Those Cheating Veela @dasteiza
Chapter 2

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Those Cheating Veela

Part 2 - Gabrielle Delacour

Harry groaned loudly as the incredibly sexy Fleur Weasley rode him as her life depended on it. He closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh as she slowly rolled her hips, pushing her weight down on him. Fleur shivered and dropped down on him. Kissing her, Harry's hands slid up from her hips and cupped her naked breasts. He had to hold back as her tight pussy tried desperately to coax a thick load from him.

"I can't believe that you have to leave," Harry complained with a moan as her walls contracted on his thick cock. Fleur's body trembled as his finger pinched and pulled on her sensitive nipples.

"It is only for a few days, mon amour," Fleur groaned out, kissing him quickly before sitting up and resuming her bouncing on his lap. "There is business back in England that I must take care of," she explained.

"I know, but still," he said, his hands fondling her bouncing tits.

"Do not complain 'Arry. My sister Gabrielle will keep you company. 'Er and 'er boyfriend will arrive tomorrow morning," Fleur told him as she reached back and fondled his balls.

"I haven't seen her since your wedding. How is she doing?" Harry reached up and pulled her flat against his chest. He could feel her heavy breathing as he tightly gripped her shapely ass cheeks. She buried her face in his shoulder as he began thrusting into her. Fleur chittered and mewled from the hard, deep fucking that she was receiving.

As she peppered his neck with soft kisses, she said, "Gabby is doing well. She just finished 'er final year at Beauxbatons."

"She must be excited," Harry replied and turned her face and kissed her deeply. Breaking the kiss, Fleur moaned sexily as Harry's large cock continuously bumped into her G-spot. He could feel her arousal coating his cock as he penetrated her.

"Yes," Fleur choked out huskily, her pussy fluttering over his cock. "Oh god, please fuck me 'arder 'arry!" Her lovely voice filled with lust and longing had his hips moving faster and faster. Their bodies were colliding and produced wet, slapping sounds as Harry squeezed her fleshy cheeks and spread them apart.

Fleur squealed into his neck as her warm asshole was exposed to the cold, air-conditioned room. "Gabby is very excited to start 'er adult life. She 'as no idea what she wishes to do, but she's interested in many different things," the horny Veela continued as her body jerked from the harsh fucking that she was receiving. Harry rolled them over and began fucking her even harder and faster. Fleur cried out and wrapped her long, smooth legs around his slim waist. Her pussy was squeezing his cock so tightly, and he was suddenly drenched in her juices as she came on him. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and pulled him as close as possible when her pussy contracted around him. Harry groaned out and spilled his seed inside of her, making her body shudder in pleasure. A few more pumps of his cock and he was milked dry by her fantastic pussy. Harry rolled off of her and smiled. Fleur kissed him before getting out of bed to go shower. She needed to leave soon.

Those Cheating Veela

The following morning a loud squeal had Harry turning around only for a silvery blonde bullet to slam into his chest. "OOF!" Harry cried out as he was squeezed tightly. For a moment, he thought that Fleur had come back, only for him to realize that this Veela was about half a head shorter than the other.

"Gabrielle?" he asked, as he finally got a good look at her. She had certainly grown since the last time that he had seen her. That wasn't surprising since it was several years ago. She was just as gorgeous as her sister, and even looked very similar. The only real difference was that she was shorter and smaller than Fleur. She was much more waifish with smaller breasts and slimmer hips. That didn't detract from her beauty though.

"Yes, 'Arry! It is so good to see you again," she squealed out and hugged him tightly once again. His attention was drawn by the clearing of a male throat. Gabrielle broke free of the hug and blushed. "Oh yes. 'Arry, this is my boyfriend, Claude," she introduced him to the young man. "This is 'Arry Potter."

Harry looked him over. He wasn't very tall, maybe around Fleur's height and quite slim. He had sandy blonde hair and was overall a good-looking guy. Harry greeted him and shook his hand. "Come on in," Harry ushered them into the house so that they could get settled. Harry helped Gabrielle with her bags. When Gabby had heard that Harry was staying at the beach, she insisted that she stay the duration of Fleur's absence to "keep Harry company". Fleur explained that Gabby loved the beach and would likely spend most of her time there splashing in the waves. Harry didn't mind if she wanted to enjoy herself while Fleur was gone.

Gabby only took a few minutes to get situated before she was in her tiny bikini and pulling her boyfriend by the hand out to the beach. Harry followed them chuckling at her exuberance. Instead of frolicking in the water, Harry decided to sit in his favorite beach chair under a large umbrella and watch the sexy, little Veela bounce around in the water. Sipping on his cocktail, he kept his eyes on the pair. He knew that she was an adult, but she was still Fleur's sister, so he felt responsible for her safety. It was a good thing that he remained so vigilant. It was only half an hour later that he heard panicked yells coming from the water. He looked up only to see that Claude was quite a ways from the shore and panicking as the top of a silvery head disappeared under the water. Without thinking, he apparated close to Claude and looked around. Gabby was nowhere to be seen. Going by instinct, he pulled out his wand and summoned the little Veela to him. It was a few seconds later that something large hit him in the stomach. Lifting it into his arms, he saw that it was an unconscious Gabby. Apparating back to the shore, he laid her down and hit her with a spell. Instantly, she rolled over and choked out a lungful of seawater. As she choked and coughed, he tenderly rubbed her back.

