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Chapter 8

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Lovino sighed as he looked out the window on the long drive from Chicago to Echo Bay in Canada. It sometimes took days to get there depending on the route that they were taking and the weather. One thing that he had learned is that Chicago was nothing like Italy was when it came to the weather, especially in the winter, it seemed harsher in Chicago. It reminds me of the Alps sometimes. Just there's no mountains. Just nothing but railroads, industry and meat packing. Lovino thought. I swear I was warmer in the Stelvio Pass back during the war... He thought as he looked at the driver.

"What is it Lovi?" He asked.

"Are we there yet?" Lovino sighed. "Why Gramps sent me on this one, I don't know."

"You know how the old man is, he won't show favoritism because of family. You earn your spot in. And it does good for the men to see the boss's grandkids willing to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. Why doesn't Feli come on more runs?"

"Because he would squeal if he got caught. Some copper catches me, I would tell him to go fuck himself and nothing else." Lovina said simply as he lit a cigarette and rolled the window down slightly.

"Yeah..." The driver admit, "I could see Feli doing that."

"That's why Gramps never sends him on runs." Lovino said. "There it is. Just off the border outside the town." He said as the truck came to a stop.

"So, you have my money?" A quiet blonde man said as he came out from a shed and looked up at the two men. He had been in a bad spot since he had managed to get back from the war. Vimy Ridge was a battle he would like to forget. He did so often by drinking but at the same time, he was aware of the money to be made selling it to Americans who crossed the border.

"I have it here Matteo." Lovino said handing the man the envelope.

"I have to check. And put that thing out. I already breathed enough noxious fumes when my gas mask failed." Matteo said as he started coughing as he counted the money.

"It's all there." Lovino said rolling his eyes.

"And real?" Matteo sighed. "I am no fool. You make sure it is all real and all there."

"Gramps may be big into art but he's not a counterfitter." Lovino said.

"Good." Matteo smiled. "Boys, pack 'er up, eh?" The man smiled as a few men in red jackets came up and helped to load the trucks.

"Are they actually Mounties or just posing as them?" The driver said.

"Little of A, little of B. Times are tough." Matteo said. "Got to make some money some how. You know how little Mounties do get paid?"

"Never gave two shits." Lovino said as he watched the men load the trucks.

"Well, honest." Matteo smiled. "It's not a lot. But you are allowing me to help my fellow veterans make a buck. Seems something that all nations share is a certain disdain in a way is for making sure the boys they sent to fight the rich's wars are taken care of. If they had to fight they wouldn't go to war."

"You sound like you've been reading some Marx or other crap like that." Lovino said.

"Maybe you should." Matteo smiled.

"I just do my job. I don't fucking care." Lovino said.

"Here, I have an extra copy back home. Had some former Ukrainians come with me back and they gave me this. It's in English. Cyrillic is a bitch to read." Matteo said. "Now get gone. We never met."

"Whatever." Lovino said as he got back in the truck and tossed the book behind him. "I don't have much time for reading. Not with making sure that Americano bastardo isn't fucking my cousins."

"Really protective of the girls huh?" The driver said as they got back on the road and headed back towards America.

"I guess. They don't deserve to be shackled to a smelly cow farmer, even if grandpa likes him." Lovino said. "I liked Antonio but Spain had to go into a Civil war...and we had to leave Italy...but Felicia's potato eating bastard I swear, that man's rod up his butt had a rod up its butt..." Lovino then adjusted a spare jacket like a pillow. "But that bastard's dead. Maybe Felicia will go for that Americano, she seems to like blondes and well, she might be worth him, but not Lovina..." The driver rolled his eyes as Lovino yawned. "Wake me when we're at the rest stop for the night. Wish grandpa would invest in some boats for this operation."

"Me too. But hey they say the lakes never give up their dead." The driver shuddered.

"That's Lake Superior and have some points from what I heard at the docks. Helena's son's father is floating in that lake for all eternity." Lovino yawned before falling asleep.

"Dark." The driver said as he headed along their planned route.

Meanwhile, Alfred was sitting in the parlor of Julius's mansion, waiting for Felicia and Lovina to come down from getting dressed. It felt weird to him taking two women on what was essentially a date, two women he wasn't certain of how he felt about them. However he was worried that a fight between the sisters would break out over this, a fear he expressed to Julius who laughed it off. "Relax Alfredo." He assured him. "My granddaughters' arguing is nothing more than normal sibling rivalry. Why my brother and I did so in our day all the time! Although I haven't seen Marcus in years. That was even before the war. Oh well, you can't help the past..."

"No, you can't..." Alfred said sipping the espresso he was given. It was stronger than he was expecting for such a small amount, but it woke him up like his normal coffee. At this he looked up to hear ruckus coming from the stairs.

"You sure you aren't disrespecting Ludwig's memory by dating an American, who was shooting at him in the war? Who knows, this bastardo could have been the one who shot the fucker!" Lovina yelled.

