Those Cheating Veela @dasteiza
Chapter 4

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Those Cheating Veela

Chapter 4

Fleur flipped through the pages of her fashion magazine while sitting on the couch of her parent's home. In truth, she wasn't even looking at the pages. She was just going through the motions as she thought things through. Harry had gone back to England for the night to take out some British chippy … Daphne something. This did not sit well with Fleur. She tossed the magazine away and huffed angrily. Suddenly, she heard her younger sister giggle.

"Still angry?" Gabrielle chirped. The younger Veela was sitting in a chair reading her own magazine.

Fleur just shrugged. " 'Arry is on vacation. 'e should be 'ere!" she said angrily.

"I thought that vacations were meant to do things that you enjoy," she corrected her sister. "Anyway, I am sure 'e will enjoy fucking that English tart," Gabrielle snorted, looking over the offerings of an up-and-coming clothing designer.

"I will give 'im a piece of my mind once 'e returns," Fleur promised as she got up and paced back and forth.

"Fleur, you 'ave no right to 'im. You are still married to Bill, remember?" Gabrielle reminded her. Fleur huffed once again. Before Fleur could make a rebuttal, their mother walked in and sat on the couch where her eldest daughter sat only a moment ago. As soon as she sat down, she could tell that Fleur was annoyed.

"What's wrong?" Apolline asked, checking her nails to see if she needed to get them done.

" 'Arry left," Gabrielle smiled. "Fleur is not 'appy about it," she giggled while Fleur scowled.

"Yes, 'e told me that 'e was leaving for a day or two. Something about a date with a young woman," Apolline said as she found the state of her nails satisfactory. Fleur snorted.

"Young woman? More like young putain!" Fleur bit back vehemently.

"Fleur! Be nice," her mother smiled as she verbally rebuked her child.

" 'Arry should be 'ere giving us pleasure right now!" Fleur complained, still pacing back and forth. "Instead, 'e is off giving it to that slut," she finished her tirade. Apolline just laughed and shook her head.

"If you wish for 'Arry to give all of 'is attention to you, then you must give 'im a reason to," Apolline told her, looking up at her irritated daughter. Fleur raised an eyebrow.

"Oh? Am I not good enough already?" she scoffed. As if she wasn't good enough to hold a man's attention.

"Don't be conceited, Fleur," her mother warned. "Nobody likes that, especially men." Fleur took a deep breath and nodded her head. Sitting down next to her mother, she turned to look at her.

"Men 'ave short attention spans. You 'ave to make sure to keep 'is attention on you."

"Then 'ow do I do that?" Fleur huffed, crossing her arms under her ample breasts. Apolline smiled. She'd give her daughter some advice that she'd never forget.

Those Cheating Veela

Harry smiled widely as he arrived back in France after a lovely evening away. The sun was shining brightly and the birds were chirping happily. Not only that, but he had spent the night fucking Daphne Greengrass. That girl was hard to get in bed. He really had to work for it. When she sent him a letter the previous day, Harry simply had to go for it. He'd be an idiot to turn down her invitation. What a night it was, he thought as he made his way inside. Once in his room, Harry grabbed a quick shower before looking to see if anyone was home. Finally, he came across Fleur. Hugging her and kissing her cheeks, he asked, "Where's Gabby and your mother?"

Fleur smiled. "Gabrielle is spending the night with 'er boyfriend, and Maman is letting us 'ave the day to ourselves. Though, she does demand that you take care of 'er needs tomorrow," Fleur rolled her eyes. Her slutty mother just couldn't get enough of Harry's magnificent cock.

"Well, if the day is yours, then what do you want to do?" Harry asked, stretching to help work out the soreness that he felt in his muscles.

"I want you to wait in my room while I get ready," Fleur told him saucily. Seeing him nod, she went on, "On the bed … naked."

"Naturally," Harry chuckled. "Anything else?" he raised his eyebrow.

"Non. That is all," she smiled charmingly.

"Alright. I'll be in the room waiting. Don't be long," he called out as she hurried to get ready.

Harry went into Fleur's room and stripped down to nothing. He climbed on the bed and waited for her to return. He waited for nearly twenty minutes. He was just about to go look for her when the door opened. Instantly his cock was hard when he saw the tiny French maid outfit that she was wearing. Seeing his cock inflate, she giggled happily.

"It seems that you like my outfit, no?" she asked, spinning around so that the tiny skirt flared up and showed that she wasn't wearing any panties on underneath. The bottom of the black dress ended well above mid-thigh, and the neckline plunged deeply, showing off an obscene amount of cleavage. She was practically bursting out the top of the dress. That suited him just fine.

As he laid there, she stepped up and stood on the bed. She kicked off her high heels and placed her foot on the underside of his cock. Slowly she rubbed it up and down. "Do you like my stockings, mon amour?" she asked, rubbing his swollen cock. Harry's eyes traveled from her black stocking-covered foot, all the way up her shapely leg until the stocking ended mid-thigh. After that, the rest was her flawless, pale skin.

"I like it very much," he moaned at the way she was working his cock. Giggling, she dropped down and straddled him. He could feel her wet pussy lips press against the underside of his throbbing cock.

