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Chapter 1

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In the small western town that is known as Sunnyhollow, there lived a man with Blue hair named Nagisa Shiota. He wasn't the tallest or the buffest man in the town, but what he lacked in height and strength, he made up for in ideas and conversations. You can have a beer with the man and you leave enlightened with Knowledge and a new Companion. One day, he got thrown out of the local General store and the store Owner shouted, "If you even try that stunt you just pulled Shiota, I'll make sure you can never talk or WALK again!" After the owner went back inside, a man and a woman walked up to Nagisa and the man said, "You were flirting with his daughter again, weren't you Nagisa?" As he dusted himself off, Nagisa said, "Yeah, why can't he just let her choose a man she wants to marry? Am I right Ryu?" The man who spoke to Nagisa laughed before saying, "Well you know how he is Nagisa, no boyfriends until after he dies." The man was Ryunosuke Chiba, he'd liked to be called just Ryu or Chiba. The woman who was with him was their friend Rinka Hayami. The two were wearing the traditional Cowboy and cowgirl clothes, (A.N.: For the love of me I don't know how to describe it) as was Nagisa.

Nagisa looked at the General Manager who was looking through the window of his store holding a Double Barrel Shotgun, before looking back at Tomohito and Yukiko and said, "Anyway, let's go to the Saloon, I'm thirsty." Tomohito and Yukiko chuckled as they followed their Blue-haired friend to the Local Saloon. At the Saloon, they saw their friend and the Bartender of the Saloon, Tomohito Sugino. He saw them and motioned them over to a Corner and gave them each a Glass of Sarsaparilla. Tomohito saw that Nagisa wasn't in a good mood, and he knew why. Tomohito then said to Nagisa, "Were you flirting with his daughter again?" Nagisa Looked up and didn't say a word, and that was all Tomohito needed. Soon Gunshots were heard and everyone got down as a group of Men on horseback rode past and stopped at the bank.

Looking up from his hiding spot, Nagisa saw one of the men standing outside the bank and recognized him as Teppei Araki, one of the leaders of the Big five Bandits. Soon the other leaders came out; Natsuhiko Koyama, Tomoya Seo, Ren Sakakibara and the main leader; Gakushu Asano. They then got on their Horses and Asano shot towards his back before riding off to the west. Nagisa then ran outside to see who or what he shot and when he looked, he saw the Sheriff, Yuma Isogai, on the ground getting back up. When Nagisa ran to help Yuma, Chiba ran to help him as well. They then helped Yuma to the Doctor's office.

After a while, Doctor Kotaro Takebayashi walked out and told them that Yuma was going to make it. Nagisa and Chiba sighed before being called in by Yuma. as they walked in, Yuma said, "I take it that I owe you two my life." Nagisa chuckled as Chiba said, "Well, anyone should have done it. Now the question is what now? They robbed the bank." Then Tuma said, "They winged me with my good shooting arm so I can't go after them, and without Deputies, the money's good as gone." Then Nagisa's eyes grew when he had an Idea. Chiba saw that look and said, "Nagisa, don't…" but he did as Nagisa said, "Let me go after them." Chiba rolled his eyes as Yuma said, "Are you sure you want to do that Nagisa? You never fired a gun before." Nagisa chuckled before he said, "Doesn't hurt to try at least."

"Damn it Nagisa, I'll come with you to make sure YOU don't hurt yourself." said Chiba. Yuma looked back and forth, he had known the two for years, in fact they all grew up together in the town; them, Yuma's wife Megu, Tomohito, Yukiko, Kotaro, the Shopkeeper's daughter Kayano, the Mayor's son Karma, and the Blacksmith's son Yoshida. All of them grew up together, they were all friends. Chiba then said, "We'll need guns and Ammo, not to mention Horses and a few more people. Hell we're not even Deputies." That was when Yuma said, "You will be when we get back to the office. I'll deputize you two to catch the Big five Bandits." Nagisa Smiled as Chiba thought, "I got a bad feeling about this."

Later, after getting Deputized, Nagisa and Chiba were walking over to the stables to get horses when Tomohito and his Yukiko joined them and Tomohito said, "Are you two going after the Big Five Bandits?" Nagisa nodded his head and said, "Yup." Then Yukiko said, "Isn't it dangerous?" but Chiba said, "We're deputies now, we can't show fear in the face of Danger." Tomohito and Yukiko looked at each other before looking back at the two Deputies and Tomohito asked, "Need Extra guns?" Chiba and Nagisa looked at their friends before looking at each other then back at the two and Chiba said, "I don't know…" that was when a Voice said, "You know I'm coming Along too." When the four friends looked at where the voice came from, they saw Karma, Yoshida, Rinka, and Kayano all armed with Pistols, Shotguns, or Rifles and with four spare Horses.

