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Chapter 1

A.N. Just something I came up with, going to be very AU as I'm sure you can tell from just this first chapter, but I hope it's a good read.

A New Job

A maniacal laugh rang out into the brisk night air, a cloaked man grinned as he watched his pet pushed a mechanical arm through the body of a young boy that had once been such a thorn in his side. The red of his blood splattered over the walls of the large house that the boy had been residing in along with his twin and the rest of his family.

The young boys red eyes were stuck in place, staring at the lifeless body of his twin who had been killed in his sleep, effectively ruining any attack that the boy could have conjured as without his twin, he was fundamentally unable to function. Of course, that wasn't entirely true. However his powers did need his double to perform, a tear leaked out of the boy's ruby eyes as the last drops of life filtered out of his body.

The cloaked man chuckled an evil chuckle, "Two down and only three more to go. Come, my pet, the others are waiting~" He cooed to his robotic fiend.

His pet removed its arm from the lifeless boy's stomach, and followed its master silently, causing the cloaked man to giggle softly. They walked throughout the house and slaughtered the members of Team Go easily in their sleep, the Cloaked man keeping his maniacal laugh from getting too loud as to not wake his sleeping victims.

He came to the last room in the house and his brow furrowed, "Last room?" The man asked the air as he recounted his movements through the house. The cloaked man nodded, "Definitely last room… Is the little whore sleeping with her brother?" The man asked of the air but received no response.

He held up a hand started to count off on his fingers his most recent kills, "First was those red twins, then that purple moron, then I came across what I'm assuming was their parents, the empty bedroom and now the last one…" The man grinned an evil little smile, "Guess the daughter is out passed curfew~. Naught, naughty child."

He silently opened the door and looked upon the massive teenaged boy that had been a thorn in his side for far too long, but the man frowned as he commanded his pet to hold the enormous teen down rather than straight up kill him. But the young hero was already awake and as the robot approached his fist came up and smashed the thing into pieces on contact.

The massive barrel-chested boy rose from his bed and stared down at his attacker who seemed to cower under the glare that he was receiving. The cloaked man faltered before taking a step backward, his retreat didn't help however as the large, blue boy ran down the cloaked man in a heartbeat and ripped off his hood.

The large teenagers' eyes opened wide as he saw who had attacked him, he looked down at the destroyed robot before looking back at the man, "Avis!?" The boy asked as he looked at the quiet kid that usually sat with his sister when they had lunch at school, except his features seemed to have aged quite some since the holidays had ended.

"Mego! Wego!" The glowing blue boy yelled out to his brothers but received no answer.

The man beneath the brute began to laugh manically again, this time not holding back in the slightest, "I've done it~, I've gone it~" The kid that looked like a man sang out in glee, "I broke Team Goo~. My pet had oh so much fun with your family, but you just had to go ahead and brake it."

The big blue boy growled as he tightened his grip on the smaller boys' cloak, "Have you gone completely insane!?" The muscular boy demanded as his blood began to boil.

But the boy didn't say anything as he started to cower once more, the teenager groaned in annoyance at the way his adversary was acting and decided just to tie the boy up so he could search out his family. He carried the villain as he went, not allowing the kid to be out of his sight for even a second, worried that he had some kind of escape plan.

It wasn't long before the teen found out precisely what had happened to his family as he happened upon his parents' room first. The muscular man dropped the villain to the floor as he stared in shock at the bloody mess that was his parents' room.

"No…" Was all the teen could squeak out as he began to tremor under the pain that coursed through his entire being.

The boy on the floor began laughing maniacally again, seeming to be no longer afraid of the troubled teen. But the sound was different, now higher than it was only a few minutes ago, the sound knocked muscular teen from his shock, and he quickly delivered a swift kick in the direction of the laughter, just to have his foot fly into the wall and smash a hole through it.

"Missed me~, missed me~," The boy teased, filling the blue teen with rage and causing him to charge at the villain.

The boy was ready though, and with one swift move, a knife was buried deep in the charging hero's chest as he charged straight through nothing and into a reinforced wall inside his parents' house. The hero groaned in pain as his life dripped through the large wound on his chest.

The villain laughed as he danced his way over to the dying hero, "You can thank your sister for this," The boy whispered into the dying teen's ear before laughing manically for the sixth time that night.

As Hego lay on the floor, the life draining from his body he let out a word with his last breath, "Shego…"

. . .

