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Chapter 8

AN: Finally, we're onto new stuff! (If you've forgotten- this was a rewrite of an old abandoned story that I started a couple years back, I condensed all 17 chapters of it into the last 7, making some edits along the way)

However, it's once again exam season and it's my last year at uni meaning I have to concentrate even harder, so this will be the last chapter until mid-June, sorry.

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Chapter 8



"How come I've never seen your tattoo?" Quinn asks, spinning round on the chair.

I look up from my books, scattered all over Quinn's bed and spot the girl staring at me from her spot at the desk.

"I didn't realise you hadn't." I shrug.

"Well we've only seen each other naked once and I wasn't particularly in the right mind to search for a tattoo then."

"Actually it's been on display a lot more than once. Like whenever I wear shorts or skirts and have bare feet…"

"So it's on your ankle?" The blonde deciphers.

"Yep." I laugh, pulling up the hem of my left jean leg whilst lowering my sock slightly to show the small ink decal.

Quinn stands and climbs onto the bed next to me before running her finger over the treble clef then the heart.

"It's really nice Rach. Some people may say it's hot, sexy even."

"Hmm, and are you one of those people?" I tease.

"Maybe." Quinn responds, a slight growl in her tone.

Before I can say anything she grabs my ankle and lifts it to her mouth, causing me to fall onto my back but all complaints go out the window as she plants a soft kiss to the skin.

"Okay, that was extremely sexy, and I'm the one with the tattoo."

"You haven't seen anything yet." The blonde teases, one eyebrow raised.

Before I can question it, she positions herself above me and kisses me deeply. I lose myself in the emotion, pouring every ounce of love I have into it.

As Quinn pulls away, she grins down at me. "You're an amazing kisser."

"As are you, you're definitely the best person I've kissed."

"Wow, top out of three, what an achievement." She says sarcastically.

"Actually." I say, biting my lip. "My grand total is now up to five."

"Wait, what?" Quinn questions, rolling off me. "You've kissed two people other than me since Santana's party?"

"Um, yeah." I blush.

"Who? When? Where? Why?"

"I think you forgot 'what'." I tease.

"Incorrect, that was the first one I said, in the previous sentence." Quinn points out, poking my side. "I'm not mad, as long as we weren't together, which yes, is rich coming from me, the cheater."

"We weren't together for one of them… but the other was a necessity."

"Rachel Berry you better start talking right now, or else I will get mad."

"Santana and Finn." I blurt out.

The blonde's face contorts in confusion. "Okay you've done who, now when?"

"Uh, Santana was the Monday after her party. Finn, um, yesterday."

I see anger flash behind her hazel eyes, but she manages to keep a lid on it, clearly not wanting to explode until she had all the information.

"Now, where?" She prompts, sitting up.

"School bathroom, and hallway."

After one large intake of breath, she asks why.

"Well Santana and I were, uh, working with each other to… get you and Brittany to be with us and one of her plans was that we fake date, to prompt jealousy and I turned it down but then she suggested we kissed anyway, just to see if we would work together then we could forget about you two."

"Right, and Finn?"

"Wait." I pause, looking at her and sitting up. "You were angry about Finn? I thought you were angry over Santana."

"Why would I be angry that you kissed someone while you were single?" She questions. "I'm not angry anyway, I just want to know why you're kissing my ex boyfriend, in the school hallway where anyone could see you, my girlfriend, kissing him."

"Quinn, you do remember that Finn is doing that kissing booth thing for glee right?" I point out and watch as realisation dawns on her. "Plus I thought you'd be mad about Santana because she's your best friend and it wasn't long after our first kiss."

"Okay, I may have forgotten about the kissing booth but why did you even participate?"

"A combination of peer pressure and wanting to donate to the club." I shrug. "So you're not mad?"

"No." She laughs. "You had valid reasons for both. San's logic checks out, and that totally would've made me jealous by the way, but I'm glad you didn't opt for that plan, and whilst I don't agree you had to kiss Finn, I can see why you did."

"Wait, you haven't kissed Finn?"

"What? You're joking right? 'Cause if you're not joking you're crazy." Quinn chuckles.

"It's for a good cause! You want to be able to go to regionals, and then nationals right?"

"It's decided, you're crazy."

"No, Quinn, stop laughing at me I'm serious. We need as many people to donate as possible."

"Rach, I'm not kissing Finn."


"Let me spell this out for you. Do you really think me kissing my ex boyfriend who is potentially still in love with me is a good idea?"

"Um, no."

