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Chapter 4: Mother to the Rescue

I was stuck in bed for the third day in a row after Himawari had kicked me out of her house, I had barely been able to move as I lay in a depressive state. I hadn't eaten a thing in three days and was completely ignoring my sisters to the point that I had locked my door, so they couldn't come in to try and comfort me.

A soft knocking on my door drew my attention towards the door. I stayed silent, hoping whoever was knocking on my door would go away. Unfortunately they didn't as they knocked once more, this time just a little louder, I still stayed silent, even going so far as to turn onto my side facing my wall and dragging my blanket over my head.

The knocking stopped soon afterward for a few moments before I heard the sound of jingling keys through the door. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, "Go away!" I yelled out but received no response.

The door to my room opened, and I soon felt my bed dip as someone sat beside me, they placed a comforting hand on my side and started stroking me softly. Immediately, I recognized the soft touch, and I threw my blankets off of my body, wrapping my arms tightly around my mother's neck and began wailing as she wrapped her arms tightly around my waist.

"Shh, shhh, it's okay, Saku-chan," My mother tried to comfort me, but it wasn't okay, nothing was okay, and it hadn't been for years.

Unable to talk through my sobbing, my mother just continued to whisper comforting words in my ear. Before long, we were joined by the Nadeshiko and Hanako; they both wrapped their arms around me lovingly and comfortingly. It took a long time, and while I'm unsure if it was thanks to the support or if I was physically no longer able to cry, but eventually, I calmed down enough to speak.

"Why, mum? Why did it end up like this?" I asked sadly.

My mother was silent for a long while, "Girls, please leave us alone," My mother requested of my sisters. I watched from my mothers' shoulder as Hanako and Nadeshiko solemnly left the two of us alone, I tried to muster up an appreciative smile as Nadeshiko turned back to look at us before she closed the door.

I whined as my mother pulled away, missing the warmth and comfort that left with her. She smiled a comforting smile as she cupped my cheeks with her hands, wiping the tear streaks off with the pads of her thumbs.

"Before I can help, you need to explain to me properly what has happened. Your sisters told me that you've been holed up in here for days since returning from the Furutani's on White Day but that they don't know why."

I looked around nervously, wondering just how much I should reveal to my mother but, as I locked eyes with the loving woman, everything just came flooding out. I told her everything, from how I felt every time I saw and spoke with Himawari up to what happened on White Day.

My mother looked taken aback by what I had just divulged, but she recovered quickly and soon regained her loving, understanding smile.

"Sweetheart, what happened in elementary school?"

I became deathly still at the question, "It doesn't matter," I said as I pulled away, "I just need to know how to fix things," I said as I looked pleadingly towards my mother.

She looked back at me in her same understanding way as she searched for something to say, "You just need to keep trying Sakurako. Laying here all depressed isn't going to solve anything, so get up, get some food, get started on all this work that Hima-chan brought over for you." Mum said, lifting a small stack of papers, "And then tomorrow, you go out there and keep trying to patch things up. You are Sakurako Omuro, and you don't give up just like that, do you?"

I shook my head in answer, "You don't give up. Do. You?" My mother asked again.

"I don't, I won't and I can't!" I yelled excitedly as my mother's words filled me with courage and renewed hope. I gave her another quick hug, "Thank you, mum," I said before leaping from my bed and running down to the kitchen.

Nadeshiko and Hanako were sitting at the table with steaming plates of curry sitting directly in front of them. My stomach grumbled loudly as the smell wafted into my nostrils, causing my sisters to giggle quietly.

"Don't worry, Saku-chan, we made extra for you," My mother spoke softly behind me as she waited for me to fill a bowl.

I grinned happily as I sat down at the table with a very full bowl of curry that almost spilled every time I took a step. I looked between my two sisters feeling a little guilty as they looked at me with worry in their eyes.

"I'm sorry for the last three days, guys," I said as I looked down at my hands that had come to rest in my lap, "But I'm alright now… Really."

"Alright girls, I'm heading back out," Our mother said as she headed towards the door, "I left your father with my parents, he's got to be getting ready to kill himself soon," She joked.

I felt saddened by the news and quickly jumped up to hug her again, "When will you be coming back again?" Hanako asked as she also wrapped her hands around our mother.

"Oh girls, I really don't know, but I'll try and be back as soon as I can. And I'll even try to bring your father with me."

We said our goodbye's before heading back to the table and settling down to dinner, "Sakurako. You shouldn't push yourself too hard, okay?" Nadeshiko said between bites of curry.

"I know," I said around a mouthful of curry.

"Finish what's in your mouth before you speak," Hanako admonished me, and I couldn't help but smile.

"Sorry, Hanako," I said just before swallowing the food only to tease the girl. "But honestly, I'm going to be okay."

I could see that my sisters were both still worried about me despite my assurances, I couldn't blame them though, I wasn't sure if I believed myself, but I had to at least try. I made short work of my food before grabbing another bowl filled to the same level as the last. My sisters looked amazed and a little disgusted as I wolfed down my second portion.

"Thank you for the food," I said to the table before jumping up and heading towards the stairs.

"Sakurako!" My older sisters' stern tone stopped me.

I turned back with a sheepish smile on my face, "Yes?"

Nadeshiko and Hanako both pointed to the kitchen, "Dishes," They said in unison.

I slunk back to the kitchen and got started, grumbling the entire time about my homework and that I still had a lot of work to do. My grumbling garnered zero sympathy from my sister's as they went about their business.

Even with all my grumbling, I was sitting at the small desk in my room in less than an hour and started working as hard as I could to complete my work. It was time for me to fight harder to repair my relationship with Himawari. I was done with the half-hearted effort that I had been putting in recently.

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