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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

"And so the winners are… Quinn and Sam!" Mr Schue announces.

I look to the blonde, shocked that the result means she voted for herself rather than me, however she turns to me with the same confused expression.

"I voted for you." She says. "So that means someone else voted for Sam and me, presuming you did."

"I definitely did, if most people voted for themselves it must mean it was Finn." I whisper back.

"So, if the winners would please come up to collect their prize." Mr Schue says.

However, whilst Quinn gets up to join our teacher at the front, Sam stays in his seat, a light smile on his face.

"My partner and I decided that instead of us going out together, I'd do him a favour and he'd let me go to BreadStix with the person of my choosing." Quinn explains. "It's fairly obvious who I'm going to pick but Rachel, I'd very much like to take you out on our very first date this Wednesday if that's okay with you?"

I blush as several members of the Glee club turn to face me. "Of course I would, why Wednesday though?"

"Well… I know you have dance lessons tomorrow and I thought today would be too short notice so plumped for Wednesday." The blonde responds, moving to sit down next to me again before lowering her voice. "Wear something sexy coz I sure will be."

My breath catches at the huskiness in her voice and I nod numbly.

Two days later, I find myself sat in my room after school trying to pick out something 'sexy' to wear. I opt for a short, tight red and black plaid skirt and a V-neck t-shirt. I also fix my hair so it falls over my left shoulder.

When Quinn turns up at the door I freeze, speechless at the sight of her in a little black dress.

As my gaze travels from her high heeled shoes to her loose blonde hair I notice her smirking at me so force myself to find words.

"I am officially the luckiest girl on the planet."

The blonde chuckles in embarrassment. "You charmer. Ready?"

"Yep." I grin, shouting a quick goodbye to my dads before following Quinn to her car.

As she drives I fiddle with the radio to try to calm my nerves. When I find a song I like I look up out of the window.

"Is this the right way?" I ask.


"I thought BreadStix was the other side of town."

"Who said anything about BreadStix?" Quinn teases.

"Erm, you did, you said Sam gave you the voucher."

"I did, but I didn't say we would be using it today." She clarifies. "It wouldn't be a special first date if it was free."

I glance back out of the window to figure out where we're going.

"Patience new girl, we'll be there soon." Quinn laughs, reading my mind.

I sigh and try to distract myself. "So what was the favour Sam wanted?"

The blonde laughs again. "He wants me to talk him up to Mercedes, which actually you might be able to help with, I think you have more in common with her than I do."

"I'll see what I can do." I respond. "So, why do you think Finn voted for you?"

"I'm not sure, maybe he just didn't want to go to dinner with you?" She jokes.

"No that's not it. I said he could have to voucher to take someone else on a date, but not you."

"Well then I guess that's why."

"What?" I ask.

"He didn't have anyone else to ask on a date, so threw the competition."

A few minutes later, we pull up outside a small café on the outskirts of town.

"I thought this place would be best as it's far enough away that we're less likely to get harassed, so we can act like we're actually on a date." Quinn explains. "Plus I know the owners."

She climbs out of the car and leads me to the door, holding it open for me.

"Quinn!" A man shouts from the back of the café. "I haven't seen you in years, how are you?"

"Hey Nick, I'm good and as much as I'd like to catch up, I have a very beautiful woman here who is expecting a date with me not you." She laughs.

I'm slightly taken aback about how honest she is even though she warned me against that the very first time we spoke.

Nick just laughs. "Well you're right about her being beautiful so I'll let you have the back table, the best spot for dates." He winks.

He leads us over to a very secluded table with dim, romantic lighting and I thank him as he pulls out the seat for me. As I sit I notice for the first time that there's live music and I have the perfect view of the piano and singer from where I am. She's quite a capable vocalist but at least half of the glee club could do a better job in their sleep.

"You okay?" Quinn asks, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah." I smile. "So how do you know the owners?"

