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My Own Fun Files series @crusherboy93
Truth or Dare

Hey guys and Gals. This is my first Fun File series for Assassination Classroom. I hope I do well with these and leave reviews on how I did. I do not own Assassination Classroom.

[Truth or Dare]

It was another trip to Okinawa and everyone was having fun. As the sun began to set, everyone was gathered around the big campfire. That was when Karma said, "Hey guys, let's play Truth or Dare." and he got mixed looks of confusion, shock, scared, and nervous. Then John said, "Why do you suggest that Karma? Pretty sure more people would pick truth than Dare so one side of the game wouldn't be played." But Karma said, "All the more fun if we go around in a Circle and we all have to say at least one truth and one dare or else face the punishment I can afflict onto them with Wasabi. But luckily it will just be a teaspoon of Wasabi. Also once the choice is made you can't back out"

"Forcing people to make dares. For shame Karma, I'm in who else?" John said standing next to Karma. Slowly but surely, everyone was on board. Starting with Karma, he looked around and said, "Nagisa, Truth or Dare?" and nagisa thought, 'Damn it, knew he would go for me first' before he said, "Um… truth." Karma grinned his devil grin and said, "Okay, who do you think is the cutest girl out of all the girls." Blushing big time, Nagisa said, "Um… well… I would have to say that it's a tie between…" before he finished, Nagisa gulped and he said, "K...Kayano, Toka, Meg, and Yukiko. Sorry everyone else." That made the four girls he mentioned blush as everyone else laughed. Then Nagisa eyed John and said, "Okay John, Truth or Dare?" Smiling, John said, "Dare." Then Nagisa said, "Hm, I dare you… to kiss Hazama!" John's smile diminished into a scared look before looking over at Hazama, who had a look of Death on her. But not one to back down from a dare, John quickly walked over to Hazama and gave her a quick peck on her cheek before walking back to where he was. John then looked at Sugino as he was laughing and John said, "Tomohito, Truth or Dare?!"

"Dare." Sugino said. John smiled, eyed Nagisa and said to Sugino, "I dare you to kiss Nagisa on the lips for 5 seconds." Silence blanketed the Area as everyone stared at John speechless, but Sugino and Nagisa's jaws hit the ground. Karma looked at John and said, "You are an evil person, you know that right?" Smiling, John looked at Nagisa and said, "Payback for the dare you gave me Nagisa." Nagisa gave John the deadeye before saying to Sugino, "Let's just get this over with." Sugino nodded his head and after they both hesitated, they kissed for five seconds and immediately wiped their lips while everyone, including their girlfriends laughed. Then Sugino said, "Okay Karma, Truth or Dare since you started this." Karma smiled his classic laid back smile and said, "Truth, not getting me in a dare after that."

After cursing under his breath, Sugino said, "Who would you date if you weren't with Manami?" Karma placed a hand to his chin and said, "I would probably date either Kurahashi or Rio." Karma then looked at Hiroto and said, "Hiroto, Truth or dare?" and Hiroto gulped before he said, "D...dare." Karma smiled again and said, "I dare you to kiss Meg Kataoka on the lips, and there better be tongue." Meg was furious and shouted how she didn't want to partake in the dare, but Karma said, "It's either that, or Wasabi." and Meg said, "Sorry Hiroto, but I choose Wasabi." Hiroto nodded his head in agreement, he respected Meg and Yuma. He even stayed away from flirting with Meg because he knew Yuma had a thing for her.

Forced to deal with Karma and Wasabi, Meg and Hiroto each took a teaspoon full and they both started to shed tears before they both drank Water to cool their throats from the effects of the Wasabi. As the game went on, some crazy Dares were made; like running around in a circle in nothing but your underwear, Kayano, Manami, and Kimura. Some truths were told, like who Toka had a crush on Meg but since let go of it, and how Tomohito was a big fan of bugs like Hinano was. Several People had taken the Wasabi punishment instead of revealing the truth or fulfilled the Dare, Like Nagisa when he was dared to motorboat Toka's tits by Terasaka. Or when Teraska was dared by John AND Nagisa to drop a rock on his dick. Some people left as the Dares got weirder and weider until it was Karma, John, Rio, Nagisa, Kayano, Toka, and Manami left. John dared Karma to grab Rio's Boob as Rio dared John to Stick his head in Manami's chest. At that point, Manami, Toka, Nagisa and Kayano left. Leaving John, Karma and Rio.

"Karma, I dare to bitch slap Rio." John shouted to Karma, and Rio took it like a Champ. Rio then dared John to give Karma the Ultimate Wedgie and boy did it look painful. John then ate all of Karma's remaining Wasabi and took it like a champ. That was when Kayano looked at Toka and said, "It seems these three could continue doing this forever." Toka nodded her head and said, "That's what worries me. John has shown to never back down from a challenge, this could take a while." Toka then walked to John and said, "John, it's getting late, we need to go to bed." John nodded his head and said, "'re right." John then said, "I'm out." and that Rio and Karma in the duel as John and Toka walked away to the Room they shared using John's own Money. In their room, John and Toka were ready for bed and before they actually went to bed, Toka said, "I will never understand Karma's reasoning for doing that silly Game." But John said, "Come on you had fun, especially when they did us a favor and dared either one of us to kiss each other." Toka nodded her head and they shared one quick passionate kiss before turning off the lights and go to bed.

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