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Chapter 5

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"Oh Giovanni!" Julius smiled as the night wore on. Alfred had talked with Julius and some of his other family while trying not to get smothered with affection from Felicia and killed by Lovino who thought he was getting too friendly with his cousin. He was actually kind of thankful Lovina had kept to herself and even dragged Felicia away from following him to the bathroom when he had to go. He gave her a smile which she just rolled her eyes and shut the door behind him. Alfred turned to Julius who now had a tall skinny man with slicked back hair came up.

"Yes sir?" Giovanni asked.

"Please show my dear friend Alfred up to his room." Julius said.

"Yes sir." Giovanni bowed.

"What?" Alfred said as Giovanni bowed in front of him.

"This way, I will take you to your room. Master Julius wishes to have you stay here while you retire for the night." He said.

"But…. but…I mean I can find some other place to stay if you want…." Alfred blushed. "I don't want to impose…."

"I insist! I have so much room here, I do not know what to do with it." Julius said.

"But I didn't bring anything to sleep in." Alfred said. He felt already overwhelmed with Julius' hospitality he didn't know just how he was going to repay the man's generosity. Well, you're kind of are repaying the guy, you're letting him use your farm to hide his trucks…..

"Nonsense!" Julius said. "I have some pajamas in the room. You can pick you a pair that you find comfortable." He waved as Giovanni got annoyed and took Alfred and led him to one of the many bedrooms in the manor. He opened the door and then threw Alfred inside practically. Alfred turned around, slightly rubbing his wrist and then looked at the butler confused.

"You will find this accommodation acceptable. I will bring you your breakfast in the morning when your clothes….." Giovanni shuddered at the thought of the overalls and t shirt that Alfred wore from the farm when Julius had brought him to the estate. He had been told to wash it and give it back to Alfred so he would have something to wear when he took him to his tailor in the city and get him more used to things in Chicago.

"Okay….." Alfred said as he looked around at the room.

"Buona note" Giovanni said as he closed the door behind him. "Lord help me with that one. He lacks none of the refinement of most of the other guests Master Julius has over."

"He's a stupid farmer." Lovino said as he met up with the butler. "And you are just fronting as a butler. You know that."

"But why do I need to front as a butler?" Giovanni sighed.

"I don't know, Grandpa didn't tell me." Lovino sighed as he lit a cigarette. "But he's got the farm and from what I heard that Americano Bastardo can punch well. He caught one of the men messing with his shit and beat the crapola out of him, so who knows. Buy that shithole farm of his and then make him part of the gang. Infiltrate the Kirkland clan mafia, I don't know. I do my job," He sighed as he took a drag of the cigarette and blew a cloud of smoke.

Alfred looked around the room and found a light switch, turning it on, his eyes widened at what he was given to sleep in. There was a large bed with clean sheets and a very luxurious quilt and large fluffy pillows, a set of red and gold silk pajamas in his size on the dressing stand at the foot of the bed and red carpet all over the room. This is way better than the stuff I have at home. I don't even have a lot of my rooms wired up for electricity…. mostly some of the milking is powered…. He thought as he took off the fancy tuxedo that he was given and carefully laid it on the dressing table when he picked up the silk pajamas and put them on. He had not known much comfort in his life, and it was one of the things he had strived to have after the war. But this was just too overwhelming. He got under the blankets and wrapped them around him. Yawning, he felt himself drift off to sleep.

Meanwhile, in the large estate, Lovina and Felicia were sitting in their bedroom getting ready for bed themselves. Lovina had already put on her nightgown and lit a cigarette and opened the window so that Felicia would not complain. She was wanting to strangle her sister because she would not shut up about Alfred. Sure, he wasn't completely hideous in her mind, but Lovina just simply wasn't too worried on whether she got married or not. If it happened, it happened. It was not going to be to some farmer where she'd spend the rest of her days smelling cow shit. That was one thing she was certain of and that was why she was never going to go after Alfred. He was dedicated to that stupid farm and was not going to leave it. No matter what her grandfather thought to the contrary, he was not going to leave that farm. Lovina was a woman with standards. She lived in the luxury that her grandfather's mafia empire had brought in. She had enough struggle with poverty back in Italy. She was now in the land of opportunity and had a great thing going. No way was she going to give that up. She then looked over to Felicia who was laying in bed staring at the ceiling. She could guess what her sister was thinking but feared to ask. "What's wrong with you this time?" Lovina sighed as she flicked the cigarette out the window.

"What's wrong with you?" Felicia sighed. "Seriously?"

"You are what's wrong with me. Your potato eating bastard died. Get over it." Lovina scowled.