"What about the top? Does it show off too much?" she asked, leaning forward a bit and shaking her chest. Her big tits swayed back and forth and jiggled as they threatened to burst free of the insufficient fabric. Leaning down even further, she didn't stop until her cleavage was right up against his face. Shaking her tits against him, she asked again, "Well? Does it?"

"No. It's absolutely perfect," came his reply, muffled by her glorious tits. Fortunately for him, one of her nipples popped out, and Harry was quick to suck it between his lips. Fleur squeaked and pulled her nipple from his lips, arranging her top to cover herself once again.

"Naughty boy," she rebuked him. She stood back up and pressed his chest down to the bed with her stocking-covered foot. She then spun around and straddled his chest. Harry saw the hem of her little, black dress bunch up until half of her perfect ass was hanging out. She kept scooting back until her ass was pressed against his face. " 'ow about my dress, 'Arry?"

Suddenly, Fleur began slowly twerking her ass against his face. Harry was surrounded by her scent as her wet pussy smeared its juices all over his face. He could feel Fleur licking all over his raging erection as she bounced her ass on his face. He reached out and gripped her hips tightly. Holding her still, he pressed his face deeper inside of her pillowy cheeks and dipped his tongue to her asshole. She let out a shuddered moan when the tip of his tongue found the rim of her asshole.

Fleur smiled into his cock as she dipped her head and took him down her throat. It seemed that her mother's advice paid off. If she wanted his attention, then she needed to put in the work, Veela or not. Her moans vibrated around his cock as his warm tongue wiggled against her puckered hole. Her body twitched when it slid over the hole itself. As much as she liked having her asshole licked, right now she wanted more. She wiggled and scooted her body until her pussy was pressed against his mouth. With one hand working his cock and the other massaging his bloated sack, Fleur bobbed her head even faster when his lips found her hard clit.

Harry had to repeatedly swallow the deluge of fluids dripping from her naked pussy. When he sucked her hard clit into his mouth, he was rewarded by Fleur taking his cock deeper down her throat. She was so worked up that before long, she was trembling through her first orgasm.

Fleur pulled off of Harry's cock and shivered as her eyes twitched. She cried out as her pussy leaked into his mouth while he sucked hard on her sensitive clit. Needing to get her overly sensitive clit away from his mouth, Fleur rolled off of him and curled up, still spasming from her orgasm.

He looked her over as she curled up and shook in pleasure. Her dress was hiked all the way up, exposing her pussy as her muscles contracted. He could see them glistening with her juices. She looked incredibly sexy while in the throes of passion. Unfortunately for her, she hadn't made him cum yet. His cock was rock hard and waiting for her. Grabbing her hips, he rolled her over until her ass was up in the air. Thrusting deeply inside of her, he moaned loudly as her pussy immediately tried to milk his cock. Sliding in and out of her, she moaned along with him as she coated his cock in her fluids. Pulling out, he used one hand to spread her cheek open and reveal her puckered hole to him. Placing the head of his wet cock against her tightest hole, he slowly pushed forward and inched his way inside.

Fleur buried her face in the bed and groaned loudly. Her hands gripped the sheets tightly as he stretched her beyond the limits of what her body could comfortably handle. She could feel every bump and ridge of his massive cock as it rubbed against the insides of her bowels. Her pussy was dripping steady drops of her fluid down onto her bed, and when he finally bottomed out, his hand slid between her legs and smeared her fluids all over her hairless pussy and mound. Fleur cried out into the mattress. The pleasure was too intense! Her nipples felt like they were about to rip through her tiny dress. As Harry diddled her clit, his hips began moving. They started out slow, pistoning his cock into her ass at a slow and steady pace. Every so often, he would use his wand to coat his cock in lube, which she was very thankful for. With fluttering eyes, she lifted her head from the bed and looked back at him. His muscular chest was sweaty as his hips collided with her pillowy ass. She could see her cheeks rippling with every clap of their bodies. When his fingers pinched her clit and rolled the tiny nub, she couldn't help but let out a loud, whorish moan. Suddenly, his hands left her clit and grabbed the front of her dress. Fleur squealed when he roughly pulled down the material, freeing her big tits for the first time that day. Her mouth was open in a constant moan as his hands groped and squeezed her perfect tits. Her hard nipples were pinched and pulled as he thrust into her poor, abused asshole.

Obscenities passed through her pink, plump lips as her pussy pumped out a torrent of fluids, drenching the insides of her thighs and the bed underneath. Her eyes widened comically when he pulled his hand back and slapped her fat ass with enough force to make it sting badly. Fleur cried out as the pain added fuel to her pleasure-induced screams. Another hard slap made her asshole clench tightly around his huge cock. "Almost there," Harry grunted. Reaching down, he gripped her clit tightly and pulled on it. His cock was hitting a spot deeper than it had ever reached before. All of it was too much. Fleur came harder than she had that day, spraying her juices all over her room as Harry pumped her asshole full of his cum. When full, Harry pulled out and stroked his cock. Taking aim, he covered her ass and back with ropes of his sticky, white cum. Once finished, he flopped down next to the shivering Veela. He kissed her forehead as she trembled. "It's good to be back," Harry told her.

Fleur smiled through her violent orgasm. It seemed that her plan worked. Now Gabrielle and her mother needed to do their parts as well.

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