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I want to apologize for the long time. I had a writer block and the ideas were gone and I did not the best ideas.

The couple left to Peru - Lima. They took an airplane from Washington to the long travel to the south American country.

They arrived early the next day, and they were really tired and just check in and sleep a couple of hours.

Later that day they took a shower and after dinner they took a short walk just to see the hotel surrounded area.

"I never imagined to come here or even getting married" said Penelope smiling at him.

"I'm happy then... because I want to do things we never thought we could do" He smiled and kissed her.

After that they returned to the hotel and up to their room where they slept all night long. Then at morning they got ready to the tour to Machu Picchu.

They woke up hugging each other in bed. Penelope checked her phone after removing her sleep mask "babe... it's time to get ready"

He kissed her cheek softly "I will take a quick shower and while you take yours I will go to get us breakfast"

After Luke did as he said, she got in the water and took a long shower and when he arrived she was putting on her shoes "I'm not use to wear sneakers but I don't want a broken ankle so..." she said putting on her shoes.

They ate a sandwich with coffee and later left to depart from Cusco, with pickup from your hotel and a transfer from the city center to your train station. They chose the Expedition train, the Vistadome, with glass on all sides for a better viewing.

Then they enjoyed a scenic train ride, with stunning views of the mountainous terrain that makes up the area near Machu Picchu.

They arrived in Aguas Calientes, the small village located at the base of this famous Inca site, and board a bus for the short ride to this sacred citadel.

On their way the tour guy, with a thick accent, explained "Machu Picchu was completed around 1450, when the Inca Empire was at the peak of its power and influence, the site was left vacant within 100 years of its creation, thanks to the conquest of the Inca people by the Spanish. Though the site today remains abandoned, many believe Machu Picchu to be a key center of spiritual energy..."

"I'm sure Reid would be correcting this guy or even saying facts about how they sacrificed their children to a god" said Penelope in a whisper to her husband.

"Or telling us what the name means and everything about it" they laughed softly as they imagined boy genius voice talking.

They followed their guide through the main streets of the marvel of ancient engineering. Learning about the site's history and design as they meandered and taking photos through the town square, key religious sites, an elaborate network of agricultural terraces, and intricately-designed stone staircases.

After spending a few hours at the site, they returned by bus to the train station in Aguas Calientes and then to their chosen train for the trip back to Cusco and their hotel.

Penelope felt tired but happy. The height did not bothered as much as she thought and spending some time with her handsome husband were worth the money and the long travel.

Fourteen hours later they couple were back resting in their hotel room. The helicopter tour will be in two days so they planned to walk around, try local food and buy presents.

They spent one of those days at the pool. It was summer season in the South so the heat was perfect for the pool.

The next day they left to the airport to get aboard the helicopter.

They arrived and there was a man with black hair and tanned skin. He was wearing a blue jacket and jeans with a hat.

"Welcome to the Alejandro Velasco Astete Cusco International airport. I'm Felipe Gomez and I guess you are Luke and Penelope Alvez?"

They both nod "nice to meet you Felipe, I guess you are Dave's friend right?" Said Luke smiling.

"Yeah I am" he smiled "he booked this flight for you as a present for you as a wedding gift. And I owned him a free flight" they looked at him with raised eyebrows "let's say he won a bet and one of the things included were a free flight" they laughed "today I will be your guide and Alex, my brother will the pilot. You will look Sacred Valley from up high in our helicopter" he led them to the helicopter "as FBI agents you must know the safety rules but as a law requirement I have to inform you" he took a moment to do it then they all got in and they took off.

Once in the air, they headed towards the Sacred Valley, specifically to two of the most magnificent Inca constructions: Maras and Moray.

"Ok let me tell you about the places we are going to. Maras is a salt extraction center that has been operating since the time of the Incas. It is made up of thousands of rectangular water deposits located on the side of a mountain, which together form an out-of-this-world landscape. And we will also pass over Moray, an enormous construction of concentric circles that worked as an agricultural laboratory"

The saw the Maras' white floor, there were some people walking on them and taking photos. Then the helicopter flew over Moray, a bunch of group of circles one inside the other like a football stadium.

The saw also the mountains around those two places and returned to the airport. The place was amazing and they enjoyed it.

The rest of the honeymoon was full of small tours around the city and watching more places in Cusco.

For their last night in Peru, they went to a restaurant to have dinner and the place had a dance floor so after dinner they dance some good Latin music and had fun.

"This was a lovely place and I hope we can come back because I think we missed some other historical places" she said as they walked to the hotel.

"I'm agree and spending this with you was the best" they smiled and kissed softly then arrived to the hotel to sleep and left for the airport to begin their journey back to the US.


I hope you liked this. Next one will be the Garvez baby.

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