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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Quinn's confession at the end of lunch made my crush on her increase tenfold and now I'm determined to make her mine. I can tell she likes me, when I'm not staring at her I often catch her watching me during the classes we share that afternoon and the next day. Plus from what I've heard around school, she's never paid this much attention to anyone before.

The only problem I have is the boyfriend. They seem attached at the hip and when I'm not looking at Quinn, I'm looking at him, glaring at the back of his head as I sit a few tables behind them in our last class of the day. My audition is after this and all I want to do is talk to Quinn as I'm sure she'll calm my nerves, but instead she's talking and giggling with Finn when we're supposed to be working in pairs on a problem.

That should be me next to her. That will be me.

I push all my jealousy aside later that day as I'm stood preparing for my audition in the middle of the choir room. I keep my eyes away from them sat in the corner, begging myself not to fixate on the fact that she's resting her head on his shoulder while he has his arm draped over the back of her chair.

However, as soon as I start singing I can't help but glance over at them and smirk subtly as I notice Quinn's attention immediately switch to me. She doesn't take her eyes off me throughout the entire performance.

After I finish the last note there's a brief pause before everyone starts applauding and Mr Schuester jumps up to welcome me to the club with a pat on the back so I move to take a seat in the back row where I have good view of Quinn.


Crap, I should've been paying attention, what was he talking about?

"Hmm?" I utter.

"I offered if you'd like to do this assignment as a duet as you're new to the club?" Mr Schue explains. "Who do you want to work with? If anyone."

"Oh, well I know Quinn the best so…"

"Great." He interrupts, clearly happy with his idea. "You two can start working on a song while I answer anyone else's queries."

Quinn instantly pulls away from Finn, a light smile on her face, a scowl on his. She walks over to me and leads me to the far side of the room, where it's quieter.

"I have to be honest, I wasn't really listening to the assignment."

She lets out a small laugh. "Here I was thinking you'd be a goody two shoes, hanging off the teacher's every word."

"I normally am." I blush. "But I had other things on my mind."

"Like what?" She queries, eyebrow raised.

Like you. I think, stopping myself right before I say it aloud and mumble something about first week worries instead.

"He wants us to cover a Britney Spears song." Quinn clarifies.

"Ah well that's pretty easy, she has hundreds of hits."

"Exactly, we probably don't even need long to discuss it."

I see an opening and take it. "Well do you want to come to my house and we can work on something?"

"Sure." Quinn smiles. "Do you drive?"

"No." I blush. "I was just going to walk home."

"Well if you direct me, I can drive. Presuming you know the way of course." She teases.

"I'll have you know, I have a great memory."

"I'm sure you do new girl. Come on we can leave now I'm sure Mr Schue won't miss us."

We collect our bags and leave, and I can't help but notice she doesn't say goodbye to anyone. Not even Finn.

After a few wrong turns we pull up outside my house and I turn to see a smirking Quinn looking at me from the driver's seat.

"Okay, maybe my memory isn't that great." I admit sheepishly.

The blonde's hazel eyes sparkle with amusement but she doesn't respond so I shove her playfully before climbing out of the car and leaving her to follow.

Truth be told I'm nervous about having Quinn at my house. We received the missing boxes yesterday, meaning I was annoyed that they hadn't arrived one day earlier, in time for my first day at school but relieved that they'd finally arrived. However, most of these boxes remain unpacked as my fathers and I were both tired from long days yesterday evening when they arrived.

I needn't be worried though as soon as I push open my door Quinn freezes, but she doesn't look disgusted, she looks amazed.

"How long have you lived here?"

"About a month, but these boxes didn't arrive till yesterday." I explain, still slightly panicked about the mess, gesturing to all the boxes cluttering the hallway and into the lounge.

"Just a month and it already feels more like a home than just a house."

I frown, watching as the blonde takes in all the pictures on the walls, that we'd had with us when we made the journey down. I silently wonder if she's going to elaborate on her comment but she just brushes passed the subject and moves into the lounge.

"Are your dads home?"

"No, they both work 9-5 every weekday."

"Do I get a tour then?" Quinn asks, one eyebrow raised yet again.

