Drabbles: Clarke and Lexa @whiitewolf
Finally, We Meet Again

Author's Note: Character death warning: Clarke dies of old age and gets to see the love of her life again.

They surrounded her body now, her friends, all of them showing their years. If you'd asked any of them decades ago, they'd have assumed Clarke would die in battle or something bloody. No one could have ever imagined she'd make it to old age. Her once beautiful blonde hair was still beautiful, but it was a silvery grey now. The hands that had see so many battles were wrinkled and frail. This was why, though tears fell, they were mostly happy tears. Who would have ever thought they would make it to old age?

Clarke wasn't in her body anymore, though she watched from the distance. Her wrinkled and frail hands now showed signs of youth and her silvery grey hair was blonde again.

"Finally, we meet again."

The voice. She recognized it, and despite the decades that had gone past, her heart pounded in her chest and she felt tears fill her eyes as she turned to see her. Lexa. There she stood, not having aged a day.

"Is it really you?" Clarke asked, her voice choking. The last image of Lexa she had seen had not been her. Her instincts took over and she couldn't wait for a response before running towards the her to embrace her.

Clarke knew the answer before she heard it, but even so, hearing the words, "it's really me," spoken so softly made her begin to sob into the arms of the woman she had loved her whole life. They held each other for a long time, but time didn't matter, because after all their years apart, they now had forever to spend together.

"Finally, we meet again," Clarke whispered and held Lexa tighter.

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