"So we agree, I'm not kissing Finn. It's bad enough that you did."

"Alright, but if we're short by a dollar, I'm blaming you."

Quinn laughs, a grin taking over her face. "New girl, if all we need is a dollar, I'll happily donate it, no kiss required in return."

"What if it's a kiss from me?" I tease.

"Those, I can get for free anyway."

"Is that so?"

"Uh huh." She smirks, rolling onto me again.

"What if I don't want to kiss you?"

"I'd like to see you try to resist."

She leans lower, and lower until our lips are just lightly brushing against each other. I close my eyes as a shiver runs down my spine.

"What's the matter new girl?"

I open my eyes again and gasp as they instantly connect with hers. Emotion was swirling in the hazel and I give in and kiss her. I feel her smile against my mouth before she starts to kiss me back.

As we pull apart for breath, she smirks at me.

"Before you make some sarcastic comment, it's invalid because I wanted to kiss you."

"Surely that still proves my point." She laughs.

"Nope, I said 'what if I don't' and yet I did so…"

"You're impossible."

As she moves to roll off me again I stop her.

"Who said I was done?" I say, biting my lip and pulling her down for more kisses, losing myself in her.

It was alcohol awareness week at school but unfortunately, Puck had somehow found out that my dads were away so decided to throw a party at my house. I'd hoped to have some alone time with Quinn but she was all excited about a party so I had to let him throw it, under the strict rule that it was glee club members only.

The night of the party, Quinn and I sit in my basement waiting for everyone to arrive. She pulls me onto her lap.

"I wish we were alone." She whispers in my ear.

"Me too, but you're the one who didn't want to say no to Puck."

"I was thinking of you. You're still a newbie and this will really help you gain the glee club's trust, we're a tightknit family and it will be good for you to be accepted."

I let out a light laugh. "Quinn, it's been like four months, I'm hardly a newbie, Sam joined after I did."

"Well then this party will help him too." She responds, kissing me on the cheek as the doorbell rang. "I'll get it."

A few moments later, she comes back down to the basement with Santana, Brittany, Finn, Kurt and Blaine.

"Hey guys, help yourself to a drink." I smile, pointing to the cups of drink on the bar.

Soon afterwards, everyone else had arrived and Santana claims she wants to play truth or dare so we all sit in a circle on the floor.

"Right, because consent is key, I just want to check that everyone is okay with kissing dares?" The Latina asks.

After sharing a brief glance with Quinn, we both nod, knowing that anything that happens in this game won't hurt our relationship.

Once everyone had nodded, Santana starts the game.

"Puckerman, truth or dare?"

"Dare obviously."

"I dare you to run round the block in your boxers."

I bury my head in my hands, knowing that my dads are going to get complaints from the neighbours. Puck strips and heads upstairs, returning out of breath a few minutes later.

"I got cat called like five times…" He laughs, pulling his clothes back on.

"You realise most of my neighbours are elderly." I point out.

Puck shrugs. "I've had moms, maybe it's time to try grandmas."

Santana slaps him round the head as several people make grossed out noises.

"Ouch." The boy chuckles, rubbing the back of his head. "Quinn, truth or dare?"


"Why did you chose Rachel?"

I watch as Quinn hesitantly glances at Finn before responding.

"Uh, honestly, from the moment I met her I just felt something. Our eyes met and it was as if something went off in my brain, telling me that I had to meet her. Once I'd starting talking to her, I couldn't stop and the rest, as they say, is history."

"So love at first sight?" Puck says, a note of sadness in his tone.

Quinn nods. "I guess you could say that, yeah."

Grinning, I pull her in for a quick kiss, whispering 'I love you' against her lips.

"San, truth or dare?" Quinn asks.

"I bet you're all expecting me to go dare but I'm gonna pick truth."

"Okay, other than Britt, who would you call for a quick hook-up?"

"Probably Berry, if she weren't with you Q."

Everyone stared at her in shock, not expecting her to pick me, myself included.

"What?" She laughs. "She's a good kisser I wanna see what she's like in bed."

"You've kissed?" Kurt questions.

"Yes, before we were in relationships." I explain. "Santana's already had a go so I'm stealing this round, Tina, truth or dare?"


"Who's the better kisser, Mike or Artie?"

"They're both great but I have to go with Mike, and not just because he's my boyfriend." Tina answers. "Blaine, truth or dare?"

"Let's go dare."

"Kiss the girl you'd be most likely to date."

"Uh, okay. I guess I'll go with who has most in common with Kurt."

