Those Cheating Veela @dasteiza
Chapter 5

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Those Cheating Veela

Chapter 5

Claude sighed again as he checked his watch for what must have been the hundredth time. He was sitting in the living room waiting for the love of his life to come out. He knew that she took a long time getting ready, but this was ridiculous! He calmed himself by saying that she loved him so much that she wanted to look perfect for him. The thought brought a smile to his face. He was truly a lucky man.

Meanwhile in Gabrielle's room

Gabrielle Delacour looked like a million dollars. She was dressed up for a fancy dinner in a very expensive dress that wouldn't look too out of place on a red carpet. She had her gold jewelry on as well as her high heels. She was ready to go … except for one thing.

"I am going to be late, 'Arry!" she cried out a moan as she gripped the bedsheets. Her beautiful dress was flipped up and over her ass while her elegant, silk panties were dangling off of one ankle. Her gorgeous face was twisted into a look of pure pleasure as Harry's massive cock battered her cervix and massaged her g-spot at the same time. One of his hands was underneath her rolling her damp clit between his fingers while the fingers of his other hand were too busy massaging her asshole. Gabrielle fought the urge to bury her face in the bed. She didn't want to mess up her hair.

"I think that your boyfriend can wait just a bit longer," Harry moaned as her perfect, silken pussy tightly gripped his cock. Every time that he pulled out, he could see his shaft glistening with wetness. Gabby always got super wet for him. "Besides, I want to make sure that you go out filled with a nice, creamy load," he teased, mashing into her g-spot again.

Gabrielle stuffed her fist into her mouth to keep from screaming. Her abnormally tight pussy was already fluttering over his cock, trying to massage the promised load from his balls. Her slim body was trembling and shaking as she choked out a cry and came hard on him. The sensation of her lovely pussy cumming on him sent him over the edge, and he groaned in relief. She felt the warm, wet load enter her, and she shuddered in pleasure. He let go of her sensitive clit and began caressing the insides of her gorgeous thighs. Harry loved rubbing her legs. He always complimented her on them, so in return, she always made sure to show them off to him.

As her body spasmed, Harry finished cumming in her, and he naughtily pulled her panties back up, trapping his cum inside of her. Lifting her back to her feet, Harry chuckled at her red face and leaned in, kissing her passionately. After a moment of losing herself, she remembered her boyfriend. Calling out a goodbye, she quickly fixed herself up and ran out of the room. Harry shook his head. He wasn't going to lie, he loved it here at the Delacour house.

Apolline's husband had come and gone, only spending six days here this time before taking another work trip. Harry had rented a hotel room while he was here. He wasn't sure if he'd be okay with Harry staying here alone with his wife and daughters, but he guessed that the answer would be no. Of course, when he had left, Apolline didn't kick up the usual fuss. She just smiled and wished him well. The reason for that was simple, she had a sexy piece of ass waiting to fuck her raw. Harry made sure to live up to that reputation.

Fleur had gone back to England to spend time with her husband, Bill. Harry had gone with her so that he could take care of some business while there. Bill had thanked him profusely for taking care of her and keeping her many would-be suitors away. Harry waved it away, smirking on the inside. Bill also confessed that he'd need to go away again in another couple of weeks but was worried that Fleur would get angry. Harry said that he would talk to her. It turned out that she didn't care at all, and truth be told, he wasn't surprised. Out of all three of the girls, Fleur liked to spend the most time in the bedroom. The girl was insatiable. Harry couldn't be happier. When Bill found out, he thanked him again, even taking him out for drinks where he asked if he would watch over her once again. You didn't need to have Trelawney's crystal ball to figure out what his answer was. So once all was said and done, Harry temporarily left Fleur in England while he went back to France. There were still two horny Veela there that desperately needed his cock after all.

Harry took a quick shower to wash Gabrielle's love juice off of him and tossed on a robe with nothing underneath. He went to the living room and grabbed the Quidditch magazine that he had been reading earlier. He had just finished an article about the Vratsa Vultures getting a new Keeper when Apolline stepped out of the floo. Harry smiled and closed his magazine. Tossing back onto the side table, he stood up to greet her. Taking her robe, he cleaned it before hanging it up, earning him a deep kiss from the MILF. As she walked to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, he could see that she was walking a bit crooked.

"Is your back hurting again?" he asked as the House Elf brought out two coffees and a plate of pastries. Apolline took a sip of her coffee before nodding.

"Nothing too bad. It was just a long day on my feet," she winced as she sat down. He watched as she crossed her legs like a man so that she could reach her stocking-clad foot. She slowly massaged it while sighing. Harry told the little elf to bring their refreshments into the living room before scooping Apolline up into his arms.

