Those Cheating Veela @dasteiza
Chapter 3

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Those Cheating Veela

Chapter 3

Harry was leaning with his back against the wall while moaning in pleasure. The reason for that pleasure was evident when he looked down. Fleur let go of his cock with a wet pop and tapped the head of his cock against her plump, pink lips. Smiling sexily, she angled his cock to her left where her younger sister took it in her mouth. Fleur watched in pride as her sister, Gabrielle used everything that she had taught her to please their secret lover.

When Fleur had left Harry alone at the beach house with Gabrielle to keep him company, she already knew what would likely happen. Gabrielle's crush on him was no secret to anyone but her boyfriend, and frankly, he couldn't even begin to match up to Harry. Fleur didn't mind one bit if her baby sister got a piece of her lover. It wasn't like Fleur could shout to the world that Harry was hers. She was married and wished to continue being so. She couldn't fulfill his needs consistently, but with Gabrielle's help, maybe they could get closer. From what Gabrielle had told her, she wished to remain in a relationship with her boyfriend, Claude, at least for now. Once their time at the beach had ended, Fleur and Gabrielle practically dragged him back to their family home. Of course, Claude wasn't invited and was sent packing. They didn't need to worry about being interrupted there. Their mother was quite busy during the day from working at a charity that she loved. Their father was rarely around anymore. He was too busy going from country to country while working for the French Ministry of Magic. They had the house all to themselves.

Gabby bobbed her head up and down as she took most of his length down her throat. Harry was very long, however, so she wasn't able to take the entire thing. Gabrielle looked up at him with her beautiful sapphire eyes as she pulled the cock from her mouth and wiggled her tongue against the underside of his head. Fleur saw him shudder from her action. Having his cock returned to her, Fleur gripped the base and began to stroke it rapidly. Gabby ducked her head and started licking and kissing on his dangling balls.

"Open your mouth, Gabby!" Fleur told her as she aimed his cock. Gabby let go of his balls and opened her mouth. Harry groaned as large spurts of cum erupted from the tip and shot directly into Gabby's mouth. Some of it missed and painted the gorgeous girl's face. Fleur kept on beating his dick until every last drop was extracted. Seeing her sister's face covered in cum made her giggle. Fleur leaned down and kissed the head of his cock and licked up the last drop of cum sticking to it.

Those Cheating Veela

Apolline Delacour groaned as she stepped out of the Floo. Placing her hands on her lower back, she bent backward until her lower back popped. Sighing in relief, she went into the kitchen to find something to eat. Like most days, she had spent quite a few hours working at the local charity that deals with needy children. She certainly thought that it was a worthwhile activity. So did the rest of her family since none of them ever complained about her absence. So much time was spent there mainly due to her husband, or rather the lack of a husband. While she loved him, she would be the first to admit that they were not very compatible. Even so, she would prefer to have him here. Unfortunately, he decided to dedicate himself to his work and travel the globe trying to better the French magical community through treaties with foreign nations. She thought that it was a worthy cause, but the fact that she was so easily left alone certainly ruffled her feathers. As a Veela, any slight to her womanhood could be dangerous for the individual. A husband deciding that his Veela wife wasn't worth sticking around for was asking for trouble.

The truth of it was that Veela often had relationships outside of their marriages. It wasn't that they didn't love their partners, but that their partners just weren't good enough according to their Veela instincts. Veela that found worthy partners were rare, but it did happen on occasion. Those lucky Veela usually kept their husbands on lockdown so that some other Veela didn't come along and attempt to steal him. Sadly, she didn't have to worry about her husband being stolen. She quickly ate a small meal and went into the living room to relax. Grabbing a book from the drawer, she settled into her favorite, comfy chair and began to read.

The book was charmed to appear as a literature classic, but in reality, it was a steamy romance novel. Since she wasn't getting any from her husband, she may as well feed her fantasies in other ways. She spent an hour or so reading chapter after chapter, her pussy tingling the entire time. She could feel herself getting wet the more that she read. Her perfect, pink nipples hardened until they brushed against the inside of her silk shirt. The sensation made her gasp and close her eyes. Biting her lip, she held in a moan before calming herself. Closing the book and placing it back in the drawer, she decided that it was time for bed. Perhaps she would touch herself before falling asleep. She always slept better after an orgasm. As she was heading to her room, Fleur's door opened. Expecting to see her daughter, instead, she got a full eyeful of a very naked Harry Potter.

" 'Arry!" she squeaked out in surprise. Harry placed a finger to his lips and gestured for her to keep quiet. She did as he requested, but pulled him into her room so that they could talk. As the door closed behind them, she finally realized that she was alone in her room with a naked man. "What are you doing 'ere, and why are you nude?" she asked, trying to not let her eyes drift down.

Harry smiled lecherously at the thoughts of what had been happening throughout the day. "I've been spending some time with your daughters," Harry told her the truth. Apolline gasped in surprise.

"Both of them?" she raised a well-manicured eyebrow. Harry just smiled proudly and shrugged his broad shoulders. Apolline finally let her eyes drop to his naked groin. She smiled naughtily and reached out.

"Mmm. You certainly seem big enough to 'andle them," she said huskily, taking his soft cock in hand. Harry stood there as she began fondling him.

"Aren't you married?" Harry teased the horny, older Veela. He of course knew that she was.