"Guys, we can handle this ourselves. I personally don't want any of you guys to get hurt." Nagisa said to the group of friends. But Kayano said, " We know, but I want to make sure you come back, so I'm going too." that made Naigsa smile. Chiba looked at Rinka who had a serious face on, meaning she wasn't going to be talked out of it. Looked at each other, Chiba and Nagisa nodded their heads and told everyone, Mount up!" Soon everyone was on Horseback as Karma said, "I saw him ride west." Nagisa nodded his head and then led the Posse out of Sunnyhollow to arrest the Big Five Bandits for Bank Robbery and the attempted Murder of the Sheriff.

Along the way, they stopped to let the horses drink water and Chiba and Karma to teach Nagisa how to properly shoot a gun. Soon after they stopped a man and a Woman on Horseback rode up to them and the man said, "Howdy folks, what's a big group like you all doing out in these parts?" Karma and Chiba readied their guns as Nagisa cautiously said, "We're hunting down the Big Five Bandits, maybe you heard of them?" The Man nodded his head and said, "I have heard of them, the name's John Marston. This here's Sadie Adler, she's my boss." Sadie Adler tipped her hat and said, "We got word that a man we're looking for joined up with them. His name's Norman Thompson, calls himself the Cobra." Nagisa and his group gasped at the name. They've seen his wanted poster a few times in Yuma's Office. Nagisa then stepped forward and said, "Well, if he's in with the Big five Bandits, I think it's best if we work together. I take it that you two are Bounty Hunters?"

"You guess correctly. Judging by that badge, you must be a Deputy from the nearby Town." Sadie said to Nagisa. He nodded his head and said, "So is Ryu here. We were planning on going after them alone, but our friends managed to convince us otherwise. This is Karma Akabane, Tomohito Sugino, Yukiko Kanzaki, Kaede Kayano, Taisei Yoshida, Rinka Hayami. I'm Nagisa Shiota and Ryu's last name is Chiba." Everyone waved their hand or tipped their hats as Nagisa introduced them to John Marston and Sadie Adler. John then said, "Well, wanna come with us? That way, we can secure two birds with one stone." John looked at Sadie, who said, "Sure, why not, let's round up those birds." Nagisa smiled and his team mounted their horses and rode after the Big Five Bandits and Norman Thompson.

It was a little bit afternoon after two days of riding when the Posse, including John and Saide, arrived in viewing distance of the Big five Bandits Camp. Taking out Binoculars, Nagisa scanned the Camp as he said, Well, there's a path leading into the Camp from the east. I see two guards and… Shit, a Browning Gun covering the east and… another covering the Path to the North and from what I see those are the only ways in and out of here." Sadie scuffed before she said, "These fuckers know how to pick a Spot, either way we try to come down not only will we get suppressed, but they can flee down the other way and we would lose them." Nagisa looked around and said, "maybe not." Everyone looked at Nagisa before he said, "Chiba, Rinka… you two are still good shots right?"

Rinka and Chiba nodded their heads as they remembered all the practice they did. Nagisa Then asked, "Do you think you can hit anyone down there from all the way up here?" Chiba smiled and said, "I get where you're going with this Nagisa. Rinka and I lure their fire up at us while the rest of you sneak in on both sides and try to cut off their escape routes." Nagisa nodded his head before asking, "Well…" Chiba and Rinka looked at each other, before looking back at Nagisa and said, "We'll do it." Nagisa smiled and said, "Alright. Karma, you and Yoshida will go with John and Sadie and approach from the North. Tomohito, Yukiko, Kaede, and I will flank them from the East. We move as soon as they turn the gun around to fire at Chiba and Rinka. Chiba and Rinka, take out the gunners on the Machine guns first, but wait for my signal. Everyone Okay with the plan?" Everyone nodded their heads and the two teams moved to get into position as Rinka and Chiba moved to draw fire from the Camp.