"Please forgive Lovina's language." Julius said. "It's not very ladylike for you to do so." At this Lovina stopped swear and gulped. Alfred looked to Julius's face and swore that pleasant smile he always seemed to have was gone but not. Like it was there but he seemed like he would throttle Lovina if she kept using her usual coarse language.

"No, I'm fine..." Alfred said as he looked at the girl's dresses. Felicia was wearing a blue and black beaded dress that came to her knees and matching blue high heeled shoes with a blue headband with a peacock feather in it. Meanwhile Lovina was wearing a dark green floor length dress that fit her tightly with black gloves and beadwork and had simply pulled her hair back into a ponytail God she'd look good if her hair was braided...I could do that...where the fuck did that come from? Alfred thought as he blushed looking at his suit. It was the new one that Julius had gotten him but compared to the girls, he felt rather underdressed. "God, I should wear that tuxedo you lent me last night..." Alfred blushed looking away from the girls.

"You look just fine." Felicia ssmiled. "Seriously."

"Well, it's whatever you want." Lovina said tapping her fan. "I just don't want to miss the opening. Think you can change quick enough. I know Feliciano is driving us and that man drives like a maniac with a lead foot. So if you don't take too long..." She trailed off.

"Julius?" Alfred asked.

"Whatever you think will be worthy of my granddaughters." He smiled as Alfred quickly ran up, changed his clothes to the ones he was lent the night before and headed back down.

"Wow, are you that fast when you are with the ladies in bed too?" Lovina said with a scowl as Alfred blushed. He hadn't been with many women before like that. Only time was with an English nurse named Alice who then scolded him for spreading disease, even though he wore the condom she had given him, And that piece of whatever it was hurt. No wonder she didn't like it...

"Want to find out?" Alfred smirked back, feeling her comment was an insult on his pride.

"Maybe later you two." Julius smiled. Lovina looked up at her grandfather in shock. Her swearing was too much, but a vulgar insult on how long Alfred could last in bed was fine? Did he take that as playful flirting? She did remember that he wanted Alfred to fall for one of them so maybe he overlooked it? Well that's weird but as long as I don't make grandpa too mad and I end up working with Helena... she thought recalling some of his threats to make her work for the brothels if she didn't act as an ambassador of the family at his soup kitchens. "Feliciano, you ready?"

"Sure Grandpa!" He smiled. He was dressed in a usual driving suit. "I'll be at the theater with you, just in one of the lower boxes." He added.

"Good." Julius said. "Give Alfred and your cousins some time to get better acquainted. Especially you Lovina, you seem to be particularly interested in Alfredo. At least you aren't smothering him with affection like your sister is trying to."

"We'll just see how the evening goes." She nodded politely. With this, she took Alfred's left arm, Felicia his right and they headed out the big double doors of the front to the car that Felicano ran to and opened the door.

"Lovina, Felicia, Alfredo." He nodded as the girls got in and put Alfred in the middle and shut the door.

"So, ummm..." Alfred began as Feliciano started up the car. "Is Carmen any good?"

"Pffft..." Lovina said. Uncultured swine. But don't be so much of a dick to him, most Americans don't go for this kind of thing.

"So it stinks?" Alfred asked.

"No, it's my favorite as it is set in Spain. Reminds me of Antonio." Lovina said.

"Did he die like Ludwig?" Alfred said, remembering what he was told about Felicia's old lover.

"Nope, we left and he had to go back to Spain." Lovina sighed.

"Sorry." Alfred said.

"No worries, I'm just being sappy." Lovina dismissed.

"Now who's sappy?" Felicia teased.

"Shut up!" Lovina yelled as Alfred rolled his eyes. Seriously are they always like this? He thought as Feliciano pulled up to the Opera house.

"We're here." Feliciano said as he turned off the car. "Now Alfred, all you have to do is tell them you're with Julius Vagras's granddaughters Felicia and Lovina and they'll take you to our family's box. Okay?"

"Sure..." Alfred said as they headed out of the car, girls taking each arm like they did before. God help me, this had better not be boring. If it is Lovina might come out of here with a new hairdo. I mean I braided the horse's tails when it was slow back in France...Alfred thought as he looked at her ponytail. It is kind of pretty...she has nice hair...but is a total bitch sometimes. Remember you thought the same thing with Alice then got told off as a pathetic lover when it was that fucking condom. He thought as they headed to the box office. Besides, you fuck up with either one of these two, Julius would not take it well. Do not pursue. Just remember Alice's bitching. "So, I'm Alfred F Jones," He began "And this is..."

"I figured you'd be here." The clerk said. "Lovina and Felicia Vargas, Julius's granddaughters. Right this way." He said as the usher led them to the box. "And you're here before the overture. Great!"

God help me with this...Alfred plead as he sat down and stared at the stage.

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