Before I register what's happening, Blaine leans over and kisses me, on instinct I kiss him back, fuelled by the alcohol in my system.

Quinn clears her throat and we pull apart.

"Looks like I just found a new duet partner!" I announce, missing the look of jealousy on Quinn's face as I drag Blaine up to the stage.

After we've performed, I scan the room for Quinn but can't spot her.

"Hey, where did Quinn go?" I ask Santana.

"She stormed off upstairs after the first chorus."

"Crap." I mutter, running up the stairs after asking Sam to keep an eye on everyone as he was the only one sober.

I find Quinn in her bedroom, looking out the window, back facing me.


She spins round and marches over to me, pinning me up against her wall, next to the door.

I gulp and she leans down to kiss me. It's sloppy but by far the best kiss I've had all night, including ones from her.

"You're mine." She claims, kissing down my neck.

"There are people downstairs." I point out as she runs her hands under my shirt.

"Don't care. Mine." Quinn repeats, closing her door, lips never leaving my skin.

"You're drunk."

"Mine." She practically growls, pulling back to look deep into my eyes.

The intensity of her stare makes me weak at the knees and she picks me up and throws me down onto her bed, climbing over me and kissing me again.

Our hands automatically start pulling each other's clothes off and soon we're both naked. I can hear the music pounding from the basement so I know that as long as no one comes upstairs, we won't be heard.

Quinn starts kissing my neck again, her hands running all over my body. Eventually she runs her fingers through my wetness and positions them at my entrance.

"Can I?" She asks, lifting her head briefly to look me in the eye.

I nod. "Please."

Slowly, she pushes her fingers inside me for the first time ever and I moan, wrapping my arms around her neck as she buries her face in my neck again. Her fingers gradually pick up speed until she's practically pounding in and out of me. I scratch down her back as she sucks on my pulse point, both knowing that the other will have left a mark.

My walls begin to twitch around Quinn's fingers and she must feel it as she presses her thumb up against my clit and I climax hard, back arching of the bed, hands gripping her as she slows her fingers to bring me down.

After catching our breaths, and her assuring me that she doesn't mind not getting anything in return, we dress and head back to the party. I make a mental note to make it up to her later this evening.

Thankfully as we get back to the basement, no one seems to notice our slightly dishevelled appearance, as well as the hickey on my neck, apart from Santana, who smirks at us knowingly.

The following Saturday, we had plans to meet up with Shelby and Beth for the first time.

Quinn is pacing in her room as I sit on her bed, biting my fingernails when my dad walks in.

"You girls ready to go?" He questions.

He was driving us to the park where we were meeting them.

I swallow and look over at Quinn, who was still pacing.

"Give us five minutes?" I ask my dad, who leaves the room with a nod. "Baby…"

Quinn looks over at me, briefly pausing her pacing.

"Come here." I coax, opening my arms.

I lean against her headboard and she sits between my legs, leaning back against me.

"Talk to me, what's going on in that pretty little head of yours?"

She sighs gently. "I'm just nervous, I haven't seen her since I gave birth to her. What if she hates me?"

"Babe, she's not even one, I'm not sure she's capable of hating anyone." I laugh.

Quinn huffs in annoyance and tries to move out of my arms.

"Wait, I'm sorry." I say, preventing her from moving. "Why would she hate you?"

"I gave her up." She admits in a small voice.

"Quinn…" I sigh sympathetically. "I'm not teasing you now, but like I said, she's only little, she doesn't know that you gave her up. Maybe if she was 5 or 6, then she'd understand enough to… dislike you, but you've got a second chance here. Sure, you won't be her mom but you'll be in her life and as she grows up, she'll appreciate that and be thankful that you stayed in her life as much as you could and hopefully you'll be able to explain to her why you gave her up to give her the best possible life."

"You're right… I guess I'm just overthinking it but thank you, I needed to hear that."

She turns her head to smile softly at me and I plant a light kiss on her lips.

"It's what I'm here for." I smile.

"The talk or the kisses?" Quinn jokes and I know that she's feeling better. "I mean it though, you're right, I have the chance to explain everything to her and make her understand that I wouldn't have been able to care for her like Shelby does."

"If she's anything like you, she'll be thankful that you're in her life and will forgive you for giving her up."

"I love you."

"I love you too baby." I grin, kissing the top of her head. "You ready to go?"

Quinn takes a few deep breaths before nodding. "Let's do it, let's go meet my daughter."

See you in two months, please don't hate me too much!

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