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My Girl

Chapter 3: My Girl

Luke drove home smiling. He was remembering the conversation they had waiting for the elevator.

He was practicing his profile skills. He could see she was uncomfortable with him asking about her boyfriend then when he mentioned his girl.

He also thought that, maybe... she could be jealous? He did not have proves but he did not have doubts. So maybe she liked him?

Maybe he was setting up too high his expectations with her but he will keep watching, maybe he was not as good as he thought with this profiling things.

He arrived home and walked in his apartment when a brown and black furry thing jumped on him.

"Oh hey girl" he said rubbing her head as she licked his face and barked excited "I missed you too" he managed to closes the door and she looked at him more calm as he put his gun in it's safe place then he sat down on his couch.

"I brought you some meat for dinner, we had a tough case" she laid her snoop on his leg "you know today I mentioned you to a co-worker" she looked at him with interested, her "eyebrow" raised at that "Penelope. You gonna love her. She is acting cold with me but I think it's because she likes me" Roxie lifted her head off his leg "don't be jealous Rox... You are my first girl" he laughed as she put her head on his leg again "anyway... She is nice but I guess being the new guy make her feel uncomfortable. But I bet she will get use to me"

He rubbed her ear and head for a while until he stood up to feed her and to get something for him to eat.

Maybe some day his girl will meet this woman he started to like.


That was all for today. I'm sorry it took me too long to finish and post this chapter. I have the general idea but I wasn't feeling inspired to build up the idea.

I love his relationship with Roxie so I wanted to write something with it.

Next chapter will be further than this three first chapters, when they are already a couple and she invite him to meet her family.

Do you think it should be something like Christmas or maybe Thanksgiving? I want your opinion.

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