Behind Blue Eyes @icequeen13
Chapter 3


Behind Blue Eyes

Chapter 03

Naruto was walking down the street on her way to one of her favorite places to eat, Ichiraku's Ramen. Why was this one of her favorite places? Well there were several reasons really but mainly because the food was good and the owner was nice and never chased her away.

Today was a free day for Team Ten meaning they were free to relax or train on their own to pursue their own interests. For Naruto that was Fuinjutsu she had found a book in the Konoha Shinobi Library, a library that was expressly used by the many shinobi of Konoha. The book was written by one of the sannin Jiraiya, the toad Sage. It was a beginner's guide to the art of sealing designed to get those interested in the art started. It was geared with the basics of the art with nothing too dangerous for beginners.

Naruto had also found a ninja history book with the prominent clans of Konoha she had found her own clan in the book and read that her clan specialised in kenjutsu the way of the sword and fuinjutsu the art of sealing. This discovery led Naruto to find the book on sealing. Naruto knew as an assassin she wouldn't have much use for kenjutsu but she knew there could be a time where she could be forced into a confrontation where she can't rely on her assassin skills.

Just as Naruto reached her destination an Anbu appeared kneeling behind her.

"Uzumaki-hime, Hokage-sama requests your presence at once." the Anbu said.

"Hime?" Naruto asked. "Why did you call me Hime?"

"You're an Uzumaki, thus a relative of Mito Uzumaki, wife of Konoha's Shodai Hokage thus making you a noble of Konoha." the Anbu explained. "However it is not your nobility that is the pressing matter. Hokage-sama has requested you for unknown reasons but he said to bring you at once."

Naruto let out a sigh and looked to Ichiraku's before turning away from the restaurant, food would have to wait. "Take me to Ojī-sama." Naruto ordered.

Naruto rarely used honorifics which made her seem rude to most people but she respected Sarutobi Hiruzen thus she showed him respect and used honorifics when talking to or about him. Naruto called him grandfather rather than use the Hokage title but the old man never corrected her on it.

The Anbu stood up and gripped Naruto's wrist before making a hand seal and in an instant the two were in the Hokage's office. In the office Naruto saw the Hokage, three of her friends from the previous year of the academy, and a man in green spandex with orange leg warmers. Naruto knew her friends had been put on the same team as she still talked to them and even trained with them when they had the chance though she had never met the man in spandex.

"Ah Naruto, you're here good. Now the reason I called for you Naruto is because you're going with Team Nine on a mission. A mission request has come in from a team already in the field. This mission is being paid for by the commanding Jōnin so no need to worry about who is paying. Now the mission at hand is for you to go to Nami no Kuni to eliminate a crime lord. Kakashi believes that an experienced genin team can handle this mission, however I don't have anyone who is an experienced assassin but I do have you Naruto and you are the best I have when it comes to stealth. Now Team Nine is to provide support while you Naruto infiltrate the crime lords base and take him out. Reports from the field say that the crime lord has Rogue Ninja in his employ so you need to be extra careful Naruto." Hiruzen explained.

"I understand Ojī-sama." Naruto said a serious look on her face.

"Gai you are in charge of this mission Naruto will act under your command. You are all to leave within the hour." Hiruzen said firmly. "Naruto I will handle your team for now though you are being attached to Team Nine."

"Hai Ojī-sama." Naruto said seriously.

"Good luck on your mission." Hiruzen said. "Dismissed."

Team Nine and Naruto all vanished from the office using the shunshin. Naruto returned to her apartment and grabbed her go bag and headed for her bedroom to pack her clothes. Her go bag was always packed with MREs and spare weapon's pouches in scrolls, she never packed her clothes saving them for when she was going on a mission.

Naruto arrived at the north gate with her go bag on her shoulders ready to go on the mission she had been given alongside Team Nine. She saw Tenten and Neji already there but no sign of Rock Lee and their sensei. Naruto walked up to her friends with a smile and spoke.

"Where is Lee and your sensei?" Naruto asked.

"Fanning their Flames of Youth." Tenten replied.

"Their what?" Naruto questioned.

"Their Flames of Youth. Gai-sensei believes that the Flames of Youth are akin to the Will of Fire but it's the way he goes about it that makes it so unnatural, he's a zealot." Neji explained.

"I see, so how exactly are they fanning their Flames of Youth?" Naruto asked further.

"By running around Konoha." Tenten said before pausing. "On their hands." she finished.

"On their hands?" Naruto asked in disbelief.

Just as Naruto finished asking her question she saw a dust cloud coming toward the gathered genin. When she looked closer she saw two green clad figures in the dust, she recognized Lee and noticed he looked an awful lot like the older male in the cloud. She knew the man was called Gai but she had never formally met the man.

"Yes, victory!" the man shouted.

Naruto stared blankly at the man as well as Lee, he was nothing like he was now.

"Naruto, we have not been formally introduced. My name is Maito Gai Konoha's Noble Green Beast." Gai said, introducing himself. "I was told by Lee that you already know my team as you had gone to the academy together."

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto Konoha's Orange Vixen." Naruto said with a self proclaimed title she may not be the Kyubi itself but damnit she wouldn't let her being it's jinchuriki control her life.

"I see your Flames of Youth are not dampened by the Kyubi." Gai said striking what could only be called a good guy pose complete with tooth shine.

"I may have the Kyubi sealed inside me but I refuse to let it control my life." Naruto said smiling she wouldn't be held back by the Kyubi sealed within her.

Neji smirked, he knew what having a seal control was like in fact it was Naruto that helped Neji reconnect with his family. Tenten smiled as well as she knew Naruto was a strong independent woman like herself and her idol Lady Senju Tsunade of the Sannin. And Rock Lee was clueless as he had never heard about the Kyubi being sealed inside Naruto.

