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Meet the Garcias

Chapter 4: Meet the Garcias

Luke and Penelope had been dating for several months now and Thanksgiving will be in a week.

Penelope and him thought about going to Emily and Andrew's new house. The BAU invited them all to her house but Spencer had to say no because he and Max will be at her father's and JJ will go New Orleans.

So only Tara and her boyfriend, Dave and Krystall and the Simmons were able to go.

They were about to say yes when a phone call changed everything.

"Hey big sister!" Carlos said on the other side of the phone.

"OMG Carlos! I missed you" she smiled at the voice of her brother.

"I missed you too. Last time we spoke you were dealing with a terrible situation and I'm sorry once again I wasn't there for you" he said with a sad voice.

"Oh don't worry silly. I love you and you know I would never be upset with you"

"I know" she smiled and could imagine his smile as well "I was calling you to invite you to come over for Thanksgiving. You can come with your boyfriend if you want to"

She bit her lower lip "and there will be Manny and Eddie?"

"Yeah. I invited them too oh and Ralphie"

She sighed softly and looked at Luke feeding Roxie and Sergio "let me talk with Luke about it and I will call you back"

"Umm... Sure no problem" they hung up and she walked to Luke.

He looked at her and got worry "Chica? You ok?" He walked to her in case she fainted at any second so he could catch her.

"Y...yeah" she sat down and looked at him "my brother Carlos want us to go to California for Thanksgiving"

Luke sat down next to her "do you want to go?"

"I'm not sure. Carlos and I fixed everything after the Believers kidnapped me and Reid but my other brothers... I don't know if they will forgive me for letting the man who killed our parents go"

"If they mess with you. I will be there for you" he held her hand softly and squeezed it "and that's a promise"

"I know my love but I would hate to see my two brothers saying bad things about me"

"Penelope. Thanksgiving is a holiday for families and I just want you to be happy so it's up to you" she nodded and kissed him gently.

"Did I ever tell you that I love you?"

"Yes but I love it and I love you chica" he smiled "so... How is California's weather?" She laughed and hit him softly.

She called her brother while he made reservations for their flight and the nursery home for their pets.

Then both fixed their suitcases and they left on Wednesday morning.

The flight was calm as long as Penelope held his hand. She was nervous.

"Luke..." She said looking at her boyfriend.

"Yes?" He looked at her.

"Do you remember what I told you about my parents?" He nodded "well umm I... I lied" she said looking away from him "my mom married Emilio Garcia, he adopted me as his daughter. I was 18 when they died so I never was in an adopted home after they died"

Luke looked at her hand holding his "I... I thought so... Because of your hostile attitude towards me. And I understood because I was the new guy and I learned more about you and I was waiting for you to tell me the true story"

"Gosh... I hate profilers" she said laughing a little "I can be so childish"

"Yeah but that's your best quality" he smiled "your adorable attitude" he smiled "you know I... I booked a room for us at the hotel of the town. I know you or your brother would like to have you in his house but I learned that being in someone else's house, even family, can be exhausted"

She nodded "I understand and I think you took a good decision" he nodded and the rest of the flight was calmer. They even took a nap.

When they arrived to the town they left their suitcases in the hotel and she called Carlos.

"Hey Penelope!" He hugged her "and you must be Luke, her boyfriend" he shook his hand "I'm Carlos, her little brother"

"Nice to meet you man... I heard lots of things about you" Luke smiled.

"Hope they are good"

"Of course, dude"

"Awesome" Carlos laughed "why did you booked a hotel room? I have enough room for you"

"Luke thought it could be more comfortable for us" she pointed at the three of them.

Carlos nodded "I understand, don't worry" he smiled "do you remember our mother's recipe for the turkey? I lost it"

"Yeah I have it in my tablet" she showed him the table "do you have the ingredients?"

"Manny is buying them. And Eddie will bring the drinks. Ralphie offered to make the apple pie" she nodded then they walked to her brother's truck and they went to his house.