"I am over it, thank you very much." Felicia replied, causing Lovina to roll her eyes as she buried herself under the covers. "Do you think I am fat?"

"No. Last time I said yes you tried to eat tapeworms. You are not fat. Your clothes fit fine. Alfred doesn't like you. Go to sleep." Lovina said.

"You want him all for yourself!" Felicia said. "I happen to think he is handsome and wouldn't mind if I had to live with him on his farm."

"Yes you would." Lovina said. "From what I heard from grandpa, the most modern amenity he has is a flushing toilet and running water. Not even hot. So, you can take a shit inside but that's about it. Still using lamps and candles and shit like that to warm and light. And he has to get up early to take care of cows. You complain if you have to get up before 8 am because you need your beauty sleep." Lovina stated, getting up to light another cigarette, dealing with her sister's insane crushes getting to her.

"I would be married, so I wouldn't need it. Till death do us part." Felicia argued back turning away from Lovina.

"Alfred won't be pretty forever either. Men age too, the harder they work and have lived, the worse it will be. You know that." Lovina sighed. "Just stop worrying about men and marriage and babies and all that crap and enjoy life. It's overrated anyway, all that crap." Lovina got back into bed and found some earplugs. "Now good night! Go to sleep."

"Whatever." Felicia sighed, taking the hint that her sister was done with the conversation. "But I think that you want Alfred all for yourself and you won't admit it. And I hope he doesn't like girls like you." She huffed turning her back to her sister and curling up in the blankets.

A cool breeze blew on the North Side of Chicago as a team of brothers sat in a small apartment thinking about what they were going to do next. Their business had now tanked since Prohibition had set in. Arthur was the only one to get a decent job as the other 4 brothers had not much luck unless it was at a meat packing plant or on the rails and after working so hard to build up the business, only to have it lost because they couldn't sell alcohol at their bar anymore, a new plan was needed.

"This never would have happened if we had just gone to Canada like I wanted to!" Arthur exclaimed, coming home late from his job as a clerk in a law firm. They still allow booze."

"Well, I wanted to keep you out of this as long as possible dearest brother, but I think it is time we let you in on a little secret….." Patrick, a man with hazel green eyes and red hair said to his little brother.

"Just what are you talking about?" Arthur Kirkland sighed looking at his brothers.

"Well…. we might have gotten a few others who work with us on the rails and the meat packing plants to join with us on a not so well……. proposition…." Seamus, who looked almost exactly like Patrick said.

"What are you saying?" Arthur asked.

"Just cut to the chase!" Dylan replied.

"You're slow on the uptake." Alba sighed in a thick Scottish accent.

"We're moving booze in from Canada and selling it." Patrick said. "And we need you to help us."

"Why me?" Arthur exclaimed.

"Not so loud you dunce!" Alba said stepping on his brother's foot. "But we may be pissing in someone's flowerpot, and we want to keep it on the low down."

"Ummmmm…." Arthur began. "Who's flowerpot?"

"Julius Vargas." Dylan sighed.

"WHAT?" Arthur exclaimed, hearing the name. Julius had done many 'favors' for those who worked with the city officials and worked at the law firm he did. It was well known what he did. He was a top bootlegger, him and the rest of the Vargas clan were well known for being some of the toughest rum runners and gangsters in the city. "Are you seriously thinking of taking on him? Many have tried and many have failed to do so! You are insane!"

"Not quite…." Dylan began.

"We need you and your ruthlessness. You are a brilliant tactician and great at running business." Alba began.

"But I could never be as cold as Julius is, at least if the stories about him are true." Arthur began.

"Yes you could." Alba corrected. He was in the same unit as him in the Great war and knew exactly what Arthur could do when push came to shove. He never looked nor sounded it but when the lives of those he cared about were on the line, he could be ruthless. "Think back to the Great War."

"But that was war. That's behind us now. We left England to get away from that." Arthur pleaded.

"But business is war." Patrick sighed. "And as much as we hate to admit this, you're great at that."

Arthur looked around at the cramped apartment the 5 brothers were forced to share after their pub was closed down in Prohibition. Alba had wanted to keep up operations like many tried to when the law went into effect. Arthur had just wanted to keep the family's nose down and do well by the law. But he had to admit, the law was what was keeping them cramped together and more at each other's necks than before they had left England for better prospects.

"Will you listen to me and do what I say?" Arthur said.

"As long as it's smart." Alba scoffed.

"That's as good as I am getting from you." He noted as he looked at his brothers who seemed to share the sentiment. "I guess we are going to war with the Vargas clan."

Translation Guide:

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Buona note-Italian-Good Night

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