I feel shivers run down my spine as I take in her expression. "Quinn Fabray, are you just looking for an excuse to see my bedroom?" I say flirtatiously.

"Maybe." She winks – yes, winks.

"Come on then." I laugh, bypassing the rest of the house and leading her straight upstairs.

I stand aside to let Quinn walk into my room before watching her look around the small space.

"You like stars then." She giggles before gracefully perching on the edge of my bed, gesturing to my furniture that's littered with tiny gold star stickers my dad had bought me the week before.

"It's kind of a metaphor." I blush, whilst Quinn sits there, waiting for me to explain. "I've always had this dream about becoming a big Broadway star."

"Ah, hence the incredible voice."

"It didn't come easy, not that I'm admitting I have a great voice but practice makes perfect." I shrug, sitting down next to her.

"Looks like you don't have to practice anymore then."

I turn to Quinn with wide eyes at the compliment and see that she has a light blush on her cheeks and it takes a lot of effort for me to restrain myself from leaning over and kissing her.

"So, did you want to pick a song?" I question to distract myself.

"That or we just talk for a while, learn more about each other."

I grin. "That sounds a lot more fun." I admit, climbing further onto my bed and lying on my back, resting my head on the pillow.

I feel the bed dip beside me and turn my head to find Quinn lying next to me.

"I'm glad you have a double bed otherwise this would've been really awkward." She jokes.

"That's one word for it."

She turns her head to face me with an expression that's a cross between confused and playful.

"So, anything you'd like to know about the school?"

I'd rather learn about her but choose to just go along with it for now. "How about you catch me up on all the glee club drama I've missed."

Quinn tells me the ins and outs of the main events that happened last year, how they needed to win at Regionals to stay a club, how Sue was on their side and then sold their Sectionals setlist and basically couldn't decide if she wanted to be a friend or a foe, until they lost at Regionals but Sue somehow convinced Principal Figgins to let them stay.

"Wow." I mutter. "What about the members? What are they like?"

"Well you know me obviously, and you've met Santana, who is in love with Brittany but don't tell her I told you that because she is so not ready to come out yet." Quinn pauses to laugh. "Anyway, Britt is attracted to Artie, so they'll probably be dating before anyone can blink, even though she's aware of Santana's feelings and feels the same, she's just waiting for San to be brave and tell people. Artie is enjoying the attention from a cheerleader but no one's really sure if he's completely over Tina who he dated last year but she ditched him over the summer for Mike who won her over with his dance moves. Then you've met Kurt and Blaine so who's left? Oh yeah you have Mercedes who we bring out for the big notes at the end of a song and Puck who is basically the resident bad boy."

I frown as I try to take all the information in, but one fact sticks in my mind.

"I think you've missed someone." I laugh.

She raises her eyebrow again in confusion.


I try not to laugh as her expression changes as she comes to terms with the fact she forgot her own boyfriend, her eyes wide and her bottom lip moving up and down as she tries to come up with words to explain herself.

"Please never tell him that…" She eventually begs.

"Never leaves these four walls, I can keep a secret."

She looks thoughtful for a moment, as if considering to tell me another secret but doesn't say anything.

"So how did you manage to win Sectionals without a setlist?" I ask, taking the pressure off her.

"Finn came to our rescue. He'd recently quit due to… a mistake I made but with Mr Schue banned from the competition, it was down to our leading man."

I want to ask her what the mistake was but know better than to push, hoping she'll open up on her own in time.

We talk for hours and I start seeing a different side to the blonde, as if she puts up a front whilst at school. She just seems more relaxed and happier and I can't stop myself from wondering who else gets to see this side of her.

Just as I'm starting to get used to this new Quinn, we hear the front door open and close. I can almost spot the exact moment she puts her walls back up.

"Rachel, I'm home!" I hear my dad shout. "Whose car is that outside? Do we have company?"

I hear him ascending the stairs so don't bother to shout a response. As he reaches my bedroom door he falters slightly, clearly not expecting me to be lying on my bed with another girl.

"Hi Mr Berry, I'm Quinn." She greets, standing to shake his hand.

