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My Own Fun Files series @crusherboy93
Christmas Fun

Hey guys and Gals. This is my first Fun File series for Assassination Classroom. I hope I do well with these and leave reviews on how I did. I do not own Assassination Classroom.

[Christmas fun]

It was Christmas time around the world, and E-Class decided to celebrate it in their old classroom. It was a year after they 'killed' Korosensei and everyone was there. Even John. who was told that he could go back to the states, but he refused and wanted to move to Japan permanently. Toka was really happy that her boyfriend was staying in Japan, and that he was going to the same highschool she was going to go to. As the snow fell onto the ground, John was standing outside the old Cram Building he and his friends called their school the year Prior while holding a Hot Chocolate and fiddled with something in his pocket. John was thinking about his life choices when he heard a voice say, "John, come on inside, the food's almost ready."

It was his loving girlfriend Toka Yada. John smiled as she walked up to him and said, "I'll be in shorty Toka." Placing a hand on John's shoulder, Toka asked, "What's wrong sweetie?" John placed his hand that was fiddling with the thing that was in his pocket as he said, "It's nothing honey. Just thinking is all." Toka raised an Eyebrow and asked, "What are you thinking about?" John smirked before he said, "The Future, our past, things that could have influenced us not to meet. Most importantly, how I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Toka smiled and noticed the mistletoe hanging above them. So She pulled John into a Kiss, which he gratefully returned, they were like this for a few minutes before pulling their lips off each other with only a trail of Saliva connecting them. John then said, "Guess now's as good a time as any."

Digging back into his pocket, John pulled out a silver Ring with a Diamond on it, surprising Toka before he said, "Toka Yada, I love you with all my heart. I know we're a little young for me to ask you this, but I want to ask it. When we're older, will you do this man the Honor of being your husband and marry me?" Toka was shedding tears of Joy as she wiped them away and she said, "Yes…" John smiled and slid the ring onto Toka's finger before pulling her into another Passionate kiss. Pulling apart again, Toka said, "Come on my dear fiancé, let's go show our classmates the promise ring for our love." John smiled as he nodded his head and followed Toka into the building and into the classroom where they were greeted by Cheers and congratulations from their classmates.

"You guys heard huh?" asked Toka, getting a head nod from her friends as Karma pulled John into a headlock and ruffled up his Hair, only for John to do a reverse on him and pin Karma to the ground before helping the red head up. Megu then walked over to John and said, "I thought you wanted to wait until after High school?" Toka looked at Megu with shock and said, "You knew he wanted to ask me?!" Megu smirked at Toka and nodded her head as Yuma said, "John came to us since we know you for a long time and asked about what he should do. I said just be blunt and ask you."

"Yeah, and with us about to go into High school, it's another three years before we could get married. I say that because the legal age to marry in the states is 18. I know the legal age to marry in Japan is 20, so if you want to wait until we were both over 20, that's fine." John said to his fiancée. Toka smiled and said, "I'm pretty sure my parents would want us to marry when we're 20 or older." John nodded his head and said, "I respect that logic. I'm patient." Then Nagisa said, "Not patient enough to hold off proposing it seems." Soon everyone was laughing before Hinano said, "Everyone, it's stopped snowing, let's go have fun in the snow." Everyone agreed and decided that the food could wait.

Outside, everyone was having a jolly good time, building Snowmen, making Snow Angels, enjoying the sight of Snow on the mountain. John and Toka were enjoying the sight when John got hit by a Snowball to the left side of his face. Looking at who threw that snowball, John saw Karma throwing a snowball into the air and letting it fall back into his hand. Smirking, John said as he gathered up snow to form a snowball, "You've done it now Karma. If it's a Snowball fight you want, then it's a snowball fight you'll get." John then threw the snowball at Karma, who dodge it and it hit Megu in her back. Looking behind her, Megu saw Karma pointing at John as he said, "He threw it." But John said, "I was aiming for Karma, I swear." Smirking, Megu shouted, "SNOWBALL FIGHT!"

Soon everyone was partaking in the Snowball fight with John and Karma as the Captains. On John's team it was; John, Toka, Nagisa, Kayano, Megu, Yuma, Yukiko, Tomohito, Hinata, Fuwa, Chiba, Hinano, Hiroto, Takebayashi, and Surmire. On Karma's Team, it was; Karma, Manami, Okajima, Rinka, Rio, Terasaka, Sugaya, Masayoshi, Hazama, Mimura, Muramatsu, Yoshida and Itona. John's Team was called the Paintball commandos while Karma's team was called the E-Class Fighters. Everyone was having a good time as the day went on, soon they completely forgot about the food and just had fun in the snow until they were all too tired to throw anymore and they went inside to warm up and Drink Hot chocolate.

"I gotta say guys, that was fun." John said to everyone listening. John then said, "I appreciate you all for helping me get a Family here in Japan. You guys are that family and I just want to say thank you for the fun Time we've made and the fun times we will make in the future, so I propose a Toast. To E-Class." Everyone raised their mugs and said, "To E-Class!" Everyone then went on to continue drinking their Hot Chocolate before it was time to go home. That was when they realized, "We didn't eat any of the food!" so everyone grabbed a quick plate to take home with them and left the rest for their teacher as he was in the Teacher's lounge, waiting for everyone to go home for the rest of the day before he could eat his portion of the food.

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