The green skinned woman woke with a start, her naked body was covered with a sheen of sweat and her deep green, silk sheet and blanket were wrapped around the woman's body and restricting her blood flow. But the woman didn't care as she fumbled on her black nightstand, searching out her phone. Without even thinking she dialed a number that she refused to forget nobody how far she ran from her family, both physically and emotionally.

"Shego!" The green skinned woman heard her mother yell in surprise, "Before you do anything-" The words were never finished as upon hearing her mother's voice she disconnected the call all she wanted was to make sure that her family was alive. The dream, while obviously a dream considering the age of her family and the fact that she had actually 'woken up,' felt so damn real that she had to call to make sure.

She groaned as she rubbed her thumping head, "Too much damn alcohol," she said as she untangled herself from bedding. Making for her bathroom, the green woman grabbed the bottle of painkillers she kept on hand and took a handful of them, downing the pills without so much as a drop of water. She was very versed in the practice after all as it was her nightly ritual to pass out in a drunken haze after a long day at work as an assistant to the most annoying Doctor that had ever graced the Earth.

Walking back into her bedroom she picked her phone up again and sighed as she removed the sim card. She held the piece of plastic in between her index finger and thumb and watched as it melted in her plasma charged grip. Routing around in her top drawer she fished out another sim and quickly plugged it into her phone, so her family couldn't track her down using her mobile number.

She then glanced at her other phone, the one she used for work and the only one that saw any real use, and groaned as she saw the flashing green light that alerted her to a missed call or text message. She picked up the annoying thing and flipped it open, seeing two missed calls from a number she didn't recognize and a text message that read simply 'Call me ASAP.'

Doing as the text said she rang the number that had called her, assuming that it was merely another Doctors assistant or even her pain-in-the-ass boss who had just gotten another number for unknown reasons.

"Ahh, Shego," an unknown voice sounded through the phone, "I am Dr. Possible, and I've been looking to get into contact with Dr. Lipsky, but that blue man is quite the eccentric, as I'm sure you know, and is quite hard to understand."

"Yeah so? What do you want?" Shego asked, being short with the other man.

Dr. Possible quietly laughed at the tone in the irked woman's voice, "So, I would like for you to ask him if he wouldn't mind using his talents to collaborate on a project I am working on."

The green woman groaned, she hated asking the blue man anything since it took him three hours to give an answer, "Yeah whatever, shall I call you back on this number?"

"That would be lovely," Dr. Possible said as he clapped his hands together, "I can't wait for him to get here."

The pale woman hung up the phone before she had to listen to the cheerful man say anything more. She took a quick shower before changing into a professional deep teal button up blouse and a pair of black jeans and dark green high heels. Grabbing the keys to her apartment she practically ran out her front door and down to the lobby where a taxi was already waiting for her.

"Thanks for waiting, Larry," She spoke hurriedly as she buckled herself in.

The man had already taken off from the curb and was racing to her boss's lab, "Don't mention it Shego, it's what I get paid for after all," He said with a smug smile on his face as he glanced in the rear-view mirror, getting an eye-full of the green woman's figure.

"Stop it," Shego said without even looking at the man, knowing exactly what he was doing, "One more time and I swear I'll take your head off."

The man chuckled at the threat, "You always say that but never do it," He grinned lecherously at the green-skinned woman, causing her to growl in distaste.

Why do I even put up with this shit? She asked herself as the taxi came to a stop in front of the old rundown building that she worked at.

Knowing exactly what the woman was thinking the driver answered her unasked question, "Because I'm the fastest in the city," He said while holding out his hand for the green woman to pay him.

As usual, she gave him the exact amount charge with no tip, but the man didn't seem to care if his lecherous gaze said anything it was that the view he received while driving the woman was all the tip the man needed. Shego left the cab in a huff as usual and stormed into the rundown looking building. The inside of the building belied what the outside implied, the walls were clean and painted in a bright blue. The furniture like the security desk, shelving and the lounges that sat in the waiting area were all brand new and top of the line. The security guard's freshly pressed uniform also seemed to be brand new and was made from the best materials that money could buy.

But despite all of this Shego hated the place where she worked, she found it pandering that the various and substantial donations were spent frivolously on the workplace. While she didn't care much for the man that she worked with she knew that he was brilliant and if his projects received even half the funding that his co-workers did then the world would benefit greatly. Not only that but then she could receive a nice pay-rise, something she hadn't received since she started working for the blue scientist under promises of vast amounts of money.

The man still had delusions of grandeur as he continuously complained over never receiving the kind of budget that the other scientist received. Shego was always the one that was forced to listen to the blue man as well as he seemed to not have any friends in the city. The green skinned woman doubted whether or not he had any friends in the world at all.