"Nice to meet you Quinn, but please, call me Hiram, it'll get confusing otherwise. I assume Rachel has told you about her parents?"

Quinn chuckles briefly. "Oh yes, she shared that information as well as her own sexuality within about 10 minutes of meeting me."

I slap my hand to my forehead with embarrassment.

"And are you…" My dad starts.

"She has a boyfriend." I quickly interrupt. "Dad please don't humiliate me by asking your usual questions."

Quinn shoots me a questioning glance but I ignore it.

My dad still looks sceptical but luckily accepts it. "Alright Sweetie, your Pop will be home in a few, would you like to stay for dinner Quinn?"

"Um, if that's alright with you?"

"Of course, but check with your parents and let me know if you can't stay." Dad smiles before he heads back downstairs.

"Pop?" Quinn questions once we are alone.

"It was apparently the first thing I said to him, plus I couldn't call them both 'dad' so it stuck."

"That's fair enough." She responds, flopping back down onto my bed beside me. I smile, enjoying how comfortable she is around me already.

"Are you not going to text your parents?"

"Na, no need really. It's only my mom and she doesn't get home till late and even then she's usually too drunk to notice, or care."

"Oh." I say, not sure of what else to say.

"That's a story for another time. I want to know all about these 'usual questions' you referred to." Quinn pokes, rolling onto her side.

I mimic her body language, leaving us face to face and I almost get lost in her eyes as the more relaxed version of Quinn comes out again. I force myself to focus on the conversation.

"Whenever I bring a girl home, they never assume she's just a friend and always try to ask subtle questions to figure out if she's gay, or bi or whatever, except they're never as subtle as they think they are. They'd be terrible spies." I laugh.

She laughs along with me until we settle into silence, studying each other's faces until she starts gradually moving closer.

My breathing quickens in anticipation but a sudden knock on the door causes us to jump apart. I whip my head up to catch my pop poking his head into my room.

"Hi, sorry to interrupt but Hiram told me we had company and I couldn't wait to see if she really was as gorgeous as he claims."

Quinn blushes as she stands to greet him. "I'm Quinn."

"Quinn...?" He prompts.

"Um, just Quinn." She mutters, avoiding eye-contact.

"Right, okay then just Quinn, I'm LeRoy and am here to tell you that dinner will be ready in 20 minutes."

"Thanks Pop." I say, allowing him to exit before turning to the blonde. "Just Quinn?"

"Yeah, sorry, I panicked. I know that was awkward as hell but the Fabray's have a reputation around here and I wasn't sure if your dads would like me if they knew who I was related to."

"You realise we're new to town right?" I giggle, sitting up and moving to the edge of my bed, closer to Quinn who was still standing.

"Yes but they're bound to find out eventually, if they haven't already, and I'd rather you had a chance to get to know me as Quinn, not as a Fabray."

"I understand that." I say as I stand and make my way to my ensuite. "I'm just going to clean up before dinner but you should know that you have nothing to worry about, it seems as if you've already made a good impression if my dad is calling you gorgeous. Not that he's wrong."

I leave her standing blushing as I close the bathroom door behind me and immediately pull out my phone to Google 'Fabray'.

"Give me your phone." Quinn demands as soon as I exit the bathroom.

"Um, why?"

"Every time I tell someone about my parents they immediately Google them and it seems you aren't any different, don't even try to deny it."

Panic settles under my skin. "Quinn, I'm sorry, but it doesn't change anything, I don't care who your father is."

She flinches as the mention of him but her expression softens once she meets my eyes.

"I'm just… I'm really insecure about it. He's done some terrible things and it embarrasses me to be related to him, I've lost some of my closest friends because of it, because of him. I… I don't…" She trails off, looking down at her feet.

Without even hesitating, I cross the room and wrap my arms around her.

"It's okay Quinn, I really don't care, you aren't going to lose me. I know we've only just met but I do genuinely like you already, and I like you for you. I like Quinn."

I feel Quinn take a deep breath before she pulls back slightly to look at me.

"I like you too. It surprises me, I normally take longer to warm up to people but for some reason you're different. It's almost as if we were destined to meet, to be… friends."

