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Hurricane Andrew

Chapter 11: Hurricane Andrew

"Where is Luke?!" asked Penelope in between contractions "he promised to be here when our baby arrives"

"He's still in Florida" said Max "there's a hurricane"

24 hours earlier

"Ok I will order the food while you pick the movie" said Penelope from the couch and with a big baby bump. Her doctor was worry because she developed a high risk pregnancy so the last month will be at home.

Luke took care of her as much as he could due to his job, and when he cannot, Max and her sisters helped. The art teacher and now member of the Smithsonian's team had more free times than Luke or Spencer so she was there for the former TA of the BAU.

But this last week Luke asked for a few days off to watch over her. And now they will have a relaxing Tuesday afternoon.

"Sounds perfect, I think I will pick a nice movie so Andrew learn what he should be watching"

Penelope rolled her eyes "you mean Richard? Because that will be his name" they decided to know the gender of their baby so they could have the perfect bedroom for him or her.

They gave the letter to Dave and Krystal so they organized the baby shower and let them know. When the blue cupcake was revealing… the battle began.

Penelope wanted her dad's name and Luke wanted his, so when they talked about the baby, they used the name they wanted and that started fights between them.

"Whatever… I will find the perfect movie" Luke said irritated but did not want to continue because it might put him and his beloved wife in a fight.

Penelope ordered their favorite Thai food, they had been together for a year and a half and he learned to love her food choices and she still has struggles with his, because of the meat products but respect him.

His phone started to ring "oh hell no… I told Emily I will be busy with you and I can't answer"

"Babe… your job needs you and I'm sure a poor woman is in need because a horrible man is hurting her"

He sighed but answered "hey Emily"

"Oh hey Luke… I'm soo sorry, I know you asked me for a few days off and I know Penelope needs to be in bed for the rest of the ninth month but I really need you here"

"Why? You have JJ, Spencer, Dave, Tara and Matt"

"Actually Matt is sick and JJ sons are sick and Will is in New Orleans" he sighed "and Tara is visiting her father… So I will need you"

"Ok I will be there in a few minutes" he said and hung up "I will ask Max if she can come here while I'm out"

"It's ok honey. I will call her while you are getting ready" he nodded and kissed his cheek then she got out her phone and call Spencer's wife. They talked for a while. And Max accepted to be there in ten minutes.

When Luke was ready, he walked out of their room "did you talk to Max?"

"Yes, she accepted to come. It will take her some minutes to be here so you can go to catch the bad boys" she smiled at him "Call me please" he nodded and leaned in to kiss her.

"I love you"

"I love you too" he smiled and left the house.

Present day

"A hurricane?!" almost screamed Penelope "I shouldn't let him go!" she said a little frustrated.

"I know the feeling, I'm worry about Spence too but we have to wait" said Max holding her hand "trust him, he will be here as soon as he can"

15 hours earlier

"Ok so the unsub is killing black men?" Luke asked and the policeman nodded,

"They are all in good shape and they are young, maybe in their 20s or 30s" commented him "according to the forensic doctor he killed this men with a knife"

"And when did this start?" asked Spencer.

"Two weeks ago"

Spencer's brain started to work; if you paid close attention to the boy genius you could see and hear it working. He looked at his coworker and the policeman "the hurricane started two weeks ago according to the weather channel"

Luke started to realize what his partner meant "you think this man is doing this because of the hurricanes?"

"In the past the Aztecs, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Incas thought that there was a god that can control weather. So to ask for their good will they used sacrifices to please him. Maybe this man thinks he's doing the same"

"Maybe it's time to give the profile" he said looking at the dead man in front of them.

They said that the unsub could be a man in his 20s or 30s, he could be in good shape and very athletic like his victims. He could have polytheistic cultures knowledge and think he is saving Florida because of the sacrifices he is doing. When he realized that they are not working, he will scale and kill more people. They had to stop him sooner.

Present day.

JJ arrived at the hospital, they gave Penelope a room and they are waiting for her time to give birth. She found Max outside with her phone.

"Hey Max, thankfully Will arrived and I could come here" she said to her "where are my godson and goddaughter?"

She smiled "with their grandfather and aunt. They accepted to watch them while I was with Penelope. But now im worry. Spencer doesn't answer and neither does Emily nor Luke"

"I called Ashley, you know the new TA and she said they were having trouble with their phones due to the hurricane but thankfully they capture the bad guy so they are waiting for the hurricane to move away so they can return"

"Oh thank God…" said the brunette smiling "how are Henry and Michael?"