"You see that building over the road?" She asks, pausing for me to turn then look back to her, nodding. "My parents used to have couples therapy there so they dumped me here for the hour every week. Though it turns out an hour wasn't long enough for them to fix their marriage."


"No don't, that wasn't me looking for sympathy, I'm glad they divorced. I much prefer living with a drunk mother than a verbally abusive father. Anyway, Nick always welcomed me with open arms and waffles, which he can make vegan by the way."

"Well, well, well, the rumours are true." A voice calls from behind me. "Little Quinn Fabray grew up to be a lady lover."

I flinch at the term but surprisingly Quinn just laughs.

"Yeah well you're partially to blame for that Sammie, any young impressionable girl would turn their head at you in those jeans."

"Not sure your girlfriend is too happy with that comment." The girl laughs, pulling Quinn's attention to the scowl on my face.

"Sorry new girl."

Sammie giggles as my expression changes instantly. "But she is apparently a fan of that nickname."

I feel myself blush, turning to Quinn for help.

"Sammie likes to tease, she thinks that if she's like that then guys won't drool over her, but it actually has the opposite effect as it comes across flirty most of the time."

My confusion must show as the waitress laughs again before pointing to herself. "Lady lover."

"Ohh, that's why you were so open with Nick, you knew he was okay with… us." I respond, talking mainly to Quinn but then turning to face Sammie. "I'm Rachel by the way."

"Yeah, Nick is pretty chill, plus he's my dad so would be a bit awkward if he were against it." Sammie jokes.

I notice Quinn retreat slightly at that comment so quickly order food for the both of us and wait for Sammie to walk back to the kitchen.

"You know she didn't mean that, she probably didn't even think about your parents and how they feel about gay people."

"I know." The blonde replies, smiling slightly. "It just took me by surprise that's all."

"How old were you when you came here?" I ask, changing the subject.

"Around 10, Sammie was 16 so acted like an older sister to me."

"Ah that's nice."

"Yeah, she was more like a sister than my actual sister." Quinn laughs.

"I didn't know you had a sister." I say.

"Well you're Google search obviously wasn't that thorough then." She teases.

"Actually, I barely got passed hitting 'search', I wanted to find out from you. Though I did notice the top article about your father's job I didn't really read into it." I admit.

"That makes a change, so I'm sorry for getting huffy at you in the first place. Yes I have a sister, she's five years older though and lives in Iowa with her husband now, she followed the Fabray guidelines, whereas I fell at the first hurdle."

"Honestly, I'm glad you did fail."

"Me too." She giggles. "Tell me something about you."

"Only if I get something in return." I tease.

"Oh come on, I've just told you about my sister."

"Yes, but I should've already known about that." I poke.

"Fine." She sighs with a grin.

"I have a tattoo."

"What? Where? What of? Also I meant something slightly more personal but I'll let you off because you're cute."

"Well the reason is personal."

"Can I ask?" Quinn questions gently.

"In regards to where, you'll have to find it, but it's a treble clef entwined with a heart. I was going through a tough time last year as I'd come out and lost all my friends because of it. So I begged my dads to get this tattoo as it symbolises that whatever I'm going through, I'll always have music to pull me through. I used to spend hours in my room crying then I'd turn music on and always feel instantly better." I explain. "You're turn, open up."

The blonde ponders for a few moments. "I fell out of love with Finn a little while ago, I was just staying with him for popularity purposes, which is horrible I know but I know what it's like to not be on top and didn't want to risk losing it again. That is, until I met you, I was willing to risk it all to be with you."

After we finish our food the music suddenly stops.

"Ah that seems to be my cue." Quinn smiles.

I watch, dumbfounded as she makes her way over to the piano and sits down at the keys.

"I know this isn't traditional but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to sing." She says into the microphone, addressing the rest of the café. "So this is dedicated to my date."

"Took a deep breath in the mirror.
He didn't like it when I wore high heels,
But I do.
Turn the lock and put my headphones on.
He always said he didn't get this song,
But I do, I do.

