Beyond the Point of No Return @redroseaurora Sylvia is haunted by nightmares & Insomnia four years on from the war, meaning she is working tired. One day, Sylvia falls asleep, now around a hundred years in the past. She meets Raoul & his mum, who help her until she eventually gets employed at the Paris Populaire, trying to work out what to do with herself. Things turn unexpected turn when she meets the phantom. AU, fem Harry 5 months 31.9K 0 0 Harry PotterPhantom of the Opera Teen & Up English In Progress AdventureHurtComfort AUTime Travelmultichapter Read 1. Chapter 1 3280 0 0 2. Breakfast-Into the Unknown 6102 0 0 3. A Broken Time-TurnerI Got it(At Goodes) 6983 0 0 4. The Right kind Muggle-Part of Your World 9633 0 0 5. A Cult-Lost in the Woods 5923 0 0