" 'Arry! What are you doing?" she asked as he sat her down on the couch. Sitting next to her, he pulled her legs over his lap.

"Giving you a massage," he answered, slowly peeling off her black stockings and revealing the creamy, pale skin underneath.

Apolline sighed in pleasure as she took a sip of her expensive coffee while Harry removed her stockings. He wasted no time in putting his hands on her. His strong hands slid up and down the delicate, smooth skin of her legs which brought a smile to her face. He took her dainty feet in his hands and began massaging her aching soles with the pads of his thumbs. Apolline tilted her head back and moaned deeply. The act of him rubbing her sore feet sent tingles up her legs and into her pussy which was rapidly moistening. Judging from the perverse smile that stretched across his face, Apolline knew that the bastard could smell it. She couldn't help it though, after a long day she needed to be thrown on the bed and fucked like a whore. Now she just needed to push him over the edge.

When he reached underneath her skirt and began sliding her wet panties down her legs, she took the opportunity. As the panties left her feet, he reached between her legs and started rubbing her bare pussy. Apolline closed her eyes and drowned herself in the sensation. She used one of her bare feet to open his robe and release his big, semi-hard cock. Placing her soft foot on it, she slid it up and down, rubbing him to full hardness. Her legs parted wider, giving him as much room as he needed. She felt him gather her juices on his fingers and used it to lubricate her hard, throbbing clit. Apolline cried out when his fingers touched her aching nub.

"So good!" she gasped as his finger began rubbing circles around it. Her scent was growing stronger the wetter that she got. Suddenly, her back arched when she felt two of his fingers slip between her wet lips and penetrate her. He curled his fingers just how she liked, and when his fingers began to vibrate, she squealed happily as her g-spot was being stimulated.

Apolline began trembling as she felt her orgasm get closer and closer. Arousal was dripping down her pussy and wetting her asshole as she whined and mewled in pleasure. Needing more, she ripped open her blouse and sent her buttons flying as her bra-covered tits burst out. Not bothering to waste time, she pulled her bra up and exposed her naked tits. Immediately, her hands landed on them, massaging the perfectly sculpted breasts and pinching her lovely pink nipples. She rolled the crinkled tips between her fingers and even tugged on them a bit as her pussy was desperately gripping his wiggling fingers. Apolline could hear how wet she was. Her pussy was sloshing as he brutally finger-fucked her and drew her orgasm nearer. When his thumb began to massage her clit, it was too much. She cried out as her legs slammed shut, and her back arched.

" 'ARRY!" she squealed as he pushed her legs open again. Her pussy began spraying her juices slowly at first, but with every thrust of his fingers, the spray grew in strength. Soon, her ejaculate was spraying not only him but most of the room. Her body spasmed and jerked as she flopped around while experiencing intense pleasure. She suddenly felt his fingers leave her pulsating pussy as she was flipped over. Harry took hold of her hips and lifted them up. When she felt his massive cock bump her overly sensitive clit, she cried out and begged him to wait. It was too soon, and she was too sensitive after such an orgasm. But Harry was having none of it. Rubbing the head of his cock up and down her naked slit, he gathered plenty of juices on the head. Apolline felt the head press against her asshole, and she gasped when he began pushing it in.

Apolline buried her face in the couch as his cock slid into her inch by inch. She had been taken in the ass by him many times, but it always felt as if she were being split in two from his sheer size. She could feel him continuously lubing up his cock and her hole while he worked himself in. When his hips touched her pillowy cheeks, he lovingly rubbed her lower back and started moving. A pleasured shiver escaped her as his cock pistoned in and out of her. The older Veela was still feeling spikes of pleasure from her earlier orgasm, and now the added pleasure of being fucked in the ass was pushing her back over the edge. Her muffled moans could barely be heard over the clapping of her cheeks. Harry was getting more savage with his treatment of her poor, violated hole. He was now leaning over her and holding her shoulders down while he piledrived her ass with his huge cock. She let out a pleasured squeak every time that his big, bloated balls slapped against her hard clit.

It wasn't surprising when she started thrashing around, coming undone from another violent orgasm. Her asshole clenched tightly causing Harry great pleasure. He pushed deep inside of her and let loose. He happily groaned as he seeded her ass over and over again. When done, he pulled out and looked at her asshole leaking his cum down her plump, hairless pussy lips. Apolline was breathing heavily as Harry called for the elf. He told her to go run them a nice, hot bath. When the elf disappeared, he gave her ass a hard slap, causing her to yelp in pain.

"Let's go relax, Love," he said, pulling her to her feet. Apolline stood on shaky legs as Harry removed her clothes and left them there to be picked up by the elf. She obediently followed him to the tub where she was able to finally relax after a long day and a hard fuck.

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