As Rinka and Chiba waited for everyone else to get into position, Chiba and Rinka sat on top of some Rocks, each armed with a Rolling Block Rifle. Chiba looked at Rinka and sighed before he said, "Hey… Rinka…" when Rinka looked at Chiba, she said, "Yes Chiba?" Chiba's heart rate increased before he said, "In case we don't make it out of this, there's something you should know." both were silent for a few seconds before Chiba said, "Rinka Hayami, I… I… I love you with all my heart. I just wanted to let you kno…" but he was cut off when Rinka kissed him on the lips and she said, "You have no idea I've been waiting to do that. I love you too Chiba, with all my heart." Chiba smiled and kissed Rinka again, starting a Romantic relationship for the two of them. Chiba then looked through his rifles' Scope and saw Tomohito, Yukiko, Nagisa, and Kaede sneaking behind some boulders as Rinka looked through her rifles' Scope and saw Karma, Yoshida, John and Sadie getting behind rocks on their own side.

On Karma's side, John readied his pistol and said, "So, the big five bandits, do they have Bounties on their heads?" Karma shrugged his shoulder before he readied his rifle and said, "Maybe, I never paid much attention to the board as I mostly worked the stables." Soon Karma saw Chiba nod his head and a second Later, a Shot was heard and they saw the Machine gunner on their side drop dead. Soon the people in the camp began to open fire at Chiba and Rinka as another shot from a rifle was heard. On Nagisa's side, he shouted, "Now!" and all four of them opened fire at the bandits, all getting headshots as they began the push into the camp. That was when they saw the big five Bandits get on their horses and make a break for Karma's side but a few were shot off their horses. Asano and Ren were able to escape, but not before shooting Karma and Yoshida in the back of the leg and arm respectively. Soon the battle was over and those who weren't killed were tied up and held prisoner until a jail wagon came for them. John and Sadie were able to capture Norman Thompson and Nagisa and Chiba's group were able to capture Araki, Koyama, and Seo but not Asano and Ren.

Back in Town, Nagisa and Chiba were in the Sheriff building talking to Yuma with John and Sadie when Tomohito ran in and said, "Guys! Asano and Ren, they're here and they want the Deputies who led the Raid on the Camp." That was when a Shot was fired and Asano's Voice yelled, "SHERIFF! I KNOW YOU GOT TWO NEW DEPUTIES! I WANT THEM OUT HERE OR REN AND I WILL START SHOOTING UP THIS ENTIRE TOWN! Nagisa and Chiba Looked at each other and loaded their guns. John told them that they didn't have to go out, but another Shot was fired, this time it broke one of the windows. Asano then shouted, "THAT WAS A WARNING SHOT SHERIFF! NEXT ONE WON'T BE, SEND THEM OUT!" Nagisa looked back at John as he said, "We may not have a Choice." Nagisa and Chiba then walked out of the Sheriff's office to face Asano and Ren armed with Lancaster Repeaters.

In the middle of the Town, Nagisa and Chiba stared down Asano and Ren, armed with Lancaster Repeaters themselves. Asano then said as he loaded a round into his Lancaster Repeater's chamber, "You boys have a few of my friends, release them now." Nagisa and Chiba stood their ground as they loaded a round into their Lancaster Repeaters as well. Then Nagisa said, "They're staying in Jail, which is where you'll be if you drop your weapons. This doesn't have to be bloody." But Asano aimed his Lancaster Repeater and shot Chiba in the arm, but Chiba didn't flinch. Asano then said as he loaded another round into the chamber, "Well what do you know, it just got bloody, now release my boys or we will take them from that jail." Soon four men rounded the corner and stood in line with Asano and Ren. That was when Karma, Yoshida, Sadie and John joined Nagisa and Chiba. It was close to highnoon and the Town was dead Silent. Everyone one had their hands on their guns just waiting. Soon the Town's bell struck Noon and both sides opened fire.

When the bell rang for the Twelfth time, Asano, Ren, and those who stood with them were on the ground dead or Injured. On Nagisa and Chiba's side, Karma caught another round in the leg and Yoshida cough another round as well, this time in the Lung. He was quickly rushed to Kotaro to try and save him, but it was too late and Yoshida was pronounced dead. Yoshida's family was devastated, but happy he died protecting the town from Bandits. Nagisa and Chiba were about to turn their deputy Badges in, but Yuma said, "Keep them, I want you two as Deputies full time." Nagisa and Chiba looked at each other before putting the badges back on and shook Yuma's hand. Stepping out of the Sheriff's office, Rinka came up to them and kissed Chiba on the cheek, making him blush and Nagisa say, "It's about time you two got together." Chiba just rolled his eyes as he and Nagisa began their new routes as Deputies of Sunnyhollow.

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