"Walked in expecting you'd be late,
But you got here early and you stand and wave,
I walk to you.
You pull my chair out and help me in,
And you don't know how nice that is,
But I do.

"And you throw your head back laughing like a little kid.
I think it's strange that you think I'm funny 'cause he never did.
I've been spending the last eight months,
Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end,
But on a Wednesday in a café I watched it begin again.

"You said you never met one girl,
Who had as many James Taylor records as you,
But I do.
We tell stories and you don't know why,
I'm coming off a little shy,
But I do.

"But you throw your head back laughing like a little kid.
I think it's strange that you think I'm funny 'cause he never did.
I've been spending the last eight months,
Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end,
But on a Wednesday in a café I watched it begin again.

"And we walked down the block to my car and I almost brought him up,
But you start to talk about the movies that your family watches,
Every single Christmas and I want to talk about that,
And for the first time what's past is past.

"'Cause you throw your head back laughing like a little kid,
I think it's strange that you think I'm funny 'cause he never did.
I've been spending the last eight months,

Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end,
But on a Wednesday in a café I watched it begin again.

But on a Wednesday in a café I watched it begin again."

Quinn lifts her fingers off the piano keys and I patiently wait until she's back at the table before wrapping my arms around her, the grin on my face staying plastered there all through dessert.

The next week is a weird one. The whole glee club seems to have gone insane. Everyone is talking about how to 'cool off' during hot make out sessions with their significant others.

Quinn and I have tons of inside jokes about the fact that we don't need a method, even Santana has one. She finally got Brittany and was happy for a few days before she realised that the blonde didn't want to take things too far yet, despite the fact that they'd done it numerous times before, and that happiness developed into frustration. Obviously she was still ecstatic that she'd got her girl but there was always that underlying sexual irritation. Whereas, in my relationship, things were perfect. Don't get me wrong, we haven't got any further than some PG groping but we're happy taking things at our own pace, and if it gets overly hot, we're comfortable enough around each other to say when we need a break.

"I much prefer making out with you than I did with Finn." Quinn laughs, pulling me out of my thoughts.

We'd just spent the last half an hour kissing and now were lying side by side on my bed, catching our breaths.

"Not just because you're a better kisser or anything." The blonde continues. "I mean, you are but that's not the point. It's because I was always distracted by him muttering 'mailman' whenever we pulled apart, it was actually quite gross."

"What?" I laugh.

"It was his cooling off method, he hit a mailman once when learning to drive so he pictures that to distract himself."

"Ugh, you're right, boys are gross."

"Good job you're gay then." She teases.

Before I have a chance to respond she rolls over so she's lying on top of me.

"What time is it?" I ask.

"Just gone four, we have another whole hour to ourselves." Quinn smirks.

"Whatever will we do?" I joke.

The blonde simply huffs a laugh before lowering her head until our lips meet.

"Say my name." She demands between kisses.

"Quinn…." I whisper against her lips.

I feel her grin and she wastes no time and instantly slides her hands up the sides of my top, lifting it as she gets higher.

"You're… not wearing a bra." Quinn comments, breaking away from the kiss as her hands reach my chest.

"No." I blush. "I took it off when I went to the bathroom earlier."

"Hmm, was someone anticipating something?"

"Well I know how you like to get handsy and you always look so hot in your uniform and I wanted to make sure that if things did… escalate then I wouldn't be caught in my totally un-sexy bra." I rant nervously.

However, Quinn was too busy staring at me to be paying attention to what I was saying.

"Quinn?" I gulp.

Her eyes snap up to meet mine and my breath catches at the sight of how dark they've become.

"Now I'm wishing we'd performed Rocky Horror properly so I could have an excuse to see you in your underwear." She smirks.

"As my girlfriend, I'm not sure you need a school production as an excuse." I laugh. "However, as much as I like the sight of your in your uniform, I'd like to point out that I think you'll look even hotter without it…"

"Want to find out?" She winks.

"Um…" I stammer, taken aback by her forwardness.