"You're okay now, Gabby. Just breathe," he told her as Claude ran up to them. He babbled away in French as Harry lifted her into his arms. He carried her inside and sat her down. Checking her over, he concluded that she was fine, just a bit shaken up. After assuring him that she was okay, he left the couple to talk.

Shaking his head at the foolishness of youth, he chuckled as he realized how ridiculous that was. In his youth, he was probably the most reckless person on the planet. He didn't have much room to talk. Still, it wasn't smart to go out that deep where the currents were so strong. He'd make sure to talk to Gabby about it so that she didn't make the same mistake in the future. Though, he imagined that after today, she wouldn't be so keen to go out that deep again any time soon.

Those Cheating Veela

It was nearing midnight, and Harry was sitting on the couch enjoying a cup of tea before turning in for the night. It was then that he heard the creak of a door opening. Looking over, he saw Gabrielle walking to him wearing a silk robe. As she got closer, he saw that she was blushing a bit. Sitting down next to him, she thanked him for saving her.

"Thank you, 'Arry. For saving me today," she added, her cheeks pink.

"You don't need to thank me, Gabrielle," Harry smiled. Gabby nervously batted her long eyelashes at him. Just then he felt her small foot sliding up the baggy leg of his pajama pants. Gently, the bottom of her bare feet tickled his muscled leg.

"But I do need to," she said, huskily. "For the second time, you are my savior. Before, I was too young to thank you properly, but now I'm not." She didn't say anymore before leaning in and kissing him passionately. Harry moaned into her mouth as her tongue explored his. Coming to his senses, he broke the kiss and asked about her boyfriend. Blushing fiercely, she replied, "I stunned 'im after 'e fell asleep. For the next few days, I am yours."

Showing that she spoke the truth, she stood up and dropped her robe, and exposed her body that was hidden underneath. His cock hardened the moment that he saw her form. Her body looked incredibly soft and smooth. She was almost completely nude, only wearing a small pair of panties. Her hands wandered down her gentle curves and up over her small, perky breasts. She stood right in front of his sitting form, stroking her curves. "I am ready for you, 'Arry." He watched her fingers stroke her panty-clad pussy lips. "Smell 'ow ready I am," she said huskily, leaning in and throwing her thigh over his shoulder. Her panties were right up against his face as she wiggled around, rubbing the damp material over his nose and mouth. Grabbing her tight bottom, he pulled her in and inhaled deeply.

"Mmm, you smell incredible, Gabrielle," breathing in her heady scent.

"Taste me," she choked out, her pussy already tingling. He obliged her by pulling the front of her panties down and kissing her bald mound. Wanting more, Gabby smeared her pussy across his face until he was able to suck her clit into his mouth. The moment that her hard, little nub touched his tongue, he needed more. Grabbing the stringed waistband of her thong, he ripped it from her body, earning a squeal of surprise and pain as her wet pussy was now fully exposed to him. Tossing the ruined garment aside, he placed her other leg over his shoulder and stood up.

Gabby's eyes bugged out when she rose into the air. She held onto the back of his head tightly so as to not fall off. However, she couldn't hold back a loud, perverse moan as she pressed his face deeper into her wet cunt. Her eyes twitched as she felt his warm tongue slither around her naked genitals and lick up all of her womanly drippings. She let out a soft "oof" when her back softly hit the wall. Now that she was pinned, he pressed his face hard against her. She heard him moan against her pussy as he rubbed his face back and forth. Gabby threw her head back and gasped at the naughty sensation that came along with the lewd action. She blushed hard when she realized that her scent would likely remain with him for days. Her pussy juices were being smeared all over him. Suddenly, his mouth traveled down, and Gabby's legs stood out straight as his tongue wiggled against her puckered hole. "Yes! Right there!" she cried out when his tongue lapped at her dirty hole. Just as the tip of his tongue slipped into her virgin ass, her toes curled and she violently squirted him in the face.

Her young body trembled and shook as the most powerful orgasm of her life ran her ragged. Her juices were splashing everywhere. Harry was drenched, as was she when she finally stopped cumming. She was breathing rapidly and wanted a moment to recover, but Harry was having none of it. He carried her to his room and tossed her on the bed. Facedown, she tried to crawl away but was quickly pulled back. " 'Arry ... " but she was cut off by a slap on her ass.

"You wanted to thank me properly, love," Harry said, lifting her ass up and sliding inside, taking her doggy-style. Gabby cried out from being too sensitive as her savior took payment from her body. She screamed into the mattress as he reached down and pulled her juice-coated clit. The orgasm came back with a vengeance as he brutally fucked the young Veela. Unable to do anything else, she gripped the sheets tightly and bit down on the pillow as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her squirting cunt was contracting around his huge cock as he used her juices as a lubricant to stroke her engorged clit. Screaming so loud that it made her throat hurt, she came hard enough to pass out just as he began filling her with cum.

Harry pumped her full of his seed as she flopped down onto the bed. Harry chuckled at the girl. It would be a while before she could hang with her sister when it came to sex. Grunting in satisfaction, he finished spurting his cum into her and pulled out, his cock coated in her juices. Smirking, he got her back in her robe and set her in her own bed next to an unconscious Claude. Shaking his head at the poor boy, he thought that it was funny that he was sleeping next to a girlfriend that was leaking his cum. The next few days should be fun, he thought happily before going to bed for the night.

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