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My Own Fun Files series @crusherboy93
Fantasies & Blackmail?

Hey guys and Gals. This is my first Fun File series for Assassination Classroom. I hope I do well with these and leave reviews on how I did. I do not own Assassination Classroom. By the way, this is after the first Chapter, so John Bertrand would be here to answer the question.


Yuma Isogai blinked at his friend Hiroto Maehara. They, along with the rest of E-Class, were on a Class trip to Kyoto. The boys were in one room, girls in another. (A.N.: Different Class Trip then the one from the Anime.) Hiroto just asked Yuma a question that he never thought he would get asked. Yuma blinked before he said, "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?" Hiroto repeated the question, "Which of the girls do you want to see naked?" Yuma was speechless before he said, "Why would I think about something like that?"

"I was just curious is all." Said Rio Nakamura to Megu Kataoka. Rio asked the same question Hiroto asked Yuma, but to all the girls. Megu was blushing badly, she didn't want to give an answer. Megu then said, "That's perverted, you know that right Nakamura?" RIo smiled before she said, "I know, I'm just curious about what goes through your minds."

"Seriously dude? Hara?" Hiroto asked Yoshida. Apparently Hiroto also asked every boy the question, and yoshida was the first to answer when he said Sumire Hara. Yoshida nodded his head and said, "Yeah, why not? I love the way she cooks. She's invited me over to try her cooking, it's really good too. But I might even want to see Kirara with no clothes on. If she wasn't scary as hell." Hiroto chuckled before he said, "Okay, what about everyone else? Ryu?"

"Yoshida? I never thought you would fall for the mechanic of the group." Rio said to Sumire. Sumire just replied by saying, "He understands me and thinks I'm fine the way I am and I shouldn't change because of what other people think. I also may have seen him with no top on and he is ripped as fuck. Two other people I wouldn't mind seeing naked are John and Takuya. John because he's so nice to everyone and Takuya because he and I are two cooks" Toka gasped at the Class mom, she never cursed before and she just did. Rio chuckled before she said, "Okay, next up is… Rinka. Who out of the boys do you wanna see naked?"

Ryu looked at Hiroto and said, "Only girl I wanna see naked is Rinka. She and I respect each other and understand each other's boundaries. Those Emerald eyes of hers are also very Attractive." Hiroto sighed before he said, "Somehow I knew you would say her. You two are the top sharpshooters for the class." Ryu nodded his head as Yuma said, "I seriously can't believe we're doing this." Hiroto patted Yuma on the back and said, "Relax dude, if you don't wanna talk about it, I won't force you. Now who's next, Masayoshi…" Masayoshi sighed before he spoke.

"I figured you would say Ryu, Rinka." Rio said after she sighed at Rinka's answer. Megu looked at Rinka and said, "Just to put down my Curiosity, why Ryu?" Rinka looked at her and said, "Thought you didn't want to talk about it. But I say Ryu because he and I respect each other and understand each other's boundaries. Plus, I saw his eyes, I… kind of fell in love with him after that. But if I wasn't with Ryu, I would have to go with John" Rio smiled before looking at Toka and said, "Okay Toka, you're next."

Masayoshi sighed before he said, "Well… I would have to say either Toka or Hinata. Toka because of her beauty and Hinata because she and I are the fastest in E-Class for boys and girls respectively." John looked at Masayoshi and said, "You only said Toka because of her boobs didn't you." Masayoshi sweatdropped before he sighed and said, "Yeah, but also her Beauty." Hiroto looked at John and said, "Since you opened your mouth John, Who do you fantasize naked in your presence?"

"Easy. John, Yuma, and Masayoshi. John because he's got some nice Muscles and a very well toned Body. He and I went swimming at the beach before this. I just have to say, that man is ripped as hell. I know Hara said Yoshida was ripped, but was he a 12 pack ripped?" said Toka. Hara gasped before she said, "No, not really." Toka smiled before continuing, "Yuma because he just has that Gentleman Vibe. He makes being Poor look good. Masayoshi because… because… Now that I think about it, why do I want to see Masayoshi naked?" Rio and the other girls, besides Megu, Rinka, and Toka laughed before Rio said, "Okay, okay, okay. Any girl wanna Volunteer before I get to pick the next one." Immediately, Manami raised her hand and she said, "Just to get me out of the way."

"Easy. Toka, Meg, Rio, Hinata, Yukiko, Rinka, Yuzuki, and Hinano because I think they are all cute and if I wasn't currently dating Toka, I would ask one of the other girls out." said John, all cool and calm, but he did get daggers staring at him before he said, "I'm joking, Toka's the only girl for me. Though if one of those girls asks me out on a date to make you guys jealous, I would gladly help them out. Jealousy is part of a healthy relationship." Yuma rolled his eyes before he said, "Chivalry at its finest. How about you Karma?" Karma looked up at the mention of his name and said, "Who would I want to see naked to fulfill my Fantasies?"