"You… don't?" Quinn asks, confusion and hurt crossing her features.

"No." I respond quickly before realising that was the wrong answer. "Wait, I mean I do, I have before but…"

The blonde rolls off me and sits on the edge of my bed, back to me, arms crossed over her stomach.

"Quinn…" I whisper.

"Do you know what it's like?" She suddenly asks. "To be really skinny one day and then so fat a few months later?"

"Well no, but babe you were pregnant, not fat."

"I know. I just, I've always been insecure about my body, even more so since giving birth."

"Quinn, baby, that's not why I hesitated. Will you let me explain?" I beg, moving to sit next to her.

She nods slightly so I gently place a hand on her knee and she turns to look at me.

"I really like you, and I want to… do things but after what happened last time we got closer I just freeze up. I literally had to take my bra off in the bathroom just to sike myself up, get myself to be comfortable with the idea of progressing, but then you were so forward and normally I'd find that incredibly sexy but it just took me by surprise and I just didn't know how to respond. It has nothing to do with your body, I love your body, I'd love it no matter what it looks like, because I like you. I like Quinn, not the head cheerleader who struts around in a slinky outfit but Quinn, the girl who loves cuddling and tells me nerdy facts about Pythagoras." I explain, never tearing my eyes away from hers.

Quinn blushes lightly. "I'm sorry I freaked out, I have some underlying issues that I need to sort out. I didn't realise you were so affected by my mother catching us, I guess I was too focused on myself. The selfish HBIC took over."

"Quinn, did you see what position we were in?! That would've been bad enough but add to it the fact that we were topless, I was mortified! I ran out of there without my bra." I laugh. "Can I get that back by the way?"

"No, it's mine now." She smirks.

"There's that smile." I tease, leaning forward and pecking her lips. "But seriously, I need it back it's my only acceptable bra, the rest are all quite old and like I said, really not sexy."

"I don't care. Finders keepers."

"I'll get it back."

"Hmm, wanna bet? I can be very stubborn." The blonde grins.

"Well I'm hoping one day I'll be invited back to your house so I can just take it back."

"If you can find it." She winks. "Though now you mention it, will you be there when I talk to my mom at the weekend? She's more likely to be sober in the mornings and I want to air things out. I'm sick of walking on eggshells around her, I need to tell her about you and it'll be easier for me if you're there."

"Of course baby."

"Now, I believe we were making out." She smirks, pushing me onto my back.

Saturday morning I walk up the path towards Quinn's front door, mentally preparing myself for all possibilities.

Without thinking, I ring the doorbell but instantly regret it as soon I hear Quinn's panicked cry of 'I'll get it!' coming from inside. Except, she was too late, the door was opening and there stood Mrs Judy Fabray, a light smile on her lips that fell as soon as she locked eyes with me.

I saw Quinn running down the stairs behind her but she stops abruptly at the bottom, suddenly visibly unsure of what to say.

"Mom…" She starts.

Her mother whirls round to face her. "You have half an hour Lucy."

I frown but don't have time or confidence to question it.

"To… talk?" The cheerleader asks nervously.

"No. To pack your things and leave. I will not have a gay living in this house."

"I… I'm not gay."

"I don't care, you're obviously dating this…" Mrs Fabray pauses to gesture to me where I stood stunned on the doorstep. "So you don't belong in this house."

"But, you said… after Beth…" Quinn stammers, tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

"I never thought you'd let me down again." Judy says bluntly. "I'm setting a timer."

Quinn's face goes cold with anger but she doesn't say anything so I push my way into the house and grab Quinn's hand, pulling her up the stairs.

"Come on babe, you don't need to around this negativity." I say loudly.

As soon as we enter her room, whatever spell was over the blonde seems to lift and she springs into action, pulling out pre-packed boxes from her wardrobe, along with some empty ones.