I smile in response, not trusting myself to say anything that isn't flirty. She hugs me again briefly before taking a step back.

"Hey, why don't you give me your phone." I smirk.

"Why?" She asks.

"So I can put my number in it."

She hands me the device and I give it back to her after inputting my contact information.

"Let me just text you so you have my number." She states and soon enough my own phone vibrates in my pocket.

I pull it out and read her text.

'Hey new girl, guess who? ;)'

I ignore the flutters in my stomach caused by the emoticon.

"That nickname is going to stick isn't it?" I chuckle as I save her number.

Quinn shrugs. "I like it."

"Me too."

"So I assume you're a cheerleader? You don't just wear that for fun?" My dad chuckles over dinner.

"Yeah, I'm the captain actually."

"Impressive." Pop adds.

"Thank you. I'm also dating the Quarterback so am living the dream high school career at the moment." Quinn laughs. "Besides glee club."

"Oh yeah!" I exclaim, causing the other three to jump. "I got into glee!"

"Rachel is an incredible singer, as you're probably aware." Quinn compliments.

"Oh yes we're definitely aware. We've even soundproofed her room as we know we're staying for at least two years." Pop laughs.

"Which may have other advantages now she's 17." Dad adds with a wink.

"Daaaadddd." I whine while Quinn sits giggling beside me.

"I love your family new girl." She whispers in my ear as my dads start clearing the now empty plates.

The rest of the week passes without much happening. My favourite part of every day is definitely glee club rehearsals and I already consider some of the members my close friends.

Santana however, still refuses to get to know me, which is why I'm surprised when she willingly comes up to me at my locker on Friday towards the end of our lunch break.

"So I'm having a kind of party this weekend with Q and Britt and apparently Q won't come if I don't at least invite you so do you want to come?"

"Oh, um, sure. Thanks."

"Don't thank me." She huffs then walks away before I can even ask for her address.

I close my locker, a confused frown on my face, wondering if that did actually just happen.

"Did she ask you?" Quinn questions, appearing out of nowhere and falling into step beside me as I move down the corridor.

"Yes, but said you told her to so does it really count?" I laugh self-depreciatingly.

"Don't worry, once she sees how great you are, she'll hopefully be nicer."

"Is she nice to you?" I ask, one brow raised.

"Er… sometimes. When she's drunk." Quinn laughs. "Which, chances are, she will be this weekend so you're in luck. I'll pick you up at 7 tonight if that's alright with you?"

"Oh, it starts tonight?"

"Yeah, it usually runs from Friday to Sunday but I guess you can come and leave whenever, I'm happy to be chauffer."

"Alright, 7 is fine but I'll have to check with my dads and let you know for definite after school. Also, I might not drink much."

"I await your message then." Quinn jokes, causing me to roll my eyes at her dorkiness. "Though with regards to drinking, you may not have much of a choice but don't fret, I'll take care of you." She smirks before disappearing as quickly as she arrived.

The next thing I know, it's 7pm and Quinn is knocking on my front door so I rush down the stairs to answer it.

"Hey." She smiles, looking me up and down. "Uh, no, you aren't wearing that."

"What? Why?" I ask, glancing down at my jumper and penny skirt.

"It's never going to be up to Santana's standards."

"So I have to dress to impress her now?"

"Pretty much." Quinn nods, she pulls me back up the stairs and instantly starts rooting through my closet. "Here, put these on and I'll find something for tomorrow and Sunday in case you decide to stay."

I take the black top and shorts she offers me, deciding there was no point in arguing. I drag my feet as I walk into my bathroom and hear her chuckle behind me.

The pout on my face is still there when I emerge from the ensuite and notice that Quinn has repacked my bag.

"Do I not get to see what you've chosen?"

"Nope, we're running late as it is."

"Maybe if you hadn't made me change…" I mumble.

Quinn sighs and moves closer to me before picking me up and slinging me over her shoulder. I squeal in surprise and squirm in her arms, though part of me doesn't want her to put me down as I have a perfect up close view of her butt from this position. She hangs my bag over her other shoulder and carefully makes her way down the stairs and out to her car. I briefly catch a glance at the confused expression on my dads faces as we pass by the living room door.

