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Chapter 4


Behind Blue Eyes

Chapter 04

Naruto was sitting on top of the Hokage Monument thinking over her last mission with Team Nine. She thought about the hotel and how she used the Kyubi's power. She thought about how it made her feel, about what she felt in her influenced state.

She was so lost in thought she didn't hear the footsteps behind her…


Ino and Hinata were in a heated spar where nothing was off the table; they could use any means necessary to try and defeat their opponent. Hinata had come a long way in her self confidence and learned to be more assertive in both her personal life and ninja training including combat. Ino had also become strong and independent; she could use poisons to neutralize her targets to set up her clan jutsu.

"Alright girls that's enough." Asuma called.

"Great spar Hinata." Ino said.

"Thank you Ino-chan." Hinata said without her usual stammering.

"Sensei wasn't Naruto supposed to join us back today?" Ino asked.

"Yes she was, I told her to meet us here today last night. I don't know where she could be." Asuma replied.

"Do you think something happened to her?" Hinata asked.

"I don't know, let's go ask Tou-san about it." Asuma said worried about his student.

Team Ten arrived at the Hokage Tower and walked up the stairs leading up to the Hokage's Office. Asuma knocked on the door and waited for a reply. Hearing an enter from the aged Kage, Asuma opened the door.

"Ah Asuma and Team Ten, what can I do for you?" Hiruzen asked.

"Tou-san I'll be blunt, Naruto never showed up to training and I know she was supposed to come off her week of down time today and I told her when to be at training." Asuma explained.

"That doesn't seem like Naruto. I know she was bothered by her mission but to completely disregard her team meeting isn't like her." Hiruzen said worry in his voice.

"Is there anything you can do to try and find her Tou-san?" Asuma asked his father.

"As a matter of fact there is." Hiruzen said seriously.

Hiruzen pulled out a crystal ball on a cushion and placed it on his desk and focused his chakra into the ball and looked for Naruto specifically. However nothing happened, he couldn't find Naruto's chakra signature thus unable to find Naruto.

"This is unsettling. Something is blocking her chakra signature from my Tomegane no Jutsu which means someone doesn't want her to be found." Hiruzen said worried again.

"Who would gain from abducting Naruto?" Asuma asked.

"Off the top of my head? Iwa, Kumo, Danzo, and many others. Iwa would jump at the chance to take revenge on Minato by taking his only child." Hiruzen replied to his son.

"So Naruto really is the Yondaime's daughter. I knew her looking exactly like a female Yonddaime wasn't a coincidence." Ino said.

"Yes, Naruto is Minato's daughter." Hiruzen confirmed. "However Iwa and Kumo don't know I could find Naruto with my Tomegane no Jutsu and they wouldn't be able to get her out of the village unnoticed." Hiruzen explained. "That leaves Danzo. He knows about the Tomegane no Jutsu and he could get her to his base unnoticed because he wouldn't be trying to smuggle her out of the village."

"How do we find her?" Ino asked, determined to help her best friend.

"Ino, Hinata I don't want you two to do anything if Danzo is the culprit his ninja are beyond your skill to handle. Asuma, I want you to find Anko, Ibiki, and Kakashi and bring them to my office." Hiruzen ordered.

"Hai Tou-san." Asuma said, vanishing in a swirl of leaves.

"Hokage-sama please let us help." Ino pleaded.

"Ino I know she is your friend and teammate but trust me when I say the best thing you can do for her is to let Asuma and the ninja I mentioned find Naruto. Naruto would never forgive herself if you got hurt or worse trying to find her."

"Hai Hokage-sama." Ino said relenting to the Hokage's request to not get involved.

A short while later Asuma, Anko, Ibiki, and Kakashi were in the Hokage's office. Hiruzen looked at the four gathered shinobi and sighed.

"I have a mission for you four." Hiruzen said, looking over the four gathered shinobi. "This mission is strictly need-to-know no one but you four are to know about this mission."

"What's gotten into you old man?" Anko asked.

"Naruto has been abducted by an unknown entity who has successfully blocked her chakra signature from my view. While Iwa would be a likely culprit, someone from Konoha would have to help them as no one knows about Naruto's heritage as it's been kept secret to protect her. It's likely the culprit is Danzo; he has been wanting to get her under his command since her birth" Hiruzen explained. "It's likely he learned of Naruto's episode with the Kyubi's power during her last mission and made a move without my approval or knowledge. If Danzo is in fact the culprit I want him brought in alive."

"Hai Hokage-sama." was the unison reply.

"Do not fail me, we don't know what Danzo has planned for Naruto." Hiruzen said as the four shinobi left the office.


Deep underground Naruto woke to the sound of footsteps echoing coming closer. Naruto lifted her head and tried to move. She instantly felt the restraints, she was strapped to a large metal X.

"Ah you've awoken good we have much to do and very little time in which to do it in." a calm yet commanding voice said.

'What do you want with me?" Naruto asked.

"Simple really, I want you to join my organization. I heard about your little episode with the Kyubi I can make you strong enough to control that power." the man said.

