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My Own Fun Files series @crusherboy93
Love Potion 2

Hey guys and Gals. This is my first Fun File series for Assassination Classroom. I hope I do well with these and leave reviews on how I did. I do not own Assassination Classroom.

[Love Potion 2]

"ARE YOU SERIOUS MANAMI?!" John asked with anger, confusion, and surprise in his voice. His classmate, Manami Okuda made another Love potion. Manami winced from John yelling before she said, "I… I thought we could use it again to try and kill him again." Nagisa, Karma, Kayano, and Toka were also present. John was pacing back and forth in front of her as he said, "The last time this potion came into account we almost lost Nagisa to the guys after the potion got on him. The girls, INCLUDING you, all wanted to carry his kids. I was lucky I was able to help him when I found out what happened. This potion is too dangerous."

"I guess so, I'll destroy it." Manami said as she walked over to dump it. But she tripped and got it on herself this time. John looked and saw that the guys had hearts and the girls were pissed so he said, "Here we go again." John then grabbed Manami and ran out of the room. After making sure no one else saw her, John put her in the Tools shed and said, "Here we go again. I'm just glad that it's only Nagisa, Karma, Toka, and Kayano we have to worry about right now."

Okuda dusted herself off before looking at John and she said, "I'm sorry." John sighed and said, "No I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled." John then sat next to her and said, "we should be fine, as long as we stay out of sight of anyone for the next 12 hours." But Manami said, "ummm About that…" John looked at Manami and asked, "What did you do?"

"I altered the potion to affect people who smell it too, that's why I had the cork in the vial." To say John deadpanned would be an understatement. John then shouted, "WHAT?! Then how come I'm not affected?!" and Manami said, "I have no clue, I'm surprised you weren't affected the first time." and John said, "Anyway, we just need to keep you safe for 12 hours." Manami sighed and said, "Thank you John." John simply smiled at her and nodded his head. As the day went on, John did his best to make sure that Manami was out of view of everyone else. All the while keeping an eye out for Karma, Kayano, Nagisa, and Toka to keep Manami out of their grasp.

"How much longer John?" Manami asked John, who replied, " 10 and a half hours Manami. Don't worry, we'll make it." Manami nodded her head and sat on a whoopie cushion. Soon Karma, Nagisa, and Kayano busted through the door, causing John and Manami to bust through the wall and into the view of Korosensei and he also got affected by the potion. John and Manami then said, "Oh fuck." and ran for their lives. As they ran, Korosensei got everyone's attention on them and like the last time, they were affected and chased them.

"Damn it. Hang on!" Shouted John as he ran fast around the mountain and to a new hiding spot disguising their scents. In a nearby Cave, John and Manami rested for a bit as Manami said, "This is bad, very bad." John nodded his head and said, "Yeah, let me make a call." John then took his phone and said, "Ritsu…" when the A.I. appeared on his phone, she said, "Hi John, What can I do for you?" John told her, "Manami made another love potion and now Korosensei is affected by it, I need you to send Korosensei on a wild goose chase, and where everyone else is."

"What happened?" Ritsu asked. John told her what happened and she was shocked. Ritsu then said, "Understood, I'll make sure, I've blocked your phones's signals so they can't track you. But Keep quiet." She then showed them that Yuma was nearby. John and Manami got deeper into the cave and out of sight of the opening as Yuma walked by with hearts in his eyes. John covered Manami's mouth to keep her quiet as Yuma walked past the cave. John breathed a sigh of relief, But Manami sneezed, getting Yuma's attention.

John then covered Manami's mouth, hoping that Yuma didn't hear that, but Yuma did. After a Yuma Jumpscare, John grabbed Manami and ran past Yuma, getting him to chase after the two. John made sure Manami was holding on tight as he ran away from a Potion controlled Yuma who was soon joined by Hiroto, Okajima, Meg, Okano, and Nagisa.

