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Chapter 5

"What are we doing here?" Shego asked incredulously as the smell of old buttered popcorn filled her nostrils.

"What do you mean what are we doing here? We came to get material for the masks, remember?" Kim asked sarcastically as she walked deeper into the cinema.

Shego continued after the teen. "We already did that, remember? Or did you forget that you're currently carrying a bag with everything we needed?"

Kim laughed cutely as she turned around, "Well, shopping can't be the start and end of our date now can it."

Shego narrowed her eyes even as her heart started to thump in her chest. She quickly walked towards the teen, "What are you talking about, our date?"

Kim grinned as she took a few small steps towards the older woman, closing the short distance that was left between the two of them and, while Shego stood fuming and confused, planted a quick peck on the green woman's cheek. Shego turned beet red as she processed what had just happened while a happy, laughing teen skipped off to the counter.

Shego ran after Kim, having shaken off the strange trance she had been in, yelling at the giddy teen as she did so, "Dammit Kim, what do you think you're doing!?"

Kim ducked beneath the pale hand that she could feel coming in her direction and shot her own hand up to grab it. Taken by surprise, Shego had no idea exactly what was happening as Kim danced around the woman, making her move involuntarily around until Kim wound up behind the older woman. Kim wrapped her arms loosely around Shego's torso, softly placing her hands on the green woman's stomach.

"If you wanted to be close to me, all you had to do was ask," Kim whispered into Shego's ear, causing the woman to shudder involuntarily.

Quickly regaining her composure, Shego jumped out of the teen's arms, Kim promptly raised her hands defensively as Shego began to glare at her in earnest, although the grin on the younger girls face gave her away.

Shego sighed deeply, "You're really pushing it here, kid," The woman stated.

Kim quickly seized the opportunity as she turned out her lower lip into an exaggerated pout, she clasped her hands in front of herself. Kim began to twist her upper body from left to right as if she were a child that had been caught doing something wrong and was trying to act cutely to get out of trouble. "I'm sorry," She spoke sweetly, "I was just having fun~"

Shego pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration, "Urghh," She groaned, "Whatever, let's just go."

Kim quickly jumped in front of the older woman, "We can't go now. Our movie is about to start."

Shego furrowed her brows in confusion, "What?"

"Well, to answer your earlier question, we're here to watch a movie," Kim moved closer to the older woman who quickly backed away remembering the redhead's antics from earlier. Kim pouted slightly but stopped in her tracks, "Come on, Shego, let's just have a little fun, let loose a little, will you?"

Shego shook her head before taking a deep breath in and releasing it, "Fine. But only if you quit with the touchy crap."

Kim nodded her head, "Will do," Kim said with a stiff salute and a grin, "I promise you."

The pair walked up to the counter and grabbed the tickets that Kim had bought while Shego was dazed. Much to Shego's surprise, Kim was true to her word and kept her hands to herself throughout the entirety of the movie. Kim was even able to reign it in in the car on their way back to the Possible residence.

As they walked through the door, they were greeted by a splash of water, splattering them both in the face, Kim grit her teeth as she began to run towards the stairs, "TWEEBS!" She screamed as her stomping footsteps grew slightly quieter to the older woman.

Shego smiled as she closed the front door behind her, just glad that she had an excuse to get a little time to herself as she quickly walked up to her room. She grabbed a pair of black sweatpants and a green tank top, after walking around all day in a light green buttoned shirt and black jeans that hugged her hips tightly.

"Why'd I get dressed up again?" Shego wondered aloud but, as no answer was forthcoming, she ignored the thought before hopping into the shower.

. . .

Kim grumbled as she rolled over in her bed, it had been hours since she had started trying to get to sleep, but she just couldn't seem to drift off completely. She sighed as she sat up in her bed, wondering why she was unable to get to sleep as she listened to the sheets on the other side of the makeshift wall rustling loudly. Shego had been tossing and turning ever since she fell asleep. The movement itself was the only reason Kim even knew that the older woman was sleeping as Shego was silent and completely still as she tried to fall asleep.

Silently, Kim got out of her own bed and crept over to the older woman's side of the room, she walked quickly and quietly to the woman's side and brushed her fingers through the woman's soft dark hair. Kim smiled as Shego moved into her soft touch, "How could I leave you alone when your angry face is just so cute?" Kim asked as she cupped the older woman's cheek, relishing the warmth as it spread across her cold hand.

Shego shivered in her sleep but, as Kim began to pull her hand away from the woman's face, Shego moved in her sleep, quickly following the now retreating hand. Kim smiled as she stopped her movements and allowed Shego's face to find her hand.

Kim bit down on her lower lip as she watched the sleeping woman, trying to convince her self to stand up and leave her alone. But she just couldn't seem to find it within herself to do so, so instead, she slowly, and with a delicate hand, climbed under the warm blankets and joined the older woman in the bed. Kim quickly found herself falling asleep as she held onto the older woman, feeling just as comfortable holding Shego as she had while being held by the older woman.

