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Park and Movies, a kid's life

This is a jump in time for our little Andrew Alvez. He's older and we will see his friendship with Max and Spencer's twins.

A little boy, about four years old, black hair and light brown skin ran in his parents room and jumped on his father's legs "PAPI!! IT'S SATURDAY!! IT'S PARK DAY!!" he jumped excited.

Luke Alvez signed still sleepy "your son is here" he whispered at his wife.

"At this hour, he's your son" he rubbed his eyes.

"hey buddy it's too early"

"But you promised to go early so we can go to eat pizza with Sammy, Rachel and Jason" he pouted at his dad.

Jeez... He thought, this kid is Penelope Garcia- Alvez' son. The latino agent signed and nodded "ok let's get ready" the little boy was excited and carefully got out of bed. Then ran to his bedroom "are you coming?"

"I can't... My stupid coworker Daniel needs help with a course today. He said 'I will need you Garcia, you are the best' and yes I know but I work from Monday to Friday until almost midnight. I want my free Saturday"

He chuckled "maybe you can call it sick?" He suggested and she smirked softly.

"Oh babe I wish I could but I'm sure he won't believe it... He knows I wasn't happy and if I don't go he might take revenge" her husband sighed "have fun and take pictures. I will try to be here for movie night and build a pillow fort"

He smiled and kissed her then gets up and goes to get dressed and brush his teeth. She later got up to take a shower. He went to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for them and a veggie one for Penelope. He fed Roxy and Lou with their raw meat and vegetables. Then fed Sergio with his favorite fish snacks.

"Daddy. Doggies can come?" Asked the little boy drinking some apple juice.

"Yeah, they love the park" he smiled.

After some minutes Penelope walked out wearing one her colorful outfit with matching glasses. They ate plannings which movie what they will watch that night.

"I want Cars!" Said Andrew holding his Lightning McQueen up "he's the best!" His parents laughed and after some more minutes they left to their destinations.

Luke, Andrew, Roxy and Lou were on the truck to go to the park, Penelope drove her car to her job's office.

The four of them arrived to the park and the Reid family was already there.

Andrew ran with the two dogs to the twins. They played with the football and had a good time. They took some minutes to eat cookies and juice.

Meanwhile Spencer, Luke and Max talked.

"where's Penelope?" Asked Max sitting next to Spencer.

"She had to go to her job" Luke said looking at the kids "she had to go because her coworker is annoying" he rolled his eyes.

"My boss wanted a meeting and I told him I had to do something else, Saturday are for family and I only change my Saturday if it's something very important"

"Yeah I know. And she does the same but she had to go"

The couple nodded "I know Penelope enjoy her Saturday but if she's there then it most be important" Luke nodded.

"Yeah it is but she will be at the movie night. Drew wants Cars"

Max sighed "Rachel wants Frozen" she looked at Luke "and Jason wants a documentary about whales" she looked at Spencer from the corner of her eye so did Luke.

"What? He's a scientist kind of guy" the other two laughed "he and I watched it at night and he asks me a lot about them"

"Drew asks me about cars and dogs" Luke laughed.

"And Rach wants to control ice" she rolled her eyes "she is the least grounded of the three of them"

"Thats why I never liked Disney tales..." And Max could predict a speech of her husband about fairly tails.

So she stood up "if you excuse me I will go to check the kids" and she left.

Spencer looked at Luke wanting to throw facts at him so Luke also stood up "I will check my dogs" and left.

Spencer had a puppy face looking at them leaving him. Max laughed softly as they reached the kids "I love him and I could hear him rambling about his science things but I know where this is going and he will start to talk about a case they had where this girl killed men because she was obsessed with the Cinderella and I'm not in the mood for that"

Luke laughed and nodded "yeah I read that file when I was studying to be a profiler. It was pretty impressive"

"Yeah and I'm proud of him but... I don't want it right now" he nodded and watched the kids playing with the dogs "Rachel wants a dog everytime they play with Roxy and Lou"

"Dogs are great and they help kids to have responsability"

"Yeah but they are too young for that. Spence and I think we can buy them a dog when they are about 8 maybe 10 years old"

"Those are good ages for a dog" he said looking at them.

They spent the rest of the morning playing and having a good day. They stopped now and then to drink water or eat ice cream.

About three o'clock both couples left to the pizzeria to buy their lunch and goes to the Alvez's house.

The kids wanted three different movies, as the adults expected. Rachel wanted Frozen, Andrew wanted Cars and Jason animal's documentaries.

So Max did a teacher thing. She ordered them to draw what they liked the most about the movie, the fasted and the prettiest will win.

They needed to do it fast but pretty. The first was Rachel who did both things, second Andrew and last one was Jason, mostly because he was perfectionist and wanted accuracy.

Penelope arrived just in time to eat and watch the movie.

They watched Frozen first and the four adults had to bite their lower lip to not laughs as they seemed Andrew softly singing Let it go.

Later they watched Cars and could tell Rachel enjoyed the movie too and lastly they watched the documentary and the three kids were hooked up.

They picked one about lions hunting, Jason's favorite, and they covered their eyes when the lion almost catched a zebra.

That night they slept in a tent, inside Andrew's room and with Roxy as their pillow. Spencer and Max left because they wanted to have a night for themselves. Next weekend was their turn to have the kids so Luke and Penelope can enjoy a free Saturday night.

"Park and movies... This is a kid's life" said Penelope from the bedroom's room.

"the best thing in life" complemented Luke "I just hope JJ's new daughter gets older enough to play with them"

"Oh she will. She's already starting to walk. Baby Erin will play with there three sooner" they smiled and left the room to go to their own.


And that's all for this chapter. I'm sorry it took so long but I ran out of ideas for these fic. If you have more ideas leave then down in the comments.

Just to let you know. Rachel and Jason are 10 month older than Andrew. So they are close in ages. I thought about adding JJ little girl but she is about a year or two years old so she's younger than Garvez/ Maxcer babies.

Hope you enjoyed this and we'll catch up in the next chapter.

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