"After the first time, I knew it wouldn't be completely impossible for it to happen, no matter what promises she made." Quinn explains upon seeing my expression at how prepared she was. "Not that I thought I was going to fall pregnant again, but something was bound to upset them, I just always thought it would be my father who kicked me out."

"Why did she call you Lucy?" I ask suddenly.

"Oh, because that's my real name, my middle name is Quinn." She clarifies, as if it were the most normal thing to go by your middle name.

"Right." I chuckle.

The blonde pauses throwing things into boxes and turns to look at me for the first time since I arrived. "I'm still okay to stay with you right?"

"Of course, I'll just text my dads to let them know and they can prepare the guest room."

"Don't want to sleep in the same room with me?" She teases.

"No I do, but we thought you'd want your own space to do homework or just chill when you've had enough of us singing showtunes all evening." I explain.

She pauses what she's doing. "Do you actually do that?"

"Sometimes." I blush.

"You're too cute new girl." Quinn smirks before returning to packing.

I was just happy to see her smiling.

That night as I lie in bed, I hear a soft knock on my bedroom door.

"Yes?" I call and Quinn's head pops round the frame.

"Hey, can I come in?" She whispers.

I nod and she comes tiptoeing into the room and climbs into bed beside me.

"Can't sleep?" I ask.

"No, not because of today, but because I knew you were just in the next room and couldn't resist the temptation to fall asleep in your arms."

"And you say I'm too cute." I smile, allowing her to snuggle up to me and within minutes, we've both fallen asleep.

"What do you mean I'm too bossy?"

"Again, I'm just repeating what they said, I don't think you're bossy." Quinn tries to explain, panic on her face.

Mr Schuester is off sick and nobody was volunteering to take over the club so I kindly offered my services, apparently it wasn't appreciated and now Quinn is trying to talk me out of a diva moment in the hallway.

"Yes, but surely they gave a reason, did they? What did they say? Tell me."

The blonde just raises one eyebrow at me.

"Okay yeah I heard it that time. Sorry." I admit.

Quinn laughs and pulls me into a hug. "Kurt found a sub for today."

"They've replaced me already?" I pout, pulling out of the hug. "I only took one rehearsal."

"Yeah, and that was one too many new girl." She smirks, kissing away my pout.

The blonde wanders back into the choir room, leaving me to take a few deep breaths to calm myself before following her. My calm mood soon evaporates as soon as I enter the room and slip on the buttery floor. I glare at Puck as I climb to my feet, my bad mood back with a vengeance.

"At least I didn't fall and break my talent." I huff, falling into the seat beside Quinn with my arms crossed.

The cheerleader had the sense to leave me to strop.

I vow to stay in a bad mood throughout the whole of glee but even I can't deny that the substitute is good. Within a few minutes she's got almost the whole club up, singing and dancing to 'Forget You', everyone but me. I'm determined to stay moody but can't help but smile as Quinn does a dance with Santana and Brittany, despite getting a lot of pressure to quit the club, anyone can see how much they love it and I'm sure given the choice, they'd choose glee over Cheerios. At least, I hope they would, I'm not sure I ever want to find out.

As the song gets to the bridge, everyone starts dancing in two lines, facing each other, and Quinn climbs the few steps to where I'm sitting and pulls me down to dance with her.

I'm grinning before we even begin moving but by the end of the song I'm singing along with everyone, the strop officially forgotten about, all thanks to my girlfriend.

A few days later, I'm feeling a lot better about Miss Holly Holliday. She's fun, she lets us perform what we want to, rather than old disco songs like Mr Schue. I took advantage of her leniency and performed an upbeat dance number that I'd always wanted to try.

This number led to me being pinned to the bed in my guest room by Quinn, who was busy kissing my neck.

"Do you have any idea…" Quinn pants between kisses. "How fucking sexy that was? Seeing you in a skimpy costume was good enough but the dancing… my God you killed me."

A shiver runs through my body at the sound of her swearing in such a husky voice.