"I kind of want to see Karma naked." said Manami. Everyone looked at Manami with a confused look before Rio said, "Seriously?" Manami nodded her head and said, "Yeah, he's really not that bad. Plus… I may have had a very lifelike dream about him and I having… sex." All the girls gasped before Rio said, "Okuda, I never thought you would have a dirty mind." Manami blushed before she said, "Well what about you? Who do you want to see naked?" Rio smiled and said, "That's easy."

"Manami." said Karma. Hiroto and Yuma looked at Karma to make him say, "What, she told me that she had a dream where she and I had Sex. I told her that I think it was awesome and that she's cute when she blushes," Hiroto sweatdropped as he said, "Why do I have a feeling there's more to that then you say." Karma rolled his eyes, looked at Sugaya and asked, "So Sugaya, who of the girls would you want to see naked?"

"Sugaya, John, or maybe even Nagisa." said Rio. Everyone shot her a confused look before Kayano said, "Why would you want to see Nagisa naked?" Nakamura grinned that devil grin she had before she said, "I just wanna know if he really is a boy or if he's a girl pretending to be a boy so he can do one of the guys." Hara shook her head before she said, "Nakamura, you need to let that go. He's a boy, end of discussion." Kayano nodded her head and said, "Yeah, quit picking on Nagisa." Rio looked at Kayano and said, "You seem rather certain about that Kaede, mind me asking why?"

"Hard to choose just one, I would have to go with either Nakamura or Hazama," said Sugaya. Nagisa looked at Karma and said, "Surprised you didn't say her Karma, since the two of you like to mess with me a lot." Karma smiled his own devil smile before he said, "Oh, and who do you want to see naked Nagisa, Kayano right? Maybe even Toka, Yukiko, Kurahashi? I can go on you know." Nagisa smiled and said, "Well, since we're talking about, might as well tell you guys."

"You already saw Nagisa naked?!" Shouted Rio, Megu, Toka, and Hara. Kaede smuggly nodded her head and said, "Yup, his mom and dad weren't home and we decided to get it over and done with and we had sex." Rio was speechless, until she asked, "How long was his dick?" All the girls looked at Rio, so she said, "Curiosity has gotten a hold of me, I wanna know." Kayano shot Rio a smug look and said, "Long enough to make me cum several times." Rio's lower Jaw hung open before Megu said, "That long?" Kaede nodded her head and said, "Yup, and boy did it feel good. Even though I felt his cock through a Condom, safety first." Toka then passed out at her imagining Nagisa's Cock. but sat up before she said, "Damn Kaede, guess that means that you and Nagisa are actually the first to lose their V-Cards." Rio got over her shock and asked Hazama, "What about you?"

"WHAT?! YOU AND KAEDE HAD SEX ALREADY?!" shouted Maehara, Yuma, Okajima, and Sugino after Nagisa told the boys that. John smiled and said, "Not bad Nagisa, guess that makes you and Kaede the first to lose their V-Cards. So who's next, Terasaka?" Terasaka scuffed before he said, "No girl, end of story, what about Hiroto, he hasn't said anything yet." Maehara sighed before he said, "True, so here is who I would like to be naked in front of me."

"Maybe Terasaka, John's definitely hot. Yoshida I don't see me getting with him same with Muramatsu." Said Hazama. Rio sweatdropped before she said, "Is it me or do a lot of us want to see John naked." Hinata nodded her head and said, "Can we blame any of us? He's totally super hot." Toka looked at Hinata and said, "That's my boyfriend you're talking about, but I can't argue the fact that he is totally hot. But Hinata, I guess you want to see John naked. So besides my boyfriend, who do you want to see naked to live out any of your Fantasies. I can assume that's why you asked Rio?" Rio stuck her tongue out while putting a finger on her cheek and she said, "Maybe, so Hinata, who do you want to see naked?" Hinata chuckled before she said, "besides John, don't have many options."

"Okano, are you serious?" Yuma asked Hiroto, who nodded his head and said, "Why not? She's actually very hot in my opinion." Then John said, "Then why don't you ask her out?" Hiroto sighed before saying that he was worried that she might not think he's her type. John patted Hiroto on the back and said, "Can't hurt to at least ask her out on a date Hiroto." Hiroto smiled and said, "You're right, I have to at least try." Then Okajima asked, "Why hasn't anyone asked me yet?" and John answered his question by saying, "Because we know how you act with the girls and we know that you would want to see every girl naked." Okajima gasped before he said, "What do you guys think I am, a pervert?" and every boy said, "Yes!" John looked at Takebayashi and said, "I bet I know which Girl you would like to see naked, Kotaro."

