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Amor Real

Chapter 9: Amor Real

After months of preparation, the wedding day was a week away. Just like in Spencer and Max's wedding, one of the Simmons daughters will be the flower girl and Luke's nephew, Peter will be the ringbearer.

They had to pick their family at the airport so they asked all their friends to help them.

"I can't believe our families decided to arrive e same day" said Penelope to JJ as they walked to the terminal where the flight California- Washington will arrive.

Luke was with Matt and Spencer waiting for the Miami one.

"My mom always hated the airplanes, in fact she went from Dallas to Miami in a bus"

"That's a normal fear especially for elder people, they don't like the idea of a flying thing. Of course not all elder people have it but it's pretty common"

"Yeah, I think knowing his son is finally getting married made her face her fears" Luke looked at Matt and his eyes watered a little. He did not believe he will be a married man in a week with a woman he felt in love slowly.

"Where are they staying?" Asked Spencer.

"My sister found a good hotel close to my apartment, they wanted to be close so we can spend more time together. I think Penelope's family will be close too but not in the same hotel"

"That's great, I'm sure you will be pretty busy with all of them" added Matt laughing.

"Oh you have no idea..." Luke smirked and the speakers announced the arrival of the flight from Miami "ok they are here" they lifted up a piece of paper that said Alvez Family.

They waited some minutes until Luke's family arrived and he introduced them to his friends and coworkers. After that a group went with Matt, other with Spencer and other with Luke and they drove to the hotel.

Meanwhile Penelope's family arrived some minutes later and they left to their hotel. Penelope's family was smaller but still needed JJ family car and her own car to go to the hotel.

After the two families did the check in, they all went to a restaurant to eat and the Garcias and the Alvez met.

They talked and have fun telling Spencer, Matt and JJ stories about them. They all laughed and enjoyed that day.

The following days were busy for the soon-to-be married couple and their family and friends.

JJ planned a girl's night as Penelope's bachelorette party and Matt planned the bachelor party for Luke.

That night before he left for the party he looked at Phil's picture on his coffee table and looked at him.

"Man... I wish you could see me getting married"

Luke and Phil were in Afghanistan on their transport after a mission."So what are you going to do when we return home?" Asked Phil smoking a cigarette."Visit my mama" he smiled at him "and you?""I will visit my girl" he got out a photo of a beautiful woman "have you ever thought about getting marry?""Honestly?" The other man nodded "never. I like my single life. I can't date someone with the kind of jobs I want to have"Phil laughed "we will see... Because there's a crazy woman for a crazy man like you" Luke rolled his eyes but nodded."If someone out there want to marry me, you will be there as my best man" they highfived."It's a promise" Phil smiled.

Luke's eyes were full of tears as he remembers it and Roxie barked at him "I'm ok Rox. Don't worry..." He rubbed her head and cleaned his eyes then left the house to meet with his friends.

When he arrived, Matt told him he found VIP tickets for a football game. There were Penelope's brothers, his brother and brothers-in-law and his teammates.

They watched the game, drank beers and ate nachos with chilli. Then went to Rossi's house and play poker.

Meanwhile the girls drank, watched movies and ate pizza. They talked about marriage with Penelope and had a good time.

Finally the weeding day arrived. The women with the kids were fixing their hair and the men were helping getting everything ready with Rossi.

The wedding will be at his house, he will not let any other wedding to be somewhere else.

Luke changed into his suit and was nervous.

"How are you?" Asked Rossi looking at him.

"Like I'll die at any second. I'm so nervous"

"I understand that but don't worry. The moment you see her, everything will go away" he smiled "I have a present for you and Penelope. As you might know, the wedding is organized by the bride's family and the honeymoon by the groom's family but I considered you two my son and daughter so I did both" Luke was about to say something but Rossi interrupted him "I had a daughter I never had the chance be at her wedding and I'm glad Penelope accepted me to be her 'dad' now I ask you to let me give you this" he showed two tickets "I know you love adventure so I bought you and Penelope two tickets to Machu Picchu plus an airplane ride to see them from there"

"Oh my..." He held them and hugged him "thank you Dave" the old man hugged him back.

"No, thank you to make my dear Penelope happy. I met her a long time ago and I think I never saw her so happy until you arrived in her life" he looked at him "take care of her and keep making her happy" he nodded and had some tears in his eyes "now let's go! You can't be late to your wedding" they laughed and walked out.

There were everyone Matt reached him and patted his shoulder.

When everything was ready 'Heroes' by David Bowie started to play and Penelope walked out the house with David Rossi.

Luke and everyone else laughed at it but just enjoy the music as the bride walked to meet with her soon-to-be husband.

Their eyes connected as they got closer. When Rossi handed her to him he left them and the music stopped.

"Good evening. We are here to witness the union of these couple. Luke Alvez and Penelope Garcia. Now in front of your friends and family, say your vows, please" he said turning to Penelope "ladies first"

She looked at him and smiled "I know I was mean to you when we first met. My best friend just left the team and I hate changes. I felt like nothing will be the same, and it did but it wasn't bad, you and I shared moments like planning Rossi's engagement party or the arrived of baby Simmons number five" they all laughed "and I'm happy to call you mine, until the end of my days" she smiled big with some tears in her eyes.

"Penelope Garcia. Mi chica, we had a rough time at first but I kind of enjoyed. It was a nice challenge for me. I became more open around you, and at your last night as an active member of this team and right at this backyard I invited you on a date. I know my work and my responsibilities will be hard to deal with but I know you came from that world and understand it so our love is real and will last" he smiled at her.

"Very good and touching. Now Penelope and Luke let's exchange the rings" Matt called both kids and tell Luke's nephew to hands the ring to Penelope and Hank to hand the ring to Luke. Both kids did what he said and walked to sit with their moms "Luke Alvez do you take Penelope Garcia to be my wedded wife.To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part"

"I do" he slide the ring on her left ring finger.

Then he turned to Penelope "and Penelope Garcia do you take Luke Alvez to be my wedded husband.To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part"

"I do" And she slide the ring on his left ring finger.

"Now by the authority vested in me by the Court of the United States of America, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. What God has brought together let no man or woman put asunder. Groom, you may now kiss your bride" and with that Luke leans in to kiss her gently. The women in the audience cried after that.

The rest of the night was perfect. They danced Amor Real by Sin Bandera as their first dance together. Then the DJ, which was his brother, made a mix of latin music like salsa or merengue and reggaeton with pop and rock in english.

They ate mexican food and drank mojitos. Penelope danced with his mom and and he signed with joy as he saw it.

"I'm happy you and her ended up together" said Derek to him.

"She made it hard to but at last she couldn't say no to this chico" they laughed.

"Take care of her man. They broke the mold with her"

"I'm totally agree. And don't worry Derek. I will" they shakes their hands and Derek returned with his wife.

The night ended with the couple leaving to have their first night as a married couple. Roxie will be at her babysitter with Sergio and Lou.


I am sorry this took me a while to write it. I started this but I had writer block and I hope i can post the next chapter sooner. Next should be the honeymoon?

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