"Hmm… maybe you could show me some time, but I think your Cheerios uniform is similar enough to a leotard that I get the idea and can see why it'd be hot." I smile, running my hands through her hair, releasing it from the high pony.

Without warning, Quinn sits up and whips off her top, before shifting her weight onto her knees to lower her skirt then removing it completely, throwing it on the floor.

"We're going to have to get you a bib if you're going to drool every time I take my clothes off new girl." She teases.

Despite knowing that I'm not actually drooling, I still run the back of my hand over my mouth, causing the blonde to release a small chuckle.

Cautiously, I begin to move my hands up her legs and slide my thumbs under the lacey fabric on her hips. I look up to see hazel eyes staring at me, full of lust.

Instantly, I sit up and meet her in a heated kiss, my hands now moving up her stomach. Her hands work on pulling my top up over my head, our lips parting briefly before meeting again.

"I want you." I husk, feeling a rush of heat between my legs.

"Then take me." Quinn whispers.

I push against her until she's lying on her back below me. I hastily remove my own skirt before lowering my body against hers.

I run my fingertips down her abs, smiling every time I feel her twitch.

"Wait." She says, causing me to pause, fingers inches away from the hem of her underwear. "Why now? Last week you said you weren't ready."

"I never said I wasn't ready, I said I wasn't in the right frame of mine. Do you want me to stop?"

Quinn takes a moment to study my face before shaking her head no.

I lean down to kiss her gently. My hand is now trapped between our bare stomachs but I still manage to slide it under the blonde's underwear. As soon as my fingers are low enough I push them against Quinn's clit, causing her to release a soft moan into my mouth. I begin tracing slow circles until I feel her begin to buck her hips up against me, begging for more so without breaking contact I shift so I'm lying next to her. With the easier angle I begin to move my fingers faster.

Quinn's kisses start to get sloppier as she gets closer to the edge so I lean on my elbow to watch her face contort with pleasure.

After a few minutes, I hear her breath catch and her back arches off the bed as her whole body shakes. I smile as I slow my fingers to bring her down from the climax.

"That was amazing." She grins once she's caught her breath.

"That was just the beginning." I smirk, leaning down to kiss her.

Before our lips meet I hear a noise downstairs.

"Was that…" Quinn starts.

"Girls? I'm home." My dad shouts up the stairs.

Quinn and I simultaneously glance at the clock on her bedside table and sigh when we see it's a few minutes passed 5pm.

"To be continued?" She laughs.


That evening, Quinn spooned me from behind as we lay on my bed.

I think my dads were expecting us to sleep in different rooms but ever since Quinn moved in, she and I have been sneaking into each other's rooms to be with one another.

"Reason number one why I like living her, is moments like these." Quinn admits, pulling my body even closer to hers, nuzzling the back of my neck with her nose.

"Are there any other reasons?" I ask.

"Your dad's cooking, your pop's anecdotes, and now, being able to do this whenever I want."

As I'm about to ask what she means, she slips her hand down the front of my sleep shorts.

I gasp at the contact. "Quinn, my dads are just across the hall."

"I know." She replies, curling her fingers to brush them against my core. "But isn't your room soundproofed? For this exact reason?"

The sensation between my legs is too overpowering and I can't form words to answer her.

Quinn squeezes me gently with her arm around my stomach and I nod, giving her permission to continue so she begins moving her fingers in small firm circles against my clit.

My breathing becomes laboured as the blonde continues to tease me, never speeding up the movement. However, something in my mannerisms must convince her that I am nearing the edge as she suddenly increases the pace and it's not long until I grab the pillow with one hand and her wrist with the other as I climax, her skilled fingers slowing again to bring me down from my high.

After withdrawing her hand, Quinn shifts her weight and straddles me as I fall onto my back. She makes sure my eyes are on her before taking her fingers into her mouth and licking them clean. The sight of that alone turns me on again instantly.

"Oh my God Quinn, can you just take a break from being so sexy? I don't feel like taking a cold shower tonight." I laugh.