"You're Danzo, Leader of Root." Naruto said. "Jiji warned me about you."

"Did he now, well you see you don't really have a choice. I'm going to place a seal on you and you will have no choice but to join my Root." Danzo said.

"Go to hell." Naruto said firmly.

"First we need to do something about your attitude. I think having your mind wiped will make you more compliant to my training." Danzo said. "Lucky for you I have a Yamanaka under my command so we will get him to seal your memories and make you more receptive to my training and conditioning."

Naruto growled at the aged man.

"Don't bother trying to use the Kyubi's chakra to try and escape I have sealed both your chakra and it's chakra you can not escape." Danzo said turning to leave. "Enjoy your last moments of freedom while I make the proper preparations to have you join my Root."


"Kakashi, you worked with Danzo before right while you were still in Anbu?" Anko asked.

"Hai. If he took Naruto to his base then she is still in the village providing he hasn't moved her to one of his outside bases." Kakashi said. "We need to find her as soon as possible, no telling what he'll do to her."

"Tou-san once said that Danzo wanted to make her Root you don't think that he would do that without Tou-san's consent do you?" Asuma asked.

"He would, there is almost nothing he won't do in the name of Konoha." Kakashi said.

As the four shinobi moved through Konoha avoiding the streets they came to the side of the Hokage Monument where a metal door was found.

"This is the main entrance to Danzo's underground base. We need to hurry, there is no telling how long Naruto has until Danzo enacts his plans." Kakashi said.

Entering the base Kakashi quickly took out the guards and continued forward. Kakashi wasn't caring who he hurt to rescue Naruto. He may not have requested her for his team but that didn't mean he didn't care for her. He knew she was his sensei's daughter but he couldn't bring himself to actually face her or take her on as a student when given the chance.

"Alright we need to split up and find Naruto. We can all hold our own so we will all take our own path if one of us finds Naruto contact the others over these radios." Kakashi said, handing each a small earbud radio.

With the radios handed out the four split up each going their own way.


In her cell Naruto could hear alarms going off and men shouting she let out a breath of relief, someone came for her. However her relief wasn't long lived as Danzo came back with another shinobi man she didn't recognize. He had the same shade of hair as Ino but she knew this was not Ino's father as she had met Ino's father and seen him many times whenever she visited Ino.

"It seems as though Hiruzen sent a squad of ninja for you, forcing me to move ahead with my plans before they were ready. But no matter, you will still be mine in the end." Danzo said. "Wipe her memories. I want her ready to accept my training before one of Hiruzen's ninja finds her."

"Hai Danzo-sama." the man said bowing.

Danzo turned to leave the room knowing a full mind wipe would take time and he had to stall the rescue team.

"Try and relax, it will make this go easier for you. If you resist it can lead to complications and may even hurt you." the Yamanaka said.

"What did he do to you to make you willing to rob someone of their memories and what makes a person unique?" Naruto asked.

"Danzo-sama does what he needs to to protect Konoha. If he has to forsake morals to protect Konoha then so be it." the man said.

Naruto struggled again but she found the restraints held her in place even hurt as she struggled.

"Don't resist, this will be over before you know it." the man said.


Asuma was rushing through the halls of the compound he had taken out a number of Root agents not lethally mind you they were in fact still Konoha Shinobi but he incapacitated them and made sure they wouldn't wake up until Naruto was safe. Asuma entered what appeared to be the prison wing of Danzo's base and saw a number of Root agents.

"Well now this looks promising." Asuma said as he counted up the Root agents. "Four on one, I like those odds."

"Stand down Asuma-san, we can not allow you to interfere with Danzo-sama's work." one the root agents said.

"And kidnapping a fourteen year old girl for whatever Danzo has planned for her sits right with you?" Asuma asked.

"To defend Konoha we do what we must." the agent replied. "Morality has nothing to do with our work, we do not question Danzo-sama."

Asuma rushed the four agents drawing his trench knives ready to fight the root agents who drew their weapons ready to defend their master's prisoner until what was being done was completed. Asuma didn't want to kill his opponents but it seemed that to save Naruto he would have to kill fellow Konoha shinobi to save his student. Asuma applied his wind chakra to his blades ready to do whatever he had to to save his student.

Asuma met the first Root agent and swiftly severed the agent's jugular and windpipe, killing them almost instantly. The second Agent came at Asuma not caring about the rist to his life he would die to protect his master's interests. Asuma sighed as he killed the second agent. The last two agents came at Asuma at the same time each striking at Asuma who twisted around their attacks and decapitated them both.

With the guards dealt with Asuma began searching the cells looking for Naruto.


Kakashi was running through the base killing any root agents he came across. His goal was to find Naruto before Danzo could do whatever he had planned for the young teen. Kakashi knew his way around the Root base from his time in root himself so he made his way to the interrogation wing of the base. As Kakashi rounded the corner to the Interrogation wing he found two guards guarding a single door. Kakashi instantly ran through the hand seals for the Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu and unleashed the powerful jutsu

The jutsu killed the two guards almost instantly.

Kakashi approached the door the root agents were guarding and opened the door hoping to find Naruto.

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