After running for a while, John and Manami got into a room safely. John then hid Manami in his underground Base as he captured the others and sent messages to their parents about a sudden school trip. The main problem was also Korosensei since he saw manami too. John asked Ritsu where Korosensei was and she said, "He's on the north side." nodding his head, John thanked Ritsu and sensed something was wrong before he was jumped by Yuma and Hiroto. As he got free, he was hit by Nagisa and knocked out.

Ritsu informed Manami about what happened. She began to panic as she tried to find a way out. But Meg came in the escape route and attacked Manami, but she dodged Meg's attack. Manami then said, "Meg stop! Get a hold of yourself!" But Meg said, "I will when you're dead!" Meg then pulled out a hammer and swung it at Manami, who sadly got hurt by it. Meg then stopped, Manami saw that Meg was frozen still but she dropped the hammer. Standing against the wall, Manami said, "Meg…" that was when Meg's eyes went back to normal and looked around.

"What the… Manami!" Meg said as she checked on her. Seeing Manami was holding her arm, and the hammer from where she was standing, Meg put two and two together. She then hugged Manami, being careful not to hurt her injured Arm more, as she said, "I'm so sorry Manami." Manami was confused but she asked, "Are you back to normal Meg?" Meg nodded her head and said, "Yeah, I'm good. Where's John?" That was when Ritsu told Meg that John was captured by Yuma, Hiroto, and Nagisa.

"Shoot, we need to rescue him." Said Meg. At the main building, the class were watching John when Ritsu said, "Everyone, Manami's at the pool!" and they all ran to the pool as Meg and Manami snuck in the front door and into the classroom. Seeing John, they began to untie him. That was when John came too and saw Meg and manami. Confused, John said, "What did I miss?" Meg looked at John and told him, "I was able to free myself from the Potion's control after I hurt Manami, something I would never do." John then got an Idea and he told the girls.

The first was Yuma, he was looking around the bottom of a mountain when a person walked up to him and asked, "Did you make this?" shows him a half eaten Cake. Yuma makes them in the cafe he works at and he said, "Yeah." the person then said, "This cake tastes like Plaster." that made Yuma say, "I messed up! I never mess up with food!" Soon his eyes went back to normal and the person revealed themselves to be John. Yuma asked, "What happened?" John filled him in as Meg and Manami brought Hinata too.

"Oh Manami, I'm sorry for what happened." Hinata said to Manami, followed by Yuma apologizing. Manami told them, "it's not your fault, I made the potion. I should have been more careful with it." That was when John said, "Well now we need to keep Manami safe for another 6 hours." Meg, Yuma, and Hinata nodded their heads and said, "Right." and the mission of protecting Manami began. They kept Manami at Meg's house to keep her location secret. John and Yuma were tasked to distract Korosensei by using Manami's clothes and favorite deodorant. Soon the timer was up and everyone was no longer affected and they went home.

The next day was calm, Korosensei apologized for the way he chased them all over campus. But Manami said, "No I'm sorry, I remade the potion and it caused all this trouble. From now on, that potion will not be used ever again." John smiled and patted her back and said, "good, and YOU BETTER NOT!" Manami winced, as did everyone else. Manami nodded her head and said, "Understood sir, never again." John chuckled and hugged her. John apologized for startling them and they forgave him. All is happy in the world. After school, John gathered the remnants of the potion from the Science lab to dispose of it when he saw Manami and Kamra kissing under the tree and he smiled at the sight, saying to himself, "It's about time those two got together." That was when Toka walked in and saw what John was seeing and she smiled as well, hugging John at his side. John smiled and held her close to him as he said, "I guess the potion did some good after all."

"I agree baby." Toka said to John as she placed her head on his shoulder and smiled at the sight of the two love birds. John smiled along with her as they walked home. John then said, "I'm happy for those two." Toka nodded her head and said, "I agree." They then shared a kiss and enjoyed the trip home.

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