The cheerleader just smirks and leans down to kiss me. The kiss is sensual and slow, it just increases my arousal further.

She lifts her head a couple of inches. "You know the best thing about two girls having sex new girl, is that they can go on for as long as they want."

"Hey, can I talk to you for a second?"

The blonde looks around and smiles when she sees me. "Of course."

I lead her into an empty classroom and she raises an eyebrow at me.

"If I didn't know any better new girl, I'd think you were trying to sneak in a quickie at school." She teases.

"No." I laugh. "I'm still pretty worn out from last night."

Quinn smiles again, a look of pride in her eyes as she perches on the edge of a desk.

"However, what I wanted to talk about does stem from last night."

The cheerleader's expression soon turns into a look of concern.

"Before you say anything, no I don't regret it, it's nothing like that." I explain and Quinn visibly relaxes again, my gaze falls to the floor. "It's just, I don't know about what it was like for you but I've never felt a connection as strong as I did in that moment."

I look up briefly to see her nod, agreeing with me without interrupting my flow.

"So, after you fell asleep, I did a lot of thinking, and I've reasoned that it must be because I like you more than anyone else. I know you're the only girl I've slept with so it would've been different anyway but I thought about it and I don't think I'd feel that way when sleeping with any other girl that I've had a crush on in the past. My attraction to you is on a whole different level, and while I recognise that it's way too early to say 'those words' I'll admit that I'm definitely heading in that direction, at a break-neck speed. So, in my free period this morning, I went out and bought this…" I pause, pulling a small box out of my bag. "It's not what you're thinking but it's fairly similar."

Quinn laughs, and I take that to mean that she was thinking exactly what I thought she would be. However, the laugh soon ends and her hazel eyes return to the ring box in my hands.

"Now, I know this is incredibly cheesy and I doubt anyone has ever received one of these since elementary school, but…" I move to stand between her legs and she moves further onto the table to allow me to stand closer. "This is a promise ring." I explain, finally opening the box and revealing a small, simple silver ring.

I glance up at my girlfriend's face and am relieved to find her smiling, her bottom lip trapped between her teeth in shyness.

"So… Quinn Fabray, will you accept this promise ring? As a promise that I will never hurt you, I will always be on your side and I will always be proud to call you mine."

"Rachel Berry, I'd be honoured to wear your promise ring." She grins allowing me to place the ring on her right hand before leaning forward to kiss me softly.

"Oh also, will you be my date to the wedding?" I ask as soon as we pull apart.

"Of course, I didn't think you'd need to ask." Quinn laughs. "Also thank you for not calling me Lucy during your little proposal."

"I was very tempted." I admit. "But I asked because I wasn't sure if you were actually going to attend your ex's mom's wedding."

"That's a fair assumption, but seeing as the glee club are the band I don't think I could really skip it."

I nod my head in agreement before leaning in for another kiss.

"You're right by the way." Quinn confesses. "It's different with you, and while it is too soon, I definitely have the urge to say 'it'."

"I'm not sure we're following the normal route of a relationship anyway so who knows when we'll say it, but for now, let's just say we have the urge. Although that does sound rather sexual."

"I like it, and you." The blonde grins, moving to kiss me once more.

The bell then rings and we pull apart with a groan.

"I guess I'll see you in Glee."

"It won't be soon enough." I reply, stealing one last kiss before leaving the classroom smiling.

The wedding itself is fairly normal, well as normal as it can be with the glee kids involved. We sing 'Marry You' as the couple enters and then we all sing songs at the reception.

When everyone starts dancing as Finn sings 'Just The Way You Are' to his new brother, Quinn heads over to me and pulls me up onto the dance floor, holding me close as we sway to the rhythm.

We're turning on the spot when I notice Finn watching us as he sings and get a funny feeling in my stomach as if something bad is going to happen before the day ends.

As it turns out, I'm not wrong.

Song: Begin Again by Taylor Swift, I know not all the lyrics make sense for their exact situation but I still thought it was a cute song to include

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