"Better… they had a cold but I always am worry with Michael especially since Henry had a convulsion when he was about Michael age"

"Oh my… but I'm happy they are better" the blonde smiled.

"I will go see Penelope, you see if you can call Ashley to ask her for them" she nodded and JJ left to talk to her female best friend.

5 hours earlier

The hurricane was getting worse and the unsub had his last victim, this time he captured a woman, younger and beautiful "I'm sure this time the gods will forgive us! I was wrong about using men" he had a crazy look in his eyes.

Before he moved his knife to her throat the team arrived. Spencer was next to Luke holding his gun. He could not help but went to the field to help. He looked at the knife; it was clearly a sacrificial one.

"Back off! I have to save us with this sacrifice!" said him holding the knife.

"Enrique Diaz, I can't let you kill this woman, it won't stop the storm" said Spencer with a calm voice "she isn't the solution"

"How do you know?"

Spencer thought quickly "Because I saw a prophecy" he said putting down the gun, playing along with the unsub "the storm will stop in 6 hours…"

"Because that's the time a soul takes to arrive to the gods' palace"

"No, this woman will take longer because she isn't as pure as you think" he looked at the scared woman, she was confused but decided to remain silence "if you stop killing it will prove them you are committed to let them do their judgement"

"Their judgement?" Spencer nodded "so they won't stop…"

"No" the man had some tears and dropped the knife. Luke immediately ran to capture the man and spencer helped the victim.

Dave and Emily were at the other door as backup if the killer got crazy.

The rest of the time they stayed at the hotel waiting for the hurricane to past that part of the city.

When it happened the team was able to fly back to Washington DC as fast as the plane could. After the plane touched the land they all left to the hospital just in time to see Luke find out his son was about to arrive into this world.

The nervousness started to run thru his veins. Will be him a good father? Will he be a good support for his wife and son?

"babe you are here" said Penelope after he walked in and sat next to her.

"Yes… I'm sorry chica… a hurricane didn't let me to be here earlier" he said with a smile "I wish it didn't happen so I can be here with you"

"its ok my love" she kissed him softly then the doctor started to order her to push. The all peace and love Penelope disappeared and the angry and aggressive one started to treat him to dead for leaving her almost 7 hours in labor while he was in Florida.

Luke knew this was not his chica so he ignored it, she calmed and asked for forgiveness, she was just in so much pain.

A new contraction started and the aggressive woman reappeared "New guy! You ruined my life… I won't have another kid with you!"

"You are doing good Penelope. One more and your baby will be here" the doctor said. The couple nodded.

A few seconds later Penelope pushed one more time and they could hear a new kind of cry, the cry of a new person in the world, the cry of their baby boy.

The nurse cleaned him and covered him with a blanked. Then they checked his weight and size.

"You did it great chica, I'm very proud of you" he kissed her forehead.

"Thank you for be here and for helping me with this" she smiled and kissed his cheek then the nurse arrived with the baby.

"Here's your baby, does he have a name?"

They nodded and when Luke was about to talk Penelope did it first "Andrew Ricardo Alvez Garcia" she smiled and looked at the nurse who smiled and left.

"Andrew? I thought you wanted a different name"

"Yes but you sacrificed a day off to work and you are our hero so that's your price for doing the right thing, even if that means you weren't around for a day"

He had some tears and but smiled "I received a lot of recognitions but this is the best I ever get" he kissed his son head "hey buddy. Daddy is here" he smiled big and enjoy his time with his family.

After some more minutes he walked out of the room, all the team and some member of their families were there.

"A new baby boy joined the BAU family. Andrew Ricardo Alvez Garcia" they all smiled and hugged the new father. Kristin handed him a present for the baby and so did the rest of the team.

"You know what is curious?" said Spencer to him "I just heard that the storm we were in its path a few hours ago was named Andrew as well"

"Well my son will be a hurricane then" he laughed and hugged the family he made in the last few years. The members of the BAU were his family in DC.


I hope you liked it. I wasn't sure what to do exactly for this baby, I had the idea of the hurricane but didn't want to repeat a case like the one where the unsub was building a body.

This idea of the "old gods" came to me as I was writing; I hope it's a good M.O. and a "good" reason to kill during a hurricane.

Suggestions are open. Also my stories post season 15 are connected so in this interconnected world The Worst Third Date Ever, Our Most Wanted Date, Double dates and this one are connected and details of Maxcer and the new TA are in the first story, and the evolution of Garvez are in the rest of the stories.

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