Half an hour later, I find myself standing in Santana's kitchen, staring at the shot she'd just placed in front of me, the two blondes watching over her shoulder.

"Why do I have to drink this?"

"Why do you need a reason?" Santana quips. "Just drink it Berry."

"Berry?" I question.

"Q said I couldn't call you midget or dwarf or any of the other amazing nicknames I came up with and I never call anyone by their name, 'Rach' was too friendly so you're Berry. Now drink."

"Fine." I concede and down the shot, it burns my throat but I try not to let my expression give that away.

"Finally, now it's game time." Santana announces, grabbing the bottle of vodka and three other shot glasses before moving into her lounge, followed closely by Brittany.

"What kind of game?" I ask Quinn, panicked.

"Let's just say you're going to be taking a lot more shots." She responds, smiling at the look on my face. "Come on."

I follow her into the other room and sit on the couch next to her, opposite the other two cheerleaders.

I soon find out that this 'game' is Santana's version of truth or dare, and if you don't complete the task, you have to take a shot, if you refuse twice, you have to take two shots and so on. You also have to alternate between truth and dare.

"Berry, you're the newbie so you have to go first. Truth or dare?"

"Um, truth." I answer, hoping it's the safer option.

Santana grins evilly but Quinn clears her throat and the Latina's face falls.

"Fine, I'll start you off with an easy one, how many people have you kissed?"

"Two." I respond easily, smiling thankfully at Quinn for getting Santana to ease up.

"Genders?" Santana prods.

"One question per round." Quinn interjects. "Rachel, who do you want to go next?"

"Er, Brittany, truth or dare?"

"Dare!" The ditzy blonde replies eagerly.

"Alright, I dare you to give someone a lap dance for two minutes." I challenge, knowing she'll pick Santana and hoping it'll calm the Latina down slightly.

However, to my surprise, she immediately stalks over to Quinn, leaving Santana and me staring at the two blondes. Whilst Santana was engrossed in watching Brittany's hips, I was watching Quinn's face, noting how she kept her gaze locked on the area between her stomach and Brittany's butt and realising she wasn't kidding when she said she wasn't straight.

It occurs to me that no one has been timing this and when Santana eventually says something, I'm certain it has more to do with jealousy.

"Quinn, truth or dare?" Brittany asks once she's sat back next to the Latina.

The blonde hesitates before picking truth.

"Out of everyone in this room, who would you most like to have sex with?"

"Oh, um." Quinn blushes. "Well San would kill me if I picked you Britt and I'm too scared to experience sex with Santana so I guess Rachel."

"As if you weren't going to say that anyway." Santana mumbles under her breath before adding, "I'd rock your damn world Q."

After rolling her eyes, Quinn asks Santana to pick truth or dare.

"Dare, no truth, no dare..."

"I dare you to give Rachel a compliment." Quinn interrupts before the Latina gets stuck in a loop.

"What? That's a pathetic dare Q."

"If you don't like it, drink."

"No! Fine, Berry you don't have a terrible voice."

"Um, thanks?" I say.

"You can do better than that." Quinn grumbles.

"Too late, she accepted it when she thanked me."

I rest my hand on Quinn's thigh to thank her from trying but don't move it quickly enough and the Latina's eyes lock onto it, a smirk forming on her lips.

"Q, it's your turn to do a dare so, I dare you to kiss Berry."

"What?" I nearly shout. "Quinn, you don't have to, I mean, you kinda do but if you want to drink, I won't be offended."

"The Lady doth protest too much, methinks." Santana sneers.

"Doth?" Brittany questions, but it goes unanswered.

"Shakespeare, really?" Quinn laughs.

The raven-haired girl shrugs. "You gonna do the dare or what?"

She holds up a shot to Quinn who considers it before smirking and kissing me on the cheek.

"Hey, that's not what I meant and you know it."

"Bit like that compliment then isn't it?" The head cheerleader replies smugly.

I sit watching the two most stubborn girls stare each other down, wondering who was going to make the next move whilst trying to ignore the lingering sensation that Quinn's lips on my cheek caused.

