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My Own Fun Files series @crusherboy93
Genderswap II AKA Body Swap

Hey guys and Gals. This is my first Fun File series for Assassination Classroom. I hope I do well with these and leave reviews on how I did. I do not own Assassination Classroom.

[Genderswap II/Body Swap.]

John growled as Okajima showed him a copy of the blueprints for the Gender Swapping device he made that Terasaka kicked to swap the genders of the students. John looked at Okajima and said, "Are you an Idiot? Do you really want to deal with this again?!" Okajima nervously chuckled and said, "Well… why not? Let me be a girl for a day, that's all I'm asking, please!" Growling, John took his plans and said, "ONE day. No more!" Okajima smiled and cheered as he ran off. John grumbled as Nagisa and Karma joined him and Nagisa said, "Isn't that the blueprints for the thing that made all of us do a genderswap?"

"Yeah, he wants me to remake it so he can be a girl again… and I got the perfect way to "Help" him." John said with a devil smirk on his face. Karma smiled the same smile as he joined John. Soon the device was ready so John asked for Okajima and Hazama. John readied his device and blasted them both with the ray. When Okajima opened his eyes, he saw he had boobs and was excited. So after SHE went to the bathroom, everyone heard a loud scream and when SHE came back, Okajima said, "HOW THE HELL DID I GET HAZAMA'S BODY?!" Soon Hazama, in Okajima's body, looked at John and said, "Fix this, NOW!" but John simply smiled and said, "Sorry, but Okajima wanted to be a girl for a WHOLE day." Hazama glared at OKajima and said, "You wanted this?" Okajima panicked and ran out with Hazama chasing him.

John laughed before Meg said, "Change them back John." John looked at Meg and said, "come on, maybe this will teach him a lesson and not make him a perv anymore." Meg then thought about it and said, "Maybe leave him like that for a while." John smiled and hugged Meg for agreeing with him. Meg then looked at John, smirking herself, she took the device and switched the two of them. John opened his eyes and saw that he was in Meg's body, making him shout, "MEG!" Meg laughed as she said in John's body, "Sorry John, that was too good an opportunity NOT to pass up." John was steamed before using Meg's body to change them back and he said, "Next time ask." He then walked to the window and watched Hazama chase Okajima.

That was when the device was taken by Karma and John said, "Karma! Give it back!" But before John could get the device, Karma used it to make Nagisa and Kayano switch. John grabbed for the device and as the two fought for it, it slipped and broke. After that there was a bright light, when the light faded, John was in Karma's body, Karma was in John's Body and everyone's bodies were switched. Sadly Okajima and Hazama were caught in that too, making Okajima get Meg's body, Hazama got Yuma's body, and Meg got Okajima's body. John growled at Karma and said, "YOU HAPPY NOW KARMA! NOW I HAVE TO FIX IT TO GET US BACK TO NORMAL! This is why I destroyed the machine in the first place." John then picked up the pieces of the new device as Korosensei came in and said, "Good morning class." and John, in Karma's body, said, "Good morning sir."

"Strange, are you and John working on a Ventriloquism act Karma?" Korosensei asked as if he was talking to Karma, but John said, "No sir, Karma caused my new invention to break and everyone is in a different body." Korosensei looked around as the other students confirmed what John was saying. Korosensei then said, "John, I want you to make sure you fix that device." John nodded his head and said, "Of course. I was going to do that." John then got to work on fixing the device. As the class went on, they were getting confused on who was who. So Korosensei made Name Tags for everyone to wear.

That was when Terasaka, who was in Yoshida's body, looked at Karma and said, "You are one dumb idiot, you know that Karma." That was when a nineteen year old dropped down through the ceiling. The Class looked at him with confusion as he stood up. John looked at the man and said, "Silus… what are you doing here?" The nineteen year old, who was now known as Silus, looked at him and asked, "Who might you be and how the hell do you know about the fourth wall… didn't think a Karma would be able to break it." But John said, "Actually my name is John. The guy with the glasses is Karma. He made me drop this device that made all of us switch bodies." Silus looked into John's eyes, he smiled and said, "Isn't that interesting? I can tell you the truth as I can both feel and see it in your eyes." John nodded his head and said, "Yeah, Now I'm working on getting this thing fixed up so we can go back to normal…"

Silus walked over to John and looked at the device "So this small device is causing you trouble." John nodded his head and said, "Yeah, it hit the floor and caused us to switch bodies." Silus took the device and said, "Be right back.." before he launched himself into the sky through an open window and made Black Angel-like wings appear. John growled and said, "THAT JACKASS!" Karma chuckled and said, "Maybe he can fix it better?" John looked back at him and said, "SHUT UP!" Toka, who was in Kayano's body said, "Anyway… Kayano's having fun." She looked at Kayano, who was in her body, jiggling her breasts as she jumped for Joy at getting big breasts. Meg, who was in Okajima's body, tied up Okajima, who was in her body to keep him from groping and playing with her body. Yuma and Hiroto switched bodies as Okano was in Kimura's body. Even Ritsu and Hara switched, and it freaked Hara out.

As the day went on, John couldn't focus as he thought about his device. It felt so weird being in Karma's body and he diced to bang his head on his desk. When he opened his eyes, he was in his bedroom, in his own body. His Chair was on the floor and his Laptop was opened to the Koro-Sensei Q Episode where everyone had their bodies swapped. John sighed and said, "thank Goodness that was just a dream… I wonder why Silus was there though?" John shrugged his shoulders and got dressed for a new day of trying to kill Korosensei.

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