"Maehara. That womanizing douchebag, seriously?" asked Rio. Hinata nodded her head and said, "Yeah, can you believe it? I always have had a soft spot for him. But other than him and John, I might have to say Nagisa now after hearing what Kayano has said about him." getting a glare from Kayano. Kanzaki sighed before she said, "She's right though, I'm a little bit curious too now." Kaede quickly stood up and said, "Listen here girls. Nagisa Shiota is mine and mine alone, no one else is to say him." Then Toka said, "That goes for John as well." Rio rolled her eyes before she looked at Kanzaki and asked, "Well…" Kanzaki sighed before she said, "Since my options have been limited, I'm going to have to say Tomohito or Yuma." Megu looked at Kanzaki and asked her, "Why Yuma?" Kanzaki shrugged her shoulder before she said, "I don't know. I just feel like he and I are dating in some alternate universe."

"You want to date Ritsu, don't you Kotaro." John said to the fellow Glasses wearing man, who was blushing a dark red. Kotaro then said, "Yeah, so what if I do? 2D girls are the best." After rolling his eyes, John said, "So anyone else wants to say who they want to see naked?" Okajima stood up and said, "I only want to see Kurahashi nakes is all, no other girls." John looked at Okajima and said, "Sorry man, but I call Bull. From what I gathered from being a part of this class, you are the second biggest Perv behind Korosensei." Okajima then went to the corner to Sulk as Maehara said, "Okay so who didn't go yet?" That was when Tomohito stood up and said, "Me, I may have a fantasy that Kanzaki is in an Apron in the kitchen." When John asked who was that a Fantasy, Sugino said, "Just an Apron." John then said, "Oh, anyone else?" Muramatsu said that he would like to see Hara and Rinka naked, getting glares from Yoshida and Chiba.

"Mimura? Who do you wanna see naked?" Nagisa asked the Camera man, and he said, "Just my girl Fuwa is all I want to see naked, end of story." Yuma stood up and said, "I can't take this anymore." He then walked to the door. When Maehara asked where he was going, Yuma said, "For a walk." and with that, Yuma left the room and closed the door

"Really Fuwa, I thought Toka said not to say John." Rio said to the fourth wall breaking expert as Kaede and Kurahashi held Toka back. Fuwa then said, "Don't blame me, blame Cursherboy93, he made me say it. But I want to see Mimura naked more, since he's the only guy for me." Megu stood up and said, "I can't take this anymore." Afterwards she walked to the door as Rio asked where she was going, Megu said, "For a walk." and with that, Megu left the room and closed the door.

Megu sighed before hearing a voice say, "Were they asking what I think they were asking?" Megu looked to her left and smiled at the sight of her fellow Class Representative and secret Boyfriend Yuma Isogai. Megu hugged and kissed him before she said, "If by that do you mean are they asking which of the boys they want to see naked, then yes." Yuma chuckled before he said, "Hiroto brought that question up with the guys, who brought it up for the girls?" Megu told Yuma that it was Rio who brought it up.

"Figures, anyway, the room I booked is just down the hall." said Yuma as he led his secret girlfriend to the room he rented for a few hours. Inside the room, Megu and Yuma kissed each other Passionately as Yuma laid on the floow and Megu was on top of him. Not knowing that there was a Camera recording in the corner. Back in the boys Bedroom, John chuckled as he got blackmail of Megu and Yuma's secret relationship. John may be the picture of a perfect Gentleman, but he also had his devilish side. John then thought, 'They're going to hate me for this, but it was too good an opportunity to pass up.' as he thought back to when Yuma rented the room he and Megu were currently in. After letting Yuma walk by, John walked up to the Receptionist and asked her, "What did that boy want?"

"He asked if he could rent a room for tonight." The Receptionist told John. John then took out 3 5,000 Japanese yen bills and handed them to the receptionist and asked, "What room did he rent?" The Receptionist looked around, took the yen and said, "Room 9A." John nodded his head and left. Arriving at Room 9A, John slipped in and placed a hidden Camera in a discreet location and slipped back out. Back in the Boy's main room, John saw Megu and Yuma had stopped kissing and were just laying on the floor. Unfortunately for John, there was no sound so he didn't know what they were saying. But Yuma and Megu got up and walked out of the room. John then stopped the recording and saved it for blackmail later. Like it was said before, John may be the picture of a perfect Gentleman, but he also had his devilish side, and he can't wait to use the blackmail against Yuma and Megu.

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