"Dr. Lipsky," Shego said as she walked into the small lab that was filled with hundreds of half completed or completely broken inventions that will probably never be completed or fixed as the scientist's resources seemed to dwindle lower and lower every day.

"Shego," The blue man greeted with a smile, "How many times have I asked you to call me Drakken?" The man asked before going off on a tirade about why he preferred to be called by a name that he had chosen himself.

Shego groaned as she zoned out, not wanting to once again hear the story about how his high-school friends decided on his name, especially since she didn't even believe the story in the first place. The man finally stopped talking with a satisfied grin after about fifteen minutes, waiting expectantly for his Assistant to say something but she continued to just stare off into space.

"You ignored me again didn't you," Dr. Lipsky whined in a huff.

"Yeah, I did, I told you I would, anyway, some guy called Dr. Possible called earlier, wanted to know if you could to help him on some kind of project," Shego stated before waiting for her employer to start rambling like he usually did.

"Possible?" He asked like the name hurt to say, "A Possible wants my help?" The blue scientist asked as if he was bewildered by the situation before he started grinning like a mad man, "A Possible wants my help. Finally people are seeing the genius that is Dr. Drakken. Tell him I'll be right there," Shego was thoroughly surprised that the blue man had come to a decision so quickly, without even a hint of rambling, "You'll come along too of course," He stated rather than asked, causing the woman to groan.

"Fine I'll come, but you'd better be quiet on the way there, or I'm going to kill you," The Doctor simply laughed the comment off causing Shego to wonder why no one took her threats seriously.

After phoning Dr. Possible to tell him the apparently fantastic news the pale green woman got to work on planning the trip to Middleton, a city that Shego had never heard of but was quite easy and cheap to get too. She looked at the prices on the flight list and noticed that the travel allowance that she had obtained from Dr. Lipsky to get the two there easily covered the charge of two first class tickets on a renowned flight service.

The Assistant grinned before quickly clicking the book now, button, not even bothering to ask her employer whether or not it would be okay, he was the one that gave her the budget after all. The green skinned woman leaned back in her chair with a satisfied smile, "Finally I can go somewhere in style," She said before getting on to her other duties.

That afternoon after once Shego had finished work, she quickly told Larry that she would not require his taxi for an undetermined length of time starting just three days from them. The black-haired middle-aged man groaned like he was upset to hear the news.

"So I won't be seeing that fine ass for who knows how long?" He asked, feigning sadness.

"You shouldn't be looking at it anyway," The woman growled, wishing that any other cab driver in the city could drive as fast as her usual driver did. But there was no one else so if she ever had to find some other way to work, she knew she'd have to wake up earlier than usual and that was simply a no go.

As she arrived at her apartment, she quickly filled a glass with brandy which was immediately swallowed before the woman poured herself another, but before she was able to drink the next glass down her phone started blaring, her work phone. Groaning once again she retrieved the annoying device from the black purse that she had just thrown onto the counter.

"What?" She snapped without even checking the caller ID, whoever it was deserved her wrath for distracting her after finishing work.

A light lilting laugh drifted through the phone, and Shego had to catch herself before she melted at the soft, delightful sound, "Dad said you were quite the pistol," The person said over the phone.

"And I'm just as dangerous," The woman growled, "Now what the hell do you want?"

"My dad needs you here immediately, so we've sent a hovercar to retrieve you," The young girl said over the phone. "It'll be there in about… Two minutes."

The Green woman barely heard the girl after she mentioned 'hovercar', "How much money does he make?" She asked herself, not realizing she was still on the phone.

"Dunno," Came a quick reply over the phone, "But seriously, hovercar approaching, be ready and I'll greet you when you get in."

The green woman ignored the comment and quickly hung up the phone before running to her room to pack a few pairs of clothes for the trip. "Damned scientists," She mumbled as she bundled some clothes into a duffle bag she kept under her bed. "Always bossing us Assistants around… Maybe I should just find a new job?" She mused aloud for what had to be the hundredth time since she started working for her current employer.

Just as she was told a hard, sharp knock sounded at her apartment door, on the other side stood two men wearing black suits and earpieces stood in front of her, "Miss Shego, please come with us." The woman obliged and quickly found herself climbing into the back of a hovercar, next to her blue boss. He sat with a frown on his face mumbling under his breath about Dr. Possible just wanting to flash his budget in the blue man's face.

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