. . .

Kim woke the next morning feeling cold and somehow lonely, she rolled towards the middle of the bed, and sleepily opened her eyes. She was greeted by the sight of an empty bed and, with a sigh, decided to just get up and begin her day.

The teen scratched absentmindedly at a random spot on her head as she slumped down the stairs, "Well look who's finally up," My father teased from the couch.

"Mornin' dad," The girl mumbled as she continued to the kitchen. Kim grabbed a small porcelain bowl and filled it with cereal and a little milk before grabbing a spoon and heading back to the couch. She took the seat closest to her and turned her head to the television screen. She wasn't surprised to see that her father was watching cartoons and knew that the tweebs had to be on the couch somewhere too.

A stern throat-clearing drew her attention away from the television screen, and her eyes lit up as they landed on what had become a very familiar sight for her. Shego sat in the corner of their L-shaped couch with her legs extended outwards, Kim followed the woman's covered legs with her eyes and quickly realized she was sitting on Shego's feet.

Kim smiled warmly at the older woman, "Just trying to help keep you warm," Kim joked, eliciting a small smile from Shego, who leaned back against the couch, enjoying the warmth that radiated from the teen's butt.

Kim was surprised that Shego simply accepted what she had said before continuing to watch what was playing on the T.V. Not only that, she was baffled that the older woman didn't pull her legs closer to her to body to remove the contact. Kim pondered what could have been going through Shego's mind for a few moments before deciding to let it go for the time being so she could enjoy her breakfast and the rare moment of family bliss she was currently sitting in.

"It's too bad Ann isn't here," Dr. Possible spoke with a clear note of longing in his voice.

The twins shook their heads in unison as they rolled their eyes at their father, Kim on the other hand, hoped that she would find someone that missed her as much as her father longed for her mother when she was merely out shopping.

The rest of the morning passed by with nothing other than cartoon watching until eventually, Kim noticed the tweebs sneak off quietly. "That can't be good," Shego said from her spot as she finally pulled her feet out from underneath Kim and stood, stretching her arms over her head as she yawned.

Kim glanced at the older woman's body, heat spreading throughout her core as she took in the woman's shapely figure.

"Shall we go do something before the twins return to carry out their nefarious plans?" Shego asked the redheaded teen.

Kim nodded and jumped off of the couch, but before they could move from the spots they were standing in, someone knocked on the front door of the house.

"I've got it," Kim said as she was already standing.

"Oh. Hi Drakken,".

The blue Doctor smiled appreciatively at the teen, "Hello Kim, is your father here? I wanted to discuss some theories with him."

"I'm in here, Dr. Lipsky, come on in," James called in his old friend.

Kim wandered back up to her room, leaving the two men to chat about things she would never have understood, searching for Shego, who had disappeared while the teen answered the door. Kim found the older woman in the first place she looked, which was in their bedroom.

"So, what are we doing today?" Kim asked as she walked into the room.

Shego grinned, "You'll find out soon, just throw on something easy to move in, and we'll get going."

Kim felt like pushing the question to annoy the older woman but decided against the idea in the end and instead, walked to her side of their room and quickly changed into a pair of capri shorts and a green tank top that exposed the entirety of her midriff. On top of her easy to move in clothes, Kim threw on a thin, light pink sweater and a white pleated skirt along with a pair of white tennis shoes.

Kim walked back over to Shego's side of the room, and her eyes almost bulged out of her head as she took in the sight before her. Shego stood by her suitcase wearing only a pair of tight, lime green leggings, and a black bra. Kim couldn't seem to turn away as she stared unabashedly at the older woman's bra clad breasts. The black fabric contrasting perfectly against the pale skin that looked almost white in the bright sun.

Kim pressed her hand over her heart and felt as the organ tried to beat out of her chest as she stared at the beauty before her. She had to hold back a whine as Shego lifted a black shirt over her head and pulled it down over her torso, hiding the sight Kim had been so interested in. The teen quickly retreated, hiding behind part of the makeshift wall as she willed her heart to slow down, Wow… Just wow, Kim thought to herself as she began to relax.

"Are you ready, Kim?" Shego called out, causing the girl to jump, "You've been quiet for a while now."

Kim moved back into view and watched as Shego slipped on a pair of sneakers, "I'm ready. The real question is, are you ready to tell me what we're doing?"

Shego smirked at the teen, "Well, we did something you wanted yesterday… Which consisted of you playing with me."

Kim grinned, "That's true, but I wanted to play with you so much more," Kim whined dramatically.

"I know, and I am thankful and surprised that you held yourself back. But today, we'll be doing something I want to do."

Kim whined a little, "Which is?"

Shego couldn't contain her chuckle at the teen's annoyance even if she tried, "Don't worry about it; you'll find out soon enough."