"Yes, but if 'e wanted me, 'e would be 'ere in my bed, no?" Her hand began coaxing him into hardness with long, deliberate strokes. Her other hand joined in and started massaging his balls.

"Yes, I believe that you're right. If you were my wife, I'd certainly be fucking you at every possible opportunity," he told her truthfully. He saw her cheeks slightly redden.

"Oh? Do you think that you could 'andle a woman like me?" She let go of his cock and ripped open her silk blouse. Her large, perfect tits bounced and jiggled as they were set free. Harry's eyes were instantly glued to them. She suddenly dropped to her knees and placed his hard cock between her pillowy tits and began bouncing them.

"It seems that I'm about to find out," he groaned. Looking down at Apolline, he was amazed by how much she resembled her daughters. Not only that, but she looked as if she were an older sister instead of their mother. She had the same long, silvery blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Even her skin was the same creamy pale color. As his cock burst through her cleavage, she leaned her head down and licked the underside of his tip. Harry shuddered. While he loved what was going on, he wanted more. He grabbed her by her underarms and lifted her up. Apolline squealed when he not-so-gently tossed her onto her bed. He captured one of her squirming legs and slowly peeled off her thigh-high stockings.

Apolline mewled as her Veela instincts went into overdrive. Harry's strong hands were slipping her silky stockings off of her creamy, smooth legs until finally, they slipped off of her dainty feet. She gasped wildly when he began peppering her sensitive feet with kisses. Using her other foot, she slowly rubbed his raging erection. Letting go of her foot, he peeled off her other stocking and tossed it away, leaving her in only her skirt and panties. The skirt was next to go as he worked it down her body. Finally, he gripped the waistband of her small underwear and lowered it past her knees and off of her feet. Tossing them aside, he watched as she opened her legs and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips for him. He marveled at the wetness of her light pink insides. Apolline sexily bit her lower lip as she used the fingers of her other hand to slowly rub circles around her hard clit. Clearly, she was tempting him to join her in bed. Not being one to turn down such an invitation, Harry crawled onto the bed and settled between her spread thighs. Taking his cock in hand, he placed the underside of his length between her smooth, plump lips and began rocking his hips.

Apolline gasped and arched her back as his cock slid back and forth between her wet lips. When it began stimulating her clit, she couldn't control herself anymore. Lifting her knees until they were resting on each side of her body, she exposed herself as her pussy was lifted into the air. Reaching down, she rubbed herself rapidly and patted her wet pussy. She could feel his hard cock resting against her as he kissed the soft sole of her foot. Grabbing his cock and placing the tip inside of her, she said, "Enough teasing, 'Arry. Fuck me, please." Her desperate plea didn't go unanswered.

Harry shuddered as his cock dipped further into her hot, wet tunnel. Veela pussy was by far the best he had ever had. Apolline having the most Veela blood in her had an incredible pussy. It allowed him to easily slide in but still somehow gripped him tightly. A lesser man would have came right on the spot, but Harry had plenty of practice from fucking her daughters. Gripping her under her knees, he pushed her legs up until they were resting on either side of her ears. His hips began moving rapidly as he power-fucked the sexy MILF.

Apolline mewled in pleasure as he folded her body in half and took her as hard as he wanted. Her pussy was sloppy wet and made embarrassing sounds the harder and faster he fucked her. The pleasure was incredible. It had been so long since she had been fucked in such a way. Her pussy was squeezing his penetrating cock with every thrust, and her toes curled from being so close to an orgasm. Her beautiful eyes were fluttering, and little chittering noises escaped her mouth with every clap of their bodies.

"How long has it been since your husband enjoyed this pussy?" Harry grunted, still fucking her as hard as possible.

"Years!" she squeaked out as her pussy gripped him tightly. Her body suddenly spasmed hard when the tip of his battering ram of a cock slammed into her G-spot. Again her special spot was hit. Now he was battering her G-spot with every thrust causing her body to shiver and pussy to leak. She could feel warm beads of her arousal roll down her pussy and pool around her puckering asshole. She screamed as her pussy clamped down hard on him. She locked her ankles around the back of his neck to keep him inside as her pussy desperately milked his huge cock hoping for a heavy load of cum. Leaning down, he kissed her deeply and passionately as his hips were a blur.

"Inside me, please!" she begged as her pussy was violently fluttering around his cock. It was beginning to get too sensitive for her to handle. She needed him to cum now. Using her last bit of strength, she tightened her pussy muscles further until it was like a steel trap. Harry groaned loudly and immediately spilled his seed in her. Sighing in happiness, Apolline could only lay there folded as Harry seeded her with his thick, warm cum. She could feel him spurting his seed deep inside of her, claiming her depths as his. Once dry, he pulled out and rolled off of her, breathing heavily. He wiped some sweat from his forehead. Apolline was breathing deeply as well. Suddenly, she squeaked as she was pulled on top of him. His hands squeezed her shapely ass as his tongue explored her mouth. They moaned together as their bodies rubbed. She broke the kiss and rested her tired head against his muscular shoulder. She could feel his cock resting against her naked pussy that was dripping his cum.

"You belong to me now," he told her, spreading her ass cheeks apart with his hands. Apolline gasped from the perverse treatment but nodded quickly. Her Veela instincts practically demanded that she submit to him. She knew that she would allow him to fuck her any time that he wanted. She was powerless to say no. She drifted off to sleep with him groping her naked ass while toying with her puckered hole. Her body was his to do with as he pleased.

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