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The Dinamic Duo attacked again

Another first person, this time from Luke's point of view. Hope you like it.

Luke POV

Dating Penelope Garcia was not an easy task but I love challenges and she is the biggest one.

After she left the BAU I made some calls to the Interpol, they own me a favor after my former unit catched a fugitive from France here in the US, and asked them to find that Russian guy that was annoying my chica.

When she told me about Alexey Stanovich sending messages to her telling her in details how he was going to kill her, I felt disgusted and angry.

No one will hurt my chica so if I have to kill him myself I gladly will.

The months passed and there was not a lead on the investigation about this guy. The Interpol put a red spot on his passport, ID and everything that has his name.

When they finally found him they called me. This man raped and killed a ton of women and throw them in Siberia.

Luckily that guy recorded everything, his trophies, and they sent him to prison. Two life sentences plus eighty years.

That day I walked in the apartment me and Penelope shared since last month.

"Hey beautiful" I said walking to her "I have a great news for you"

"Oh really? And what is it?" She faced him and smiled.

Then I showed an article about how the Interpol with the help of an FBI agent, me, catching Alexey "do you remember when you told me about this guy?" She nodded "well I made a few calls to my friends at the Interpol and asked them if they could find this guy" I looked at her "and yesterday they catched him. He killed a lot of women and throw them in Siberia, he was catched when he was going from Russia to Germany to do a job there for the computer company he was working on"

She was in silence the whole time then she looked at me with tears in her eyes but with a big smile, she hugged me tight and kissed me like it was her last one.

"You, Luke Alvez, are my knight in shining armor" she smiled big wrapping her arms around my neck "I love you"

"I love you too" I replied almost immediately and we kiss again. Then we toast and eat. Happy about another perv was in jail.

The dinamic duo attacked again.


I hope you liked it. It was a continuation of what we saw on Saturday when she opened up about this guy.

I really wanted to catch him so Luke can help her with that. I still don't know what to write a Jealous Luke so if you have an idea, send a comment and I will put you in the credits.

Thanks for reading.

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