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Chapter 4

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Alfred looked at the bathroom in awe. His back at the farm house was one of the better in the farm area because it had running water and a flushing toilet. It was the one luxury he would allow himself as he recalled his time in the trenches caked in mud and many situations where he was left to pee behind a tree while getting shot at, and using filthy latrines, he splurged a little and added on a proper indoor bathroom that many other farmers in the area did not. But the bathtub was a porcelain claw foot, and the water ran out from the spigot hot. Pulling his hand back, he turned the cold spigot and then when the water was what he liked, got in the bathtub and started to scrub his hair and his body. Which was the first time in a very long time he had felt this clean. Last time I was this clean was when I had just come back from Europe and was in New York for a little while before taking the train back to Wisconsin…. Alfred thought as he ran his hand through his hair. He smiled as he looked at the suit left for him and he put it on. God I have never looked this nice before…. Noticing some pomade left out, and hoping Julius wouldn't mind, he took some and played with it before slicking his hair back. Heading out, he saw Julius standing at the doorway with two young girls beside him.

"Ah Alfredo…." Julius said thumping Alfred on the back, "Didn't I tell you he would clean up nicely."

"I uhhhh used some of your pomade…." Alfred blushed.

"A man after my own heart." Julius smiled. "I want you to meet my granddaughters. Felicia and Lovina." As he said this both girls bowed, Felicia happily, Lovina with a scowl on her face.

"So are they like sisters to Felicano and Lovino?" Alfred asked.

"No, cousins." Julius smiled. I had two sons and they each had twins, one a set of boys and one a set of girls. "And poor girls don't have a marito yet." Alfred looked at him confused. "Oh my mistake, the poor girls aren't married yet. Shame, they are pretty, no?"

"Uh sure…." Alfred blushed, feeling put on the spot. "Real shame, you two are pretty…." He said trying to be polite. Felicia giggled at this comment while Lovina rolled her eyes.

"Oh that's so nice Alfred." Felicia said as she jumped up and hugged him. "You're so strong…" She said feeling his shoulders. "That's nice…"

"Oh god, control yourself." Lovina sighed. "He's a simple farmer for god's sake, you can do better."

"Oh now be nice Lovina." Julius scolded while looking at her with a dark look. "You may get to know him better over dinner." At this Alfred's stomach growled. "And don't worry, it will be ready soon. You sound mighty hungry there. But working all the time like you do must build an appetite and us Italians know how to eat. You won't live on old leftovers here. But take him to the garden girls, I hear it is getting lovely this time of year, I have business to attend to. Ciao girls."

"Ciao Nonno!" They both waved. Felicia then grabbed Alfred's hand and pulled him towards the courtyard where the flowers were starting to bloom. She sat down on the marble bench that looked right out of a book on ancient Rome. Once she sat down, she pulled Alfred onto her lap and smiled at him. Lovina stood in a corner and pulled at her hair sighing.

"Uhhhhh…nice garden, the lilies are pretty…." Alfred blushed. This was all so sudden to him.

"Calm the fuck down Felicia." Lovina sighed as she pulled a cigarette case out of her purse. "Got a light you bastard?"

"Lovina!" Felicia said taken aback.

"Here." Alfred said pulling one out of his pocket. "Never want to be without one." Lovina caught it and looked at the brass item with curiosity. "Yeah had it with me since the war. It's my lucky lighter. Made it the day the war ended. You had to be smart in those trenches. Make do with what you could because sure as hell you weren't getting what you needed from Uncle Sam. Some of my buddies took the French's guns and turned them into Moonshine stills." Alfred laughed "The chauchat. Or as Davie and I call it, the so-so"

"You must have seen something very bad. I remember how it was when my dear Ludwig got killed…." Felicia said bringing out a handkerchief and wiping her eyes.

"That potato eating bastard." Lovina scoffed as she handed Alfred her lighter back. "I swear it seems Felicia has a thing for blondes. Needs some personal attention or something. I keep telling her she looks hideous with that bob style everyone is doing these days."

"And I say you are ugly with your bad mouth and smoking habit! No man would want that!" Felicia said in reply.

"Oh I don't know." Lovina smiled deviously. "Maybe Alfred would like me more than you" She smirked as she pulled him off Felicia. "I mean he did let me borrow his lighter after all. Alfred blushed a looked away. Sure Felicia and Lovina were pretty but he had never in his life had ever been fought over like this by a pair of girls. Many who lived in New York and back in France had found him interesting in his uniform but none of them really cared about him, Alfred the person. And right now, it was like back in New York or France.

"Girls…." Alfred blushed. "You're both very pretty and I can't pick just one of you…. I mean I wouldn't want to upset either of you. I mean I…." Oh god…. this is awkward. "I mean I would like to get to know you better before I even decide to court either one of you…." Someone help me….