They decided to get the turkey ready that day so the next one would be more relaxed.

So when they arrived Manny was already there. He was with his wife and kids. They were playing outside while the Garcia siblings cooked.

Carlos was nice and warm with his sister but Manny was not as warm and sweet as she wished. She knew Carlos told them her decision about the man who killed their parents.

Manny, Eddie and Ralphie were not as compressive as Carlos and they did not know what she had been through the past few years.

She still love them but was hurt by their cold attitude.

They spent that day there cooking together and were agree to met on Thursday at six.

When Penelope and Luke arrived to their room, they took a shower and laid in bed.

"They hate me" she said laying her head on his chest.

"No. They just don't understand why you forgave that man. You should explain them everything. They will understand" he kissed her head.

"I wish you are right but I know them. They won't understand. If I'm stubborn they are more, if you didn't know we aren't related by blood you could bet we are just because of our stubbornness"

Luke laughed softly "yes I know that but... Chica they deserve to know and they will understand. I know it"

She just kissed him deeper and ran her hands into his short hair "you are amazing at cheering me up. You know that, right?" He laughed and just hugged her.

"Yes I know and I'm proud of that"

That night they slept after a good round of sex. The next day they woke up, ate their breakfast and she left to get ready at the beauty salon.

He wanted a little hair cut so he went to the barber shop then bought her a nice necklace he saw and it reminded him to her.

At night they got dressed and he gave her the necklace "I bought it for you. I hope you like it California Chica" it had little cats all around it and was long. She made an excited squeal and put it on.

They went to her brother's house. She was wearing a light blue dress with dark flowers on it, blue high heals and the necklace he bought her.

He was wearing a white dress shirt, dark blue jacket and jeans. Casual but elegant, just how she liked.

They arrived to her brother's house and there were the others with their families or girlfriends.

The night was tense like yesterday. The turkey was in the oven so it was hot for dinner.

It was just a few minutes before dinner. Manny started to scream to Penelope how she could forgive that man who killed their parents.

The other two brothers stood by the other and Carlos was next to Penelope.

"Manny this isn't the right time to do this" said Carlos trying to calm his brother.

"Are you defending her? She is a traitor!" Said Eddie.

"She was the only one here" said Carlos a little bitter.

The other brothers looked down "I wasn't happy about it either but she had been through a lot these past few years"

"Do you want to know why I did it?" She said standing between her brothers "I will tell you. But please sit down" all of them did it.

She told them everything, she told them how she felt all those years and why she could not even return to California to visit them.

The four Garcia brothers had tears in their eyes and after that they all hug her and asked her to forgave them after what they said to her.

She did it and they finally ate, happy and in peace.

"I'm grateful for this moment, I know mom and dad will be proud of us and would be happy to see us as a big happy family" they all raised their glasses with tears.

After dinner they watched football and went to sleep. Penelope was so happy and proud of her brave attitude facing her brothers.

The next day Penelope invited Luke to her parents grave.

"You know this is my second time here?"

"I thought so according to what you said yesterday" he smiled.

She rolled her eyes but continued to walk until they reached the grave.

Barbara and Emilio Garcia.

Lovely parents and friends

"hey... Mom, dad" said Penelope holding Luke's arm "it's been a long time since I came here, I want to introduce you my boyfriend, Luke Alvez, yeah Latino like you mom and dad" she bit her lip "he is amazing and I love him"

He smiled and kissed her forehead "nice to meet you Mrs and Mr Garcia"

"Oh please, call them by their names"

"Ok ok... Barbara and Emilio. I love your daughter and... Here with you as my witness... I promise to marry her" she looked shocked and speechless "when she's ready, of course"

She pushed him softly but blushed. She never thought about it but with him... Could be a possibility.


I loved every minute of this chapter and I hope you, my beloved reader, love it too. I wanted to show how her brothers were still upset about her forgiving the man who killed their parents and I wanted a nice resolution.

I hope you enjoyed this. Next chapter will be his family. Maybe Christmas?

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