny's earlier comment to make fun of them while wearing a smirk. "After all, if he's so good in bed, things could get really heated, and safety charms do fail. There are some rumours they of them failing, especially with serious 'at it' sessions."

It was their turn to turn red, so the conversation was promptly changed to Sirius and his family. While they hadn't said anything, Sylvia just had this feeling and Lord and Lady Black (as their titles were,) had both said something suggesting baby number two was on the way.

"What do you think they would call it?" Draco asked. "Hypothetically, assuming your suspicion is true."
"Well, my godson is called Remus James, named after Sirius' friends James and Remus and Dora's father James," Sylvia said thoughtfully, putting her elbows on the table. "So, for boys... Regulus after Sirius' brother is a good bet, especially after we found it he turned against Voldemort: along with perhaps Dora's uncle's name? She does adore him, or another relative. As for girls... I'm not sure."
"They both like you, so Sylvia is an option," Ginny pointed out.

"True, as is Euphemia: my grandmother did take Sirius in when his parents kicked him out. From all his stories, she treated him like a second son," Sylvia said holding her chin, remembering that only just now. "To be honest, if it were a girl, Euphemia would be at the top of my guest list."

"Yes," Draco nodded thoughtfully. "Of course, for their next child, they might decide to go back to stars and constellations, too."
"Yes, good point," Sylvia said sincerely, feeling stupid. She knew it was a Black tradition, so why hadn't it crossed her mind before now? She faced palmed.

When they finished eating, the trio headed off to their respective destinations, with Ginny and Draco, quickly heading back to the manor. While Ginny and Draco didn't return to their respective jobs until the end of the week, they both wanted to get out of Sylvia's hair so she could get to work.

Once they were both gone, Sylvia stepped through the floo and went to the ministry, hoping she had enough time.

She wasn't sure if she would make it on time, she was sure she would be cutting it fine. She crossed her fingers and hoped for the best.

Fortunately, she arrived at the ministry when security was quiet, meaning she quickly went through security and made her way to the elevator.

Being almost nine, there were a lot of people here going to work, though somehow she arrived at security when it was quiet. Despite that, the elevator was crowded, and she had to wait for it to stop at a few floors.

By the time she stepped out into the Department of Mysteries, it was right on her starting time. Sylvia ran to her shared office, putting on a notice-me-not charm since she was not wearing what was used to conceal her identity. Sylvia wasn't late enough to anger her boss, Mrs Kerri Autumn.

Sylvia kept running, despite puffing like a steam train, feeling about ready to faint or vomit.

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