"Alright Team We have a lot of ground to cover we will be pushing our limits to reach Nami as quickly as possible. Naruto I know you are still new to being a Kunoichi but do you think you can keep up with my team?" Gai asked.

"One thing I never lacked was stamina. Even in the academy I never ran out of stamina in a run or fight." Naruto replied.

"Good you will be pushing yourself to the limit until we reach our goal. We will stop only for meals and sleep." Gai said loudly


After three straight days of travels at top speed stopping only for meals and rest Naruto and Team Nine finally arrived in Nami. It was in the evening time when the group arrived meaning that Naruto and Team Nine would be stopping for dinner and to find a hotel. Opting to find a hotel first the group asked a resident of the village who pointed them in the right direction.

Once they secured a hotel the group gathered in Gai's room to discuss their plan. Naruto, noticing a small kitchen in the corner of Gai's room, opted to cook a small meal for the group using some ingredients she had brought with her as she always had with her using preserving scrolls so nothing ever spoiled while she traveled. Naruto made a simple meal of fish and rice with some steamed vegetables. After eating dinner the group sat down to go over their game plan.

"Alright tonight we rest and regain our energy then tomorrow we begin our mission. We need to find Gato's base of operations, once we find that we will discuss how we go about taking him out. Naruto you're the only assassin in the group so it will be up to you to sneak into his base and kill him. Team Nine you will be causing a distraction to draw attention away from Naruto. Naruto we know that Gato has at least one Rogue Ninja in his employ, maybe more so be careful when infiltrating his base." Gai explained.

"I'll be careful. With any luck any shinobi under Gato's employ will be sent to your distraction." Naruto said. "What about Team Seven will they cause any problems for our mission?"

"Team Seven doesn't even know we are here so they shouldn't cause us any problems." Gai replied to Naruto's question.

"What do we do if we run into them while we investigate Gato?" Neji asked.

"In the event that we run into them we simply tell them we are on a mission but we can't get into what our mission is." Gai explained. "Now let's get some sleep. We have three rooms, Neji and Lee will be in one room, Naruto and Tenten will be in another, and I will be in the third."

With the plan laid out the group went to their respective rooms to get some sleep. Naruto and Tenten had the room closest to Gai's while Neji and Lee had the one farthest form Gai's, this was a security measure to protect the girls from unsavory company. While everyone was getting ready for bed a small group of thugs entered the hotel. There were five in total.

The thugs had a simple mission: subdue the males and bring the girls to Gato. The thugs severely underestimated their quarry. The thrugs first made it so the Gai, Rock Lee, and Nehi couldn't get out of their rooms without destroying the doors. Then they moved to the girls room thinking that the more they had would suffice in bringing the girls to Gato, there were five of them after all.

Naruto and Tenten were both in bed sleeping when the door opened, however the door squeaked as it opened alerting Naruto. Naruto woke up hearing the door and once she saw the thugs she growled. The door made it so only a single thug could get into the room at a time and Naruto was already awake and ready to fight. Naruto had the bed closest to the door so she was the closest to the door.

As the first thug entered he was met with Naruto down on all fours with sinister red chakra surrounding her. Her nails had grown into claws and her canines had lengthened and her eyes turned red with slit pupils. The chakra surrounding Naruto had fox-like ears and a single fox-like tail swaying dangerously behind her.

The first thug drew his sword and rushed Naruto. Naruto vanished from his view then reappeared behind the thug and ran her flattened hand through the thug's chest like a spear right through his heart killing him instantly. Naruto turned to the other four thugs who had yet to enter the room.

"If you value your lives I would suggest running." Naruto said coldly, her voice deeper and more feral.

A second thug rushed Naruto who had entered the hall to face the thugs so as not to wake her comrades. As the thug rushed her Naruto dodged the thug's sword and kicked the man in the head, breaking his neck and killing him. Seeing another of their group fall the remaining three thugs fled from the hotel not wanting to die.

As the other three thugs fled the door to Naruto's immediate right, the first door in the hall shattered revealing Maito Gai who had a serious look on his face. As Gai walked into the hall he saw the thugs running and a feral Naruto still in her chakra shroud. Gai took note of the two already deceased thugs and nodded, concluding that Naruto had been the one to deal the killing blows to the thugs.

"Naruto, you can calm down now they have fled." Gai said.

Naruto's head moved to Gai faster than one could blink. However Gai saw the look of recognition in Naruto's eyes as the chakra shroud faded returning Naruto to her normal appearance. Naruto rose to her feet from her feral stance and looked around seeing the two dead thugs she knew what had happened.

"Is Tenten alright?" Naruto asked.

Just then Tenten walked out of the room rubbing her eyes. "Naruto, why is there a dead body in our room?"

"I killed him, he had entered our room with malicious intent and I couldn't risk him getting ahold of you." Naruto explained to Tenten.

"My guess is they were sent by Gato to bring you two to him probably with the intent to sell you two as sex slaves or worse." Gai said seriously, his usual tone gone. "I was first alerted when I felt Naruto's other chakra flare. However I couldn't get out of my room. I know now it's because these men found a way to prevent the doors from opening. In the end I had to destroy the door to get it open. By the time I got out of my room Naruto had killed two thugs and scared off the rest." Gai explained.

"Sorry about that Gai." Naruto said. "To be honest I'm not entirely sure what happened. I sensed the Thug's cumming and all I could think about was protecting Tenten and then I felt this power flow through me it was like nothing I ever felt before."

"That was probably the Kyubi's power you used." Gai said with a sigh. "Let's get back to bed. I doubt they will try again tonight. We still have to find Gato's base of operations and deal with him.

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