"Britt, you have to do a truth so are you in love with Artie?" Quinn smirks.

Santana practically growls as she glares at Quinn and I slide down on the sofa from the awkwardness.

"Yes, but I could see myself being more in love with someone else." The dancer explains after a few beats of silence. "Rachel, your dare is to sit in your underwear for the rest of the game."

"Britt! I wanted to give Berry her dare, now she gets to ask me a truth." The Latina whines.

I chuckle and pull off my top and shorts, strangely comfortable sitting here in just my underwear, maybe it was the shot of vodka I did in the kitchen. At least, I was fairly comfortable until I looked up and noticed everyone staring.

"Uh, what?" I ask, glancing down at myself, self-consciously.

"Sorry Rach, it's just you have a great body and I think we're just a little taken aback." Quinn explains.

I smile slightly at the nickname. "You mean because I'm not a cheerleader or on any sports teams you automatically assume I'll be unfit?"

"Basically yeah, it's not right but it's how our school functions, I guess our brains are just preprogramed." Santana admits.

"Fine." I huff. "Santana your truth question is have you ever been in love?"

"Rachel…" Quinn starts.

"It's fine Q, yes I have." The Latina answers, no emotion showing on her face and no one presses for more information. "Right, there's not enough drinking going on in this game so everyone take a shot and then we're playing Never Have I Ever."

The two blondes instantly down their shots.

"We've been trained well." Quinn laughs, handing me my glass which I begrudgingly empty, again trying not to wince at the burn.

"We'll start easy, never have I ever kissed a guy." Santana begins.

We all drink.

"Never have I ever kissed a girl." I jump in.

Everyone but Quinn drinks.

"Well now I know to answer to who Berry has kissed." Santana laughs triumphantly.

"Wait, you haven't?" I ask Quinn.


I frown but before I can question it Brittany chimes in with another round.

"Never have I ever had sex."

By the time I've registered the question, everyone else has taken a drink and I feel it's too late to drink now.

"Prude." Santana taunts.

"San…" Quinn warns. "Never have I ever…"

"Wait." I interrupt, wanting to defend myself and say that I have indeed had sex when I remember that I'm still half naked. "Sorry Quinn, but can I put my clothes back on now?"

"You can put your shorts on but I'm not done staring at your chest so leave the top off."

It takes me a while to realise it was Santana who spoke and it causes me to forget about backtracking to the last question. I glace at Quinn who mimes that it's due to the alcohol so I pull my shorts on without hesitating and Quinn continues with the game.

"Never have I ever had a one night stand."

The two other cheerleaders drink.

"Unfair, you knew Berry wasn't going to drink to that." Santana points out. "Never have I ever touched myself."

We all drink, after some hesitation from Quinn and me.

"Hmm, never have I ever flashed someone." Santana adds, forgetting that she'd had the last go.

Brittany and I drink, causing Quinn and Santana to look at me quizzically.

"What? Brittany drank too."

"Yeah but that's Britt, she'll flash anyone who asks."

I roll my eyes. "My friend didn't think I could get free drinks by flashing the bartender so I proved her wrong."

Quinn shrugs, accepting the story. "Never have I ever had my parents walk in on me."

Santana drinks, glaring at Quinn.

"I told you that in confidence." She hisses.

I laugh before getting up to head to the bathroom. I soon hear music start blasting through the house and figure they're done playing games which I'm thankful for as I'd just consumed a lot of shots.

The shock I feel at what I find when I wander back to the lounge causes me to freeze in the doorway. All three girls are dancing extremely raunchily, Santana and Brittany are grinding up against one another while Quinn hovers nearby until she spots me.

I almost forget how to breathe as Quinn struts over to me and pulls me into the room before positioning herself in front of me and begins grinding too.

After a few moments I finally find my voice.

"Are you trying to kill me?" I whisper straight into the blonde's ear.

I feel her body vibrate as she chuckles.

"Believe me new girl, I can make this a lot worse for you." She husks and I feel my knees go weak.

I gulp before deciding to see how far I can push this.

"Try me."

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