Kim whined once again, but again, decided not to continue pushing and simply pouted as she followed the older woman out to the car, Shego switched off the G.P.S the moment she sat down and lowered the soft roof. She started the car and took off at a quick pace, taking care not to drive at a higher speed than the indicated limit on the road. Kim watched as a smile spread across Shego's face, the woman's hair whipping wildly in the wind as she drove. Kim grinned as she turned her eyes back to the road, deciding to enjoy the ride. It wasn't long before the car stopped at a small, rarely used patch of grass, to call it a park would have been being generous, but still, a little sign near the three marked parking spaces read 'Hawkstone Park.'

"Where are we?" Kim asked as she stepped out of the green convertible, a smile still plastered on her face.

"You live in this town, don't you? I thought you would know every spot around."

Kim raised an eyebrow as she looked around at the deserted patch of grass, "I usually frequent the Mall and restaurants, not Parks."

"Well we didn't come here because it's a park, we came here because it's secluded and not very many people come by here."

Kim grinned devilishly, "And what do you plan to do to this young girl, all the way out here, all alone," Kim spoke in a sultry, teasing manner, winking at the older woman as she did so.

Shego smiled, "This," And with that, Shego launched herself at the teen, sending the two tumbling to the floor. The older woman ended up on top of the teen and smiled as she quickly hit the younger girl in the shoulder with a soft tap.

"One point to me," Shego said with a cocky smile.

Kim raised a brow as Shego got off of her, the teen took the older woman's offered hand, accepting her help as she pulled the teen back to her feet, "So that's what we're doing," Kim spoke slowly as she slipped off her sweater and pulled off her skirt.

Kim grinned as she lowered herself slightly, raising her hands in front of her body in a defensive manner, "Let's see how well you do when I'm ready for it," Kim said before moving the four fingers of her right hand, motioning for the older woman to come at her.

Shego didn't need to be asked twice as she once again jumped at the teen, feigning an all-out attack she dropped down at the last second and dove between the teen's legs, Shego behind the girl and took a swing at the girls exposed back. Before she was able to make contact with the teens lower back, however, the redhead twisted downwards on one foot, ducking beneath the older woman's fist before pushing off the ground and jumping into the air.

Kim flipped forwards and sent a swift soft kick towards the older woman's face, Shego caught the redheads foot with ease and smiled as she threw the teen back to the floor, sending her tumbling on the grass. Shego immediately capitalized on the teen's vulnerable state and ran towards her. Much to the older woman's surprise, Kim pushed herself off the floor with enough force that she pushed herself into the air and, by the time Shego had closed the distance between the two, Kim was on her feet and ready to defend herself once again.

Shego came to a stop before the teen, "Not bad kid."

"Same to you," Kim replied, smiling with pride at being complimented by Shego.

Kim went on the offensive once again, slipping around Shego's swinging fists Kim grinned as a bead of sweat dripped down her forehead. Dropping to the floor, Kim sent a quick fist up to strike at Shego's lower thigh but was once again foiled by Shego as the woman grabbed her limb. Kim yelped slightly as she was suddenly yanked back to her feet, she took a quick step to the left, just slipping out of the way of Shego's next attack. Kim twirled on her right foot, bringing her left foot up with incredible speed the teen landed a soft kick on the older woman's right shoulder, showing off just how flexible the redhead was as she did a perfect split in order to win the point.

Shego looked down at her shoulder and raised an eyebrow as she looked at the foot pressed against her shoulder, "Impressive," The woman complimented before taking a few steps away from the teen. "Very Impressive," She said as she took up her usual fighting stance.

The two continued to spar for hours until finally, neither of them was able to keep their fierce battle going any longer. Kim lay on the grass, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she tried desperately to catch her breath, Shego was in much the same state, the only difference being she was sitting up and leaning against a rather large tree.

"I… Win," Kim said between breaths.

Shego was silent for a long while as she focused on regaining her breath before replying, "By a single point," Shego grumbled, slightly frustrated after losing.

Kim sat up and smirked at the older woman, "Winning is winning, whether it's by one point or one hundred points."

Shego nodded her head. "You're right," Shego said before taking a deep breath and climbing to her feet. "We should head home for the day," The woman said as she walked towards the still seated teen, "Come on," She said as she held out her hand for the teen.

"Thanks," Kim said, gratefully accepting the offered helping hand, "You really gave me a run for my money though. How did you get so good?"

"Didn't you read my file?" Shego asked, "All the information would have been in there."

Kim rubbed the back of her neck, sheepishly, "I mean… I was supposed to and was going to that day we met, but I… Well, let's just say that I decided not to."

Shego looked confusedly at the teen, "What is that supposed to mean?"

Kim simply shrugged her shoulder with a smile as she picked up her discarded clothes from earlier, "I'm going to go remove these sweat covered clothes and just wear these, I'll just be a few moments."

Kim disappeared behind a large tree that was growing nearby and changed as fast as she could while looking all around herself to make sure no one was close enough to see her getting dressed. She quickly returned to the convertible, tossing her soiled clothes onto the backseat as she climbed into the passenger's seat. The two headed back to the Possible residence, discussing the various techniques the other had used during their sparring session and complementing each other on their respective skills.

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