"Hey you two!" Lovino said. "Dinner is ready! Come on, Nonno says dinner is ready and he really wants that Americano with him."

"Okay." Felicia and Lovina said as he turned around and headed to the dining room, rolling his eyes.

"Can't you girls go lusting over someone better. I swear, it was like this back in Italia…." Lovino said as Alfred perked up, with both girls grabbing one of his arms. "Oh well, back in the old country, those two would fight constantly over whatever boy they saw and if one found a man attractive, then the other found him attractive as well and would fight. I can't imagine any man would like that."

"Yeah me neither." Alfred sighed as the girls giggled.

"But know this you bastardo, if I find you break either one of my cousin's hearts, no matter how annoying they are, how stupid they are for fighting over a guy, I will cut you myself. I don't care what my grandfather thinks, that is wrong." Lovino said as he pulled out a stiletto switchblade and held it close to Alfred's neck.

"Dude, I won't." Alfred said. "And to be honest," he dropped his voice to a whisper. "I don't know if I like them like that anyway…no offense. Your grandpa seems dead set on thrusting them on me."

"As long as that's the only thrusting done…." Lovino sighed as the girls giggled.

"Dude, seriously!" Alfred blushed red. Unlike many of the soldiers in his unit, one thing he did not do was chase the women who had thought they were attractive and bed them, he honestly just wanted someone he could talk to and spend time with and maybe marry. He was often teased and called a choir boy even though if they were to pass around some moonshine or wine he would be one of the first to grab it.

"I am just saying is all." Lovino shrugged. "You mess with my cousin's honor, no matter how annoying they are, I will cut you."

"You don't have to worry about that…." Alfred sighed. As they walked into the dining room, Alfred once again looked around amazed at the sight. The chandelier that hung from the ceiling was full of electric lights, the chairs were made of mahogany and polished with fine cushions on the seats. Julius took Alfred, and Felicia and Lovina followed.

"Ah my dear dear Alfredo. I hope this place is to your liking. It's my humble little dining room. I had my chefs prepare the best of back home in Italia that you could ever want. I know it may not be something that you are used to, but I assure you, you will love it."

"Thanks…." Alfred said as he sat down at the far end.

"No, no, sit here beside me," Julius said as he took Alfred to a chair beside him to which Lovina and Felicia both followed and fought over the chair next to Alfred.

"Girls, how about you both sit across from Alfred there?" Julius suggested and Alfred sat down as he piled on spaghetti on the fine china sitting in front of him. I am sure the President of the United States doesn't have a place this good. I think it would only be rivaled by the Rockefellers or some of those other rich families, Carnegies, Morgans but damn…. He took the fork and carefully wrapped the spaghetti around his fork and placed it in his mouth while Julius looked on.

"Delicious, no?" He said.

"Sure is." Alfred smiled.

"I knew it." He added as he took some spaghetti for himself and began to eat. "I see my granddaughters are fighting for your affection. Have you picked one yet?"

"No!" Alfred panicked. Julius looked at him curiously. "I mean no offense; they are very pretty girls…" At this Felicia tapped her bobbed hair and looked over at him. " But I want to get to know them a little better first. I don't want to break their hearts or anything like that."

"Oh I understand. You don't go for the wild passion then settle, you want to know who your lover may be as a person before throwing yourself into wild passion and love." Julius said as he took a piece of garlic bread and bit down on it. Alfred looked over at Lovino who had his stiletto out and ran it across his neck, causing Alfred to gulp. God I feel like I am being forced to pick one of these girls. I don't know them. "But I want you to hang around here more often. I like you and I like what your farm has done to help us. I think it might do you some good to see the big city more often. Maybe take the girls out to the theater or those newfangled movies I hear so much about."

"This stuff is really good." Alfred said as he ate more and more of the spaghetti. "Best I had was the stuff that comes in the can back in the war."

"See there girls, a war hero too and so modest." Julius said. "That is who you want in your family."

"I wouldn't exactly call myself a hero…." Alfred blushed. "I mean I couldn't save my best friend…. Davie didn't deserve that…"

"Oh no, we cannot have sad memories at the table. Here, have some more wine and some of the famous cheese from Italy I told you about. Maybe your cows' milk can make some of this here in America? Business is business after all and I want to help yours for helping mine so much."

"Uhhhhhh…." The whole Vargas family seemed to look on him with hopeful expectation. "Sounds good. Could always use a steady buyer…."

"Grazie!" Julius said. "Wine all around! This is such an important night!"

Alfred smiled as he drank the wine and thought about all that had just happened to him. And to be frank if he was to pick one of the girls, he seemed more attracted to Lovina simply because she was not trying to chase him. Like she would be more honest, if it was brutal. But so much was happening so fast, he hardly thought about the farm, and wondered only slightly if Julius was good to his word that his farm hands could run it as good as he could.

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